Installation is the act of making a computer program program ready for execution. Because the process varies programs often come with a specialized program responsible for doing whatever is needed for their installation. Installation may be part of a larger software deployment process. Cross platform installer builders that produce installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux include InstallAnywhere, InstallBuilder and Install4J. Installers for Microsoft Windows include Windows Installer, InstallShield, and Wise Installation Studio; free installer-authoring tools include NSIS, IzPack, Clickteam, InnoSetup, InstallSimple and WiX. Mac OS X includes Installer, and also includes a separate software updating application.

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Got a new HP computer laptop.  When I download any .exe file to install a program I get another window that pops up asking me "What program would you like to open this with"  Then there is a list of programs like Notepad, Wordpad, etc...

Its an executable file!  Why would it do that and how can I fix this so that the .exe file will open to install the program.  This is all in Windows 10
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After the most recent windows update, my default search engine for searching the internet has been changed from Google to Bing for all of my browsers. New browsers are set to use Bing. This was done without my permission. Very annoying. So I would like to delete Bing from my search providers and re install google as the default search engine. The advice i get on the Internet directs me to do this individually for each browser i am using. I use different browsers. Is there not a way in Windows to make Google the default for all browsers. They do this for Bing why can't i do it for Google?
We are thinking of install MBAM for our laptops.
My question is we are running Windows 10 Pro and I have seen articles that say Win 10 Pro is not supported.
Is this true or do we have to upgrade to Win 10 Ent?
I develop software and have just received my Code Signing Certificate. I am applying the certificate to the installation file. Should I also apply the certificate to the VB executable prior to including it in the installation file?
We migrate from exchange 2010 to exchange 2016 - so we install the exchange 2016 parallel on a separate server and migrate the mailboxes.

but now we can not send external emails (its over a smtp relay ( and no internal e-mails
But we receive external emails.

we found on the D:\Exchange\TransportRoles\Logs\Mailbox\Connectivity\Submission log:

2018-06-06T14:19:08.173Z,08D5CBB56A50A067,SMTP,mailboxtransportsubmissioninternalproxy,+,Undefined 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000;QueueLength=<no priority counts>. 
2018-06-06T14:19:09.175Z,08D5CBB56A50A067,SMTP,mailboxtransportsubmissioninternalproxy,>,Failed connection to (ConnectionRefused:0000274D)[|MarkedUnhealthy|FailureCount:8|NextRetryTime:2018-06-06T14:24:01.827Z][TargetIPAddress:|MarkedUnhealthy|FailureCount:8|NextRetryTime:2018-06-06T14:24:01.827Z]
2018-06-06T14:19:09.175Z,08D5CBB56A50A067,SMTP,mailboxtransportsubmissioninternalproxy,-,Messages: 0 Bytes: 0 (Retry : Unable to connect -> SocketConnectionRefused: Socket error code 10061)
2018-06-06T14:19:09.177Z,08D5CBB56A50A066,MapiSubmission,8f3aa301-2648-43e7-b55d-9bf80deca5c7,>,"Failed; HResult: 2684354560; DiagnosticInfo: Stage:UpdateMsgIdToPoisonContextMapping, SmtpResponse:451 4.4.397 Error communicating with target host. -> 421 4.2.1 Unable to 

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Exchange 2010 Recover Server Error.

I am trying to recover an Exchange 2010 server using the setup /m:recoverserver option.

While this has worked for me in the past in other environments, I am getting the following error related to: - RoleDomainController

I have tried recovering the server as a domain controller and as a member server.

Anything I can do to get around this error?

Below is the output with error bolded:

D:\ExchangeInstall\sp3>setup /m:recoverserver

Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unattended Setup

Setup will continue momentarily, unless you press any key and cancel the installation. By continuing the installation process, you agree to the license terms of
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.
If you don't accept these license terms, please cancel the installation. To review the license terms, please go to

Press any key to cancel setup................
No key presses were detected.  Setup will continue.
Preparing Exchange Setup

    Copying Setup Files                           COMPLETED

The following server roles will be recovered
Hub Transport Role
Client Access Role
Mailbox Role
Management Tools

Performing Microsoft Exchange Server Prerequisite Check

    Configuring Prerequisites                                                                                                                           COMPLETED
    Language Pack Checks         …
I have usually worked in environments with multiple domain controllers, but I am working in a single domain controller environment in which I have to install an exchange server. My question is should set up the server as a domain controller? This would give me a second domain controller, but best practices for exchange is not to install on a domain controller. Any advice would be great.
I have installed exchange 2010 for a new client from DVDs and need to upgrade to sp1, during that upgrade I get "need to install hot fixes" However appears to be a bit of a goose chase finding those, as some pages dont exist anymore? Any advice?  See attachment
The person who runs our servers and builds our cart won't allow wordpress to be installed. We have a blog but it's over on Bluehost,

Ideally I'd like it to be, any way to do that without having the installation on the same servers as the main site? I'll upload the actual site names. see more-info.txt, attached.

Servers are at rackspace, running apache.
What is this electrical thing in my cupboard?

Electrical Thingy
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I am installing a Gigabyte Z370N Motherboard with a Powerspec 430 power supply.  I have connected the main 24 pin power connector, but I was wondering if I needed to connect an additional power connector for the CPU?  It looks like there is an 8 pin connector on the Motherboard.  I have a split 6pin / 2 pin and a 4 pin connector.   Do I need to connect to it, I'm not sure which cable to connect or what slot. Do I connect the 4 pin to the 6 pin connector?  If so,Gigabyte Z370N WIFI which side?  See image.
Hi Guys,

anyone knows how to simple create a Windows 10 answer file for unattended install?

Thank you,
hello Everyone,

After I unistalled Office Standard 2016 i received the following error message. C:\Windows\system32\LogiLDA.dll error. ( see the attached pictures).
How can i get rid of that error message that comes up everytime i restart my new laptop.

I cant install back Office Standard 2016 because now to solve the issue i installed office 365 and everything is working like a charm. I just need to get rid of this error message..

thank you
I receive the following errors when i try and upgrade exchange server

My current environment has exchange 2010 SP3. DC is server 2012. We had exchange 2003 but it has been removed. We have also removed a dc with 2003 on it. I am moving from exchange 2010-->exchange2013SP1

Question: Can i install exchange 2013 on the same server that has server 2010?

Thanking you in advance for your assistance

1. Error: One or more servers in the existing organization are running Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003. Installation can't proceed until all Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 servers are removed.
For more information, visit:

2. Error: There is a pending reboot from a previous installation of a Windows Server role or feature. Please restart the computer and then run Setup again.
For more information, visit:


3. Error: Exchange Server 2013 can't be installed on a server that has an Exchange 2007 or…
When I boot up on a Server 2016 Data Center USB drive to load Server 2016 Data Center on a server running on an Intel S2600cp server system board I am unable to load the server OS on any of the server's SATA hard drives.

These SATA hard drives are connected directly to the S2600cp server system board.

When I select any of the hard drives and click the "New" button to install the server OS I get an error message that says "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files" (see the picture below).

I continue to get this error message even if I first delete the partition, format the partition, or resize the partition.

I first tried installing Server 2016 Data Center on existing partitions that already had previous versions of Server 2016 Data Center installed but was unable to do so.

I then deleted all partitions, tried loading the Server OS, recreated smaller partitions, and have also booted into a command prompt and used the diskpart utility to create new partitions.

What driver(s) or processes do I need to use so I can load Server 2016 Data Center on this system?

I have attached the manual and specs guide for this server system board.

Server 2016 setup error message
Exchange server 2016 attempted installation failed several times.  I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, deleting and just about everything I could think of.  I have followed the prerequisites and never missed anything,  I have attached an exchange.log file that might shed light on what is wrong.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Customer was using Comcast wireless. Installed Sonicwall TZ500W. Now workstations that are wireless, printing to wireless printers can not print documents or .pdfs that have the company logo in them. It doesn't matter if you print the pdf as an image or not.  All files that don't have the letterhead print correctly.  Documents with company logo start to print the logo and then spits out blank pages.  Switch back to the Comcast wireless and it works.

HP 8600 printer
HP 8610 printer
HP 8617 printer
Sonicwall TZ500W
Windows 7, 8, 10

Steps taken.

1. update printer firmware
2. full uninstall and reinstall print drivers
3 Update wireless network card drivers
4. Install new netgear usb wireless device.

I'm baffled
Exchange server installation failed with this error

This is my second attempt at installing Exchange Server 2016 on Server 2012 r2.  I am truly at lost at resolving this problem.   Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can resolve this problem?

The following error was generated when "$error.Clear();
      Set-LocalPermissions -Feature:"Bridgehead"

" was run: "System.ArgumentException: The registry key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v15\Pickup" does not exist under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE".
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.ThrowError(Exception exception, ErrorCategory errorCategory, Object target, String helpUrl)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.WriteError(Exception exception, ErrorCategory category, Object target)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Deployment.SetLocalPermissions.InternalProcessRecord()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.<ProcessRecord>b__b()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Tasks.Task.InvokeRetryableFunc(String funcName, Action func, Boolean terminatePipelineIfFailed)".
Hi all :)

I have a finance user who needs the function of Powerpivot in Excel 2016

We normally buy Home and Business (retail NOT 365)

Is it possible to to install H&B 2016 WITOUHT Excel and then separately install Excel standalone (which has Powerpivot) ??

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It appears that a very recent MS W10 update from last week is causing major problems in some systems.  I have now tried to help two neighbors who have both experienced what I would call is a freeze of the OS and some major functions no longer working properly if at all.  For example, in the first case, there is a screen that asks for the keyboard language and then upon selecting US, it appears to try and boot but just cycles thru the same issue asking for the KB language again.  In the second screen, the Windows Icon in the task bar is inoperative as well as other task bar functions.  I've tried using a W10 Recovery CD and that did not help.  I tried fixing with a W10 installation DVD and that doesn't help either.  I ultimately pulled the HDD out of the system, recovered as much data as I could and then regen'd the OS.  Surely, others are experiencing this issue and there must be a better way to roll back the Update or fix this issue so that I don't have to regen.   There is a button to do the rollback but it doesn't fix the doesn't roll back but only brings up the same options screens again.  Trying to use the "fix startup" option does not help either.   Your help is very appreciated.
We have recently migrated to Office 365 E3 for one of our business units.  They have hired someone new who will be working remotely, using their personal laptop.  

I was just informed this user doesn't have an Office package on that machine and therefore can't open the files she is being sent.  I know her O365 license entitles her to install Office on up to 5 devices, so she should be covered to install on her personal machine.

The question I have is what happens when she leaves our employment?  I want to make sure the Office installation is removed as well.  I have found all sorts of documentation on deactivating an O365 account, but nothing on what happens with Office installations associated with that account.  Will disabling her account disable Office and prevent her using it on her laptop?  Do I have to remotely connect to her PC and uninstall?

Would love to hear how others are handling this.
I'm trying to install Windows 10 Enterprise on a HP ProBook 450 G5.  It gets to the "select partition" then complains about "Windows cannot be installed on this disk.  The selected disk has an MBR partition table.  On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks."  HP Support has an article for this that suggests boot to BIOS navigate to
Storage > Boot Order > Disable EFI Boot Sources.  I don't have storage option see attached.  I can't seem to find where to disable EFI Boot sources.

Thanks in advance
Office Pro Plus 2010...
On Win 7 Office was installed and ran perfectly for about 3 years...
Upgraded PC to W7...installed same version of Office...activated and running perfect...

Now after about 3 months...Office is losing it's activation...
When I open any Office gives me the Not Activated message and the activation wizard...
I put in the SAME code I used validates...hit the Install now button and things progress normally...

But the look of things and the actions completed...Office is activated...

But if I open Word, for example...I get the same Product not acativated message...

How can I fix this...???
I recently had to sign into my Office 365 account to download and install Office 365 on a user's computer since the user wasn't available to type in his Office 365 email address and password.

Office 365 on this user's computer is now registered using my Office 365 account (see the screenshot).

What methods can I use to register Office 365 on this user's computer with this user's Office 365 account?


I am trying to install the Citrix receiver on my iPad and when I come to the account setup, it asks me for a "Server URL".
I don't have a company or a server url, wht is the work around?






Installation is the act of making a computer program program ready for execution. Because the process varies programs often come with a specialized program responsible for doing whatever is needed for their installation. Installation may be part of a larger software deployment process. Cross platform installer builders that produce installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux include InstallAnywhere, InstallBuilder and Install4J. Installers for Microsoft Windows include Windows Installer, InstallShield, and Wise Installation Studio; free installer-authoring tools include NSIS, IzPack, Clickteam, InnoSetup, InstallSimple and WiX. Mac OS X includes Installer, and also includes a separate software updating application.