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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.

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Hi, I have long since suspected I am being cyber stalked and one of the most recent oddities is a spate of spam emails I received from Facebook friends where their email addresses ahve been hijacked. I experienced this, like many people, a few years ago but this time there are some further quirks...firstly i changed my email add on FB a year ago and the latest spam arrived on an account I no longer use but which used to be linked to FB. Second and most strange, some of the the emails contained links to websites related to my recent google searches...specifically Chriopractors  which I never searched before braking my back recently.  

I reguarly reformat and reinstall Win7 and perform antimalware runs due to an increasing paranoia. Any ideas as to what could be happening would be much appreciated.
In the past 2 weeks we are getting reports that 4 separate companies are not receiving emails from us. Our email smart host Mimecast says that the emails are being delivered to the remote side, however our clients say they do not receive them. We discovered that 2 companies use the same smart host "proofpoint". We have tried to contact this company, but have not had any response yet.

Do you know what might be causing this issue or how we can find the root cause?

The only changes to the server in the past week is I run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard as we are looking to move to Office365. The server is Exchange 2013
Anyone knows what free software should I download to be able to download free videos from YouTube ? It will also be helpful the direct link.

Thank you
I see Apple make this a bit tricky.

What do I need to do to set this up?

We received an email '' asking to update our info due to maintenance.

What is this emai address? Is it some sort of spam or bit to get our info? or is it legit?
I need to design a solution to provide our small business with redundant off-site email.  We prefer to avoid cloud services, and currently have a single internal 2010 Exchange Server behind our firewall (watchguard).  We have another site in a different state, and there is an always-on Branch Office VPN enabled between the plants on all relevant VLANS.  There is a Watchguard at each location that maintains this VPN, and our experience with this VPN over the web is that it is very reliable.  The Headquarters site has a 100x100Mbps dedicated fiber connection.  The satellite site has a 100x20Mbps best effort Comcast Cable service.  

The type of redundancy I seek is pretty basic.  If the headquarters looses internet (Like what happened for 8 hours on Monday during business hours) the satellite exchange server will continue to allow all external personnel and other satellite sites to continue sending and receiving email.
From what I have read a DAG with an Exchange server at each site might meet my needs.  
Does anyone have any other recommendations, and or information for me about how to start this project?

Is a VPN over the interwebs sufficient?
What type of license do I need to get from Microsoft for satellite site?

We saw that a business partner had a note in their email subject or body alerting their user that they were receiving an email from an external source.  This peaked my interests since we have been receiving more and more spoofed emails that appear to be from an internal address but aren't.

I have an internal Exchange 2010 server and a Watchguard Email Filter and Quarantine server. Is there a way I can do that for my users?
In other words, when our users receive any email, there would be a subject add-on or note in the body text at the top that says "WARNING, this email is from an external source".

What is going on here?  I have inserted a portion of a returned email message sent from my email account:


This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>:
    host []:
    550 User not found:

------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------
------ The body of the message is 118455 characters long; only the first
------ 106496 or so are included here.

Return-path: <>
Received: from [] (
      by with esmtpa (Exim 4.67)
      (envelope-from <>)
      id 1bHvwl-0006ri-7g; Tue, 28 Jun 2016 12:33:15 -0400
From:"" <>
I tried to upload binaries & even zip them with password but gmail rejects them:
guess it can't scan the zips thus rejects.  Attaching directly the binaries is surely

How can I attach them?  I have several gmail account & I'm using them to store
my favorite shareware / binaries & possibly download them when I need them.

Does dropbox allows binaries to be saved in them?  Or anyone know of any
free public  ftp / sftp?
Hello all,
I have a client that is in the home title industry and just recently got audited.  The auditors state that she needs to have encryption on her email.
The setup is that she has two computers and one file server.  She has Outlook and is using POP3 for her email account.
What is a good software that works correctly and does not cost alot?
Kelly W.
We changed over our Internet Provider from Time Warner to ATT.  I have made all the changes to the Firewall an added our new static IP's.  Everything is working, but I am having some issues with some of the computers.  On some computer the internet will will load right up and surfing the net is fast.  On others it will take up to a minute or to to load.  Not sure why this is happening or what I may have missed.  Nothing internally has change, just the ISP that comes into our Firewall.  Anyone have any suggestions or need me to provide more information?
I send email to hotmail.. does it check firstfor the user and then for spam email?

What is first?
We are using Google Apps for business for email and are having problems with people receiving spoofed emails from users at our domain. I've followed the Google Apps guides for setting up DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records which are all working and testing out correctly. With DMARC reporting, I can see that indeed, people from the UK, Russia, etc. are sending these spoofed emails and DMARC is marking these as "failed." However, people at other domains are still receiving these messages and my users are still getting complaints about them. I did notice that Google says NOT to use -all in the SPF statement as it may cause emails sent from Gmail to bounce. They recommend using the soft fail ~all. Is this correct? What is the reasoning for this? If I've added any other servers that may send email (such as contact forms from their web server) as an IP4 entry, is there any reason why I should NOT use "-all" with Google Apps? Is there anything else I can do to make sure that people are not receiving these spoofed messages? My assumption is that the remote servers are not properly bouncing emails on SPF/DMARC/DKIM failures or people have added this domain to their white list. Any ideas?

Thank you
We are looking at ZenDesk for user support at our school. If possible I'd like to have a website/gmail/Form template that would then format the response as an e-mail into ZenDesk. Currently we have a Word form staff fill out & e-mail which is a pain. The Form ensures that relevant information is filled in rather than "The printer doesn't work" and we find out that when they say it's all the printers it's actually their computer (spoolsvc failed, etc).

Trying the Google Forms route (we use Google Apps), so far we can only get a verification e-mail sent about a new response rather than getting form text.

Any suggestions would be greatful.
I have a computer with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11. When downloading anything, IE will ask to run or save on the bottom of the window like normal, then you can see the progress of the download again like normal, then it says "Running Security Scan.." and after a few seconds then says "[Filename] couldn't be downloaded."

I've tried everything I've found by Googling the issue, including:

* Checking the security settings of IE (they are fine)
* Reinstalling AV
* Disabling AV

I could use some help to figure out what to do to fix this. I'm about to dropkick it out the window. lol


Do you know good software similar to this one 

Which will block adds?

It has to be paid version as my copany not allowing to install freeware or opensrouce softwares.

Much appreciate
We have an old AOL 9.1.  folder and we are searching for viability in export those emails.  

Is there a way to go about it?
(our PC where the old folder are found is a Windows 10)
I use Yahoo Email since very long time, over 15 years.
I know a lot about many changes during this time.
They used advertising and I always used pop-up blocker or panel adds blocking software or plugins for Firefox and Chrome.
Lately I noticed an adware strange. It is just opening a new tab and jumps from email page to that adds page. It happens only sometimes, random.
There is no add-ons or plug-in to do that.
The computer is scanned with multiple programs against viruses, spyware and adware. The PC is clean.
I said that maybe the email address is hacked and used for advertising.
I changed the email password with a strong long one.
I have installed Avast antivirus and have me next message, after I activated the online protection module:
Avast_1Avast_2Now, when jumps to that adds page, the page is blocked and not displayed any more, buts still jumps.
Tell me more about this  “company tracking you”.
How do I make them to don’t follow me anymore? How to “untrack”, unsubscribe and block them?
How did they found me? How do I protect myself for such future tracking actions?
Dear All,

I am facing a strange issue ,I have exchange 2013 environment where i have 3 mailbox server and 3 CAS server ,out of which one mailbox and CAS server is in DR,and 2 mailbox server and 2 CAS server is in the primary site all configured in DAG

the problematic server which i am referring to is one of the mailbox server in the primary site,i have found that whenever any database is activate on that mailbox server, i am not able open OWA and outlook shows disconnected for the users in that database ,i see the below error in OWA and i can see lot of event id logged in with 1310.

We have exchange 2010 SP2 & We are using edge server for outgoing emails. We are not able to deliver emails to certain domain.Means the mail was stuck in the queue. I have enable the log setting to verbose Please find the  error as attach
Hi, do you know of any hosting software that cheaper than Zimbra and Ice Warp; and only requirement is POP support?
This is kind of crazy. About the only advantage of IE is that there is no question about where the Favorites are. I have a customer who lost her hard drive and I am trying to salvage her Firefox booksmarks. Googling doesn't return a real definitive answer. What am I looking for and how do I put them back in Firefox?
I have archived emails that I would like to make a label for.  I am using the interface on my Chrome browser.


I would like to ensure all past emails sent by this person are marked with the label.

I would also like all future emails that come to my inbox to be automatically given this label.

How do I do these two things?  Is there one action that can do both?

Please provide steps.  Thank you.
Our organization is looking for a good eDiscovery Software for the enterprise  with the following specifications:

> Can easily integrate with LDAP
> Searches thru structured and unstructed data content
> Creates Indexing
> User Friendly Interface
> Documents are the priority but could include emails and shares

Any suggestions please?
I am having a weird issue within our network.

if we go to the website in chrome it will load fine, now if i try to go to it in IE / edge we get a timeout issue.

Packet monitor says traffic is being forwarded the same using both clients.

We have tried the external wifi and we are having the issue there as well (different ISP)

Does anyone know what could be causing this? It is our own domain hosted via easyspace with a crappy holding page.

We also have an image hosted on same url that we use for signatures, this is causing outlook to hang when opening emails as it cant locate the signature.

Any ideas on what could be causing this are greatly appreciated.

Internet / Email Software

An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.