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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.

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hi, the mails from takes long hrs to receive by my server

pls take a look at this, my relay server is which is CentOS 6.5
I have a MS onedrive(business).
I can setup alert by email when a file added to a folder but I can not setup SMS alert.
Can you help me to setup?
I added my phone# alreay but still not working.
Thank you.
Pleases provide me with the steps on how to change the Exchange email sync schedule on a Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone.
Please help.  Already checked POP, etc.  Everything is matching up with what it says on line.  Been using it for a long time and now this issue is coming up.  Sometimes brings up a box asking me to login again sometimes just gives an error screen that says operation timed out waiting for response from receiving POP server.
We only need a few email addresses and already have standard email with our domain (hosted by Godaddy). Can I use that email and add a service on or do I have to move my domain or choose different emails? What does everyone use?

thanks in advance
Our employees use OWA on Exch 2010.
We have several contact folders within public folders.
In these contact folders are ..contacts.
Each contact has more than one email address.
When sending to the public folder "list", it sends to the primary, secondary and tertiary email addresses.

Is there a way to prevent this? We only want to send to the primary email address.

I recently implemented a standardized email signature at the company I am working at.  I am using remote images hosted on our website within the signature so that I can swap them out for fun themes for holidays and such.

I have run countless tests at mail-tester . com and all have come back positive.  With the exception of our mail server being listed on three spam lists since our email is through Gmail and that is out of our control.  

I have an issue where about two of our clients simply cannot receive email from us when sent with the signature.  Without the signature, the mail delivers just fine but with the signature it just doesn't even get delivered.. not in inbox or spam folder.  It's as if it was never sent.

I've tried everything from updating our website's SPF record and dkim signature to allow the Gmail server to send on our behalf (something that probably should have been setup long ago) and the problem still persists.

Can anybody think of any reason that our signatures would be blocked.. albeit by a very small percentage of our client's mail servers?

I did see the below question that was asked back in 2011 but my emails have passed every tester that I've found.
Hello Team,

We recently come in hybrid environment, with Exchange 2013 and O365.

once my mailbox get moved to O365, i am unable to book any meeting in Room mailbox, same room is booked by on-premises user

even office365 user not even getting the notification email of acceptance or declining. What could be the issue on this

Please suggest


I am working with a new client on a project to migrate them from Yahoo mail to Office 365.  Some of the users have been using Yahoo's nicknames feature as their sole "address book" for years now.  So as to be clear, by Nicknames I'm referring to the list of matching email addresses of prior recipients which pops up when a user composes a message and starts to type an address in the To: field.  I know how to export the Outlook nicknames.  Is anyone familiar with a way that you can export the Yahoo Nicknames list to e.g. a CSV or similar export file?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
I have an Outlook 2016 client connected to an Exchange 2013 Server.  I created a Shared Mailbox Resource called "SHARED" and gave myself PublishingAuthor privileges on the "SHARED:\Contacts" folder.  Specifically I did not make myself the owner of the mailbox because I only want to be able to see the contacts, nothing else.  Doing this for the one main folder, I have no issue.  

Now that I see his contact list in my outlook, I have a bunch of related contacts I want to group together in a sub folder.  As a PublishingAuthor, I expect to have inheritable rights to create a subfolder underneath "Contacts", and then be able to open up that folder as an additional Shared Contact Folder.  This I cannot do.  

If I right click on the shared contact folder, and select new folder, it does not allow me to put it under the existing share.  If I log in as the owner of the shared resource, create a subfolder, and grant PublishingAuthor access to myself (same as primary contacts folder), I cannot open up the second shared folder.

Any and all help would be appreciated.
All users are connected locally (Outlook 2016 lastest update of Office 365 business premium) to the Exchange 2016.   Exchange 2016 has been updated from RTM to CU4.  

- we had to rebuild the profile for some users because they were receiving the "temporary mailbox" problem:  "your mailbox has been temporarily moved on MS Exchange Server. a temporary mailbox exists..."  

- The search result in Outlook is no longer showing the name of the sender for all emails of last week an older but it shows the right result for the most recent emails.  We've been trying te re-index in Outlook.  All Exchange services in Exchange are running including search.   It's only in Outlook, OWA shows the send for all emails in the search result.

Thank you
We have an urgent need to send 900+ emails to a list of customers from outlook (shared mailbox) -  we have an email standardized email template, but it will need to allow us to update customer name and amount owed to the body of the email.  Also we will need to be able to append a .txt file with customer data.   We will need to be able bcc all of the recipients of course.   we will also need to change the from field to the shared mailbox.  There is no out of the box solution for this problem.  we have considered a VBA script using mail merge but would need help scripting that as well.
I am the designated admin for multiple MailChimp accounts.  Recently noticed one of our subscription links for a production site, seems to have one of my development domain names within the URL.

Our production site for our Calendar subscriptions is

The MailChimp subscription form link is: is the URL in question.

Odd thing is:
"etcil" happens to be one of my development domains.

The subscription form does its job, but has me concerned should the time come where my development site become unavailable.  This does not seem like a coincidence and has me bugged :)   Looking for help back tracking to understand what the connection is?
Our internet is hosted with an external company and the Mail Filtering as well. The internet connectivity has been lost due to ISP problem. It is the 2nd day and we are able to receive inbound emails. But if staff send email from our network it is not going through and they get a message which says "Delivery is delayed to these recipients or distribution lists. This message has not yet been delivered. Microsoft Exchange will continue to try delivering the message on your behalf "
So do do staff need to send the email once the connectivity has been restored / will the failed mail will be sent automatically?

Any suggestion would be great.
Hi Everyone,

I work for a car dealer, that is looking for a solution to retention.  We currently use a spreadsheet based system that categorizes a customer as an advocate, detractor or ambivalent and attribute the branches bonus according to the number of advocates and ambivalent less detractors or something like that.  While it is SMS based (with some cold calling) it does not appear to be working and we suspect there is a case of survey fatigued from the SMS texts and calls to ascertain their feedback.  Is there another option that is low cost or which we can create our selves that is based on a marketing concept that holds water.  Please post your thoughts.

Any one know if it is possible to do a reverse email lookup on an non US email address?

I'd like to find out what websites an email address is being used and where it originates
How could I do this preferably for free?

Thank You

a friend had his gmail sending out spam/malware.

how can we tell if Gmail was hacked, or simply spoofed?

thanks in advance.
When a user sends an email on our hosted exchange (Office 365) to gmail/yahoo/aol/ect. the Recipients receive a winmail.dat attachment. I have checked the HTML settings. they are set correctly. I am not sure where else to turn. All online documentation points to changing the format to HTML or Rich.  -  Did not work.

Please Help

I have 2 computers, one Mac one PC, and I would like to know if there is a piece of software I can install on both that monitor my internet traffic and gives me the ability to see where the data has been used. IE. websites and/or programs on my computer using internet bandwidth.

What exactly is this message of ' external content', '...located on another server', '...inform sender, who could be spammer', etc. (see pix below):

email prompting'

and what cautions should we take?
Client got (the all known) msg as he browsed the internet to call immediately as his computer is infected…. he called and argued he needs proof that on the other side of the line is actually Microsoft…. at the end he did not give any access or money so the criminal told him that he will not continue having internet since they cannot afford him the spread his virus all over. end of conversation. Back to work. he cannot browse the Internet. I came over checked for virus all tests came back clean. I pinged the internet it replied. On the same computer other users where able to browse. I noticed in IE settings proxyserver was set to on, I turned it off and business back to normal.

Question how did this criminal manage to change the settings if no access was given to him?
The reason for the access is User A will be importing contacts to User B's contacts folder.
The only way I've seen this can be done is to give User A access to the entire mailbox i.e adding it in Account Settings -> Email Accounts -> New. Adding it this way displays User B's contact list in the import menu when the user is going through the import steps.

The issue is the user is now set up with Full Access to User B's mailbox to get this working.
I would prefer to give the user access only to the top level of the mailbox folder and the contacts folder. User A doesn't need access even to the inbox.

I've looked around online but all the solution I've found involve giving Full Access. Is there a better way?
Hello all:

Our organization has several hundred clients who we are trying to email invoices to.  Some clients have a requirement where they need to have one email sent for each invoice they are to receive (sometimes up to 80 invoices).  The end user will create PDFs for each invoice and backup.  So on any given day, each customer will have 2 or more documents saved to a centralized location.  For each of these customers, we would need to combine the documents into one PDF, send it to the customer, and then archive the single PDF (the multiple PDFs per customer will then be deleted).

So my solution seems to look like the following:

End user saves all documents to a centralized location.  Have some process that will merge the PDFs (possibly by scanning the text in the PDF docs for customer number to associate all PDFs tied to a customer), send the emails (checking in a SQL db to find email address of customer via a customer id search) using smtp, and then archive the PDF to another centralized location.

My question for all of the experts in the Programming community is are they any code snippets that can do any of the proposed items above?  This would include:

1- Merging the PDFs
2 - Programmatically scanning each PDF (they are all formatted the same) for customer ID so I can use that to 1)search SQL Server for the correct email address for customer, and 2)name the merged documents.
3 - run every night to perform these items and then send the email via SMTP - …
Hi experts.

We will soon start using sharepoint 2016. While testing, we discovered that the function "drag files here to upload"

1 is shown in google's chrome for any computer
2 is not shown in IE11 for any computer
3 is shown in MS Edge on any 64 bit computer but not shown on any 32 bit computer
(all machines are on win10 1607, patched. Server is patched, too)

Playing with the developer mode (F12), I found that I can switch the user agent string and the document mode and with IE, switching it from documentmode 9 (why is the standard even 9?) to 11 while setting the user agent to 10 solves it (=displays "drag files here to upload") while on Edge@32 bit, it had defaulted to user agent=edge and switching that to IE11 solves it (document mode: not applicable on edge).

What does that mean?
How to make these changes permanent, modify the client side or the server side?
I've heard hackers can launch a 'CEO fraud' spear phishing attack on an organization.  What does this mean and how can a person/team prevent this?

Internet / Email Software

An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.