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An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.

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We have recently had our website rebuilt., The Website developers recommended WordPress, which is what we went with.
When someone fills out a contact form or forgets their password the site would send us or the user an email. This worked for the first month or so but recently some users have complained their emails are not arriving for lost passwords resets, and we are not receiving notifications from the site anymore.
The hosting company assures us that the emails are being generated and leaving the site, so the website developers say it is not their issue, as far as they are concerned things are working and emails are being generated.

The hosting company recommend sending email via SMTP instead of directly from the site. What would be the best method/service to accomplish this?

The SMTP service would need to be secure so that would need to be a consideration.
User says they just installed an update to Office 365
Mac recipients are now getting  winmail.dat attachments

I know how to fix this on the Mac side, but it's hard to tell all the recipients to download and add software.

Outlook is connected to an Exchange Server.  Since the files are appearing as Winmail.dat, I assume that the version of the Exchange Server is such that it produces this output.  I don't have control of the Exchange Server, and don't know how fast they can upgrade or otherwise change the Exchange Server.

Is there anything that we can do on the sending side?
Is the problem caused by the sending of multiple PDF attachments?  Would sending one at a time help?

So a first for me.  I have a client who has a VP that works as a 1099 now.  Because of this, he wants to take his company email address and merge it on his own setup, most so it is independent of the company IT.  For some reason, he does not like interfacing with them,  they do not want to do forwarding, as the department doesn't want to but haven't really given me a reason why.  They will only open SSL pop for him to download email.  They don't care if he accesses still and uses it but don't want to do anything other than that.

I had originally moved him to GMail, with an IMAP connection for his Entourage 2008 Mac.  Then I added his email account in their setup, and it does work, but he wants the imported emails faster then whenever GMail wants to check, which seems to be anywhere between 45 minutes all the way up to 1.5 hours.  He is also not interested in moving to the Web version of Gmail.  I looked into and theirs is 30 min.

I also tried to get entourage to download the POP mail, but Entourage 2008 wants to deliver it to "This computer" in a separate email folders section and then into the inbox of the IMAP account.  My next thought was perhaps setting up a rule also to move email from those folders to the inbox of the IMAP folder.

He is willing to pay for a service but I have never had someone who refuses to update their client application, move to web, or have access to the email so I can simply write the rule for autoforwarding at the server.   Do…
I've used group policy to force several sites into compatibility view.  One of these sites has been updated and will no longer function in compatibility view.  I've removed it from the list in GP, but it is not being removed on the workstation.  I added the sites via policies\administrative templates\windows components\internet explorer.  As you probably know, when you add sites this way, they don't actually show up in the compatibility list on the individual workstations, but it does function properly in compatibility view.  Now that I've removed it from the list in GP, I have to go to each workstation, add it manually, then remove it.  It's the only way I've found to get it out of there.  No a huge deal, but I have 14 bazillion machines to do, at multiple locations.  Anyone run into this?  Any solutions?
I have personal and work email coming into my Gmail and need to push email from a particular email into a folder. This will make my work emails more visible.

Can I do this with Gmail?

My Windows 10 PC has suddenly stopped connecting to the internet for no apparent reason. My hotmail homepage opens up normally but then I cannot acceess any other pages at all. I have a normal secure connection but cannot access the internet. I am attaching screen shots of my system spec using Speccy as well as error messages generated by Event Viewer.I am also attaching latest mini dump file in a zip file. I am not sure how to interpret these message and would be grateful for your advice.
Please provide me with the URL address to visit to view information about any known Google / Gmail issues
Our company recently encountered a blacklisting of our domain due to a certain computer or computers sending out bad information.  I've since run Malwarebytes on all computers but have no idea which computer would have been the cause of the issue.  My questions are as follows:

1) Is there a utility or method I can use to determine which PC or PCs had caused the blacklisting problem?
2) How do I know if the problem has actually stopped so we can be de-listed for good (in addition to the obvious of informing employees of the normal cautions when on the internet)
3) Will obtaining a premium version of Malwarebytes for all computers stop this from happening again in the future?

Any suggestions?
What are the rules surrounding the whatsapp msg read notification?   If I don't read a reply from one sender but view other people's reply msgs, will the reader's whose msg I ignored see a) that I haven't read his msg and b) the last time I looked at whatsapp in general?
We're using IE 11 to print emails from Gmail.  Gmail will show us a print preview and we send it to our printer, a Panasonic KX-MB2030.  The Windows Devices and Printers shows a single print queue going through but, from there, nothing comes out.  We've tried saving these to XPS format, and printing from there, but the same thing happens.

We've tried sending Windows test pages to the printer and it works, as well as sending blank pages through OpenOffice and it goes through.  However, there's something it doesn't like about Gmail or IE.

Any thoughts?
I had a WordPress/WooCommerce site set up for me and have done some of the blog and page preparation. So I feel okay working with the Dashboard. But I need to create a new product with a new outbound confirmation email, and can not find where to start.

I am okay adding a new product (I think) and there are a few variants of emails that go out, based on what they purchase. I can not find them on the dashboard. And I do not know how to link them in with the product purchased.

Please give me some pointers.

We have some '.co' domains for our company and recently decided to host email ourselves on one of the domains.  We tried sending email to all major email providers like outlook,  yahoo.. etc.  All of these emails go to regular inbox,  except in the case of GMail.
This is not bulk email but rather individual emails sent from our staff to customers or each other.  
Some important things we made sure work 1000%:
1. Our VPS IP is not in blacklist ...and it shows good reputation by every blacklist company we could find.
2. SPF has been set up correctly
3. DKIM has been set up correctly
4. This domain was verified through
5. This domain was verified through
6 these settings have been in place for over a month,  and we have been trying to get thus work for over half a year to no avail.
7.Bulk guidelines are met despite the fact that we don't send bulk emails.
Our clients are not receiving their invoices or communication from us unless they look in spam folder,  this is insane since 80% of our clients use gmail
can someone advice what will be best possible solution.
I have an HTML signature file I need to add to emails.

Hi ,
         i have a email database , for which i want to do the email blast for our company adds , i want to know is there any software available which can help to chek wither the emails are genune or no , instead of checking emails one by one by sening test messages ?
please assist
Someone is sending spam emails to my contacts using my email account. I don't know how he does it. I know that this is happening because a lot of Message Delivery Failure emails are finding their way to my inbox with me as the sender.

What should I do to stop this? Should I disable my email temporarily?
How important is a SPF record these days in reference to e-mail DNS?  We are running a SonicWall with the anti-spam filtering enabled which seems to work very well.  However, we have it set to block not just "definite spam" but also, "likely spam".  This being said, will blocking "likely spam" block e-mail that doesn't have an accurate SPF DNS record setup?
We have 2 domains in our company.  I setup a corresponding distribution group for a users email account so he could send an email from either domain address. (example: is the email account,  is the corresponding distribution list)

In OWA john.doe is able to send as the corresponding distribution list.  However, when trying to do so in outlook 2016 client, user gets a message undeliverable bounce back.  Error is [0x80070005-0x0004dc-0x000524]

Any ideas over how to configure the outlook client to make this work?
I want to automate sending email with same message & different send date (every week) to one address & copy to sender - sample below. Message must be sent during office hours ( 9am - 5pm Tue - Fri) to assure macOS is running.

Date: [current date - once a week]
To: Local_Company@...
CC: Process_User@...
From: Process_User@...

Local process has been started. Please acknowledge.

Thank you
Hello everyone I need to help this lady,

"I am now ready to safeguard my son's computer so that he doesn't have access to porn and other random stuff online. I really just need him to be able to access limited information. Having a teenager these days is a lot of work"

Any idea which free software can do this please ?

THank you,
I have followed documentation about setting up co-existence between Exchange 2010 and 2016. I have all the Updates and service packs installed. I'm using a single name space for all the virtual directories, same name space for 2010 and 20169, cert imported to 2016 from 2010. Its only 1 AD site, and 1 2010 Exchange server and 1 2016 Exchange server. NTLM is enabled on 2010 CAS, everything is done by the book. To test, I created a host file on a desktop, pointing it to the IP address of the 2016 Exchange server and name space. Example:

If I open outlook it now prompts me for a user name and password, and once entered it continues to prompt and i cant connect.
The online helps seem to tell me to do the things that are already done. Has anyone resolved this and is my test method and acceptable method. I made no DNS changes, only the host file on a desktop with outlook 2016 to point to Exchange 2016 and the name space. I have also tried this on desktops with Outlook 2013 SP1 and I added hotfixes to Exchange 2010. I have tried everything with no luck. Any advice would be great.

Also all the mailboxes are located on the Exchange 2010 DBs, now if you access the Exchange 2016 web console you can see the 2010 environment along with the mailboxes on the 2010 server, but once I open outlook I get the user name and password prompt and cant get pass it.
Can't work out how to disable Developer Tools from opening up when I view source code.
I just want to view the source code of a page.

Same issue as here: 

Hopefully a quick one for someone. Can you use the same email on multiple devices registered with intunes? We have an email but want to use that same email on 12 different devices, is this allowed?

A friend is asking me to find out ...

Hi all,

I have a fixed number in cell B1.

How do i repeat values (starting at A5) until the fixed value in cell B1 is reached?

Thanks in advance.

I have a couple of people at a client that often have issues receiving attachments in emails.

The email will not arrive at all. Most are running Outlook 2013 or 2016. It will not arrive on their iDevices either.

They have no junk-mail enabled in their Outlook only a spam service where the emails do not get caught either.

The same person tries to send an email without an attachment and it arrives.

This is from several different people sending to two different employees at the client.

I've heard people talk about Outlook misunderstanding the coding of the attachments but usually then the email arrives with a winmail.dat attached or similar.

Internet / Email Software

An email client, email reader or more formally mail user agent (MUA) is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email. A web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.