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IEInternet Explorer (IE)

Internet Explorer is a series of graphical web browsers first developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1995. It is included in the Microsoft Windows l...

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Internet Explorer (IE)
Troubleshooting Solution

Remove IE 11 and Edge legacy

I would like to know to uninstall/remove MS Edge Legacy and IE 11 since they are no longer supported …
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Top 5 Browser Extensions for 2020

A listicle showcasing my favourite Top 5 Web Browser extensions for 2020...

Hot Tip - Cant select Browser of Choice as default in …

Hot Tip - Cant select Browser of Choice as default in Windows 10 - (Build 1809) - Here's the Fix

Given that their choice of browser is like a religion to …

Given that their choice of browser is like a religion to some people, this should be interesting:
Troubleshooting Solution

Optimal method monito kids computers & mobile phone


Hi Experts!

There is a lot of apps to monitor kids computer that's become a bit confusing, but also

Troubleshooting Solution

Is it possible to disable credit card autofill for Firefox, IE and Edge via Group Policy?

We are able to disable this feature for Chrome via Group Policy, but I'm not seeing a similar option …
Troubleshooting Solution

Microsoft Edge


We have some actions which are performed in Internet Explorer but the visible is set to “false”,

Troubleshooting Solution

Chrome or IE not showing video from website

Hello, I have a windows 7 system that is trying to access this website 
Troubleshooting Solution

How do i get IE 11 to save images as a .JPG like it use to?


When Saving images In IE Web Browser i can only save in  .PNG and .BMP.

this is with IE 11 running on

Troubleshooting Solution

GPO to "Disable IE as standalone browser" not working


"Disable Internet Explorer 11 as a standalone browser" GPO enforcement has no effect.

Attempting to

Troubleshooting Solution

Find / activate window  if it is already open

Using Microsoft Access VBA.
I may have many window open. I would like to iterate through all the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Controls jumps out of Excel randomly and into Internet Explorer  in Windows 10

Hi Experts!

I've been having a strange situation happening for some time.  I would be in Excel …
Troubleshooting Solution

IE browser on XP

I just reinstalled Win XP on my laptop and I am trying to browse the Internet with IE but it won't …
Troubleshooting Solution

User cannot access any Microsoft website in any browser

An end user on a Windows 7 system cannot access any Microsoft Website. Msn.com, Microsoft.com, all …
Troubleshooting Solution

PC on a LAN.  Win 10Pro. internet access

PC Win10Pro. on a LAN

Firnewall is turned off.  Can access the Internet Google and Yahoo ONLY.  No …
Troubleshooting Solution

Using AutoHotKey script to open internal website using IE and then entering login details

I would like to use an AutoHotKey script so that when you double click on it, it will open a browser …
Troubleshooting Solution


For the past few weeks I am getting NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error in Chrome and Internet …
Troubleshooting Solution

IE 11 how to make default


when i open link inside outlook or skype for business communicator open in mozilla. i want …

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