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Chrome Prompts for Credentials. we have ADFS SSO running in our environment. Previously it was working fine in IE/Chrome/Edge suddenly ten days before team noticed that the sites are asking for credentials. we fixed in Edge by adding the ADFS site to Intranet site in IE but issues with Chrome still persists.

when open sharepoint site, a dialog box comes saying ADFS site asking for Credentials.

on checking the sharepoint in chrome, we see the FedAuth cookie for the site is showing to Expire as the browsers session Ends, Not sure if this is the issue.

No recent patches done. Patching was done almost three weeks before.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
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I have been trying to follow the videos and extract data from an HTML file and I was able to do so on my system. BUT when I try to use the same code/module to extract data from the html file from my Friend's system it shows me an "error 91: object variable or with block not set" at line 2 and sometime even at line 1. Basically it is not reading the html document on a different system. The HTMLButton1  when tried in debug.print show nothing
Dim file As String
Dim IE As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorerMedium
Dim HTMLButton1

file = "C:\temp\HTML\page1.html"

IE.Visible = False
IE.navigate file 'line 1
Do While IE.Busy = True

Set HTMLDoc = IE.Document
Set HTMLButton1 = HTMLDoc.elementFromPoint(338, 462)

array_objects(index).date = HTMLButton1.innerText 'line2

Set IE = Nothing

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is anyone aware of a setting within MS Internet Explorer 11 that would cause the display of a weather widget (accuweather) to display "Farenheit" despite the generated code specifically stating "Celsius"?  here's a portion of the code:

   <div id="awcc1528741950009"
   <script type="text/javascript" src="">

as you can see, dataunit="c" and i've experimented with various data-language options ("en-us", "en-gb")...  the browser still displays it in Farenheit.

we've checked local PC regional settings, everything is set to English-Canada.
my users are in Canada so Celsius is the measurement unit we use.

out of 8 sites, 1 site does see "Celsius" on all their IE browsers, but we've been unable to determine why or find the setting that's different.

any ideas?
I am able to print both colour and B&W, but when I choose a print option
For Email, it automatically prints colour, unless I do a few more clicks to set to B&W.

For PPT, there is a drop-down option to choose colour or B&W, unfortunately if I dun click on it to choose B&W, it defaults to colour.

WORD Doc print, as a user I need to click on Printer Properties, in order to get to colour options to choose B&W.

IE, ctrl + Print as a user need to click on Printer Properties, in order to get to colour options to choose B&W.

May I suggest that for those staff who have been given rights to print both colour and B&W…
1.      can IOE set their print default to B&W AND
2.      if they need to print colour, these staff can by themselves choose the colour print via the option.

20,000 Users and can configure using GPO
I am having an internet issue where I leave IE pages open on my home computer overnight and when I return to them the next day IE is frozen and I have to end the task every time.  I am also noticing that IE is crashing often.  How can I troubleshoot this?
Hello everybody.

I'm dealing with a process of grasping datas from the web and copying them in an Excel sheet: it is a loop that inserts a code in a field for thousands of times, and then it imports the results.
It works quite well, processing without errors for hours.

for each cell in range xxx

IE.document.getElementById("Code").Value = cell

                With IE
                    Do While .Busy: DoEvents: Loop    'Attesa not busy
                    Do While .readystate <> 4: DoEvents: Loop 'Attesa documento
                End With

                myStart = Timer
                    If Timer > myStart + 1 Or Timer < myStart Then Exit Do

                Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:20")) 

Dim tables, table, trs, tr, tds, td, R, c
Set tables = IE.document.getElementsByTagName("table")
For R = 0 To tables.Length - 1
Next R
Set table = IE.document.getElementsByTagName("table")(3)
Set trs = table.getElementsByTagName("tr")

For R = 0 To trs.Length - 1
Set tds = trs(R).getElementsByTagName("td")
If tds.Length = 0 Then Set tds = trs(R).getElementsByTagName("th")
For c = 0 To tds.Length - 1
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Output").Range("A1").Offset(R, c).Value = tds(c).innerText
Next c
Next R


IE.document.getElementById("reset").Click   'reset search field

next cell

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Unfortunately, sometimes an error occours:

"Runtime Error 91: Object variable or with block variable not set"
in the line

ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Output").Range("A1").Offset(R, c).Value = tds(c).innerText

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Now, I think it could be a timing problem (maybe sometimes the page is not fully loaded).
Actually, at the beginning of the project I have fixed the wait, maybe in a messy way, but it is quite efficient.

I don't know if it is better to fix again the wait (touching a part of the code the works quite well), or to insert an instruction that could allow the cycle going on despite the error (perhaps On Error Resume Next ?).

I use IE9 and XLS 2007.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Windows 10 1803
2016 Domain joined

I have enabled the "Keep favorites in sync between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge" Group policy.

I have disabled the "Prevent changes to Favorites on Microsoft Edge"

I’ve checked the reg key is there indicating this is enabled.

It’s not working though, favourites are in IE but opening edge I just get the ‘import favs’ box, which is greyed out, as it controlled by the organisation. Nothing Syncs.

Is there more to it? What could stop that working?
We are having a problem getting IE Proxy settings to apply to Win 7 boxes.
We configured the GPO per
But when you go into RSOP on the Win 7 box, it's not there. Does this setting not exist on Win 7, if that is the case, what policy can we set on our 2012 DC's that will apply to the win 7 boxes?
We have several users who have reported that when attempting to connect to our VPN using Palo Alto's GlobalProtect, they get a white screen that only says "PageoK" in their browser when they try to browse to one of our internal-only web applications.   This application runs on an internal Apache server on SLES - nothing in the cloud.    The index page is a basically just a meta refresh to the main application page.    If the user who receives "Pageok" clears their browser cache, the web app works fine.    What strikes me odd is that users have seen this exact error in both IE and Firefox.    We haven't yet been able to reproduce it, but the only guess I have is that possibly users are launching their browser to the website before GlobalProtect has finished connecting, but I can't say for sure.

The thing I really need to understand is, where does the "Pageok" come from?   What would it likely be receiving from a web server in order to send that message to the client?    I figure the client MUST be getting some sort of response from a web server for it to provide that message above others.  

As far as I know, DNS is good here (certainly at least for that website) and this only became a problem recently.   I could just use more insight on exactly what "Pageok" really means in technical terms in order to understand and possibly report the problem.  

EDIT:  From reading things online, I'm wondering if "Pageok" is a Wordpress error specifically.   Does anyone know if …
I am maintaining an old, old classic ASP site - there is a form which includes the following tag around the "submit" image:

<a href="javascript:ValidateMakeForm();" onMouseOver="msover(1); return true" onMouseOut="msout(1)">

The function is defined on the page like below - basically sets the form action and submits the form.

<script language="javascript">
function ValidateMakeForm()
	if (document.forms['searchmake'].category_id.selectedIndex == 0)
		alert("You must select a make.");
	document.forms['searchmake'].action = document.forms['searchmake'].category_id.value;

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IE 11 is throwing an error 'ValidateMakeForm' is undefined.   Everything works in Chrome, Firefox and Edge and even in IE 11 when viewed in Compatibility Mode.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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I am trying to build a script to create GPO's with settings. But as far as I can find you can either import an already existing GPO, or create a blank one. I can't find anywhere that talks about setting individual settings for the GPO.
For instance I need one to lock down IE - So I would like to set "User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer Maintenance\Connection\Connection\Proxy Settings", Enable Proxy Settings, Address of Proxy
And then Exceptions ";"

The only other option that I can see is to create a GPO with the settings I want, then export it, then write my script to import it, but that's not at all what I want to do...
I have a lightning component on the click of that at UI level, which my user  operates in chrome.Can I redirect from  Chrome to IE(explorer) -instead of a new tab in chrome to New tab in IE- on a click in UI?
I'm having an issue when users print an email from OWA in Citrix (using IE11), they are getting an APPCRASH error.  The job will still print, but then it closes their OWA window and reloads.  It's more of an annoyance, but it's happening to multiple users.
Using IE's F12 Developer Tools I captured some network traffic and exported the capture to Excel.  In the export there's a column titled "Cache read" that only appears in the export.  I've been unable to find any documentation explaining what that column represents.  I'm guessing it's the time the browser spent reading/attempting to read data from cache, but would like to confirm that.

screenshot of the capture
Hi, I'm trying to accomplish the following task, while using PowerShell...

Open a web browser, navigate to, and then prompt for credentials using basic authentication.

We have a use case for this in our environment where we want a .ps1 shortcut on users' desktops and they need to always be prompted for credentials via basic auth. Note: our environment uses ADFS to authenticate to Office365, so there is a redirect after you hit the initial URL.

I've tried something like:

$Browser = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"
Start-Process $Browser -Argumentlist "" -Credential (Get-Credential)

But that doesn't operate as desired

Can this be done? Thanks in advance!
When open links from Outlook 2016 Stand alone (Default browser does not matter, have tried IE, Edge, and Chrome). We are receiving the below error. Any Ideas on how to fix? We have reset internet options, replaced the Registry entry with mine, which isn't having this issue, everything we have tried has not fixed it. The only temporary fix we have found is to either shut down IE and outlook, then reopen. or delete cookies and browsing history in IE. Please advise.

"Microsoft Outlook
Something unexpected went wrong with this URL:
"Web address". Not enough storage is available to process this command."
How I do I recover DAT (or dat) files in the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery" folder. I closed IE multiple times, so the lost sessions I want to restore are gone. The DAT files that stored the tabs are gone.

Am I able to recover the  automatically deteted date files in the Recovery foler? I tried recovery tools like FINAL DATA. Didn't work.

Our users are getting the following error while opening a Word doc, in Office 2016, that contains numerous web links via IE and Chrome.

"Certificate error: The Application Experienced an Internal Error Loading the SSL Libraries".

While researching this issue, I see that a recommended fix was detailed in this article but this did not work for me.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!
Security implications using: Automatic Logon with Current Username and Password in Internet Explorer
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In the chrome the enter and space key is working fine on the gear box while pressing tab key on the selection. But for the IE and firefox, the space key is working fine. But the Enter key is not working while pressing tab key on the selection. Here is my code

MainSection: Core.component.PrimaryTile.extend({
    containsBinding: "controller.contentView",
    role: "main",
    classNames: [ "activity-tile", "activity-content-view" ],
    acceleratorKey: [ 'J,V', 'Alt+J,Alt+V' ],
    acceleratorMessage: 'keyboard/main/navigation',
    classNames: [ 'focus-group' ]

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Please help me on this. Thanks in advance

Aftyer numerous System Blockade during Windows 10 1709 upgrade I had to reinstall Windows 10Pro on a DELL XPS LAbtop. I did this with Dell Hotline.
Of course I saved previously the "User" folder including AppData.
W10 and W10 1709 upgrade went evenlessly (but very very slowly).
I reinstalled also all the softwares without difficulty.
But, but I have troubles with the Favories keys (identifications and passW). Firefox recovered its own keys from the copied AppData. But I did'nt find a way ti do it with EDGE. I re-installed Internet explorer and failed also.
I tried with Netpass, vaultpasswordview, iexplorerpassview, credentialfileview and bulletpassview but they all work with resident data, not data comming from an external HD.
Could anyone help me to find a way to import the identifications keys from  AppData of the old installation.

Thanks for any help

Hi, The checkbox is not getting focus while pressing the Tab keys for the IE and Firefox. But if I press enter or using mouse, the checkbox is working fine. For the Chrome, Its working fine.

IE & Mozzila


I'm really don't know there is having problem with either javascript or CSS.

While Inspect the checkbox Id, its having delete-for-reals

<input name="delete-for-reals" class="ember-view ember-text-field text-field component" id="ember7661" type="checkbox">

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So I have find the id names on my projects in

CSS file as below:

.delete-for-reals img,
.delete-for-reals input {
  vertical-align: middle;
.delete-for-reals .rsuite-message {
  vertical-align: -2px;

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Hbr file:

{{#if view.isReferenced}}
		<p class="delete-for-reals">
			<label for="delete-for-reals">
				{{icon model=view.trashCan size=20}}
				{{view Ember.Checkbox checked=view.deleteMode id="delete-for-reals"}}
				{{#if view.deleteMode}}
					{{message "dialog/destroy/labels/uncheck-to-remove"}}
					{{message "dialog/destroy/labels/check-to-delete"}}

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And Dialog.less file;

.delete-for-reals {
	img, input {
		vertical-align: top;
	.rsuite-message {
		vertical-align: -2px;

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So totally the id available in .css, .hbr and .less files.

Please help me on this. Thanks in advance.
Actually, I'm having problem with the Internet Explorer (IE Edge and IE11) taking more time to load a main page after login page. When I'm checking the Inspect element, the network page(Ctrl+4) shows all the js, css and image files loading on the page seeming more seconds to run. But its running good with chrome and mozilla. Any suggestion regarding this. Thanks in advance.
My local host (http://localhost:8080/) is working fine with Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) version. But context root (http://localhost:8080/context-root) is not working in IE11??

While opening the product through IE11 the http://localhost:8080/context-root, its not showing any page, it's simply showing blank page. In that there is showing below two errors

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'extend' of undefined or null reference
File: context.js, Line: 20561, Column: 1

Context.component.SectionView.extend().named("Admin.navigators.Administration.Roles").reopen({classNameBindings:["working"],working:function(){var loadState=this.get("model.loadState")
if(!loadState){return true}if(loadState!=="loaded"&&loadState!=="error"){return true}return false}.property("model.loadState"),model:function(){return Context.model.SimpleResultSet.create({fetch:function(){return Admin.rolesService.request().send()},sortBy:"name",insensitive:true})}.property(),pagination:function(){return 

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So, we're dealing with an old timey web application that only works if you set a particular environment variable to a particular setting.  But, here's the rub: it only seems to work to local session environment variables, not environment variables set at the machine level.

For example: if I open a command prompt, type "SET MyVariable=Blah" then launch iexplore.exe from that command prompt, the web application works.

If set the environment variable any other way (including SETX at the command prompt or in Advanced System Settings), no dice.  It only seems to want to read the environment variables that I made in that command prompt session, nothing else counts.

Does ANYONE know a way around this, short of the legacy provider updating their janky old web app?  Is there any way I can fool IE into loading my machine level variables?


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