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Internet Explorer is a series of graphical web browsers first developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1995. It is included in the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. It was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! for Windows 95.

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I have the latest Adobe PDF reader installed on a window 10 64 bit machine.  I am forced to still use IE  11 for many reasons  What's happening when I try to open a PDF It tries to open but I get the following error: The is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader.  If it is running, please exit and try again (0:521). I have a few users with this issue and other than refreshing the page I can't think of anything that would fix this issue.  It's enabled in the add on in IE.  We tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that doesn't work either.
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Users cannot get to specific web pages (on IIS) using internet explorer 11, or microsoft edge.

The error message they recieve is attached to this question. Basically, IE is telling us to turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1,1 and TLS 1.2

The Pages work fine in Chrome (I havent tested any additional browser),  

Is There a way to see which protocols are being used in IIS and how we can modify them if necessary?

Error Page
Our OS is still Win7Pro and will be upgraded in a few weeks.  Between now and then, I want to turn off outside access to websites on IE 11. What settings should I change in IE11 so that no one can use it for internet surfing?  We use IE11 for our internal app, run on our intranet and at some point in near future the application will be made to work on a more current browser. Until that happens, I would like to make it impossible for users to use IE11 to get to outside webpages.  Which settings should I change?
I have a user attempting to connect to a website after logging in she is getting this error.   She had tried multiple browsers such as chrome IE edge.  

Http failure response for 0 Unknown Error

Any suggestion?   She has tried this from 4 different offices from 4 different external IP's

The website host thinks its something on our end I dont think so.
Hi Experts,

in our company we use exchange 2013 and OWA.
One user has now problems to login.
He gets the login error 500.

This just happens when he used CHROME.
With using IE the login works.

Do you have any idea why not in CHROME for this user ?
When I test with CHROME, it is ok.
So, I'm on a Windows 7 box this AM and when going to the internet, I see a popup from the MS Content Adviser.  It's prompting me for a password.  No one know this password.  

I logged in as an admin, and on the Content tab of IE 11, there is no content adviser, only Family Sharing.

Anyone know how to turn off this Content Adviser prompt?

Win 7 with IE11.

We have a 2016 domain environment and want delete the current proxy configuration in Internet Explorer for our staff. It's no longer needed. What's the best way to achieve this using group policy? I tested a GPO with user configurations but it hasn't worked. Here is a screenshot of the settings.GPO.JPG
My browser is displaying "friendly" http errors when an ASP Classic page experiences an error.

Previous version of windows and IE would display messages like:

Error in line 100, divide by zero

however, now that I have WIn10 and the latest version of IE, Edge, and Chrome, the only message I get is:

500 - Internal server error.
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Previously I could go to the Advanced setup of IE and uncheck Show Friendly HTML errors to see detailed errors.  I have not idea if that option was also available with other browsers.

Can someone help?  I think this may have something to do with iis.
Hello. I'm trying to write VBA code (in Excel) to browse web pages and save them to files.

I already have VBA code to automate Internet Explorer, navigate to web pages, and extract the text of the pages. But now I want to save the entire page, including images. In other words, I'd like to do the equivalent of manually printing the web page to PDF, saving it as an MHTML file, saving it as "Web page, Complete" (with the images in a separate folder), or possibly saving the whole web page as one image file.

I've tried...

1. Initiating a print job in IE, having made "Print to PDF" the default. I've tried various variations on this statement:


The problem is that it opens a Print dialog box followed by a Save File dialog box, and the only way I can find to interact with these boxes is to use SendKeys. But that's unrelaible. I don't know how long to wait for the dialog box to appear before sending the keys.

2. Creating an MHTML file using CDO, with this statement:

cdoMsg.CreateMHTMLBody url, cdoSuppressNone

This works, but it produces a very poorly rendered version of the web page.

Can you suggest any other options, please? I'd be open to using method #1 above, if I could detect when the dialog boxes are ready to receive keys with SendKeys. Alternatively, perhaps I should use a different technology. I'm only really familiar with VBA, but I understand that there are VBA wrappers available for WebKit and…
Can you enable add-ons for Internet Explorer 11 via Group Policy?

OS: Windows 10
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Please only respond to this question if you have decent experience with internet explorer automation. If you lack that expertise, please wait a few days before chiming in.

I am using vba internetexplorer object to download several sets of data from a website.'

I using Wayt which is an old and well tested subroutine that waits while oie.Busy Or oie.ReadyState <> 4 .

This website seem weird: After pulling the first set, ie.readystate gets stuck at 3 (READYSTATE_INTERACTIVE) which messes up Wayt. As a result Wayt always wait for 20 seconds before exiting
Also, I have often noticed that many of my old programs seem slower that I expected. I think they all might suffer similar problems.

So, I am thinking of changing Wayt to wait while oie.busy or oie.document.readystate <> "complete" or oie.readystate < 3

Or I could add another optional parameter like this, but I am not crazy about that idea.
Has any expert seen similar problems? Do you have any opinions?
Sub wayt(oie, Optional waitseconds As Long = 20, Optional allow3 As Boolean)
 '  Debug.Print "1" & TypeName(oie)       WebBrowser2
  ' Debug.Print "1" & TypeName(oie.Busy)  Boolean
   'Debug.Print "1" & TypeName(oie.ReadyState)  Long
   Dim i As Long
If allow3 Then
    Do While i < waitseconds * 10 And (oie.Busy Or (oie.ReadyState < 3) Or (oie.Document.readysate <> "complete"))
        Sleep 200:
        i = i + 1
    Do While i < waitseconds * 10 And (oie.Busy Or 

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Hello Guys,

I create this code:

   ie := CreateOleObject('InternetExplorer.Application');
   h  := ie.hwnd;
   ie.visible      := false;
   ie.fullscreen   := false;
   ie.TheaterMode  := false;
   ie.MenuBar      := False;
   ie.AddressBar   := False;
   ie.Resizable    := true;
   ie.StatusBar    := False;
   ie.ToolBar      := 0;
   ie.Width        := Panel2.Width;
   ie.Height       := Panel2.Height+27;          := -27;
   ie.left         := 0;

   windows.setparent(ie.hwnd, panel2.handle);
   ie.visible := true;
   if _htmlDireta<>'' then

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I want to work with 2 bottons, one for goback and another to goforward.
But before using it, I need to check if my IE has changed and has a history page
How could I check my IE change?

I found the command but I don't know how to insert it into my code:

something like in this example:

Note: I can't use the TWebBrowse that comes with Delphi due to being out-of-date.

I have a client who is trying to use the merchant center in quickbooks premier 2018. Quickbooks uses the I.E. browser within it's program so if there are issues with I.E. then there will be issues inside of quickbooks where it is accessing the Internet. There are a few issues with Internet Explorer that I believe are keeping it from working correctly. I think once we resolve the I.E. issues, the rest will take care of itself. The system was just upgraded from windows 7 pro to windows 10 pro version 1903. Internet explorer is exhibiting some strange issues. On a simple page like,  graphics do not show. A black box (w/o a red x) shows in place of the correct graphic. Accessing the merchant center via I.E. will initially display page info but once you click on one of the options, it moves to the next screen and generates a black box that would be where the detailed information would be. I have attached a copy of how it looks on a working version of I.E. (my computer, windows 10 pro 1803, i.E. 11 vs the non working verson on windows 10 pro 1903, i.E. 11.

I have removed I.E. on that computer via the windows features and reinstalled it. I have done a reset on I.E. and the advanced option on the advanced tab on I.E. settings. I have checked the media settings and it is set to show images. During the uninstall, I also deleted any I.E. info from the appdata folder for any users.

I have tried it both clean (to check websites like msn) and with the program requirements …
Hello Guys,

I developed a simple project where I embebed an IE into a panel, it is ok so far.
I have two problems with my small project:

1) left and top of my IE created into a panel, I can't set it to left=0 and top = 0
2) I would like to have my IE created into my panel without any borderstyle. For this, I tried that command:
SetWindowLong(ie.Handle,GWL_STYLE,  GetWindowLong(ie.Handle,GWL_STYLE) and (not WS_CAPTION) or WS_THICKFRAME);

But I haven't had any success yet.
the project has only one unit.pas and you can open it in any Delphi version. I use Delphi 2007.

After opening the project, click on the button Browse, it will create a IE into panel1, there is another button named "Mostra Pn" where a panel3 will hide or not and the IE in panel1 should resize automatically.

my code
procedure TForm1.BitBtn1Click(Sender: TObject);
  ie := CreateOleObject('InternetExplorer.Application');
  windows.setparent(ie.hwnd, panel1.handle);

  ie.MenuBar := False;
  ie.AddressBar := False;
  ie.Resizable := false;
  ie.StatusBar := True;
  ie.ToolBar := 0;    := 0;
  ie.left   := 0;
  ie.Width  := panel1.Width;
  ie.Height := panel1.Height+27;

  ie.visible := True;
// SetWindowLong(ie.Handle,GWL_STYLE,  GetWindowLong(ie.Handle,GWL_STYLE) and (not WS_CAPTION) or WS_THICKFRAME);  // I 

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IE 11 , why is the left Nav button active even when opening a PDF in the browser. Capture12.PNG

I have Camscan DVR and I am trying to access it using IP address. I tried using IE and chrome but its continue to asking me to install WebkitPlugin. I installed it and each time I try to access I got this and its not going through to login screen. I tried to install IE for chrome and its same problem.

Hello Everyone and thank you very much in advance for your timely and precise feedback/input/insights, etc. :-)
Came upon an odd issue due to a website browser requirement by one of our vendors. They need IE11 and it must not run in compatibility mode.
We use Windows 7 (Build 7601 SP1) and IE11 (Version 11.0.9600.19236, Update Version 11.0.105 KB4480965) on our desktops in a FFL/DFL 2012R2 (2x 2016 DC) AD infrastructure.
Our GPO (Computers - nothing under Users) has a few websites listed to be used in compatibility mode (the setting "Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 Sites"), but those are older and not related to this new vendor and we do not force anything else into compatibility. On the end-user side there are no entries at all.
What is odd is that they asked me to verify the emulation settings (instructions below)
1) In an Internet Explorer window, press F12
2) A new window frame will appear with a black title bar and 7 tabs to choose from
3) Select ‘Emulation’
4) Under the ‘Mode’ column, the last item is ‘User agent string’. That will be the IE version your session is running. If the emulation is not Internet Explorer 11, contact your IT representative to explore options to allow your internet browser to be IE11

which I did and I noted that although we are using Windows 7 and IE11 the default document mode was set to IE10 and there was an EDGE option, but NO IE11 option in the drop-down box that could be set and this perplexes me. We are using Windows…
VMWare Client Integration Plugin v6.2 (For Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox Ver. 66)
VMWare Client Integration Pluginv6.0 (For Google Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit))
on a
Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (64-bit) PC.

What Works
- ISO upload to VMWare vCloud Director Catalog works using Internet Explorer 11 only (does not work with Chrome and Firefox) on the PC.

Workaround in place - Console Content Access works for all the same VMs via a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Server from within the same environment (setup by someone else not contactable)
(This Server will be decommissioned soon - so need the console working on the PC before the server gets decommissioned)

What Does not work
– VMWare vCloud Director WebMKSConsole Content Access – for any VMs – using any Web Browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome)

Get the following screen – doesn’t matter whether the URL is DNS Name or via IP Address.

Troubleshooting done
-      Added DNS Name to local host file on PC (which made the ISO upload work)
-      Reinstalled VMWare Client Integration Plugin v6.2 , v6.0 and v5.6 after uninstalling, reinstalling and rebooting a number of times.
-      Added Firewall Exclusions on Local PC for all profiles (Domain, Private and Public)
-      Installed the Valid Certificate for FQDN in Automatically Selected Store and the Trusted Root Certificate Store.
-      Tried Troubleshooting described on various VMWare Website and Forums – some were unclear.
-      VMWare …
Throughout the day a good portion of my users experiences internet dropouts and waiting on proxy tunnel when they are on a browser. I have inherited just recently our proxy server. I don't know how it was built or for that matter how it works. The user who did know has left the company and I'm not sure where to start. Any help would be brilliant?

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We have problems with Sharepoint 2013 in combination with excelfiles that have special characters in it's Filename.
SInce last week after installing a update (KB2920730) all files containing a special character in it's filename can't be edited when opening with Internet Explorer!
Crazy Thing is, when I do the same thing with Firefox I can edit the file without Problems? Any Suggetions?

Additional Info from the Eventlogs: EventID 300
Microsoft Excel
Beim Herstellen einer Verbindung mit dem Server treten Probleme auf. Wenn diese Probleme weiter auftreten, wenden Sie sich an Ihr Helpdesk.
There are problems connecting to the server. If these issues persist, contact your help desk.
P1: 700801
P2: 15.0.5111.1000
P3: abdv0P4:

- Bernhard
I'm trying to use Access VBA to download files from the internet using a url. I need to send a click to the Save AS link on "What Do You Want To Do" dialog popup (see attached) . The file needs to be saved to a folder. I'm using IE 11. Thanks
For some reason, my IE doesn't work with the following message. Chrome works perfect. Already try to reset IE connection and also remove and install IE again but doesn't fix the problem. Any idea ?
var nestedtablesettings = {
    "iDisplayLength": 20,
    "bLengthChange": false,
    "bFilter": true,
    "bSort": true,
    "bInfo": false,
    "drawCallback" : function() {
        var appendDownloadLink = $("table table td .dataTables_filter");
        appendDownloadLink.each(function(i, e) {
            var label = $('label', e);
            $(e).html('<a class="export-circuits" href >Export circuits</a>').append(label);

            $(".export-circuits").on("click", function(e){
                circuit = $(this).closest('tr').prev('tr').children('td').eq(1).text();
                hpath = "exportCircuits?organisationID="+getbusinessID+"&interfaceName="+circuit;
                $(this).attr("href", hpath);

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I am trying to add an export link on the nested datatable.  When I try to see my result on Chrome and Firefox, it is working perfectly.

The result on chrome and Firefox
<div id="nested-datatable-covertab_0_row_0_tab_0_row_0_tab_0_filter" class="dataTables_filter"><a class="export-circuits" href="">Export circuits</a><label>Search:<input type="search" class="" placeholder="" aria-controls="nested-datatable-covertab_0_row_0_tab_0_row_0_tab_0"></label></div>

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On the IE, it removed the data from label elements.
<div id="nested-datatable-covertab_0_row_0_tab_0_row_0_tab_0_filter" class="dataTables_filter"><a class="export-circuits" href="">Export circuits</a>

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From my research, IE has got some issue with jquery append method.

Any helps would be highly appreciated.
Attached is the screen that comes up in Internet Explorer 11. Where do you start trying to fix the error?
Hi All,

I tried to update the Windows 2008r2 (SP1) IE 8 to IE11. I have installed all the pre-requisite, but it kept on failing.

Is there any solution for this? I attach the IE11 install log.

Thank you,


Internet Explorer (IE)





Internet Explorer is a series of graphical web browsers first developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1995. It is included in the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. It was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! for Windows 95.

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