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Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Specialized areas of Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing (, email marketing and social media marketing.

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I'm contemplating to sell e-cigarettes in Amazon US or UK.

Any idea if e-cigarettes are allowed in US or UK?

if it's allowed, is it a popular substitute in the US & UK for the real cigarettes?

Some countries (like Singapore) ban e-cigarettes: what could be the reason?

is there some sort of refills needed to refill the e-cigarettes?  Or after a certain
number of puffs, it can't be used anymore & had to purchase new ones?
CompTIA Cloud+
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CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training course will teach you about cloud concepts and models, data storage, networking, and network infrastructure.

Google has recently stated that they'll prevent 'tech support' services from advertising through Google Ads (ie. Adwords):

A few Google Searches in, I'm not seeing that they're being very restrictive in this:

tech support searches
Hopefully at the very least they're starting by restricting display ads that tell you your drivers are out of date.
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Expert Comment

by:Scott Fell, EE MVE
That’s why in the coming months, we will roll out a verification program to ensure that only legitimate providers of third-party tech support can use our platform to reach consumers.

They must have read Craig's post

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Author Comment

by:Lucas Bishop
Craig's reach is inspiring.
Need a plan for getting cross-links to my website

I would like to start writing articles about my research, and using them to get cross-links to other news websites.

I have a Wordpress website and wonder what plug-ins can help.

Also, what kind of conventional word counts and page formats are most typical for me enticing other sites to want to cross-link?

Need a good cloud survey tool

I need a robust survey tool that enables me to develop a few "parent" surveys, but create an unlimited number of "child" surveys, which can inherit questions and answer, word for word, OR add and delete questions and answers.

Without a system to manage this, I see it could easily get way out of control, especially as customizations roll in.

I also need this survey to be anonymous so that clients can send my URL to their customer list without fear they will be losing their customer list.

I hope to get notifications when a survey has been completed.

What tool can you suggest?

I'm planning to go for Amazon FBA business & was recommended to get
Helium 10 to do analysis of sales in Amazon.

Someone told me it's almost US$200/month subscription or is it
US$200 once off?

While waiting for promo (heard sometimes there's half price), anyone
can suggest a similar freewares (that once I key in an ASIN ie Amazon
Stock I...  Number), it will list competitive products with their $ sales
turnover, profit margins (for each product), sales in terms of qty
Is there a book or material tt
guide us step by step on how
to source from Alibaba n then
sell in Amazon including how
to ship to USA and QC the
Are the following business scams (I registered for a talk) or genuinely, there are people
who made it in the businesses?  I've heard of a neighbour's friend who made about
US$600k of sales via Amazon.

And the bitcoin talk below as well:!/index

What are the tell-tale signs if they are scams or anyone had been through them before & care to share?

I want to start creating content for consumption across my blog, YouTube, social media and email marketing - what would be really cool is a tool that can both track the content as well as what type of results it's generated as far as impressions/comments etc.  so I could see what content was created and what the reaction was - is there a tool like this that can help me easily see at a glance the content that I've published in the last 7, 30 days and what kind of results I've gotten from it?

Hi There,

I'm using Gammadyne Mailer to send out our campaigns and am trying to use the post-send script to mark the name of each client.
I've tried playing -FirstName- and [[FirstName]] but am getting nowhere.
Can someone please have a look and let me know what I'm doing wrong??
Dear Experts

I am looking for a solution or tool  to collect information about specific keywords which could be related to specific technology or a product etc if configured those specific words so that I get an instant notification when someone mentions about it on different sites , social media mentions,blog comments/website on complete internet, it is not related to our company or brand in general it is for my interest on some technology related or could be anything, which all companies showing interest on it and what they are doing for it etc, this will help us to understand. I know ORM tools but it is generally used for brand reputation not sure if it serves this purpose, experts please suggest
Rowby Goren Makes an Impact on Screen and Online
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Rowby Goren Makes an Impact on Screen and Online

Learn about longtime user Rowby Goren and his great contributions to the site. We explore his method for posing questions that are likely to yield a solution, and take a look at how his career transformed from a Hollywood writer to a website entrepreneur.

I need to locate the Order number of my eBay purchases.
When I go into Purchase History, all I see are the dates &

Anyone can guide me click by click to get to the Order# ?
Screen shots will help, thanks.
I was told by one of my friends that the Google AdWords was just a waste of time, however on the other hand, i searched on internet and they are saying that it will something that can make or break your business, what you would say?
I am building our website and uploading about 1,000,000 tech Items. then will be drop shipping these items when orders come in. This service is to be run in Africa. I will hire high school leavers, and copy contents from manufacturer's website and major retailers like amazon. What is the best marketing strategy to optimize of seo, for category and products pages content? so that when people search these products on google, we usually come out tops.
Internet Marketing for Search, Social and News
What are the primary internet marketing channels and internet marketing methods? Find out in this article. We also look briefly at what these two terms mean. Do you need a list of links to the most popular channels and a list of links to the most popular methods? Find them here.

Every business relies on effective marketing to get the word out and sell products. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in—if people don’t know your product or solution exists and why they should buy it, your company will not be successful. Unfortunately, many people working in tech today don’t have much knowledge of what strategies are used, and which tactics are most successful. 

If you don’t know that much about modern marketing, you’re definitely not alone! With that said, you should at least know the basics of effective tech marketing. Even if you’re not involved with marketing, knowing best practices will help you understand your consumers and help you serve them better.

Shifts in Marketing Strategies

Marketing today is much the same as it was a few decades ago, but the Internet has given us new mediums and the potential to reach an unimaginably large audience. Ads were once the biggest portion of any business’s marketing budget, but Americans have become more and more jaded about them over the years (with the possible exception of Superbowl commercials). 

With the more immersive environment of the Internet, ads have begun to lose their power and have become more annoying to the average buyer. 91% of people feel that ads are more intrusive today than they were two years ago, and 81% have navigated away from a webpage or closed it entirely because of pop-up ads. With these shifting attitudes, marketing tactics have changed as well. If your tech marketing could use some improvement, here are some best practices for modern marketing that can help any company succeed.

Understand Consumer Behavior

This is one of the most important principles of marketing. If you don’t know what your customer wants, you cannot market to them effectively. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools for gaining market intelligence, and the ability to collect data through big data platforms and Google Analytics gives marketers a lot to work with. There is also danger in relying solely on the numbers, however—it takes time and patience to build a brand, and it can’t be done by just plugging in the right numbers. You need to use your analytics as a supplement. Talk to your customers. Use surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Find out what they need and want from the source!

Create Better Content

One of the biggest shifts that has taken place in marketing over the last few years is the amount of content that is being created. Content can include blogs, videos, articles, quizzes, whitepapers, and more. Companies that create good content can gain goodwill with customers by providing value upfront and building customer trust and authority. The idea is that when they’re ready to buy, customers will think of the brand that gave them the best information, and choose that brand.

In order to effectively leverage content marketing, you don’t just have to produce content—you have to create good content. That may seem obvious, but there are a lot of tech companies out there just putting out blog posts for the sake of having a blog—the information isn’t necessarily valuable or even interesting. Tech companies that actually produce valuable content will stand out from the competition and catch the notice of consumers.

Create Emotional Responses

We like to think we’re rational creatures, but in general, emotions overshadow logic. Appealing to consumer’s emotions is what ultimately makes sales—emotional ad campaigns outperform rational campaigns by almost double. People want to make a personal connection to a brand in whatever way they can. That’s one of the reasons personalized marketing is becoming more and more popular as analytics empower marketers to hyper-segment their customers. 

One good way to create emotional responses in your audience is to tell a story. This helps you to connect more deeply with your customers and help them relate to your message. Think about it: would you rather make a recipe that just lists the steps and ingredients, or the one with a great family story behind it? It’s the same principle in tech marketing. Stories make everything better.

Marketing in Tech: Remember the Human Connection

People see everything your business posts and does online. Improve your brand awareness by implementing good online marketing strategies and connecting with customers. Getting noticed and building trust is a marathon. You need to continually add value, share your content, and look for new insights into your customers’ wants and needs. Numbers matter in tech marketing, but the human connection is absolutely crucial.

Hi, I checked this page in Google's new url tool:
https://www  dot

It says:  Indexed, not submitted in sitemap. But I checked the sitemap section, and it's using the one I submitted, in the root, sitemap.xml.
And if you go to that sitemap and search the URL, it's there.

Can anyone explain that to me? WHy would it say not submitted in sitemap when it's clearly there and has been since March? Thanks.
This may be off topic.

I'm looking for expatriate term IT audit or IT management roles in Brunei or Vietnam
anyone know of sites that could link me to the job agencies ?
I wrote a lot of music and am curious about the potential of spotify.

Do kids really listen to it as much as it seems?

Taylor Swift had an entanglement w them, but that was sorted out, concerning payment to artists.

Is this only for seemingly professionally managed artists? who can play gigs on a moment's notice?
Didn't some dude put a song he'd recorded at home on and it became huge? What happened to him?
I have an Amazon kindle installed on my Win XP  SP2  6 years ago :
was running then but not running anymore.

Is there any version of Amazon Kindle that runs on Win XP or if it
has to go to Win 7,  appreciate assistance to move over the ebooks
to my  Win 7 laptop.

First choice is to get Kindle working on Win XP & only as last resort,
go to Win 7.
Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5
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Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5

Learn how to build an E-Commerce site with Angular 5, a JavaScript framework used by developers to build web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Hi! I am looking for the company home page of the company producing Giantree IP cameras.

When I investigate IP Cameras, I found a brand "Giantree" that sells cameras like this in Amazon:

The  Giantree IP cameras also seem to have a good reputation according to a youtube video:

However, mystically I couldn't find the company website for "Giantree", which produces these cameras. This means if I buy a "Giantree" and encounter any issue (such as losing the manual, or find a defect), I wouldn't be able to contact Giantree (to download manual or get technical support).

Can you help to find out where is this company's website? or confirm that this company does not have any website?

Thank you!
Using a green screen as backdrop for a webinar

I am finding it difficult to find a low-cost location for a webinar, with a desk, good lighting, that's quiet, etc. Not to mention, you can't exactly bring in gear to the library.

So, I am looking more closely at my green screen at home. This is super easy to set up. I have great lighting equipment.

How do I do live webinar on a green screen?

Is it even possible?

If I instead made a 30-minute video of myself and released it as a YouTube video, can I call that a webinar? Or do people assume that a webinar includes other guests?

Curious to hear your suggestions...
Anyone has any experience with these flat CAT6 cables?  Are they god enough for users' desks?
I had a similar question answered, but before I waste money on a USPTO trademark infringement search,
I have one question,
If I have a blog and I call it something like Indiana Joans, it's not identical, but
Will ILM / Lucas / Disney throw bombs at me?


Need examples of best basic JSON-LD schema information for website homepage.  What looks good?  Just dipping my toe into the JSON water.  Getting penalized by Google a bit now.  Want just to cover the basics.  Will customize once I know more.  Just enough to pass the bar, as it were.

Need a few homepage examples - site I could see, please.  Sites with a few pages / sections to them.

For what its worth, in looking around and getting more confused, here's what I've seen.  These are obviously huge sites.  Looked at them for proper structure.  Hoping to find a short set of must haves from you friends and on a site that codes them well to get me out of the gate.

// WashingtonPost Schema ------------------------------------

  "headline":"Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis",
    "description":"Breaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more. In-depth DC, Virginia, Maryland news coverage including traffic, weather, crime, education, restaurant reviews and more.",



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There is a domain I'd like for one of my projects, but when I go there, it is just a pointer to another site that has nothing to do with my domain name.

I once bought a domain for a project I might do, and someone in Australia abducted it from me. Must have been a trademark.

How do I file a trademark so I can usurp this person and get my domain, so that I can kick these people aside? Is that it? A trademark? I doubt they have one. Can I check it safely?

Internet Marketing





Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Specialized areas of Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing (, email marketing and social media marketing.