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Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electroni...

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VP, Web Development

40+ years of consulting. Citrix CTP. Citrix CCP-N, and ShareFile certified. PowerShell, MS Office, VBA, ASP.Net (C#/VB.Net).

Advice Solution

What is the least expensive way to use Paypal money without incurring fees?



I have an amount of money in my Paypal account that I'd like to ask about. Do people use the money

Troubleshooting Solution

PMT Plus iPhone app trading of XAUUSD spot gold

byIT Guy

A friend of mine has told me about and shown me the PMT Plus iPhone app which I have installed on my


Social Media Best Practices - Twitter & Facebook

     The current buzz around the marketing world is “Social Media Marketing” or “SMM”. Many companies …
Troubleshooting Solution

Our sites can't be found on Google


We have been struggling with trying to be found on the Internet for some time now.
I've tried

Advice Solution

I need to embed automatic bookmarks in my videos


I have hosted videos on YouTube which I need to use as reference documents for a legal document. So,

Troubleshooting Solution

I seek a fund raising call-in conference service. Suggestions?


I have called into conference calls hosted by a political figure, and would like to find the options

Troubleshooting Solution

What constitutes a great Landing Page for my website?


I have a WiX site for my campaign, and get lots or hits, but, 99% of the time, that person vanishes.

Advice Solution

What are the building blocks for me to launch my own email server?


I am starting a political campaign, and need to both send emails and not do it from my campaign

Troubleshooting Solution

I worry about campaign websites taking my leads


I have heard that any time I use one of the many Campaign Management web tools to manage my


Should You Mobilize Your Meeting or Conference Data?

I am the Vice President for Technology at a company you've never heard of that …

If you think Google is the only real way to promote your …

If you think Google is the only real way to promote your business online – you’re mistaken. The …
Research Solution

Where do I find good election data for a Federal Election?


I need to purchase quality data for text message blasts and I have heard of L2. I also have the

Troubleshooting Solution

How credible is this Investment Group?


I am not asking because I have any interest in crypto. Instead, I am curious about the credibility


Target teenage and young adult is not an easy job. It's a …

Target teenage and young adult is not an easy job. It's a challenge for a lot of companies. Let's …
SendBlaster 4

Comprehensive SendBlaster Review | Locally installed Mass Email Mailout Software

Perform mass mailouts without the need to subscribe to an online service. This review explains the author's experiences of several years with the software being reviewed and discusses some of the benefits of using it as opposed to online services.
Troubleshooting Solution

asp pop up window problem

Hallo, i`m trying to install a send a page to a friend using a CGI software, i call it from <a …

Talk about betraying your user base.  Using an email …

Talk about betraying your user base.

Using an email digest service it owns named
Troubleshooting Solution

Shopping Cart that handles Phone Card PINs

I want to sell Phone Cards with predetermined PINs and access phone number. I am looking for a …

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