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Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Specialized areas of Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing (, email marketing and social media marketing.

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I wrote a lot of music and am curious about the potential of spotify.

Do kids really listen to it as much as it seems?

Taylor Swift had an entanglement w them, but that was sorted out, concerning payment to artists.

Is this only for seemingly professionally managed artists? who can play gigs on a moment's notice?
Didn't some dude put a song he'd recorded at home on and it became huge? What happened to him?
I have an Amazon kindle installed on my Win XP  SP2  6 years ago :
was running then but not running anymore.

Is there any version of Amazon Kindle that runs on Win XP or if it
has to go to Win 7,  appreciate assistance to move over the ebooks
to my  Win 7 laptop.

First choice is to get Kindle working on Win XP & only as last resort,
go to Win 7.
Hi! I am looking for the company home page of the company producing Giantree IP cameras.

When I investigate IP Cameras, I found a brand "Giantree" that sells cameras like this in Amazon:

The  Giantree IP cameras also seem to have a good reputation according to a youtube video:

However, mystically I couldn't find the company website for "Giantree", which produces these cameras. This means if I buy a "Giantree" and encounter any issue (such as losing the manual, or find a defect), I wouldn't be able to contact Giantree (to download manual or get technical support).

Can you help to find out where is this company's website? or confirm that this company does not have any website?

Thank you!
Using a green screen as backdrop for a webinar

I am finding it difficult to find a low-cost location for a webinar, with a desk, good lighting, that's quiet, etc. Not to mention, you can't exactly bring in gear to the library.

So, I am looking more closely at my green screen at home. This is super easy to set up. I have great lighting equipment.

How do I do live webinar on a green screen?

Is it even possible?

If I instead made a 30-minute video of myself and released it as a YouTube video, can I call that a webinar? Or do people assume that a webinar includes other guests?

Curious to hear your suggestions...
Anyone has any experience with these flat CAT6 cables?  Are they god enough for users' desks?
I had a similar question answered, but before I waste money on a USPTO trademark infringement search,
I have one question,
If I have a blog and I call it something like Indiana Joans, it's not identical, but
Will ILM / Lucas / Disney throw bombs at me?


Need examples of best basic JSON-LD schema information for website homepage.  What looks good?  Just dipping my toe into the JSON water.  Getting penalized by Google a bit now.  Want just to cover the basics.  Will customize once I know more.  Just enough to pass the bar, as it were.

Need a few homepage examples - site I could see, please.  Sites with a few pages / sections to them.

For what its worth, in looking around and getting more confused, here's what I've seen.  These are obviously huge sites.  Looked at them for proper structure.  Hoping to find a short set of must haves from you friends and on a site that codes them well to get me out of the gate.

// WashingtonPost Schema ------------------------------------

  "headline":"Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis",
    "description":"Breaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more. In-depth DC, Virginia, Maryland news coverage including traffic, weather, crime, education, restaurant reviews and more.",



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There is a domain I'd like for one of my projects, but when I go there, it is just a pointer to another site that has nothing to do with my domain name.

I once bought a domain for a project I might do, and someone in Australia abducted it from me. Must have been a trademark.

How do I file a trademark so I can usurp this person and get my domain, so that I can kick these people aside? Is that it? A trademark? I doubt they have one. Can I check it safely?
I got some questions about SEO friendly url's

1.-I was wondering if it is possible to use a SEO friendly url's to download a file, I mean usually to download a file most of us use url's like "", but I would like to know if it is posible to add a "rewriterule" in my .htaccess to use a SEO friendly url like "" to download the pdf file localted in the folder "pdf" and hide the real path of the file.

2.- ¿It is possible to use SEO url's with php includes?
In my code i got code like <?php include ("assets/principal.php"); ?>, but I wanna know if it is possible to add a "rewriterule" in my .htaccess to use a SEO friendly url to use includes like <?php include (""); ?>
If I decide to do a blog that is Sci-Fi / gamers discussion and such,
will Disney / ILM / Lucasfilm send Imperial droids after me for the following on my blog...
- using Star Wars font with the long footed 'S' - There are StarWars Font sheets on Google
- discussing their characters, - eg. the need for Rose, or Leia flying through space as if on Ex
- using images of X - wings or Chewey or yes,  ! Jar Jar ! The battle of Hoth?
I will need Adsense spaces

Is ILM still an entity?
Are their lawyers vindictive? I presume so.

15+ years ago we ran Webposition Gold software with a list of 100+ keywords that automatically reported results from all the engines like the below so you could easily see how your ranking was trending, but Webposition Gold was blocked ( since Google/etc wanted to start selling their own Analytic Reporting services

What software do you recommend now so I can find out what rank each one of my 100+ keywords currently have like the attached shows ?

I am OK with using Google Analytics/etc if that will work

So, I've done some AMAZING research and found...some VERY out-of-the-way places.  I'm thinking of building a Google map.

But, seems like then anyone could take the same data and recreate it.

Don't want to debate the merits of information be free.

Need suggestions about to monetize the work that I've done.  Sharing it puts it out there.  I can see that.  But...what can I consider to do with the page that holds the information?  Or, even the map itself? Should I even MAKE a map?  How can I use what I've got?  One suggestion I can see is...if my page is popular enough, put the map in there and let people who would copy it...go ahead.  A more popular page will always win the day.


Facebook Ad Question: Can I mention a politician by name?

I have not yet found the lost list of rules when placing a  Facebook Ad. Got that list?

Anyway, I hope I can have some fun on one ad where I compare a particular politician to a "moon bat."

Is that allowed? Or is it a violation?

And if it's not a violation, might it still get blocked if it upsets the person who grades the ads?

I have numerous ways to break up my research into articles.

So I hope I can create a dozen titles and find a way to test which would get the most clicks.

Any way to do this before I write the articles?
I have plotted sales revenue graphs on all the items under a certain brand.

From the graphs that I have plotted, can you help me identify any patterns or trends in the sales of each of the items under the brand? :)

Problems with the Etsy Platform, recently...

I have a friend who was doing well for years on Etsy, selling crafts and keeping busy, with a work backlog that was quite dependable. But then it shut off, like a light-switch.

And others I know who depend on Etsy also seem to have the volume of business shot off.

Is this a known problem?

Was there, perhaps, a software change that caused a problem that can be rectified?

Please give me as much information as you have to help me see if there is anything that can be done.

Looking for a Real Estate sales database

It would be pretty cool to find a database of property sales over the last 10 years (for example) in a certain city, and with the address listed.

Does such a DB exist?

I would need to get access to it so I can query it, not just do a single lookup on a website.

What is the best time length for an online seminar?

I plan to give a live seminar that I expect will take up the morning, perhaps from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

But I want to offer this via the web also. It will be live, but wonder if people have different expectations for webinars?

I have been told it should be no longer than 2 hours. But this would force me to make a shorter version of the seminar, and I wold need to take out important information.

What are your thoughts about the length and if I really should reduce the amount of content?

Or, if I take breaks and let people stretch, is three hours of sitting about the same, regardless of where it is?

Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

           I am interested in uploading resumes and cover letters for other people to LinkedIn.  Seeing that I am new to this social media platform, I am wondering what steps would be necessary to accomplish this goal.   A link to a video illustration would be perfect.

           Thank you

Can anyone recommend a free or almost-free Keyword analysis tool?
Every year or two I want to do a little keyword/phrase research for SEO purposes.
I used to use Google's Keyword Tool but can't seem to find it.
I need suggestions for companies that host websites along with email pop accounts. Features I must have are:
1. 7/24/365 telephone support.
2. "Handholding" to transfer my small present website and all the email accounts that are associated with my domain name.
3. The host company must allow Filezilla to ftp information to my new site.
4. Ability of the host company to realize that not all people are internet experts and willing to provide information to utilize their services without exhibiting a demeaning attitude when I don't know the answer to a particular question or situation.
5. NO extra charge for additional email accounts. Go daddy seemed like the perfect answer to my requirements but then advised me of a ten dollar charge each year for each email address! I use 20+ email addresses to sort out who is responsible for spamming me then just simply delete that account and establish more email accounts.
6. The reason for all this is that I was with IXwebhosting and they sold my account to another organization that cannot or  will not answer simple questions directly and now have NO phone support. No phone support does not work for me.  I spent 90 minutes on chat simply to get my account unlocked and a transfer code provided to me to switch companies.

Suggestions Experts?
Getting started with EventBrite

I am new to the web seminar business and need to rely on proven platforms for max guidance, so I cam spend my time prepping my seminar.

Has anyone used EventBrite for ticket sales?


Organizing event schedules and attendee lists?

 would be happy to hear from you and perhaps with some guidance about the steps I need to take.

Quickly getting sales for my in-person tours of Boston

I have a tour planned to provide an in-person view of some shocking discoveries I have revealed in my book. And I need to find quick ways to sell tickets.

Topics are very juicy... 9/11 and Boston architecture which heralded in the attacks, BEFORE 2001.

I would consider old-fashioned methods, like having someone hand out brochures in busy places. Advertising in publications, but that takes time to get established.

But I suspect the high-tech options are more scalable and cheaper.

I MAY use EventBrite to sell tickets since I want people to be able to buy tickets on their mobile devices, and really do not want ti reprograms my WordPress site, just to have a sub-optimal solution.

I will eventually need a FaceBook page, to help spread referrals. But I would consider prioritizing that Facebook page if that were to be the prime way to promote the tours.

What kinds of things should I consider when making my decision about how to promote and manage my tours?

PayPal and/or Square?

I have a merchant PayPal account and a PayPal card swiper. And I am about to start offering in-person tours where I want to accept cash-less payments.

I need to accept as many payment methods as possible, and hopefully turn away no one.

Can I use PayPal to process credit cards without requiring someone to log onto their PayPal account?

Does PayPal accept AMEX and Discover?

If I purchased the EMV Chip Reader from PayPal, is there any reason to use SQUARE?

On a second note...

Does SQUARE offer a lower discount rate than PayPal?

I would consider using both PayPal and SQUARE if they have complementing services.

We have a client that wants to start getting involved in social network having presence in Tweeter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.  Not only posting its business “news” or “new product” but articles of interest that come upon on a daily bases or even re-post articules or contents from other business partners, etc.

Besides the fact the client wants to know what  is the best way to start, one concern is posting data.  That  is comments, pictures, etc.  

We want to know how to go about posting an issue through all these social networks.  

For example, we found an artificial intelligence topic interesting and wanted to post it.  We download the article, download some images, prepare it and posted to Facebook.  How do the user go about  to modify contents prior posting to all Tweeter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest? Or is there a way that the user can creat a “template” and then post them to all?

Internet Marketing





Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Specialized areas of Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing (, email marketing and social media marketing.