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Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Specialized areas of Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing (, email marketing and social media marketing.

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Greetings Experts,

I am urgently seeking some help with pulling together a JD for the role of a Digital Communications Officer - essentially the role involves SEO and google adwords work. Any snippets from a well formed description will be greatly appeciated - this afternoon!!

Thanks. Sunny J
I have a gereral question that maybe do not have 1 fixed answer,but more opinions.

We have a domain name like
This is for a NGO

This NGO has about 20 projects in zimbabwe and now they want to make a mini website to present each project.

Now the discussions are: how is the best aproach for google ranking

1. Own domain name. One example is : ponesai vanhu technical college
We buy a domain name like
I guess its better than as this is less saying on google

2. Sub domain:
I have heared someone saying that if using subweb you get more trafic as keyword from the main organization is only a pluss

Does anyone have some opinion about this that could be usefull. As i said in the start. Maybe there is not one clear answer but if anyone has any input before we start putting it all on the web, that would be great

I have the need to secure a domain name, establish two email addresses and space and tools to create a modest website. Those who have done similar, can you point me to good  companies to work with?

My website has just over 140 pages and the blog around 260.
Google shows About 1,350 results

Can you guys/gals see how this is possible?



I have been looking at Siloing pages and I am not sure what is better. Ideas suggestions marketing proof one way over the other?
I just took over the marketing for this site:  I was told that a competitor did a link bomb and  the back-links thrown at the site took the site out of Google.
I could use a hand. Can anyone tell if this site in in Google Jail?
I believe they lost most of their rankings in Google's Penguin #3 — October 5, 2012 update.

How can I go about getting this site out of Google jail?
I have an iPhone app which integrates with FaceBook. I posted a URL successfully to my FaceBook account, but do not see anything show up.

Do I need to configure FaceBook to accept such posts?  If so, please tell me how.

How can i block my 404 website pages from showing in Google?
I have a list of 100 pages that return 404 but shows in Google even after few months have passed deleted them

ANy ideas on to block them immediately
Hi there,

I'm using Python and the Twitter API to scrape tweets that use a particular hashtag. The end goal is to scrape 1500 tweets, determine which users tweeted the most, then list the top 10 users who tweeted the most (its for a small school assignment).

I've managed to get my code to the point where I have my top 10 users in a dictionary but can't seem to figure out how to export my data to a CSV file. I've found a few solutions on Stackoverflow but I couldn't get them to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My code is attached. Thanks in advance!
Hi there,

I've been running a Facebook Ad for 40 days now at $80 a day without problem and with great success. Yesterday I decided to cater to the mobile users by creating a Sponsored Story. I created this Sponsored Story under that ad that was running for 40 days (part of its group).

All of a sudden, the main Ad stopped running and generating clicks, post and page likes, even though nothing was changed in it and it says "Active". If I click "Edit" in both ads, I see that the budget is $80.  The sponsored story does run but its reach is only 350K people compared to 1.6M for the Main Ad.  Also, sponsored stories are great to generate engagement but not to generate page likes so I really need to get that Ad running again.

Any ideas on what may be wrong here?  My hypothesis is as follows:

- Facebook generates more revenues with the Sponsored Stories because the CPM is higher
- Since I have both running under the same budget group of $80, Facebook sends all the funds to that one story.  Can someone confirm this?  

You can see a screenshot of both ads here:

You'll notice that the 2nd one (the main ad) is at 0 everywhere for January 16.

Thank you,
I'm creating a landing page on a CMS that has some issues.  

Among those issues is the fact that the website doesn't have a DOCTYPE, which throws IE into Quirks Mode.  This takes a well-enough constructed page and mangles it beyond recognition and makes my CSS useless in many cases.

To avoid this I've kept the styling minimal and I've included a form through an iframe.

People fill out the form and they're brought to a success page, all within that iframe.

Which finally brings me to my question:
If there's a Google AdWords campaign being pointed at this page and people are filling out the form in the iframe, will the conversions be counted?  

I would have Adwords conversion code on the success page.  I'm just not too sure how the iframe would affect things.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded with Experts Exchange points and maybe some type of bronze statue in your honor.

Hi all,

we have some location specific domain which a client wants to map to specific pages on a wordpress installation;

so for example the main site domain is

they also have numerous domains e.g.,

They would like to map to a specific page in the wordpress installation and to map to another domain.

The other option would be to use the same site but substitue in specifc areas dependant upon the location? an example of this is where it is using the subdomain to change areas of the text.

What would the best way to approach this be?

What is the opinion of still using exact domain matching with a site is google now penalising with their new algorithm?
Hello, I need to put together a video pitch for some software I'm writing.  If I want this to be slick, high-end, and attention grabbing, what video-making tools would you recommend?

Here's an example, what do you think these guys used to make this (silly) video?
When I click on a day in Google Analytics , using Standard Reporting view, I don't get any details about that day expect total visits.  Is there a way to click a certain day and see these details?

- pages viewed
- # of unique visitors
- duration
- source of visitors
Hello, I have 3 pages a.asp, b.asp, and c.asp (it is an old site)

I want to remove these pages and want to reflect this in my robots file.

At present my robots file shows

User-agent: *

what else should I have in the robots file to tell google these pages no longer exist.

Thank you

I need a listserv or a forum program where the following conditions are met:
1) I enter everyone.
2) They can talk to each other ONLY through the group post
3) They can’t see each other’s information  or even email; they can’t see the whole group
4) Ideally they’ll  be able to post under a nickname & not expose their email at all ( alternately -their email visible ONLY if they post )
5) They don’t have any settings or any complications – they’re put on the list or off it by me
6) The postings have to come through me for approval – or I can turn that feature off and allow them to post directly
What is the best program or site to use?
iPhone podcasts apps

I need help with finding the best podcasts on my App store related to SEO/entrepreneurs/business etc
Can anyone suggest

I already have a WordPress site and theme. I am looking at installing a premium WordPress squeeze page theme. I understand that for SEO purposes subdomains are treated as a new site. So I'm seeking clarity as to whether I should install this new theme on a new folder on the original domain name?

If so, what's the best way of doing this via cPanel Fantastico?

I am looking for some thoughts or suggestions on sending bulk emails using MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 and outlook.
Occasionally, we like to notify our clients of updates, changes, etc... and would like to do this by sending out an email to everyone. (there are approx 200). I was thinking about using the Quick campain feature in CRM to create a list of all current clients and then use that list to send an email.
My concerns are: should I be sending 200 emails at once, wouldn't I run the risk of being blacklisted as a spamer? and mass emails are supposed to have an unsubscribe option but I dont want our clients "unsubscribing" from all emails we might send to them.
I know there is third party software for things like this but isnt this what the marketing campaign feature of CRM is for?
I would appreciate your thoughts.
Thank you!
How can I check on the stats for a keyword or keywords being searched on Google for a particular day or period? Could be like to understand many times a keyword was searched yesterday. Is this even possible?

G+ contacts to move to other G+ account

I have a email id as

Now i got a new email id as from google and i have setup my G+ in this new account

Is their any way i can retrieve my old G+ content or just contacts?

Is their any way to find broken URL's?

We deleted 100's of URL's of our site and Google shows a lot of them still

I want a way to find out all such URL's that are still live in Google but actually deleted

Any script or tool to find this?
Dear Experts:

We are into real estate business we buy land constuct and sell the flats and apartments,

1.we are planning to create social media accounts , facebook , twiter and linkedin and google plus for every project as of now totally we have 10 projects hence on every microsite above socail media accounts 4 *10= 40 accounts.

Please suggest is this a good practice or this many will lead to more confusion , please help in the best recommended internet marketing practice.

2. If many social media accounts then we have to go for social media monitoring application one such i liked is Hubspot but will this allow multiple twitter accounts , multiple facebook accounts or reserved one account please suggest.

3. Is it possible to create social media accounts with our domain name or it requires gmail, yahoo accounts only. I think linkedin willl allow but can you please suggest with other social media accounts is this possible.
Is there anyway to prevent a person from stealing copy writing on a website and giving the copy to competitors? I am a small business and a person keeps taking my copy and giving it to a large company  to give them ideas. Any help for this?
I have a new iPhone app coming out in a few weeks and have read that getting active on various forums is a proven way to drive traffic to my site.  But I have never really even visited forums and am more curious to learn more, than anything.

Can anyone please tell me how this might work?

The app is for education to help a person master the topic of their choice.  It's or all ages and interests, but I expect it to be a particular hit with students and home schoolers.

How might one begin?



Internet Marketing





Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Specialized areas of Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing (, email marketing and social media marketing.