Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Specialized areas of Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing (, email marketing and social media marketing.

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I have a Wordpress site with WooCommerce and have my entire store working for PDF download, after purchase.

My WooCommerce emails out a URL to the PDF file for download. But I need to give mobile users the option of using Dropbox.

How do I do this?

Is this a WordPress plug-in? Or an option / plug-in for WooCommerce?

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I have a youtube video with a pitch for a subscription service.

I plan to get some assistance in promoting the service and want to find a way to tie the link being passed around by each individual salesperson, back to that individual so that I know what commission to pay them if those viewers become customers.

Assistance in figuring out how to do this is greatly appreciated.
I have a subscription $5 mo project management product and want to sell it on Facebook among other places.  I have put it on youtube and am curious what the best method is for selling it using Facebook and/or other tools?

I don't want to write too much about it here because I do not want to violate any rules or guidelines.

Assistance regarding potential selling methods is greatly appreciated.
Hi All -
When we run Pay-per-Click campaigns for Customers, I want to be able to show a Customer the results, Cost per Click, etc ... HOWEVER I need to include our markup in the cost numbers ...
For example,  a Click costs us $1.00. I want to be able to show $1.25. Everything else is the same.
Can anyone suggest any options? Either using Google/Bing or Open Source SW :) :)  or 3rd party SW.

Thanks all in advance!

My new blog is ready and needs ads. New ads aren't working.
The Ad name appears where the ad should appear, but no image.
Maybe it is because - my new site hasn't been approved? - Adsense account needs to be updated with a 'new Site' section and its purpose / URL / etc
What needs changing? My last blog worked easily
I recently watched a video on, who are recognised by many as experts in social media and SEO.  The video I watched was recommending a strategy that suggested that to maximise the use of each unique tweet, you should seek to schedule the same tweet multiple times over two weeks (it was suggested 7 times over two weeks) AND at different times, acknowledging the fact that the average Twitter user only spend 13 minutes per day on the platform, so unless you scheduled at different times, the size of audience you would hit through a single tweet posted once was minimal.

However, looking at Twitters policy, it would appear that multiple posting of the same tweet is spam

Question to Answer
1. Is there a limit to the number of times you can retweet a tweet?
2. If you can retweet a tweet without it being seen as spam by twitter, how many retweets over what period of time (e.g. 1 tweet retweeted 3 x over 2 weeks - just and example) would you recommend?
3. What is the maximum number of tweets you could post in a single day without it being seen as spam? (have seen forums suggesting anything in excess of 10 would be seen as spam by twitter)

Thanks in advance,
I am just thinking about this very cliched phrase that is so often used by corporate executives. And this dawned upon me when my friend asked me what is my USP when I decided to setup a store on an online marketplace.

I am thinking of this from 2 angles:
  1. From a business angle
  2. From a product angle

What really differentiate Supermarket A from Supermarket B,C, or D?

  • They will likely be selling the similar range of brands at likely the similar prices.
  • They will likely have the similar facilities like parking, children friendly facilities, etc
  • The level of service will likely be the same

So how can a business as such really differentiate themselves? And even if they do, how can prevent it from being duplicated.

And at the end, if they really came with something unique .. is it really a uniqueness that matter to the consumers?
We have some landing pages on our website.  We have some advertising companies we work with and one of them has an unusually high
 click rate back to our landing page.  The rate is much higher than other advertising companies.  We use Google Analytics to review.  

 Is it possible to tell it any of these hits are generated from bots?  or automated clicks?  Is there a good method to validate the clicks?
Dear Experts

Our digital agency said email marketing will be effective that is mails getting delivered to inbox or promotional tab is assured if the complete mail is with only one image file (png file) without any text in the email body, full image in the email body, according to them by doing this google algorithm will not identify this as it is image hence mails will not be spam and assured inbox delivery or promotional tab. Please suggest is this correct in reality. thanks in advance
Dear Experts

in the internet marketing the digital agency campaign efforts push the leads with the tag of of UTM source , UTM campaign , UTM medium while pushing it to the sales force automation software.  why cannot they make use sfa forms and push it to the Source drop down or campaigns , can you please help me in understanding the actual necessity of UTM tagging. also think it is only used online side please suggest. thanks in advance.
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PeopleSoft Has Never Been Easier

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Some online stores only accept credit card issued in their own country. Are there any virtual credit card or prepaid card services that offer virtual cards issued in particular country? Thanks.
I have a basic HTML website that I am trying to add Google AdSense banners to.  I creates an AsSense account, and created some Ad units.  I copied and placed the code in the body of my HTML as per instructions.  But only blanks show up.

I tried some 3rd party tools like
They all show Ads for my site.

So I thought maybe some other  code on the page was conflicting.  I simplified and went vanilla with a test page.  Still does not work.

Here is the test page code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">



	<!-- Google AdSense Widget -->

		<script async src="//"></script>
		<!-- Responsive -->
		<ins class="adsbygoogle"
		(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
		responsive ad above this line


Open in new window

A while back, I had read that you aren't supposed to display your Youtube earnings from ads. Is that still true? I can't find anything on it.

Now that Google has purchased Youtube, it seems these earnings is just part of your Adsense earnings, which you are allowed to display.
My boss recently gave me a project to do IP targeting———based on a list of IP addresses and push the banner ad to whichever websites the targeted customers go to. This is a little different from the google Adwords Geo-targeting option. In case you have no idea about this subject, below page give a good explanation:

“How is this different than Geo-Targeting?
Geo-targeting uses groups of IP addresses to target an area.  But IP Targeting uses individual IP addresses to target specific households.  Think of it as sniper-like advertising reaching an exact target rather than advertising that blankets an area.”

I know that most of the IP addresses assigned by the ISP DHCP server don't change frequently. some even change every a couple of years. I also know how to map the IP addresses to the physicall addresses, but have no clue how to push the banner ad to individual IP addresses.

I totally have no clue how to implement it, see if anybody can give me some idea?

My website is ranking no. 1 for a search term that I have been focusing on for quite a while.

I am working on a new Wordpress theme, which I am planning on installing on my site next week.

Could the change of theme, affect my SEO? The code of the new theme is very clean and fast.

The only thing that will change is my content will not change.

How do search engines usually react to this? Thanks in advance for your help.
Dear Experts

All these years we used to depend on digital agency not only for their SEO/SEM/PPC services in additional we also used to pay them for Adwords and social media network campaigns instead we could have direclty paid to google  for adwords and  social network channles direclty ,  the reason is  our finance team did not want to use the credit card hence we asked digital marketing agency to use their adwords account and they bill us and we were paying them similarly for facebook campaigns they used to enter their credit card.
now that I am hearing from experts that it is highly recommended to have our company google adwords account and similarly for the campaigns on face book or other network channels payment directly from the company is highly recommended, we paying the service fees and campaign management fee to the agency is highly recommend is what I am hearing please advice.

Our finance team is worried to provide the credit card details in the adwords account and campaigns in face book or other network channels like twitter and linkedin, because they would like to understand the check points like they should be able to set the monthly limit for adwords and also for face book , twitter and linkedin, beyond to the set limit  for the month additional money should not be used.
please suggest does monthly limit can be set for the following and how
1. google adwords
2. face book
3. twitter
4. linkedin
please support in suggesting in the above requested
Hello,  I hope I am describing my question clearly.  I am doing a research project and have a task to perform advanced internet searches using use a search engine that is not powered by the common commercial search engines such as google, yahoo, aol or other.  I found some good search engines with the necessary features.  However my requirements are to search by range of dates that I enter in as free form; for example 01/01/2012 to 01/31/2012.  Most of the search engines have date parameters for 'past week', 'past month' or 'past year' or a drop down calendar feature to filter by date range.  

Can you help me find documentation/online resources where I can find how to construct search engine browser based queries specifying a range of dates?  I am asking for syntax help to write free form advanced internet searches that would not need to be search engine specific.  Your help will be most appreciated.
How do I run a campaign on Facebook with a specific location (that I know) and a different language .

From example People that are located in Tokyo Japan but speak French.
I have come across 3 types of clients who are reluctant to jump into an ecommerce solution. They feel little workarounds are sufficient such as 1) a link to their email on the buy now button instead of a proper checkout experience. They then take it manually from there. 2) A link to an external site to place the order for their product. This is either a (2)  marketplace with many other products or an (3) external online POS system with their products.

I am certain their conversion rate in all 3 cases they would be better off with a proper on-site ecommerce solution but am at a loss to find either statistics or a couple good articles backing me up.

Would you know of any such statistics or articles I could refer to?
SharePoint Admin?
SharePoint Admin?

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one of our client is looking for lead generation activity in US for its newly set-up web hosting business.  Can anyone help me to share some website where we can advertise to lead generation for server hosting business at lowest cost. I have some publisher as below mentioned but I need more with lowest cost, also investing in Google but all waste.

I want to build my team to be SEO centric. We have a great opportunity to make money from sales of certain line of products that are not competitive. And I want to know the best way to go about it.

1. I want to hire research and content employees, who will take their time to develop the right content to best advise potential customers on best practices.

2. What else will I do right? that'll give hugely significant result within a 3-6 months time frame.

I will like to outsource the technical aspect to developers on elance, what should I be asking them to do: stuff like this: keeps bothering me.
We are looking for social media analytic tool (one tool) that supports the following:

1- it can automatically pull data periodically  from certain Facebook page and Twitter account , then
2- it can analyze data statistically and sentimentally .
3- its sentiment engine can be updated by adding custom user keywords.
4- it can categorize posts by topic like ( maintenance, service, news, complaint... )
5- it can provide result as structured raw data , so we can  build custom reports based on provided data on other platform ,for example:
list of posts [ post id,Post ,Topic (or category) , sentiment analysis for comments(# of positive . # of neutral , # of negative ) , # of like , # of share ,Created date...]
list of analyzed comments for each post [ Post ID,Comment , sentiment (positive , neutral , negative ) , Created date, location .... ]
Dear Experts

I am working as an AVP-IT but I also sold the idea of marketing automation, sales force automation and customer support I have been given an opportunity to implement the CRM application and also deployed call centre and integration with crm application for inbound and outbound also advanced marketing automation software act-on for lead nurturing,  these all are not only my initiative instead I have successfully implemented and drive though the adoption.this is as a corporate growth strategy  centralising the multi-branch process though the technology business applications .  I have put forward the promotion I do not know what designation I fit in , can you please suggest me, can I ask for all the following
1. VP  IT Operations
2. Internal Digital marketing technology support
3. marketing and salesforce automation support
The reason I am asking all these designation is while in the process of driving or enabling some functional heads bringing the resistance mentioning that Iam IT person,this designation from the management might and announcement from HR will avoid conflicts is what I think, please suggest also please correct the above listed designations to best suit
Hi Guys,

We want to improve the quality of the keywords for Google Adwords campaigns, so we wonder if there is a way (software, website, app, etc.) to determine the best ranked searches made by users on Google.


Ive got 2 sites: a WP site and another drupal site I want to add an opt-in form to build an email list, but I need a couple of things:

1/ first of all I only need to ask for their email but I need to know in which page (URL) they entered their email because I plan to insert the opt-in in hundreds of pages so I need to know an email came from which page exactly

2/ I need to have the option to choose in which way the opt-in form is displayed, Id like to choose between a typical pop-up or a form in the sidebar or in the middle of the post at a specific point, or the form appearing in the sides, I need to have a wide array of options for the placement and behaviour of this form

Ive seen things like Thrive Leads, I like that a lot, but right now it escapes my budget, could I get something in the same vein but free or cheaper?

Ive tried Optin Forms but I can't seem to find the way to customize its behaviour and placement on the post, other than after a few paragraphs or at the end of the post, but no side or pop up options. Also I dont know if theres an option to see from which URL came every email address

As for the drupal site Ive got no idea if drupal uses a similar plugin system than WP, and what kind of opt-in is recommended for a drupal site

thanks in advance for any help

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Specialized areas of Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing (, email marketing and social media marketing.