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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the description of machine-to-machine devices (as opposed to those requiring use by humans) used in a wide range industries including automation, agriculture, food/beverage, healthcare, utility infrastructure, advertising and manufacturing. A variety of software platforms exist to enable communication and interaction between devices, as well as to help organizations launch, manage, and monetize the deployment of the Internet of Things worldwide.

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I am in depserate need of a management tool kit that can manage my scattered HP thin clients. I know that HP makes a freeware solution called "HP Device Manager", so I installed that on a server but I'm having a horrible time getting it to work for capturing images. It can reboot them, patch them, do lots of stuff, but capturing an image relies on a "repository" setup that tests fine and says it's working, but then every attempt at image capture fails anyway. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, comfigured it every possible way they mention in their (crappy) documentation, but I'm spending way too much time trying to get the product working. It’s one of those free-but-you’re-on-your-own-for-support types of products so HP doesn’t offer any support, not really, other than their (really bad) documentation ... which I can't even find for version 5.0 .. it appears that they only publish instructions for a previous version, 4.7.

Can anyone offer any suggestions for a third-party tool that can manage HP (T630) thin clients running Windows 10 IoT? Ideally it would be able to manage other brands, as well, but right now if I could just find something that would work for managing my HPs, that would be enough. If it isn't free, that's totally fine, I just can't keep beating my head against the wall with the HP Device Manager, so I really hope that it's not my only option.

Any ideas?
Amazon Web Services
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Amazon Web Services

Are you thinking about creating an Amazon Web Services account for your business? Not sure where to start? In this course you’ll get an overview of the history of AWS and take a tour of their user interface.

Dear All,

I deployed the OpenWRT on some devices, I have a Wireless Zigbee module (CC2531) and plug-in this module into the device via USB port.

Please let me know where is the driver of "Zigbee module" and it can run on OpenWRT.

Thank in advance.

Does anyone know of a hotspot plan that you can buy per gb and not monthly. So I can buy 5gb and use it until it runs out even if it goes over a month?
Good Day,

My 11 year old needs to build a curriculum for the next 12 months, since he is keen on learning programming, I intend to hire teachers locally and online and also for him to go for international competition during this period to develop his skill set.

The overall goal of this training is for my son to become an expert in Hardware and Software Systems by understanding the fundamental principles governing them and be able to derive solutions to problems using analytical and programming approach coupled with hardware integration and IOT.
Gurus ,

Good day to you all .

Can you help me what is the definition for IoT and Digital Transformation ?
Are they related ? Any reference sites as newbie

I'm looking to control shades via Google Home smartphone software?

I found this on Amazon for under $100 and it says it's compatible with Google Home.

However, I really don't have any idea if this is the best place to start.

What's really necessary for this?

Does Google also offer a way to control TV's also through a phone app?
In referring to IoT, what is a backhaul network?
What is Fog computing? I watch part of a webinar on the Internet of Things, so I am asking the question based upon this.
What are restful APIs?
My provider just visit my office and configure my modem to also connect 5G (the modem is an ARRIS model TG1662G that support 2.4GHz and 5GHz).  To my understanding 5G networks are not yet standard ir still in progress for full implementation due to additional "cell towers" for smaller or closer knit network (I am not too familiar with 5G phase is in at this moment).  The tech who did this configuration insisted that the infrastructure is already installed and since I with my team is located in a project in Central America, I doubt this region has done this installation for their users.  I did call the ISP and they did confirmed that it still in 4G, no 5G in near future.  My question is if there is no 5G network, how is it that the modem is configure to 5G and working fine?
CompTIA Cloud+
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CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training course will teach you about cloud concepts and models, data storage, networking, and network infrastructure.

We have a user with a HP Officejet 6830 that we are trying to setup with HP EConnected/EPrint (print over Internet).  Everything goes smoothly throughout the setup, however, upon adding the printer the dot is orange not green on the HP EConnected site.  However, in checking the printer locally he have a green check mark for EPrinting.

The user has a basic home network with a AT&T UVerse (not sure of the exact manufacturer).  Do you need to open up certain ports for EPrint to work on one of these routers?  (In the past wet set one up on a home network with a Negear router and it was plug and play--green dot next to printer not orange.
Industry 4.0 is no longer new to us, but I would like to know a bit more on its implementation in real world case studies.

For those really had implemented (or going to implement) Industry 4.0 in their corporation's network, what things to focus and how the corporation adapt it through the whole transformation process.

Can you share your experiences in Industry 4.0 implementation?

Feel free to comment and discuss, thanks.
There's request to set up a dedicated Internet Wifi hotspot
that will be used to connect up IoT : one such item in mind
is power meter.

We are not a financial/banking/healthcare organization but
still need to adhere to government guideline on cybersecurity.

I can only think of the following if this is to be granted:

a) restrict it to IoTs only ie corporate laptops/PCs/user devices
    can't connect to it : so what kind of mechanisms out there
    can stop corporate PCs/laptops and user BYODs from

b) we'll make the SSID unscannable

c) as many IoTs have been known to be compromised, such
    as Mirai, botnets attacks, how shall we mitigate these as
    the IoT is exposed to risks from Internet.
d) any other mitigations?
The user is a handyman in a resort town, who services people with summer homes.  This is his worst time of year, since everybody is back in the city.

He would like to offer clients IoT house monitoring, to get some income. I figure that he should have temperature monitors to make sure that pipes don't get too cold, thermostat replacements so that he can know how cold the house is getting, some cameras to check the insides.  

I have installed Nest cameras, thermostats and smoke alarms.

What should I be looking at for homes left unoccupied for winter months with snow and storms?  Are there any products or companies that can be recommended?

Hello Experts,

I would like to start a consultancy providing Data Analytics for industries using technology's like Azure Data Factory, Azure Streaming Analytics, PowerBI, Azure IoT.

I would like to find similar like minded individuals.

I would be happy to inject financial investment if needed.

Can someone let me know where the places to go to meet with like minded people?


Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

              From a currently open post, it is my understanding that I can purchase online a TPLink Lightbulb which is compatible with Amazon Echo (2nd generation) which can be used to control the contrast and even color of the lighting.  That said, I am wondering if I can simply go to and set it up or will I need to have a mobile device with an app.  Hopefully, I can go to the Amazon Alexa link to do this because my phone is a very basic one.   After all, I was able to successfully go to this site to set Amazon Echo (2nd generation) up.  If for some reason TPLink Lightbulbs require a mobile device with an app, is there any alternative wireless light bulbs which can be set up with Alexa through their website?  

              Thanks in advance for any attention and feedback given to this question.

Hi Experts

I have requirement to check wifi users connected to devices at any given point. planning to make this as iot projects and implement to run this count on smart tv.  

Please let me know where to start it. What is effective and cost less way to implement it.

share some insights on those pls
Hi, Experts - What would be the best solution to stream music into space that would allow people to change the genre of music they are listening to if need be?  Systems like Sonos are nice, but each person that frequents the space is going to need to download the Sonos App, not very convenient.  

    I need this system to be idiot proof as most of the people that would be frequenting this space are probably not that tech savvy.  There is an active WIFI connection in that space that would be used to stream the music from.  What would you guys recommend?

Can anyone recommend an alternative to Google Jamboard... not just an alternative to the software, but the full software and hardware package.

Thanks in advance for your help.
C++ 11 Fundamentals
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C++ 11 Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to C++ 11 and teach you about syntax fundamentals.

This is a regular problem, using wow internet service, when they installed it was 100 mbps and that was the only day, was able to see that speed, and today checked a couple of times and informed them at their FB page too, but nothing happened yet.

1. what I can do to fix or at least know, for sure that it's ISP issue, FYI had already bounced the mode.
2. Just today itself updated the router too (NetGear R6300)
3. Tried to check using speed test and google too: download speed is good, but upload is google and speedtest is giving the error (attached) tried uploading - not working, can see here:

Please advise/guide ... what should one do in this kind of situation.
Thanks in advance & best regards.
Our TP-Link AC1750 provides services for a Guest Network.  It also allows me to prohibit guests from access to my local network however I see IP addresses with same octet being assigned to guest devices as in  I would have thought the guest IPs would be on a different segment address such as or  How is the isolation being done?  I wanted to isolate our IOT devices from our local area network but still allow them access to Internet.  Maybe best to finish installing the Ubiquity EdgeRouter X for this purpose?
What are your favorite uses for Alexa or other voice assistants?

I use Amazon Alexa to:
  • Turn things on/off around the house
  • Add things to my grocery list
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Check my morning commute time
  • Listen to music or audible
  • Answer random questions
  • If I had a more complicated calendar then I would ask it for my daily schedule
  • I don't really listen to the news

I use the Google Assistant to:
  • Navigate maps
  • Interact with voicemail
  • Reply to chat messages

Am I missing any of your favorite uses for voice assistants? Which assistant(s) do you use and why?
I have an ISO file that I'm hoping to mount so as to install Windows 10 IoT Core to  a Raspberry Pi

This is the ISO file name -->  Windows10_IoTCore_Packages_en-us_16299.iso

But when I click Mount, I get not a disk image but three MSI files.

  Here's the name of one of them  --> Windows_10_IoT_Core_X86_Packages.msi

When I click on the file, it starts an installation process.

I've watched in trepidation a few times as it starts an installation and then aborted it because I don't know where the installation is taking place,  I surely don't want to overwrite the Windows 10 Pro OS on the PC where I'm doing this work!  Ultimately I want a bootable copy of Windows 10 IoT Core on an Micro SD card that I can put in my Raspberry.  So, how do I do that?

Oh one more thing. Mounting the ISO seems to create a virtual DVD drive with drive letter E (my "real" DVD drive is letter D), and I see the three MSI files on the E drive,  

So, If I run an MSI file is it going to create a disk image of an Windows IoT Core installation disk on the DVD?  Which I can then copy to the Micro SD?

I know this is elementary stuff, but it's new to me,  Thanks for any help understanding this.

Ron Hicks
Dear Experts,

I'm a final year student majoring in Computer Engineering and currently my team and  i are looking for title for our last project, which topics are IoT, Networking, Cloud computing, and Embeded. but we prefer in Networking and IoT.
Can you help me to get an appropriate Title.
Thank U

in advanced
Hello All

I am saying sorry in advance because I know less than zero about the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi, so if my question sounds stupid, take it from where it is coming from :D

Can a Pi run a pre-made GUI interface like windows or do I have to program my own?  If it can run a windows-looking OS can it connect to the internet? If the Pi loses power, when power returns can it be setup (like in windows there is an area for programs to begin at startup) so that the GUI comes back up and the internet automatically reconnects to a site?


Internet of Things





The Internet of Things (IoT) is the description of machine-to-machine devices (as opposed to those requiring use by humans) used in a wide range industries including automation, agriculture, food/beverage, healthcare, utility infrastructure, advertising and manufacturing. A variety of software platforms exist to enable communication and interaction between devices, as well as to help organizations launch, manage, and monetize the deployment of the Internet of Things worldwide.