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IoTInternet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the description of machine-to-machine devices (as opposed to those requiring use by humans) used in a wide range in...

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Learning is a process of forgetting learned stuff; acquiring innovative ideas from our competitors; challenging the status quo of our World.

Internet of Ransomware Things

Changing a WiFi router - the hidden IoT?

Recently, my home WiFi router started to fail. I was hesitant to replace it but had no choice. Verizon replaced it for a small fee (it was an upgrade). I then discovered just how connected my relatively unconnected home really is.

Internet of Things: Guidelines to prevent common IoT security risks

Are your internet connected devices as secure as they should be?
Design Tech for Elderly

How to Design Technology to Help the Elderly

A discussion about how technology is helping with the world's seniors, and how it could still be improved on.
Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future of IT -

7 Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future of IT

In this article, we are going to find detailed information about the future of emerging technologies and their impact on the IT industry. and why we must ready to face the challenges with it.

Utilizing Technology to Create Sustainable Food Solutions


In the United States, 2.3 million Americans without transportation live more than one mile away from


Blockchain: Beyond Cryptocurrency

In this interview with the head of client strategy for blockchain developer Very, we take a look inside the growing popularity of blockchain development and how this technology can make an impact beyond Bitcoin.

5 Common Mistakes Any Entry-Level IoT Developer Should Avoid

The number of companies understanding the potential of IoT on B2B market is growing with each day. And yet only a small share of IoT developers have managed to equalize incomes and stay competitive in the international market.

The Potential of IoT in Infrastucture Safety

The deadly train derailment that occurred recently in DuPont, Washington, raises a lot of questions. It was a new route, the first trip tested with passengers, and the train was travelling at 50 mph over the zone’s speed limit. Could IoT play a role in infrastructure safety and prevent tragedies?
Block Chain Technology

The Next Step For Global Interaction: Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology enhances society similar to the Internet. Its effects are broad, disruptive, and will boost global productivity.
Technology: Cure or Curse

Technology: Cure or Curse

Cyberspace is the new townsquare. Does the change from a physical space to a digital space spell doom and destruction or growth and prosperity.
Dublin Tech Summit

The Dublin Tech Summit in A Nutshell

One event, two days, a great line-up of speakers, and 48% female presence. Still have no idea what I’m talking about?

How to connect Arduino Uno WiFi to ThingSpeak

I took on this little project as a proof of concept for IoT devices. My main goals were to find the easiest, cheapest way to stream data to the cloud. This article describes how to stream telemetry data to ThingSpeak via REST API. This can also be done with Azure IoT hub with a local gateway.

Digital Transformations Re-Engineering for Success in the 21st Century

Digital services have impacted the providers of three major areas: revenue generation, enhanced customer experience, and cost optimization. An increase in revenue generation through the use of modern upsells whilst giving digital services to the customers is a win-win situation for entrepreneurs.

Three Key Strategies for IoT Success

This article is subjected to educate the readers about the strategies that they can adopt to ensure IoT success. This article covers three preferred strategies to succeed in IoT implementation. A general introduction and rising popularity of IoT is roughly mentioned in the beginning.

Security Risks and Precautions in the IoT

Smart phones, smart watches, Bluetooth-connected devices—the IoT is all around us. In this article, we take a look at the security implications of our highly connected world.

How to Integrate Technology Into Your Small Business

The business world is becoming increasingly integrated with tech. It’s not just for a select few anymore — but what about if you have a small business? It may be easier than you think to integrate technology into your small business, and it’s likely to be worth the investment.

The Evolution of the Technology Field

The next five years are sure to bring developments that are just astonishing, and we will continue to try to find the balance between connectivity and security. Here are five major technological developments from the last five years and some predictions for the future.

The Three Greatest Threats Facing Data Loss in the Medical Industry

With healthcare moving into the digital age with things like Healthcare.gov, the digitization of patient records and video conferencing with patients, data has a much greater chance of being exposed than ever before.

Refuse to Take Part in a DDoS Botnet

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  

Tips on how to secure IoT devices, even the dumbest ones, so they can't be used as part of a DDoS botnet.  Use PRTG Network Monitor as one of the building blocks, to detect unusual traffic patterns.

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