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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the description of machine-to-machine devices (as opposed to those requiring use by humans) used in a wide range industries including automation, agriculture, food/beverage, healthcare, utility infrastructure, advertising and manufacturing. A variety of software platforms exist to enable communication and interaction between devices, as well as to help organizations launch, manage, and monetize the deployment of the Internet of Things worldwide.

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Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

              From a currently open post, it is my understanding that I can purchase online a TPLink Lightbulb which is compatible with Amazon Echo (2nd generation) which can be used to control the contrast and even color of the lighting.  That said, I am wondering if I can simply go to and set it up or will I need to have a mobile device with an app.  Hopefully, I can go to the Amazon Alexa link to do this because my phone is a very basic one.   After all, I was able to successfully go to this site to set Amazon Echo (2nd generation) up.  If for some reason TPLink Lightbulbs require a mobile device with an app, is there any alternative wireless light bulbs which can be set up with Alexa through their website?  

              Thanks in advance for any attention and feedback given to this question.

Redefine Your Security with AI & Machine Learning
Redefine Your Security with AI & Machine Learning

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Hi Experts

I have requirement to check wifi users connected to devices at any given point. planning to make this as iot projects and implement to run this count on smart tv.  

Please let me know where to start it. What is effective and cost less way to implement it.

share some insights on those pls

Can anyone recommend an alternative to Google Jamboard... not just an alternative to the software, but the full software and hardware package.

Thanks in advance for your help.
This is a regular problem, using wow internet service, when they installed it was 100 mbps and that was the only day, was able to see that speed, and today checked a couple of times and informed them at their FB page too, but nothing happened yet.

1. what I can do to fix or at least know, for sure that it's ISP issue, FYI had already bounced the mode.
2. Just today itself updated the router too (NetGear R6300)
3. Tried to check using speed test and google too: download speed is good, but upload is google and speedtest is giving the error (attached) tried uploading - not working, can see here:

Please advise/guide ... what should one do in this kind of situation.
Thanks in advance & best regards.
Our TP-Link AC1750 provides services for a Guest Network.  It also allows me to prohibit guests from access to my local network however I see IP addresses with same octet being assigned to guest devices as in  I would have thought the guest IPs would be on a different segment address such as or  How is the isolation being done?  I wanted to isolate our IOT devices from our local area network but still allow them access to Internet.  Maybe best to finish installing the Ubiquity EdgeRouter X for this purpose?
What are your favorite uses for Alexa or other voice assistants?

I use Amazon Alexa to:
  • Turn things on/off around the house
  • Add things to my grocery list
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Check my morning commute time
  • Listen to music or audible
  • Answer random questions
  • If I had a more complicated calendar then I would ask it for my daily schedule
  • I don't really listen to the news

I use the Google Assistant to:
  • Navigate maps
  • Interact with voicemail
  • Reply to chat messages

Am I missing any of your favorite uses for voice assistants? Which assistant(s) do you use and why?
I have an ISO file that I'm hoping to mount so as to install Windows 10 IoT Core to  a Raspberry Pi

This is the ISO file name -->  Windows10_IoTCore_Packages_en-us_16299.iso

But when I click Mount, I get not a disk image but three MSI files.

  Here's the name of one of them  --> Windows_10_IoT_Core_X86_Packages.msi

When I click on the file, it starts an installation process.

I've watched in trepidation a few times as it starts an installation and then aborted it because I don't know where the installation is taking place,  I surely don't want to overwrite the Windows 10 Pro OS on the PC where I'm doing this work!  Ultimately I want a bootable copy of Windows 10 IoT Core on an Micro SD card that I can put in my Raspberry.  So, how do I do that?

Oh one more thing. Mounting the ISO seems to create a virtual DVD drive with drive letter E (my "real" DVD drive is letter D), and I see the three MSI files on the E drive,  

So, If I run an MSI file is it going to create a disk image of an Windows IoT Core installation disk on the DVD?  Which I can then copy to the Micro SD?

I know this is elementary stuff, but it's new to me,  Thanks for any help understanding this.

Ron Hicks
Dear Experts,

I'm a final year student majoring in Computer Engineering and currently my team and  i are looking for title for our last project, which topics are IoT, Networking, Cloud computing, and Embeded. but we prefer in Networking and IoT.
Can you help me to get an appropriate Title.
Thank U

in advanced
Hello All

I am saying sorry in advance because I know less than zero about the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi, so if my question sounds stupid, take it from where it is coming from :D

Can a Pi run a pre-made GUI interface like windows or do I have to program my own?  If it can run a windows-looking OS can it connect to the internet? If the Pi loses power, when power returns can it be setup (like in windows there is an area for programs to begin at startup) so that the GUI comes back up and the internet automatically reconnects to a site?

I believe electrical cable length can be measured by sending a signal down it and timing the reflections from the unterminated end..  


Is there a similar method to measure the length of metal pipes or bars of say 15 mm and up cross section.. I guess in theory it should work. But ruling again this is the lack of insulation, very large cross section. Perhaps a metal bar will not work like a wave guide.  

i am searching for method to sense the lenght of lengths of track.. Just by touching a probe electrically.
Fundamentals of JavaScript
LVL 12
Fundamentals of JavaScript

Learn the fundamentals of the popular programming language JavaScript so that you can explore the realm of web development.

I need to find a suitable Geofencing API for an IOT project that I'm working on (either free or otherwise).  

There are supposedly some 3rd party API's available that support geofencing, and I need to find something that's fairly robust/capable.  I just don't exactly know where to begin, since everything I've come across so far appears to be IOS or Andriod specific .. which doesn't apply to what I'm doing.  

What I'm envisioning is something similar to the following (please forgive my pseudo code):

// Load CurrentLocation with the latitude & longitude of the most recent location of IOT Device1
Device1 = getLocation(Device1);  

// Defines a geofence in the geofencing service
Fence1 = APIcallCreateFence(Fence1, polypoint1, polypoint2, polypoint3,...);  

// Query the API to see if the given location is inside the specified fence
isInFence = APIcallQueryFence(Fence1, Device1);  

Open in new window

Can anyone here recommend a suitable API for this?  My preference is for PHP or Javascript based if it's a downloadable library ... but the language isn't important if it's an externally hosted API.

Thanks in advance,
- Yvan
Hi Experts,

I am a final year diploma student of Computer Engineering. Currently i and my team are looking for title for our final year project. We need your recommendation of our final year project. The topic is about network management, network security, embedded system, IoT, or cloud computing. Do you have any good idea?

If you don't mind, please share your ideas, suggestion, or experience.

Thanks in advance
Hi ,

I have a multimedia room with the following equipment in it:

- Denon AVR-X4300
- Dali In-Wall Speakers
- Dali Centre Speaker
- Dali Subwoofer
- Projector Sony HW45ES
- BluRay player Oppo UDP-203

Which of these products would work better with this equipment, the Amazon Echo or the Amazon Dot?

My ref: 1029743
I know that I can make free phone calls from Amazon Alexa Echo to another Elexa Echo, but what I want to research fromn my customers is the ability to uise a voice command to Alexa Echo to call a cell number or call a contact.

I want to research how this could be done.  

I'm thinking integration things like a combination of:
  • VPN's to some service,
  • integration with a Personal Contacts app such as Gmail,
  • Use of IOT
  • ITTT

Anything thoughts and directions to get me started would be very helpful.

Thank you,
Hi, does anyone have experience in this field? Where should we start as the beginners?

Many thanks as always!
We recently upgraded to HP's T630 thin clients which use Windows 10 IoT along with the Unified Write Filter.  Usually the same person is using our thin clients but sometimes other people use them in our Customer Service Department where we deploy many thin clients.  For some reason every time a user logs on it rebuilds their profile and I have to refresh the Citrix Receiver icon to rebuilt their icons.  I even told the write filter to allow C:\users.  This worked on our old HP t620 thin clients which used Windows 8.1 but no longer works on Windows 10.  Any ideas?  I can't just turn off the write filter, let the user log in so it builds and keeps their profile, then turn the write filter back on because users swap thin clients way too often.   Thank you.

My previous blog,  a Godaddy wordpress, adsense, did acceptably, and Im starting another w my brother.

I once did a non-blog website where my domain was stolen from me, by copyright, or something, trademark?

1) How do we own a company / site, domain name, outright, no question?

What should I know about, like, anything new, about making money with a page/blog? still adsense, adwords?

I have a client with a Cisco cable modem that we put a switch in between so we could isolate different networks.

Out of the switch there is a connection to a Cisco router/firewall with VPN.  And there is a connection to a Cisco ASA firewall.

The problem is that a speed test performed from the cable modem get the desired and expected results. A speed test The switch behind the cable modem gets the desired results. A speed test behind the Cisco router get the desired results. But a speed test from the ASA firewall or connected switches gets about 30% of desired results.
I have Comcast. 20Mbs up/150Mbps down. I essentially want to know how much I can upload and download per hour. I come up with roughly 9GB upload per hour and then 62GB download per hour. Of course that is theoretical. Is my math correct?
Challenges in Government Cyber Security
Challenges in Government Cyber Security

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I've been researching which is better for native cross platform development React native or Xamarin? my research has led me to the following

User React native when
  • your team is made up of web developers
  • you are only building for tablet/phone IOS or Driod (No IOT support??)
  • you want a free tool

Use Xamarin when
  • Your team is made up of c# developers
  • you want to target IOS, droid, windows as well as IOT devices for platforms
  • You have money to spend, the free version of xamarin is lacking for enterprise

i've also read that React Native is buggier and that xamarin is more performent how ever i'm skeptical that these may have been the results of individuals and not a reflection of the tools/platforms.

anyway i'd really like it if someone could confirm or challenge my findings
hi friends,

each day I come home and find many sheets of printed paper in my tray.

the message on each page says your printer has been hijacked, and asked me to send bit coin.
these are internet printers. My home has a router which port forwards.

has anyone encountered this.  or does anyone have any suggestion ?
I've built the default Visual Studio 2015 C# WCF Service Application.  Runs fine with the included client using the default connection http://localhost:50127/Service1.svc

For further testing I'm using Terra Term with the same URL, with and without the service1.svc, http, :50127 etc. Always get an Invalid Host error!

When I publish to a server (with its own IP) I have the same problem

Might this be related to the 50127 port and if so how would I change that?
How does www1 differ from www in the address line?
Some sites come up with www1, others with www.

I like to know if there is a genuine site where you can purchase and or download free for the latest movies?

Can someone please advise?

How to use flash memory of PIC32 controller to store data?
How to read and write data in flash memory of PIC32 controller?
Request for sample code.

Internet of Things





The Internet of Things (IoT) is the description of machine-to-machine devices (as opposed to those requiring use by humans) used in a wide range industries including automation, agriculture, food/beverage, healthcare, utility infrastructure, advertising and manufacturing. A variety of software platforms exist to enable communication and interaction between devices, as well as to help organizations launch, manage, and monetize the deployment of the Internet of Things worldwide.