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iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but no...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Move Microsoft Authenticator for 2FA to IOS


HI, i have a few accounts setup with 2FA on 365 and using Microsoft Authenticator. I just moved from


Why is my iPhone 6 battery draining so fast?


The release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus was extremely successful for Apple. However when


Long overdue in writing this simple article to share with my…

Long overdue in writing this simple article to share with my friends and family who have iPhones.

I'm proud that Apple is using their financial power to stick…

I'm proud that Apple is using their financial power to stick it to these degenerates. Keep up the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Steps to enable Whats App audible alerts while iPhone is set to Do Not Disturb

byIT Guy

I have an iPhone X that has the latest iOS version installed.

I always have my iPhone set to Do Not

Troubleshooting Solution

Method to clear unread MS Teams app messages on iPhone

byIT Guy

On my iPhone Xs running iOS version 15.1 the TEams app always displays the number of new, unread

Research Solution

Keyboard mapping for custom art?

byK A

Asking for a friend... either iOS or Windows is fine.  What tools are available to allow a graphic

Advice Solution

How to export Email addresses from iPad?



I have a customer with little IT knowledge. He has about 4000 Email addresses that he have not

Troubleshooting Solution

References that explain IOS commands & procedures for Cisco router & switch administration

byIT Guy

I'm looking for references that explain the Cisco IOS commands & procedures for Cisco router &

Troubleshooting Solution

How to increase speed on a IPAD 2 for youtube and internet browsing?


I have an IPAD 2 very slow only need for youtube and internet browsing. Is it possible to reset or a

Troubleshooting Solution

Steps to change iPhone What's App notification alert sound

byIT Guy

I've started using What's App on my iPhone to chat with others.

The problem is that whenever I get a

Troubleshooting Solution

Disable iPhone Facebook app global notifications; enable new chat notifications only

byIT Guy

I recently installed the Facebook app on my iPhone X which is running the latest version of the iOS


Nice to see that Apple is adding a "Find my AirPods" …

Nice to see that Apple is adding a "Find my AirPods" feature! I've seen a lot of commentary that …
Troubleshooting Solution

Exchange 2016 and I phone

I have Exchange 2016 and I also have an apple ios device the phones syncs but i don't see my email. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Are smartphones secure for mobile banking

Looking to get expert advice for my fellow co-workers who have questions about mobile banking.
How …
Troubleshooting Solution

Wifi signal auto switch


Hello Experts,

I have a Wifi router and an extender at home. In some areas, the router signal

Troubleshooting Solution

iphone email client keeps asking for my exchange credentials every few days

I am using Chuck iphone email client.  I have configured my exchange email account with the app.  I …

Hello, EE Experts!  If you haven't already updated your …

Hello, EE Experts!

If you haven't already updated your iOS devices to 11.0.3, please do so. I've …
Troubleshooting Solution

Disable Home Accessories screen at pull-down-right-side iPhone


Hi Experts!

How do I get rid of the “Home” section when pulling down in the iPhone screen

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