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iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but no...

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I never give up and my passion in life is to simply help others with technology. I’m also a self-taught artist.

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iPhone 6S USB => Lightning connection: Some pictures and videos are NOT transferring

Today, when I connected my iPhone to my desktop, I got prompted to copy photos and movies to my …

Why is my iPhone 6 battery draining so fast?


The release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus was extremely successful for Apple. However when


Long overdue in writing this simple article to share with my…

Long overdue in writing this simple article to share with my friends and family who have iPhones.
Troubleshooting Solution

Apple vs. Zoom

My lovely wife recently got an iPhone 12.  In facebook messenger, when tapping a link to a zoom …

I'm proud that Apple is using their financial power to stick…

I'm proud that Apple is using their financial power to stick it to these degenerates. Keep up the …

iOS 14 The Visually Appealing Update

iOS 14 brought some changes to what we've known as the iPhone home screen. Join me as we discuss the update and what features you're going to need to know.

The iPhone 12: What You Need to Know

Apple recently announced four new models for the all new iPhone 12. This article discusses both the good and bad changes, along with anything else that you need to know if you're thinking about upgrading. NOTICE: Not an official review, but an editorial piece.
Troubleshooting Solution

Exchange 2016 and I phone

I have Exchange 2016 and I also have an apple ios device the phones syncs but i don't see my email. …
Troubleshooting Solution

IOS 13.6.1 - iPhone email - How to view the actual sender of an email?

I've been getting a lot of Free $50.00 gift card emails from retail stores I've never even walked …
Troubleshooting Solution

When I use Norton VPN, I cannot play a YouTube Video on my television


Does anyone know if there is a way to play a YouTube video on a Television if you  are. …
Troubleshooting Solution

Does PushSharp use HTTP/2-based Apple Push Notification service (APNs)?

We use PushSharp 4.0.10 to send iOS Push Notifications:

Recently we …
Troubleshooting Solution

Are smartphones secure for mobile banking

Looking to get expert advice for my fellow co-workers who have questions about mobile banking.
How …
Research Solution

Transfer files from old iPhone to new

This is one of those questions asked in passing and I don't normally work with iPhones, so maybe …
Troubleshooting Solution

Cross Platform CSS to Wrap Long Links displayed on Mobile Devices


Is there any css code that will reliably force long links to wrap on both Android and iOS …

Nice to see that Apple is adding a "Find my AirPods" …

Nice to see that Apple is adding a "Find my AirPods" feature! I've seen a lot of commentary that …
Troubleshooting Solution

iPhone text message transfer

Hi All,
I have a client with an iPhone setup under an iCloud account. We need to wipe the phone and …
Troubleshooting Solution

iPhone 6S - iOS 13.3.1 Phone contact is NOT auto-filling in text message recipient field when I type their name.

I have a contact with a mobile phone number on my iPhone 6S but when I type his name into the text …
Research Solution

Access SQL db via app on IOS and Android or whatever

Is there a free app that allows me to setup a basic form to access my Azure SQL database in the …
Troubleshooting Solution

I need a headset for a mobile device. I work in a construction site. A LOUD Construction Site

I need to hear my callers while they're speaking to me in loud environments. What kinds of apps or …

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