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iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.

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What is the default font used within the iPhone mail app when composing & replying to emails?
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I need help for a very weird problem ..
1 exchange account configured on a iphone 6, mail app on ios, works fine. Exchange 2010 sp3.
Owa, Outlook ok.
Yesterday the app says "Cannot get mail - The connexion to the server failed", impossible to sync emails...
No change to any system, other ios or android device works fine.
I try different solutions :
- reset password
- check the inheritage in security ad tab (already ticked)
- delete all devices in mobile device list
- delete the account , recreate on the iphone
- Activesync enable

I can send an email or read other emails but i get the error every time I try to sync new mail...
Did someone ever had the same problem ??
Thank you
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A user is using corporate MDM-managed iPad & reading his corporate emails
from this device (that is in encrypted partition) using MobileIron's Email+, a
more secure form of email client compared to Apple's native email client.

Now this user requests for 2 common mailboxes to be configured on his iPad
so that he could read emails sent to his group.  Our MDM admin told us Email+
can't support the additional mailboxes (I'm not sure if this is true but I heard
the admin chap has logged a case with MobileIron).

What are the risks?  Can we create Exchange rules (as the emails had to
go to Exchange first before going to Email+ (or any other email clients) to
auto-forward one copy of emails sent to common mailbox to this user.

We had previously migrated users from Apple's email client to Email+ for
security reason, so don't want to go back to the old way of using Apple
email client
Hi, I have a fullscreen html WebApp , and after upgrading to IOS11, I only get a black screen when calling  the camera - before the upgrade it was working perfectly - any ideas on how to circumvent this ?

It looks like I'm not the only one affected - but maybe some of you Experts have an idea or two :) ?

A similiar question here
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Expert Comment

by:John Hurst
An article in today's paper headlines that "New Apple Devices get mixed reviews"  

Some bullets:

1. Apple products have gotten bad reviews in the past, only to go on to sell like hotcakes.
2. Most reviewers think the Apple iPhone 8 is OK at best and feel people are waiting for iPhone X. There may be something to that.
3. Most reviewers appear to think the Apple quality is basically intact.
4. Most reviewers thought the Apple visual design was old and Samsung design is cool.

So what will I do?

I had a Blackberry, upgraded to an iPhone 4s, barfed at the size of the 6s Plus and purchased an iPhone SE which is a 6s in an iPhone 5 (not 5s) case.  When it was introduced, it was the fastest smartphone on the planet - BIG battery and SMALL video.

So I do not need to upgrade to iPhone 8. My SE is now running IOS 11 quite happily.  

My phone works. I do not care whether it looks cool. At least it does not melt.

Expert Comment

by:Brian Matis
I've consistently been happy with iPhones and will stick with them, but am very appreciative of advice on ways to switch for those that wish to. Having a strong competitor has helped keep Apple from going stagnant!
2017-09-20-13.01.07.pngEarly adopters of Apple iOS 11 are unable to send Microsoft-provided email using the native Mail app.

So I would hold off upgrade if this is important to you!

It affects, Office 365 and Exchange 2016 running on Windows Server 2016. Many businesses rely on Exchange and Office 365 for email.

Whoops.....Too late!

Expert Comment

by:Brian Matis
Gotta wonder how this ended up happening... iOS 11 was in beta for plenty of time...

Just did some quick checking and MacRumors is saying that there were bug reports on this during the beta:

Looks like Microsoft has some workarounds too. Either using Outlook for iOS client or disabling HTTP/2 in Windows Server 2016.
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Windows Server 2016 has been a PITA as well as Exchange Server 2016!
Why cant I configure ip flow top talkers on my IOS? Is it the version the issue maybe?

Version 15.4(3)S4,
cisco ISR4321/K9

RTE(config)#ip flow?
% Unrecognized command
Stake_Place(config)#ip flow
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


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We had an app created for our company a couple of years ago and now it's horribly out of date and we're getting a message off it that it needs to be updated to iOS11.  Due to a high staff turnover, who created the app has been lost and we don't have anyone to contact to get this pull off the Apple and Google stores.

Can anyone provide any guidance as to what to do in this instance - all of the information I've searched deals with developers removing their own apps but nothing about how to do it when the developer is gone.

Thanks in advance for any input on this.
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iOS 11 is here! If you need a few pointers (who doesn't) then MacLife has a great free 147 tips guide: Link


Expert Comment

by:Brian Matis
Thanks for the head's up Andy! I already did the update last night and fortunately for me, I'm not using Microsoft based email so the issue didn't bite me. Big bummer for those that were hit with it!

And yes, I'm loving this update! The new dock on iPad is the real standout for me, along with the multi-tasking improvements. iPad is feeling like waaaay more of a desktop replacement in a lot of cases now. (Although the downside is how it's starting to make me crave a bigger screen, like the larger iPad Pro model. All part of Apple's nefarious plan to sell more iPads, I'm sure ;-)

On iPhone, the new Control Center is pretty sweet.

Still exploring a lot of the changes though, but this feels like one of the best major iOS versions in a while (well, other than that Outlook bug. That part is lame.)
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Driving Mode is KEWL, and turns on Do not Distrub me, and sends Auto Texts!

It's a Good Reason for me, to let people know I cannot email whilst I await a patch from my Phone!

We drew straws in the office today, who should be the gambler and upgrade, last time we upgrade a major iOS we ended up with a brick!

I'm using OneNote mobile for iOS to connect to my SharePoint Foundation on premise server...  It seems every few hours if not less I have to go into a page and/or a note... And wait for the tap to enter in password prompt to appear.  I simply tap it and it auto logs me in, however, I would like for the timeout to not exist or to take a long time.  How can I adjust this?
I have a user that has recently been unable to use the 'Open in' feature on their IOS (Iphone 6) device.
When opening a PDF from an email, they have the option normally of being able to select the icon in the top right of the screen to show apps that the attachment can open with.
I have selected the more.... option and not found any apps in there.

Is there a fix that anyone has found, or a setting on the iphone i may have missed that has been accidentally turned on\off?

Additional information:

  • Currently using the GOOD for Enterprise app for Corporate email delivery
  • The feature has previously been available
  • The Iphone is fully updated with all IOS updates.

Please let me know if there's any additional information that may assist with this. The person is an executive and i am desperately trying to find an answer, having already spent days poring over forums and not finding a solution.

Many thanks.
Hello Team,

We are working on a Xamarin IOS project of location tracking . We are using Visual Studio 2017 enterprise version and connecting to MAC remotely. We are not able to customize the location on IOS simulator on windows machine which is connected to MAC remotely. Please advice how to customize the location on windows machine or is there any other alternative to test it on IOS simulator on  windows machine .
I was working with a client/friend and told him to hook up to his iphone 5's personal hotspot. I showed him how to do this and his laptop saw his iphone, but would not hook up. Then we tried to hook up to his wife's iphone 5 hotspot and it would not work. Then he tried to hook up to my iphone 6 hotspot and it worked fine.  Then we restarted his laptop and the two iphone 5's.  Now his laptop DID hook up to the hotspot, but NOT make an internet connection.  His wife's laptop hooked up completely to his hotspot, including internet. We restarted everything with the same result.  We called an IT guy for his laptop and he could not get it to happen either (though his knowledge seemed limited).  He could still hook up fine to my iphone 6 hotspot.  All iphones were running the latest IOS.

Later that day, he called me and said now his laptop DID hook up to his iphone 5 hotspot, then later that day it would no longer do so. I can't figure out why this is happening nor how to fix it or make adjustments on his laptop/Windows 10.  Signal strength was decent to good at all times.
It's out of warranty, about 2.3 yrs old unit.

My spouse often update the IOS when available but for the
last 6 months, the screen is often not responding: pressing
the power side button to off the screen for 1-2 secs & then
press the button the button again often helps recover
the response of the touch screen but not always.

Is this a hardware (ie touch screen ) issue or IOS issue
& if IOS, reinstall all over will help?

I ever tried pressing the round Exit button & power button
together for 7 secs to reset but this did not resolve the
I have been attempting to fix an issue my website has been having with autoplay and mobile devices. I currently have a little beep that plays when loading the next page. The only way the website can tell if it is supposed to beep is via loading the next page, so I can't just play the beep every time the user jumps from one page to the next. My goal is to get this working on iPads with the latest version of iOS.

I am aware that the <audio> tag's autoplay feature is turned off for mobile devices, requiring user interaction to play audio. So I have been working with Javascript to try to get a beep to play.

So far here are two of my attempts so far:

function beep() {
           new  Audio("App_Themes/Default/Images/Ding.mp3" )).play();

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And this is another attempt:
function beep(){
            var aud = document.createElement("iframe");
            aud.setAttribute('src', "App_Themes/Default/Images/Ding.mp3");
            aud.setAttribute('width', '1px');
            aud.setAttribute('height', '1px');
            aud.setAttribute('scrolling', 'no');
   = "0px";

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Both of which work on desktop browsers, but not mobile. So I guess my question is, is it possible to get around the user interaction limitation mobile browsers set? Is there another way I should be doing this?

I am travelling in main land china and naturally sites like google and YouTube etc are blocked.

I am thinking about getting one of the iOS vpn apps.

My concern is it monitoring my internet data in regards to passwords I type the mail app etc.

What I am thinking is if those programs do the encryption themselves I will be safe and this can't be attacked. SSL sites will be safe.

Are my assumptions correct? Are there any risks at all?


I have set my Android phone to sync with and my desktop Outlook 365 to sync to the same account and even though both seem to show they are syncing, the contact lists are different. Can anyone help me fix.

To expand a little, in case it is relevant,
1. I have two yahoo IMAP accounts in my sync list, one of which is the default
2. I have 3 other Microsoft Exchange email addresses on different accounts that I am syncing too, PLUS
3. I am not trying to sync emails, just the contacts because that it's the only one I thought Outlook would sync with
4. The other 3 Exchange accounts seem to be syncing fine
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Free Tool: ZipGrep

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Our iOS devices are loaded with so that we can use offline maps. We have a spreadsheet with a series of hyperlinks that will launch and display the desired location. The Apple version of the hyperlink looks something like "ge0://_X-mwmlX3T/52015_Wood_Pol". If I SMS this link to an iOS device it will work as it should but when we try to launch it from a hyperlink in an Excel spreadsheet we get a message that says "The link address may be invalid, or you may not have permission to open it". I know it's not invalid because it works when copied and SMS'd so it's an issue of permission. Is there any way to get an iOS device to allow a hyperlink launch an app like this, or is that just too much for Apple products to cope with?
What are the steps to add another user's calendar to an iPhone 6 (with iOS 10.3.3)?

Office 365 is being used to host both of these email accounts.

Is there any way of doing this other than adding the other user's Office 365 account to this user's iPhone (and choosing only to sync the other user's Office 365 calendar? This is a security risk since we don't want the user with the iPhone to go into the account settings and be able to download and reply to the other user's emails).

Referring to above link, does it mean iOS prior to Ver 10.2.1 is not affected or versions after 10.2.1 is affected?

Last query:
does Apple releases vulnerabilities quarterly, 6-monthly or yearly & where can we find this information?
Hi Experts
i wanna enable Hermes face on my apple watch but i found that Hermes and nike faces only limited for it's model
i googled for the way to enabled these faces and i found that i need to install cydia to unlock these faces
i googled for cydia but i found that installing cydia on my phone  will voided warranty/support
any idea
On my Oppo & Note2 phones, without a SIM card, I can share out a wireless hotspot
for 2 computers to connect to (to do ftp/sftp or files transfers) but on my iPhone 6+
& iPhone 5S, that hotspot enabling button is greyed out even if I insert an expired
SIM card (or a SIM card without data plan).

I often 'sync' or do data transfers (to backup my pst) from my corporate laptop
(which disables USB port & I can't set/change IP on the LAN port but Wifi works):
but I usually brg the iPhone to office.  Is there any way or any apps on IOS that
could go around this?


iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.