iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.

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Hello, I am developing a type of "note taking" App in iOS for a specific vertical market (its not just a simple note taking App, but note taking is a basic function of the App). A user will use the App to collect data (text and images) and store them in permanent storage (a data file of some sort.)

The iOS App will have a companion desktop application for the Mac, which will take the data in the "data file" collected by the iOS App and perform more analytical processes. So, the system is a two part system. One part is the iOS App. portion (the data collection part) and the second portion is the Mac desktop application part to perform more in-depth analytical functions.

It kind of looks like this  ---   iOS App >>>> (data file) <<<< Mac Application.  [The "data file can be XML, a database, etc.]

*** My question is:   How can I share the "data file" between the iOS device and the Mac portion of the system. By "share" I mean, how do I collect the data on the iOS App, put it into a permanent storage file and then send that file to the custom Mac desktop application?

Note: I am not asking how to share unassociated files between devices.

Also, if anyone has an example of how to create Apps with data storage, for use in CocoaTouch Mac applications, I would greatly appreciate it. I have not found any tutorials that show how this is done in a practical manner.

Thank you for your help.
My iPhone Xs is running iOS 12.1.

How do I remove email addresses that pop up when I am typing in the first few characters of an email address within the To: or BCC: field within an email on my iPhone?

There are certain email addresses that always appear within the email address auto suggestion field that I no longer use that I need to make sure are removed.

What is the easiest way of doing this?
MacBook Pro Model A1707 Intel i7 2.6GHz, 15 Inch, 2016, 16GB RAM  & Intel HD 530 graphics boot but cannot connect to any network (only wireless is an option) and so "crashes" with "a critical update must be installed but cannot connect to network" so all I get it the option to try again or shutdown. So I have a few questions please
1. Is there an option to connect to a cabled network (I do not see any RJ45 connectors on this laptop)
2. I believe the SSD on this laptop is on-board so is there a way to get any user data off this drive if it won't boot in IOS
3. Any other suggestions to get it working again without risking overwriting existing user data.
Thank you.
Problem with MPLS VPNv4 setup. IGP is visible to Customers. BGP session seems to be up. What am I doing wrong? Cisco IOU setup using GNS3. IOS 15
iPhone, iOS 12.1. I'm unable to message pictures or gifs from my Mac phone to an Android-running one. Yes, MMS is enabled; yes cellar data is on.


Referring to above, under  "Settings" in both my Note4's Android
& my IOS 10.

Wanted to use Whatsapp from my PC Windows keyboard/screen.
Do guide me through
We have number of devices which have an L2TP VPN connection to a Windows server.

It doesn't work for iPhone 8 devices running IOS 12 and using the EE mobile network - it fails to connect with "The L2TP-VPN server was unreachable. Verify the server address and try reconnecting. If the problem continues, contact your Administrator."
It does however work for anything else - for example:
  • iPhone 8 running IOS 11 on EE
  • iPhone 8 running IOS 12 on other mobile networks (O2, Vodafone, etc.) or Wi-Fi
  • iPad running IOS 12 on Wi-Fi
  • Android on any mobile network or Wi-Fi
  • Windows 10 on any network

So, you'd think EE would be able to help?  No, as the problem only started with IOS 12 they say it must be something in the update - and therefore Apple's responsibility.  Apple of course say that the problem must be at the EE end, as it works with other providers.  So, short of downgrading to IOS 11 we're stuck.

I found this, but no solution is posted:

We suspect it may be related to EE's implementation of IPv6, but don't have any specific information.

Has anyone else come across this?  If so, how did you work around or resolve it?
is there a product or tool out there to centrally push down IOS updates when device is connected to (corporate) Wifi tt dont requires users to intervene?
We have a network location that has Windows 10 computers and about 200 users that have iPads tethered via usb.  We are trying to complete our inventory of the iPads, but are not able to locate a couple.  Our mobility section tells us that the iPads in question are powered up.  Is there a way to detect the IP address or MAC of the host pc?
Planning to move mailboxes to o365 soon from Exchange 2010 on prem hybrid .
One of the execs apparently has approx 10 devices.
1 x Windows laptop plus various IOS and Android devices running Outlook app. I know right? really.
Anyway, My task  is to find out what the user experience will be like when we trys to setup Outlook app for IOS on his 6th device. Will it warn, block completely?
Many thanks
IOS app in swift
Single view controller with a table view. Project runs as it's supposed to. My question is: How do I move my table view down the page a bit so I can add some text above the table view? I think the answer is in this extension class so I'll post that first. Thanks!

import UIKit

extension UIView {
    func anchor (top: NSLayoutYAxisAnchor?, left: NSLayoutXAxisAnchor?, bottom: NSLayoutYAxisAnchor?, right: NSLayoutXAxisAnchor?,  paddingTop: CGFloat, paddingLeft: CGFloat, paddingBottom: CGFloat, paddingRight: CGFloat, width: CGFloat, height: CGFloat, enableInsets: Bool) {
        var topInset =  CGFloat(0)
        var bottomInset = CGFloat(0)
        if #available(iOS 11, *), enableInsets {
            let insets = self.safeAreaInsets
            topInset =
            bottomInset = insets.bottom
            print("Top: \(topInset)")
            print("bottom: \(bottomInset)")
        translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false
        if let top = top {
           self.topAnchor.constraint(equalTo: top, constant: paddingTop+topInset).isActive = true
        if let left = left {
            self.leftAnchor.constraint(equalTo: left, constant: paddingLeft).isActive = true
        if let right = right {
            rightAnchor.constraint(equalTo: right, constant: -paddingRight).isActive = true
        if let bottom = bottom {

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How to create recorded music album with macOS 10.13.6 to be played (random selection) with iPhone 8S iOS 12.1 as background music?

That is, how to create iTunes music album (eg. Christmas Music) in macOS 12 iTunes which can be copied to iPhone 8S iOS 12.1 and played (random selection?) in iTunes.

I would want to play entire album, refreshed with random selections each time album is started. Output will be to Auto radio, HomePods or EarPods.
IOS project using swift
On my story board I have a launch screen that is the entry point. Now I want another view controller, I drag a view controller onto the storyboard. I create a cocoa touch class that is a subclass of UIViewController, naming it DTViewController. On storyboard, I select my new view using the left most icon on the top of the view and go to custom class. I select DTViewController as my custom class.  To stop warnings about my view being unreachable I check "Use StoryboardID" and enter MyDeskTop as the Storyboard ID. I drag a label onto the new view.

I have the following code in AppController.swift
private func handleAppState(){
if let user = Aut.auth().currentUser{
let vc = DTViewController()
rootViewController = NavigationController(vc)
} else {
rootViewController = LoginViewController()

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When I run the app the splash screen appears and then the DTViewController appears. The problem is it's not picking up on the View in the Storyboard, just the DTViewController class. My evidence is the label doesn't show up but if I change the background color in code in DTViewController the change shows.

What am I doing wrong?
Using iOS - Ipod.

Found some interesting podcasts with big libraries - hundreds of episodes.

So far, only way to download them all would be each one and select download.

Need top find an iOS podcast app that allows me to bulk download all podcasts.

I know Podbean allows this.  But, it is super buggy and crashes all the time.

Any others?


Our company have installed a pair of Cisco 2960x switches (Model: WS-C2960X-24TS-L) stacked with FlexStack Plus stacking module.
Currently, they are running IOS Version 15.2(2)E7. We are planning to upgrade to IOS version 15.2.(4)E7 to address some vulnerability suggested by our security department. We will follow the procedure similar/described on the URL: by copying the bin files to flash1: & flash2: and then reload.

As far as the IOS upgrade procedures are concerned, we have the following questions and clarifications:

Our management would like us to upgrade the switches one by one by copying the bin files, changing the boot system to one of the switch (i.e. Master or member) then reboot first then proceed with the other switch instead of updating both and reload together.

I foreseen that will cause a version mismatch problem and harmful to the stack formation but we would like to know if this is a recommended method of upgrading a pair of Cisco 2960x stackable switches and wonder if there is any Cisco official URL/documentation general prerequisite/requirement pointing out that customer should upgrade the whole stackable logical unit as a whole and reloaded together instead of doing it one by one.

Thank you so much for your technical advice/recommendation in advance.

Question about MAM (Mobile app management) "without" enrollment on Android devices.  

Ive just turned on MAM App Policies - I have 2 seperate Policies for IOS and Android, and it covers all MS Mobile apps on the list, ie Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, etc

IOS testing is running nicely. Prompts users to choose a pin etc. Works a dream.

Android users however show a message as follows:
"To use your work or school account with this app, you must install the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app. Tap "Go to store" to continue.  

When the user follows this advice, they install the app but do not need to sign-in to it.  Its an extra step we do not believe is necessary.

Is this normal on Android??
My understanding is MAM does not need the "Microsoft Intune Company Portal app" .

Can we remove this message?
Advice from others who have set this up appreciated.
Thanks all for your great help. I appreciate
I am using Macbook. I have Mail app. I am not using it, but it has my emails and take huge space. I can't delete the app it's not allowed from Mac OS. So how to stop using it? So I can save the space.

Thanks a lot,
Best regards,
Finding sample PodCasts

I am about to start my own podcast, but first need to see some successful podcasts. It involves history, politics and conspiracy theories.

Any suggestions?

I have an iPhone, so how do I begin the process of using my phone for PodCasting? I would like to see the iTunes interface...

Can you direct me?

How strict is iTunes for podcast approvals?

I have done extensive research on the 9/11 attacks and have found new historical connections to 9/11 attacks in U.S. and world history that seem to have been scrubbed from the narrative. But I worry that iTunes will filter my podcast out, because it does sometimes touch on the political motivations of various entities.

How concerned should I be that iTunes will filter me out? Or, is the approval process towed out violence, porn, etc?

I hope iTunes does not act as the "thought police" and block my extensive historical narratives.

I hope to hear about other people's experiences with potential filtering of podcasts.

Dear experts,

I currently use OneNote 2016 for taking notes. This app is only HP X360 touchscreen laptop.

I have now purchased an ipad pro 12.9 inch 256 gb.

The advantage i see with OneNote 2016 is it allows me to make tabs within a file. Say i am preparing notes for 'limits and continuity' chapter, using OneNote 2016 i can create a tab for each sections. These tabs will help me locate the tab where a partipcular topic/point is discussed and i move swiftly to that tab. I can then copy what was already written and paste it in the current location/tab

Is there a way i can simulate this in Good note 4 or noteability.

I am happy to purchase anyother app in IOS which can mimic this feature.

I prefer apps which have different types of lines and have clear demarcation for A4 size pages.

Kindly guide
We have an SBS 2011 Standard domain. There's a Canon IR-5353 printer on the network.  

Would anyone have any recommendations on ways to print to it from ios and android phones?  

Both when the phone is on the company wifi and on the LAN and also when out of the office on another wifi or cellular data?
Hi all.

Our current Outlook (via Office365) asks the end user the following question everytime the end user clicks the "Send" button. If the end user clicks YES then it imports the email body, subject etc. into our database: "Do you want to add this email to our system?"

This has worked great for us for a while because our end users are doing this from their desktops here in the office. Some of our sales people are beginning to travel more often and so any emails they send out from their mobile phones are not asked the same question and therefore not imported into our database.

Is there a way to do this using the Outlook for iOS iphone app? We would send the email to a web server and then we would download it from the web server to our in house server.

Or is there another solution out there that might work?

Thank you in advance!
IPhone IOS 12.0.1

Struggleing with contacts

If I search for a contact and it shows two contacts and I delete ONE of them, they both disappear.

Also, if I search for a contact it finds it under "Other results" but if I scroll down the list this contact does not show up

Can someone help me understand whats happening??
Hello Experts,

My client runs an on premise Exchange 2016 organization with several MBX servers in a DAG. The issue is that a single user did not get the typical email message when she connected a new phone and tried to use the app Outlook for IOs and Android. For security reasons, company does not allow to sync devices with this app, and a mobile device policy was setup to prevent sync and an email automatically goes to user's mailbox.

Situation is that we can see the new device is in quarantine as expected, but user never got the email "Your device is temporarily blocked from synchronizing using Exchange ActiveSync until your administrator grants it access"

We performed an email search against this mailbox for the dates that she was supposed to receive the email, and the search did not return any values.

Other users are not experiencing this issue.

Any ideas?

Found the 2 links but they do not state how to resolve this issue or find a logical explanation
How do I login to my account from iPad Pro and IOS 12.0.1  -  

Web article suggests using   ‘Share button next to address bar’ then, ‘request Desktop Site’

As I cannot find these items on screen, what next to logon to


iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.