iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.

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I'm looking for an iPhone app/service that will make all outgoing phone calls originate from another phone number.

This way all calls that I place on my iPhone X will display this other phone number on the caller ID screen of the person I am calling so that I won't reveal my iPhone X phone number.

This is something that Google Voice used to do until June 1, 2018 (due to the Google Voice app no longer integrating with cell phone providers like it used to).

What apps or services will allow this to be done?
Need iPhone app to track my location

I need to sell on the road and sometimes need a reminder which stores I visited. So, a map if where I went each day would be helpful.

What options do I have?

Is there location data already on the phone I can use?

I have the free WebEx app installed on my iPhone X.

Is it possible for me to join in & participate in a WebEx video chat using the free iPhone app by simply clicking on the WebEx URL link provided to me in an email?

I currently don't have any type of WebEx subscriptions so I need to make sure I will be able to fully participate in such a WebEx video conference using the free WebEx app on my iPhone X.
looking for recommended anti virus and anti malware for handphone. Is it true that there isn't any available in the market for Apple IOS, and those in the markets available are only suitable for use on Android phones?
For some strange reason a users OneNote in his iPhone is super slow in pages that have lot of data.  This problem has never occur and the user has a bunch of pages clogged with data and always OneNote has need working optimum.

Today we noticed the user typed and the characters were super slow to appear the pages with lots of data (FYI there is no images in these pages just typed data and links) - below is a vid of said problem.  However in a new page or a small or regular page contents, typing is ok.

What can be going on?  Please advice.
Is this iPhone5 usable?

The attached image of the iPhone shows the screen is raised up and I worry it is dangerous even to handle it.

It still works as a radio and alarm clock. But, the Home button is broken so the phone is barely usable.

Any idea what's going on?

Could the battery be getting ready to explode? I have not idea and hoped someone on EE might be able to offer some advice.

I'm looking for an app or method to download & save all iPhone X voicemails to my Windows X computer so that they will be saved before I delete them.

Or if there is another way of downloading them to One Drive, Box, or Dropbox on my iPhone X.

How can this be done?
What are the best ways of storing Word file on iPhone X that I need to attach to email replies?

I have a certain Word 2016 document that I need to copy and attach to email replies that I send using the built-in mail app.

What are the best ways or processes for doing this? Are there any apps that will help with doing this?
What are some other iPhone X apps like Peel that will allow me to change channels on DirectTV systems without having to have the remote control for a RC73 or RC66 DirectTV system?
Currently in my home, due to a thick concrete wall, the corner when my bed
& reading desk is located can't reach the broadband Wifi even if I connect
a Vonets VAR11N repeater below to the Telco's Wifi router:

I then used a USB Wifi dongle plus a 6m USB extender cable to connect to
my laptop with dongle bypassing the thick concrete wall (with direct line-of
-sight to the router) & could now consistently get the Wifi signal:

However, for my iPad & my Android phone (which sometimes I read on the
bed), is there something equivalent to the Netgear dongle that I could use
with a USB extender cable?  Ideally one solution for both iPad & Android
instead having to buy separate solutions.

I ever seen a metal sticker which claims that once pasted onto the phone
will enhance the range of mobile phones' but lost that article : does this
work & can share an eBay/Amazon link to purchase?
Lately, when I have been taking pictures with my iPhone X some of the pictures have been captured as movie files (.MOV) instead of just regular pictures (.JPG files).

How can I change this so that when I use the camera app on my iPhone it will only capture picture and won't capture movie files?
Dear expert,

I have installed TeamViewer on my iPhone and my laptop. It is very annoying to and very limited control on IOS.

I tried Chrome remote desktop application but it is only give one way access from iPhone to PC not vice versa.

Please help me to find a free remote access application to manage and control the phone from my PC.

Thank you in advance.
There's a miscomm between the merchant who sent me an iPad
model Md513ll/A but I was expecting an iPad Mini 4:

I'm considering keeping it but will need to clarify the specs:

a) is Md513ll/A's front & back cameras resolution 1.2Mpixel & 8Mpixel
    or what is its pixels?

b) is Md513ll/A still being sold by Apple?

c) does Md513ll/A support latest IOS (as of Aug 2018) ?

d) is Md513ll/A  running 64bit or 32bit processor?

e) is the screen of Md513ll/A  a retina ?

Will the above adapters enable me to read PDF & watch mp4 video
files (saved in microSD card) on my iPad Mini?

I suppose I'll need an Adobe Acrobat reader software only or pls
advise if there's any other softwares needed
We have an old Cisco 1800 in a test lab.  The two network interface are configured as follows:

FastEthernet 0/0

FastEthernet 0/1

The default gateway for PCs on the 6.X network is 6.33 - that is how they can get to the 5.X network.
The default gateway for anyone on the 5.X network is 5.1 (another router with Internet access).
The router with Internet access (5.1) has a static route so it can pass traffic to 6.X from 5.x via (interface on the Cisco 1800).
All systems on the 5.X network can get to Internet no problem because their gateway is 5.1 and it can either send traffic to Internet or back to Cisco for access to 6.x network.
PROBLEM - All systems on the 6.X network CANNOT get past the 5.X network when trying to reach Internet.

Question #1 - How can we tell the Cisco router that traffic coming from 6.X needs to get to the Internet via the router on 5.1?
Question #2 - Do we need tell the router on 5.1 (a Sophos UTM, not cisco) anything about the 6.X network that is not directly connected to it?

We have an old Cisco 1800 in a test lab.  
The two network interface are configured as follows:

FastEthernet 0/0

FastEthernet 0/1

Each interface is connected to an un-managed Netgear 5 port switch
Each Netgear switch also has a couple of PCs that are configured with an IP on the respective network (either 192.168.5.X or 192.168.6.X)
For some reason, we CANNOT pass traffic from a device on one switch to a device on the other switch through the Cisco router.
This was working in the past, but lab has not been used in several months.
Bottom-line, it is not routing traffic between and then beyond to the destination IP.
I can't provide the config because it is in an isolated environment.
However, when I do a show run, one of the lines says:
no ip routing
From the router via telnet, I CAN ping a device on either the 192.168.5.X or 192.168.6.X network
Also from either side, I can ping as far as interface 0/0 or interface 0/1 so it seems to know how to pass traffic that far
It just won't pass traffic beyond that to another device on the opposite side.
Any help would be appreciated.  I feel like we are just a couple of commands away from getting this router properly working.

When connected to WiFi, why is it that sometimes I get a "Message Send Failure" when I send a text. other times, I have no problem.  
I'm running iOS v11.4.1
I have had a few people tell me that when trying to visit a site using safari on their iPhones, they get an error that says:

Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found.

I asked other people to test on their iPhones and they said it works fine. After asking Google about this it seems that the answer is always something to do with the phone itself. But, it is not realistic to ask everyone with an iPhone to check this setting, and check that setting in order to try use the website.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this?
I'm choosing between a used iPad Mini 3 vs Mini 4:

The difference in price between both from a refurbished dealer is US$20
(for 16GB, both with Wifi : guess they don't have cellular built in).

Is it worth the US$20 to go for Mini 4?  I heard Mini 4 can go for a later
versions of IOS (security patches & bugs), is this crucial?

Outlook contacts are not syncing with different devices on Office 365

One of my users has 14,694 contacts in his account. His account is set up on the executive assistance's outlook and he has an iPhone and an iPad. sometimes the EA adds new contacts and he is not able to see them in mobile devices. another example is when he adds note to a contact and EA is not able to see in outlook.

anyone has a solution with syncing with multiple devices in office 365??

My company is paying for me to go to training for mobile app development for Android and iOs.  I am in the IT dept 15 years manager and I have basic programming experience.  Can someone recommend a hands on course I can take.
Hey all, our kids are addicted to Fortnite, its creating family caos.

I am looking for suggestions on which router brand will allow us to to:
set time schedules per device,
block Fortnite and YouTube during homework time,
pause internet during dinner time etc.

I need something that has an IOS App so non-tech wife can also spit the dummy and pause internet when required.
Thanks a bunch -
on my Android phone that has microSD card, I could copy PDF/Word
files into the SD card & read on the phone while travelling ie without
Internet/Cellular mobile data.

How can I do the same on my iPad mini (which does not have 4G/
Mobile Data) while I'm travelling (during long train journeys).
Anyway, I can save the PDF files locally in the iPad?

I could access my gmail while at home but is there any way to save
the PDF attachments while opening the gmail to save the PDF locally?

Don't want to buy an adapter if possible.
The user has been getting all sorts of advertising popups when reading email on their iPhone 6  with latest IOS.
They have several accounts, but only the AOL account is producing all sorts of advertising when they try and look at mail in AOL mailbox.

Is there a way to get rid of these ads that are preventing email from being read?

Anyone here have experience implementing and managing a good parental control app on their child's iOS device(s)?

I'd prefer one that does not utilize a VPN (too easy to disable) and does not require the client to be on wifi. It should function on both LTE and WiFi. I don't care if the product is overly complex. I just want a reliable tool to be able to monitor usage, disable Internet access on the fly, potentially set time limits at the app-level and make sure the entire app can't be easily skirted by my kid.

There are so many different products on the market, there are hundreds of unhelpful review sites and the actual app-store 'user reviews' are full of negative comments made by people who have minimal technical experience. It's made the process of narrowing down the selection, extremely cumbersome.

I'd like to hear your personal experience with specific apps and what the shortcomings were that you ran up against. I expect I'll have to make concessions as far as functionality goes, so I'm hoping to hear about potential dealbreakers.


iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.