iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.

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I installed the Microsoft RDP client on my iPhone 5 for checking a client's server remotely when I'm not at my desktop. It works great except the right click does not respond.  (Tap once and hold)

I'm using client version on a iPhone 5 running IOS 7.1.1 from AT&T. The phone works great. RDP from a Win 7 desktop works perfect.  There are multiple Win7 rdp connections each day and there are 10 RDP licenses on the Windows 2008 R2 server.

Has anyone used this function to check properties of an object in this configuration?
I am running some test on a new web application I built. Once in awhile we get the following error

"WARNING: Core Text is an advanced, low-level technology for laying out text and handling fonts"

not sure what this means..Any ideas?

I'm new to app development but have a need to quickly build an app that offers discounts to shoppers across a number of stores. If there is provision for taking mobile payments so much the better.

I have found Shopify but I'm not sure how customisable it is as the business model grows. I know some Javascript and have wondered how difficult it would be to knock up an initial 'Hybrid' pilot myself with not much programming experience.

Any advice welcomed.

Thanks in advance
I need a way for concession stand workers to be able to easily schedule & see when they are needed to work in concessions. I thought about google calendar but I'm not that familair with it. Is this the best option? Security is not a concern here as all that will be on it is first names & times......
Hi guys,

I have following storyboard,

I have added the second navigation controller and table view as an aggregator, but once I do this my events section does not load correctly.

I have attached the Xcode project here, hope someone can help?

Xcode Project

Should I only have one navigation controller or how should I structure this?


Hi guys,

I am very new to IOS dev (this is my first app). I am having a problem understanding table views,

I am calling a webservice (my own) and getting back JSON,

I am trying to update the table view with the JSON but I cannot seem to get it working,

The webservice is returning correctly and is been saved correctly from what i see.

My questions are the following

How does the tableview know which array to use as it data source?

Have I set up my IBoutlet correctly for refreshing my datasource?

Here is a screen shot of my story board


Here is my code from viewcontroller.m

//  ViewController.m
//  SimpleTable


#import "ViewController.h"
#import "CoffeeShop.h"
#import "ShopManager.h"
#import "DublinTownCommunicator.h"

@interface ViewController () <ShopManagerDelegate>
    NSArray *_shops;
    ShopManager *_manager;

@property (weak, nonatomic) CLLocationManager *locationManager;

@implementation ViewController

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];
    _manager = [[ShopManager alloc] init];
    _manager.communicator = [[DublinTownCommunicator alloc] init];
    _manager.communicator.delegate = _manager;
    _manager.delegate = self;
    [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self

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Is there a working whatsapp api where we can send messages using whatsapp as gateway? I know there was one before the purchase by Facebook. If anyone knows.
I made changes to start and end time on a few songs in iTunes - When I connected the iPhone to the computer and CLICKED Sync - - the changes start and end time changes didn't go to iPhone.

How can I fix this?
i am planning to hire android developer
i want to develop android store for magento
i want to have a feature called "messages"
what that does is, when i get new shipment i can send a message to all customers who has installed the app
and customers also can send message to admin using the app

is it possible to implement this? if so can someone tell me how to do it, technically what will be the requirements

maybe i can have a server to host the app, and all clients will be connected to the server, so i can send message to all clients? will it work that way?
A family member has an iphone 5 and can only delete the thread of text messages but wants to delete individual text messages within the thread.  They say they used to be able to do this previously on iphone 3 (possibly because of iOS 7?)
Can you link to an IOS app install on iphone from a web url  of an app that you didnt develop or own? I understand you can do this if you create the app by defining the URL Scheme and calling it seems to be pretty simple. But What about if you dont own the app?
I want to change the exposure rates and capture photos using my iPhone, which is running iOS 7. Is it possible to do it programmatically or does Apple prevent people from handling it ?
The latest Android cell phones allow users to slide their fingers over the keyboard's letters to compose words while typing an email.

This allows entire words to be composed without ever having to life up a finger from the cell phone screen.

This is a very useful features and I'm hoping to find an app or method of being able to do this with my iPhone 5 which is running iOS v.7.04.

What apps or methods are available that will allow this to be done on an iPhone?
I have just set up a new Exchange 2010 server and installed a UCC certificate from godaddy.

If I go to the OWA site from any browser, it works fine, no certificate warnings.

However, when I try to add the Exchange account on an iOS device, I get "Cannot Verify Server Identity ..... Would you like to continue anyway?"

I have installed the intermediate cert from godaddy, and have assigned services to the certificate itself.  I've done a lot of Googling and can't seem to find an answer as to why this only happens on iOS devices (and not from Safari, but when you try to add it as an e-mail account.)

I did find one thing about checking the box for inheritable permissions, and that was already checked off.

Any suggestions?
I have a desktop computer running windows 8.1, and do not have a smartphone. There is a free app online that works with iPhone, android and windows Mobile, and I would like to run it on my computer.

Is it possible?

If so, what do I do? Is there a way to natively run Windows Mobile? Is there an emulator that works in Windows 8.1 for one of the phone environments?

THank you.
Hi Experts,

I'm wondering if there is an iPhone simulator for pc, but what I need is to use the simulators browser (safari) to test my webpage.

Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards.
My MacBook shows the appointment(s)
The appointment(s) show in
The appointment(s) do NOT show in my iPhone.

The weird thing is that some appointment from the Calendar indeed show in the iPhone, others don't. I can't see a rhyme or reason.

The calendar is stored directly in the iCloud account (and not in Gmail, etc...)

What I've tried so far:
1. In iPhone iCloud settings, I checked to "unsync" the Calendar and delete all the appointments.
Then I restarted the phone.
Then I went in again and re-check to again "sync" the Calendar.
Again, many of the appointments show up, while others do not.  

What should I do next to troubleshoot?


Is it possible to write to the iOS console log?


I find it handy to write to log files to record what is going on in an app.  And since the iphone Configuration utility can display the Console log, what better place, along with all the related system messages.
Is there any free software out there that will help me either bypass n iPhone passcode or allow me to reset it? You know, the 4 digit number on after you swipe it....thanks
Hi all,

When i submit the app in the iTunes store i am getting warning like:
The resulting API analysis file is too large.We are unable to validate your API usage prior to delivery.This is just an informational message.

See attached image for ref: appstore warning
Did this cause any problem to my app?
How to resolve this kind of warning?

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks & Regards,
Krunal T. Tailor

I got an old iPad and iPhone audio recordings that I'd like to export as .MP3 before I wipe the content.
How can I achieve this ?

Quite often when my iPad 3 (first bought about 15 months back,
so likely it's on iOS 6 is turned from Portrait to Landscape position
or vice-versa, the screen does not readjust it's orientation.

Not even when I shake or give it a slight knock, the orientation
did not adjust.  WHen I first got it, it doesn't happen that often.

What can I do to improve its responsiveness?  Update to iOS 7
or it needs to be sent in for servicing or ?

any 3rd party software that will improve responsiveness?
Hi all, I have a client in the leasing business that wishes to convert all of their paper contracts, agreements, etc. into digital papers, preferably using an iPad. The goal being that customers can sign all of the necessary paper work on an iPad which then can get exported/upload to a central database. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Any guidance would be appreciated!

I am trying to understand three areas of App (iOS & Android) Development:

01 - User Signup
02 - Adding Friends
03 - Inviting Friends

Am i right in saying that there are two ways in which most apps allow users to sign up:

A - sign up using your email address (like Facebook and Twitter etc)
B - sign up by using your unique phone number (like Whatsapp)

QUESTION 01: I understand how A works, but how does B actually work?

02 - ADDING FRIENDS (that are on the network)
When we join Facebook or Twitter etc we can add friends using one of the following three ways:
A - search for your friend (using their name) to see if they are already on the network
B - enter their email address to search for them

However, if we are on Whatapp we seem to be able to:
C - access your friends via your contacts (if they already on the app)

QUESTION 02: Again, i understand how A & B works but i'm still not sure how C works?

03 - INVITING FRIENDS (that are not already on the network)

QUESTION 03: what are the best ways to allow users to invite their friends to the app, from within the app?

Should they:

01 - enter their friend's email address
02 - enter their friend's mobile number

QUESTION 04: i presume it is possible to enter your friend's mobile number on the app which then sends a default SMS to your friends via the app, where by the sender pays for the text?

When my phone is in my pocket voice control turns on.  I would like to disable it since i never use it.  I already disabled Siri but that had no effect on voice control.

My IOS version is 7.1


iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.