iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.

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We have a requirement from a client to have staff ALWAYS enter a password when connecting to their RDS environment. We have enabled this through GPO, and it works well for connections through RDP. However, when the user connects through the new HTML 5 RDweb client - the clients browser may ask to autofill the credentials. If it does, no password prompt. If the client connects in through an Android or iOS app, they save the password upon creating the connection - again no password prompt to connect. Mac client - same thing.

Is there a way that anyone knows to require a password EVERY TIME regardless of the connection client. Perhaps to ask again for a password once on the remote desktop server.

All servers 2019 datacenter
RDGateway, and server farm are set up
GPO: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Security\Always prompt for password upon connection - ENABLED
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Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5

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Hello Phone Experts!

I recently purchased an Android smart phone, and I really love it. A friend of mine would like to also upgrade her phone and would prefer to upgrade to an Apple IOS phone. Specifically to one of the newest Apple 11 phones. She is very familiar with the IOS interface since she also has an Ipod touch, so that explains her favoritism of Apple.
So we are wondering, should she order her IPhone 11 online through Apple corporation, or should she instead place an order through her current carrier who is horizon? I also imagine she could also buy it through Best Buy. Anyway does anyone have any advice on the best approach to purchasing the phone?
Is it possible to set a time in which iOS apps on the iphone are updated, say when we are asleep after a certain time e.g. 1am?

Also is there a way to prevent it connecting to e.g. a portable wifi device which I have data limits compared with a home wifi which is unlimited?
how to add mdm for company s internal ipads?
Hi Experts

Does anyone know what controls the icon now displayed in Outlook mobile for iOS?

I am seeing many emails now using the companies logo, including Microsoft.

How do I configure my company logo to appear in this way?

Kind Regards

From my laptop I export text to an IOS app.  The app does not like extended characters.  What software will strip the text to the most basic level?  And what is that most basic level called?

Thank you.
What would be the suggested methods to input data, via speech recognition, on a generic web page?

I have some web pages, that are not public to anyone, that our quality control department logs their measured data into.  This works great for functionality, when using a keyboard, but it is time consuming to type the data.

Is there a way for a computer, or a handheld device (IOS / Android) to automatically "listen" / all the time?

Is there a way to browse the web solely using speech commands on any piece of hardware?
Hi All

I'm currently developing an iOS app using the Contacts Framework to add contacts into a specific Group.

The code currently checks to see if the group exists, if it doesn't, it creates it and stores the Identifier into the UserDefaults store, if not it reads the identifier ready to save the contact later on.

let defaults = UserDefaults.standard
        var groupID = defaults.string(forKey: "contactsGroupID")
        let group = CNMutableGroup()
        var newGroupNeeded = Bool()
        if groupID?.isEmpty ?? true {
            let groupName = "my App Contact Group"
            let groupSave = CNSaveRequest()
            let newGroupNeeded = true
   = groupName
            groupSave.add(group, toContainerWithIdentifier: nil)

            do {
                try store.execute(groupSave)
               defaults.set(group.identifier, forKey: "contactsGroupID")
               defaults.set(groupName, forKey: "contactsGroupName")
                print("New Identifer saved: \(group.identifier)")
            } catch let error{
        else {
            let newGroupNeeded = false
            let groupName = defaults.object(forKey: "contactsGroupName")
            var predicate: NSPredicate? = nil
            if let object = [
                defaults.object(forKey: "contactsGroupID")
                ] as? [String] {
                predicate = 

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The variable is empty outside the DispatchQueue.main.async and I dont know what to do exactly.
Im trying to make this work from so many days but I gave up now.

Please help...

func createData(request:Crudpb_CreateRequest) -> String {
    DispatchQueue.main.async {
        self.response = try! self.client.create(request)

        print("This is response 1: " + self.response.result) // <-------- This is priting the right response
    print("This is response outside DispatchQueue: " + self.response.result) // <------- This is not printing anyvalue
    return self.response.result // <------ This is not

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I'm following this tutorial:
The problem is I can't understand what exactly is happening in the following code:

func listNotes(completion: @escaping([Note]?, CallResult?) -> Void) {
        _ = try? client.list(Empty(), completion: { (notes, result) in
            DispatchQueue.main.async {
                completion(notes?.notes, result)

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I need someone to explain me the above piece of code in detail.
Can anyone please help?
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Hello, we have deployed a Skype For Business Server 2015 FE (standard server) with an Edge Server, and a  Windows 2012 r2 Reverse Proxy, all works fine:
- Connectivity Analyzer passed with all green
- Internal SKype clients, office clients works fine: IM Video call .... ok
- External SKype clients, office clients works fine: IM Video call .... ok
- External SKype clients, android clients works fine: IM Video call .... ok

but ios devices can't login ..... i have read several posts about .... but i can't find a solution ......

anyone can help me?
What app, beside Outlook can be used to via Exchange e-mail? A am thinking of the mail app,  on the iOS platform.
But I need to be manage the device via Microsoft InTune.
I am trying to workaround a challenge: manage two separate e-mails account with Microsoft InTune.
I am thinking the best way to go about this is to install the MDM profile manually, left for install from a URL.
I am looking for a way to add an identity to the "Visual Effect View With Blur" for IOS Swift.  I also want to add rounded corners to the Visual Effect View with Blur.  I dragged it onto my ViewController and I am not sure how to round the corners nor how to identify the Visual Effect with an identity.  The reason why I want this functionality is because I need to round the corners or add code to round the corners in Swift.
anyone else have issues with meeting created on iphone outlook app does not sync to show on Computer outlook app??
active sync is working properly and active sync devices are all synced creating the meeting on computer outlook sync just fine with IOS outlook app but if created in IOS outlook app it does not show in outlook
How do you create a link on a website which opens a mobile app ?

We want to use Radius for our iOs/Wifi BYOD wifi network, with AD username/password auth (not TLS device certificates).

I've got Server 2012 R2 installed with NPS up and running, but as iOS doesn't trust the builtin (server.domain.internal) certificate, it prompts the user to trust it. I'm trying to get it working without any cert prompt.

I've installed and generated our CA domain certificate and pushed that to the iPads via MDM, and I can see that appearing on the iPad. Because it's gone via MDM, it's already set to "Enable full trust for root certs" by default.

I've then generated a CA-signed cert for the NPS server and selected it within NPS > Network Policies > Constraints > Microsoft PEAP.

When you connect an iPad to the SSID, it prompts for credentials correctly then prompts to trust the NPS Cert - but it is signed by our CA which the iPad already
trusts.  Should it not just trust the NPS cert??  I've also added the NPS cert to the iPad, seen that it is "Trusted" as it has the root installed and trusted, but still it prompts when authenticating onto the SSID.

If I trust the cert, the iPad is authorised and both UniFi and Smoothwall see the iPad with username so Radius itself is working - it's just the iPad is always prompting to trust a cert?

I've also read that generating a CA-signed cert via IIS request doesn't work, so used OpenSSL to generate a CA and CA-signed cert but that combination throws an error in NPS log "The client could not be …
When clicking on a date or time in email on an iphone, it offers you the ability to create an event in the calendar and pre-populates all the various fields nicely.  Is there a way to force the event creation in my Google calendar rather than the ioS one?
Trying to get cert based auth working with ADFS (2012r2) and an internal ADCS solution in conjunction with iOS...I got the ADFS box and WAP access to the CRL and made sure the CDP/AIA have legit info in the certs...even got so far as to having ios get prompted which cert to use, however the problem is that it appears to hang after traffic on 49443, and I cant see it executing CRL lookup over port (I do see 443, but the CRL is http)

I have just registered a new business with Google For Business (GFB) to avail of a company Google mail account using my new domain name.

I already use GFB for two other separate business emails, and I've never has a problem with either of this email accounts.

I am not facing 3 problems with my new account:

01 - on iOS Mail i don't see an option to select Push under 'Fetch New Data'... I just have Fetch or Manual... where as my other domain accounts have 'Push, Fetch or Manual'

02 - on iOS Mail, when i swipe left I don't get a delete option... where on my other domain accounts it 'deletes' the email

03 - on Mac Mail (desktop), I get strange behaviour with my mailboxes under the 'On My Mac' section. If you look at the screenshots you will see that the new mailbox has both a number on it and it expands with a drop down, however none of the other mailboxes in 'On My Mac' expand like this. This is really annoying as the number keeps grabbing my eye. Does anyone know how to remove this... and / or why is it showing number in All Mail and Important in the drop down.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Screenshot 01
email 1

Screenshot 02
email 2
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I don't know much about iOS programming, and I'd like to know if it's possible to build an app with a certain set of features. I'd like to know if it's possible to build an iOS app that allows one person to call another person, but to also be billed for the phone call. Very similar to 1-900 numbers. Is this possible to build on iOS?

Thanks in advance,
I am developing a PWA that requires a variable containing the users authentication key to passed to the installed version when the user adds the application to their home screen.

The android version maintains cookies and session ccokies in the install, but IOS loses cookies, session variables, querystrings and any other means of transferring the key to the app when it is installed.

Is there a way to get round this sandboxing of the installed app to save users having to login again once they have installed the app on IOS?
I have the Outlook app on my Android phone, and I want to mimic the behavior of "VIP" emails on an iPhone. That is, when I receive an email from a certain address, I want to get a notification on my phone, even when the phone's asleep. How can I do this?
I've been building a React js based site which needs some parallax design. I've tried the basic CSS/SCSS based parallax the following way:

background: url(/image.jpg) fixed;
  background-position: center center;
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  background-size: cover;

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But that doesn't work on most mobile browsers, not even in Chrome dev tool while at a responsive mode. Not even on Safari responsive mode. Nor on iOS simulators. Need a better parallax using pure CSS/SCSS that will work everywhere. Also would appreciate the help creating something like the following:

magnifying glass effect using cSS with parallax
This is where the round object should have the look and feel of a magnifying glass and will work on all devices. I'd really appreciate the help asap. Thanx in advance.
I have a subscription to Microsoft Project (online and desktop).  I was interested in using Project on my ipad and found the below video showing how to do this using the iOS RDP app and adding a remote resource.

My question is, how do i find what my feed URL is?  Is this possible?
We have an in-house messaging app we developed for our customers.  We are not app experts but have found we need to license audio files to be able to offer custom alert notification for our clients.  Does anyone know where we can license audio alert notification for Apple IOS?


iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.