iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.

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i) Many of you know that I am working on getting my phone game IDE setup working. I have my first potentially very good ideas to play with/test.
I received excellent advice to make the game in Java first to know exactly what I'm trying to do, so I'm ready. It's working in a Javax JFrame. (thanks a lot - got my mind right)
I have been studying Javascript, some iOS, a look at some c# pages, Xcode pages..

ii) I am not getting it done as quickly as I hoped..I have so many questions every minute, u know how it goes..
Do you think it could be a plan to ask a Freelancer to completely help set me up, maybe over the phone? Ability to make games on any, every device, browser? I prefer back and forth banter, not sporadic articles. too much waiting. I need some first downs.
How many languages, SDK's and devices are there to accommodate me in this situation, have to learn? What did the or dudes do? Javascript!? How did they cover everything, all devices!? iPhones need special features. What else?  J2ME is a bust, so I need a new angle. The dudes made an iPhone app! Also Android App? Windows phone?

iii) I have access to one of Godaddy's private professional servers. - got major repeat customer credits for an appealing price for 10 years in. I hope it will serve the potential max players well. non VPN (can be clogged) Can I expect this to serve my players as well as and  do?

Freelancer a plan?
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Learn Ruby Fundamentals

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I am looking for an app that would virtulize iOS, on a iPad, or iPhone. It needs to be able to function like the host system.
How can I virtualization and app for iOS, inside another app?
IOS app targeting profile view for iPhones only. I have some background images.   xxx@2x.png  is ~ 333kb, xxx@3x.png is ~ 1.2mb. When I realized the size of the 3x, I loaded the 2x version into both the 2x and 3x slots in my assets. I run the app on a 5s phone and a Xs Max simulator. I see no difference using the original big 3x image vs the smaller one.

These background images are simple illustrations, not a great deal of detail.

Please help me understand this and is it okay to just run the smaller file in both slots?
I have a fiend who wants to copy music files from a PC to an iPhone? I downloaded a free program called AnyTrans but it didn't work.
     Also, the music on his PC is neatly categorized into folders, which are further categorized into sub-folders, etc. Even if AnyTrans had worked, we would have had to select the music from each individual folder (very tedious) and then dump them all into one big folder on the iPhone (when we tested AnyTrans we only copied about a dozen music files from one of the folders).
     This may be asking for too much, but is it possible to not only copy the music but to do it with them all still in their respective folders?
I need some help understanding swift/xcode positioning of elements. I've done several tutorials and built some apps but I really don't get it. I know my way around the xcode IDE, for instance the pin tool for creating constraints.

If I have 3 buttons on the left side of a view, one 15% from the top, one in the middle, and one 15% from the bottom. For the sake of discussion, I'll use my top edge on the top one and bottom edge on the bottom button.

How do I maintain this across different phone sizes? In this case portrait only. I can pin the top and bottom and then pin the center button to it's upper and lower neighbors but that fixes them in place. And they would be different percentages of distance apart on different size phones.

What am I missing?

Thank you!
I need to extend the time before my iPhone requires a password.

Hi guy,
Got a telstra router.
Need some help setting up vpn for remote users, so they can access the local lan
- please have a look at the pic attached for my config. It says windows 7 option.
But I got windows 8&10 os. Will it work still ??
[embed=doc 1415116]
Client has Office 365 E3. Has a handful of users. They have a Shared Mailbox where they all access and use the Calendar.

Now, they need to be able to access that Shared Mailbox Calendar on iOS. I'm aware that MS does not want people to do this but there is a workaround:
  1. Add Account
  2. Other
  3. Add Mail Account
  4. Name: Name of shared mailbox
  5. Email: email address of shared mailbox
  6. Password: of user who has full access to shared mailbox
  7. Description: Name of the shared mailbox
  8. NEXT
  9. IMAP
  10. Incoming Mail Server:
  11. Username: (your_primary_account)@domain\enter_the_name_of_the_shared_mailbox
  12. Password: of user who has full access to shared mailbox
  13. Outgoing Mail Server
  14. SMTP:
  15. Username: email address of the person who has full access to the shared mailbox
  16. Password: of user who has full access to shared mailbox
I can confirm this works fine as I have just added a Shared Mailbox from my own Tenant onto my iPhone.

However, once the account is Verified the only mailbox items I can sync are:
  • Mail
  • Notes
No Calendar :-(

Besides converting the Shared Mailbox to a full mailbox, is there any other way?

I have tried to delete the backup in my icloud and haven been able to do it.  I went to iPhone settings icloud and tried to delete to have "Cannot delete backup... cannot be deleted at this time".  I also tried by using iCloud apps and same message.  Can someone tell me how to delete backup file sin iCloud no longer needed?
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CompTIA Cloud+

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I am trying to clean up my contacts in IOS 12.x

So my initial step was to reset the iPhone to factory defaults, keeping icloud off completely. So absolutely no contacts on the pjhone at all.

Then I cleaned up my personal contacts in Outlook to just what I want. Then I deleted my autocomplete file in my profiles roamcahce directory. No suggestions are put forward when I type a letter in a new email. So far so good.

So now I set up my Exchange account which went OK. When I start to type an email address on my iPhone it shows literally hundreds of old emails addresses which I was trying to delete. Looking at the contacs app under contacs there are just my Outlook contacs, good, but there is another group called suggested contacts which contains all these mails. Even if I deselect this group and just have contacts ticked , when I start typing an address it shows everything.

Where is this junk stored in Outlook? It is not the autocomplete file as I deleted that. It must be outlook as I did an iPhone fiull erase and reset, set up as a new phone and made sure nothing Icloud was enabled. To be sure I user my laptop to log into icloud to check what contacts I had there and there were only 4.

Any ideas please?


Aladair Barclay

Can someone help me with a sample code to Autoplay a HTML video on IOS. I have a video that used to autoplay in IOS but not anymore, also how would I autoplay and start the video from a different position

i.e 40 seconds before the end.
This weekend we renewed our certificate in Exchange using our CA. Everything installed normally and Exchange ECP shows the renewed certificate as Valid. After testing Outlook, OWA and email on my android phone, I saw that everything was pulling the new certificate and mail was flowing on the devices normally.

The next day we started getting calls from iOS users stating they cannot access email on their iPhones or iPads. They are getting an error that says, "Cannot Verify Server Identity: The identity of "" cannot be verified by Mail." I jumped on the server to double check "autodiscover" is visible on the new certificate and it is. The new cert is an exact replica of the previous cert, which had worked fine.

Anybody have any thoughts on how to fix this for iOS users? People using the Outlook App on Apple devices are able to access email fine. It's only people using the built-in Mail app provided by Apple.

Troubleshooting I've tried:
Rebooting the Exchange server to reset IIS and other services
Restarting Apple device
Removing and re-adding Exchange account from Apple device
Temporarily turning off SSL on Apple device
Tested adding Exchange account to an Apple device that has never touched our Exchange server

Thank you for the help!

We are a school and we started buying iPads for the staff. I have created a school iCloud account.  

Please let me know if there will be a way of adding new iPad to the school cloud account and once the iPad is given to staff they must be able to install apps by their own.

But when they leave the organisation , they should return the iPad , but able to carry the paid apps and install on their iPads they wish.

Please let me know a best way of setting up this.

Any help will be great and thanks in advance.
I have some users who have access to a shared calendar stored in public folders in Office 365. Is it possible for them to view this calendar using the Outlook mobile application (android\iOS)?
Dear Experts,

I used to be able to make conference call from my iPhone, and all of a sudden I cannot.  I have opened a ticket with my carrier (Verizon) and tried to troubleshoot, but they could not help.  My phone is iPhone X, with iOS version 11.4.1.

Please advise.
iOS 12.1.2. I'm trying to save an image that's in a message to my camera roll. When I tap and hold on the photo I don't get a save option--just "copy" and "more..." How do I save this photo to my camera roll--or, alternatively, paste it into same?

I've tried tapping on "copy"; when I go to my camera roll I'm "told" that the photo group has been "updated just now," but i can't find the picture in the collection.

I have 2 main InTune app policies for IOS and Android.  

Each policy I have targeting all of my mobile users for all of my approved apps with a 60 minute inactivity timeout through access requirements through group membership.

Is it possible to setup another policy with just one of the apps (Excel for example), to grab a lower timeout like 10 minutes?  More or less create another group assignment targeting a set of users to target at 10 minutes for excel as a timeout?

My goal is to get a set of users to be an exception to the main timeout for one app (excel), but still get the main policy for all of the other apps.

Thanks experts!
I had iOS 10 and certain apps from App Store asked me for at least iOS 11. So I made an update these days over WiFi to iOS 12. My iPad was not subject of jailbreak. It is iPad Air first generation with cellular model A1475.
After update to iOS 12 it did not charge anymore while the iPad/iOS was started/on. It was charging only when was turned off.
I decided to repair/update/restore the iOS using PC with Windows 8.1, iTunes latest version and USB cable. It downloaded the iOS 12 latest version on PC, the process started and somewhere at 20% of the process everything stopped with an error 14 as seen below. I repeated the process several times, changed the PC and the cable and I am stuck there. I have tried then all kind of 3rd party software to revive it (for example 3utools) and the Restore process is blocked always at about 20%. I tried again iTunes, but the same bad result. I have read couple of days on internet different pages with suggestions, methods and I think I have tried everything what I have read. Now I am out of ideas and I refuse to believe is a hardware problem
I do not have a backup in PC neither in the cloud and I do not care if the data on it is lost. I just want to have the iPad with a workable iOS, even if it is downgraded to previous versions.
Any suggestions how to revive is appreciated, even if I have to erase everything and re-flash from scratch with any previous iOS.

Itunes error 143utools errorRestore stops at about 20%
Starting with Angular 5
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Starting with Angular 5

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iOS 12.1.2. This AM when I attempted to attach a YouTube link to a message via the iMessage app--nothing happened. That is, YouTube wouldn't load in messages, though I can open it via the "basic" screen icon, and download links from vids I open there into messages.

Yes, I closed and reopend the Messages app. Yes, I rebooted the phone. Yes, all other message apps work.


What should I do if Safari keeps crashing on my iPad running iOS 8 ? I have tried restarting the iPad. Thanks!
I need to set up imaging to create a  locked down iPAD profile. That can be distributed / downloaded to standardise these devices.

While I have been provided with a solution using apple image software...…and have a config file.
This will not or is not available to run on the MAC I have (High Sierra), next generation is required, which is unfortunately out with the hardware architecture tolerance.

I will be at my desk tomorrow 09:00 GMT.
And would hope to attempt any implementation recommended.
Any assistance gratefully received.
I have a gifted Apple iPad, a very early model No. MC769LL.  It is a Ver 2 .  How and where do I update the IOS to the latest? .  Thank u

I use Twitter, Telegram & RSS feeds to follow new security treats. I also have many groups and users I follow in LinkedIn.

The problem and question:
Each time I start the LinkedIn app all contributions are unsorted. As an example, I have posts that came 1h before, then 6 days ago and the last 2h ago. Why is this so? With Twitter, Telegram, RSS feeds all are sorted as they were posted. The other annoying thing is that when I click the home button it jumps to the uppermost post. Then I must go down to the last post I red. If I still remember it ... :-)

How are you following LinkedIn contributions? Do you use another app?

Thanks for helping me
I am a java professional for the last 16 years.
I want to make mobile apps for both IOS and android.
Pl guide me.


iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.