iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.

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will this phone work with verizon wireless (not prepaid plan) united states
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We use whatapps and are always deleting the movies and video that we received.  We do this so we don't jump the 5gb limit in iCloud.  However, this morning the iCloud was in 500mb available.  When searching what apps as taking up, it was whatapps with 3.5gb as the largest.

The question is, if we delete videos contents in whatapps, it should also reduce the backup area in iCloud? (say, whatapps backup in icloud is 3.5gb, so we delete the device videos that sum up 2 gb, the next time it back up whatapps, the backup area in iCloud for whatapps should read 1.5gb)

Are we correct in this?  Besides buying more space in iCloud, what can we do to reduce this space? Can we find the Biggest Chats in WhatsApp and clean it up?

Please advice.

Does anyone know if iOS allows apps to run in the background indefinitely or there is a timeout?

We are running a third party mail app that needs to run constantly in the background to retrieve mail. What we are seeing is that sometimes the app is being terminated, probably by iOS battery optimization but we want to understand the expected behavior from iOS.
Hi Guys,

Could you please suggest me any best Cross platform mobile app development tool, i started learning Xamarin but heard its not that mature with cross platform.
Hi Experts,

I have a few questions re iPads.

I purchased my iPad in 2012, how can I find out which version is this?

What iPad versions exist?

Compared to mine from 2012 and the newest one, what other major changes? I am mostly a Windows person, and I know if the device can support it you can install any software, but I see the new iPad interface are different?

Two things that I wish my iPad did are... 1) Compared to Outlook for Windows, Tasks (which are reminders in iPad) can be caregorized, you can add custom fields, rich text and attachments. 2) Have RDP access to a Windows server. Does the new iPad have these?

IOS EAP-TLS authentication to wireless network. We have setup an NDES/SCEP ca server on our network. I have pushed the certificates to the IOS devices with our MDM, and also pushed the certificates in the chain. I have also pushed the NPS server certificate to the devices. We have setup an configured the Wifi profile on our MDM the profile autoconnects and uses the users certificate issued by the NDES server for authentication. I have setup the policy on the NPS server to accept the certificate as an authentication method. During testing I can see in the logs several entried with a 0 reason code then the last log shows a 295 reason code. With a lot of research I cannot find a solution to the 295 reason code and the devices cant connect to the network
I spend quite a bit of time driving and am interested in finding an app or method so that any incoming Office 365/Exchange emails received on my iPhone X will be read to me.

This will allow me to know what the incoming emails say without having to read these emails while I am driving.

What apps are currently available that will allow this to be done?
Is there any way of bringing up or displaying the iPhone notifications screen (that appears on your iPhone with all of your latest email notifications, Experts Exchange alerts, texts, and other alerts) when you haven't used your iPhone for a while?

For example, I always use my iPhone alarm to wake me up in the morning.

When the alarm goes off I will unlock my iPhone and then turn off all of the iPhone alarms.

Then I will want to go back and view the main notifications screen that contains all of the alerts I have described above (instead of having to go to all of my different email accounts, Experts Exchange app, texts, etc.)

How can I go back to this main notification screen?
How do I copy folder of 70 photos from latest version of OS X high Sierra to iPhone 8S (iOS 11.4) using iTunes. This is copying (or moving) photos without changing /deleting any other files. Ads for other Apps say iTunes can corrupt other files.
Is there any way of setting an iPhone X to automatically install all app updates automatically without me having to manually install them?
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What apps or methods exist that will allow me to have a second phone number assigned to my iPhone (similar to Google Voice)?

I am a Sprint PCS subscriber and really liked the Google Voice service that replaced the iPhone phone number with my Google voice phone number everytime that I made a call using my iPhone. My Google Voice phone number would always show on other people's caller ID whenever I would call them.

However, this Google voice integration with my Sprint PCS service ended on 6/1/18 due to security upgrades and Google not producing an updated app.

So I'm currently looking for a replacement app or service I can subscribe to that will display an alternate phone number every time that I make an outgoing phone call using my iPhone X.

What apps or services are currently available that will allow this to be done?
What are the steps required to activate AT&T cellular service on iPad Pros?

These iPads will be using AT&T cellular for their wireless data plan.
Is there any way of bookmarking the MP3 music location on an iPhone X?

I'm currently listening to some dramas using my iPhone X (that are each one hour long). I have several hundred of these dramas saved on my iPhone.

I have no problems when all that I listen to is these dramas (when I listen to them sequentially) since I pause listening to these dramas and then go back into the iPhone music app and continue listening from the point where I left off before (when I want to continue listening to these dramas).

However, whenever I listen to other MP3 music files I always lose my place as to where I have left off listening to these one hour long dramas.

Is there any way (or are there any apps I can load) which will allow me to bookmark or save the exact location of where I am currently listening to these dramas so I can continue listening at the exact point where I left off whenever I want to listen to other MP3 music files?
Recently our company deployed iPhone 8plus with company email. Basically, functions of sending and receiving email is working fine. then I found the Draft folder was not sync'd.
So I went into Settings -> Accounts & Passwords -> Fetch New Data. It's confirmed the corporate email was set to "Push" automatically. Then I taped into corp email and did not found Draft folder under "PUSHED MAILBOXES". There are only Inbox, Sent, Trash, Junk...etc.

Below is the version of iOS and activesync:
Device OS: iOS 11.3.1 15E302
ActiveSync version:      14.1

Appreciated if someone could help to advise what I miss or it's by design that Draft is no longer sync'd

I have a new android phone and am waning to transfer call log, text messages and contacts from IOS phone, besides paying for software and looking on google.. is there a free way to transfer from ios to android
We have a user with a Mac PC and they setup exchange email in the built in email client software.

Whenever this user is outside the domain their email works.

When they are inside it does not if they are connected to the Network. Also includes iphones when they are connected to the wifi which is inside the network.

They are running Exchange 2010 on their server. SBS2011

Does anyone know why this is happening.
Is there a way to restore or transfer wifi settings from the ios device which contains over 100 saved wifi network passwords and port them over to my new android device?

I would like to know if their are options with or without rooting either device.
Hi Everyone (First Time Questioner) We have been quite unlucky recently and had 2 scenarios which have caused us to need to run an ESEUTIL repair on our Microsoft Exchange 2013 environment due to dirty shutdowns. The Utility has successfully sorted out the issue on both occasions, however on both occasions an number of iOS devices seemingly random can no longer connect to the exchange environment using the inbuilt Mail App. This isn't on all devices or all users specifically but it seems to be when a certain device is linked to a certain mailbox, it can no longer access. E.G: User 1: accesses email on Work Computers Work iPhone and iPad everything is working fine on the iPad and Work Computers but the inbox keeps coming up with a server connection error on the iPhone. Users 2 - 10 no issues at all (all have iPhone and iPad and windows PC's) and then another random user has the same issue. there no correlation alphabetically, by mailbox size, usage or age. (typically it seems to be hitting the people who like to moan the most but I don't think that's a useful correlation. We have even run active sync tests using and we get all green on there as well.

Now we are aware of the device number limitations within exchange and have cleared all old and existing devices and reconnected but still nothing. You can still send emails from the phone when the account is signed in, it will not however synchronise any of the folders to the device. We have …
I put it on lost mode since last night and no update as yet as to a location. I’m beginning to think this is a lost cause and I may need to buy a new phone.

Is there anything else I can do and also what do you recommend I get to prevent this happening in the future eg leaving it somewhere and not knowing

Any other tracking devices I can put on my new phone if I buy a new one ?
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I have a client who has his own collection of photos taken on his iPhone and synced with iCloud through his own account. He wanted to share his photo Library with his wife and vice versa . Is this possible even if they have separate IDs ? I don’t think family sharing shared pictures , only purchases etc..
Would be great to know

iPad Air 2 - My iPad Air 2 is running ios 11.3.1. I want to use a mouse with it. How can i do this?
Does the iPhone X have a delete button?

While typing, editing, or modifying emails or texts I sometimes find the need to delete letters or words that are in front of the cursor rather than behind the cursor.

So what do I need to do so I can delete these characters in front of where the cursor is currently located?
We require our staff to use MobileIron MDM and read their corporate emails using
MobileIron's  Email+ (a secure email client by MI).

Several staff read Bloomberg's BFW (Bloomberg First W)  news which is not in
http nor https format but  bbs format which MI can't load though this could
load in Apple IOS partition.

Does Bloomberg offers http or https  instead of bbs ?  It's the
trading staff who subscribes so I don't hv Bloomberg's support

We have logged a case with MI & MI ack'ed they can't support bbs:
Bloomberg was supposed to be used globally, so how is it that MI
can't support it.  Any workaround?
How much longer will it be until the iPhone X can be jailbroken?
I want to completely reinstall iOS 11 on my iPhone 6s.
How do I do this?
Yes. I don't care about any old data on my iPHone.
Don't need it.


iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple; it is a derivative of the Mac OS X desktop operating system, with which it shares many (but not all) common frameworks and other components. These include Cocoa Touch, the Mach/Darwin/XNU kernel and code from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Each iOS application runs in its own secure sandbox to prevent altering other applications, the operating system, or any other data.