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IP Telephony

IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol's packet-switched connections to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information that have traditionally been carried over the dedicated circuit-switched connections of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Using the Internet, calls travel as packets of data on shared lines, avoiding the tolls of the PSTN. The challenge in IP telephony is to deliver the voice, fax, or video packets in a dependable flow to the user.

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Hello All,

In our small office we have a single POTS line from BrightHouse and we are moving to FlowRoute with SIP (or at least I want to) so I have purchased SIP services from FlowRoute and 3 DID's even though I only really need a single line to ring into the phone system. When someone calls now over the single POTs line the AA answers and it routes to the internal team extensions. I setup the new SIP trunk within CCA with the help of FlowRoute to get their settings right. I can call out but actually only to a single line (meaning I can't simultaneously dial outbound from more than one phone) but when I call in I get a busy signal. Something tells me it's because I haven't told the UC that when calls come in on one of our DID's that it needs to go to AA but I appear to be way over my head. Worst off Cisco stopped support for this unit 2 weeks ago :(

Goal is to have a single number dial into our UC and the AA answer as it does now over pots and to have more than one outbound call at the same time.
Hi Guys,

I am facing some issue after changing some changes in the CISCO CME, now When we transfer the incoming calls to other extension, its automatically drops the call when the calling person speak.
Note: If the calling person do not speak, the calls remain same. he can also talk smoothly with the first receiver.

Any help will be appreciable.

Good Day,
We are just activating mobility and would like to import all if the extensions on the system into contacts..
Any way to to do this through real time connection that will stay updated as extensions change?
hi all, please i just installed this panasonic TDA 100 ip intercom telephone system. everything is working fine but i dont know how to programm the call assignment feature, unlike the  1232 where you can do the programming with the operator console. please is there a way to programm this(TDA100) intercom with operator console.
thank you all
I have Physical server running with Vicidial & vtiger.
Vicidial working fine & vtiger only install over that. I am unable to config with my vicidial

vicidial version : 2.14
Asterisk : 1.8
vtiger : 6.5.0

Please help me out

Thanks in Advance
I'm troubleshooting a strange issue with a Shoretel phone system.  I'm new to looking at Shoretel, so some/any assistance is much appreciated.  HQ is running a shoretel system that shows a Softswitch and SG-220T1A.  The Branch shows a gateway of SG-90.  The two sites are connected via a site-to-site VPN tunnel.  Cisco ASA at HQ, sonicwall at the Branch.  The tunnel has been tested and is working fine.  From HQ I can ping the branch SG-90 at, and I can also ping all of the phones registered in their office.  From the branch side, I can ping the HQ softswitch at and the SG-220T1A at  I can also ping all of the phones from the branch to HQ.  

The Branch can call HQ with no problems.  Call sets up and both sides can hear each other.  When HQ tries to call the branch it immediately goes to voicemail.  Being new to this system I'm not sure where to start looking.  In the maintenance section under connectivity the connection shows as a green "C" for connected.

In the windows event viewer logs I do see Event Id 233: TMS has disconnected from switch "Branch" ( This may be as a result of a network outage, administrative action, or unexpected switch behavior.

I'm watching the traffic across the tunnel and I'm not seeing any packet loss or dropped connections.
Hello Dear

Our “Voice Auto Attend” is not working when anybody calls from outside.

I have deleted all the “Visual Voice” from all our AVAYA IP phones (1608L and 1616L).

I have also rebooted, but still it is not working.

We are using “AVAYA IP Office R8.1 Manager”.

Kindly assist me urgently because our whole incoming phone is not working.

Thanks & regards
My user ID has just about every permission imaginable including Super User. Yet when I'm trying to
access AuditLog View in RTMT I get "Not an Authorized user: (my user name)." Does anyone know the
specific role or group which governs this? Does it take time for the permission to go into effect? I
did try logging out and back into RTMT but still no joy.
In CUCM 10.5 System/Security/Certificate - there are 100 or so certificates. I want to know if any of those certificates are in danger of expiring any time soon. How can this be determined?
The client is using Lync in conjunction with Cisco UCM and complains about occasional voice quality issues.
Normally with Cisco phones and CUCM you let the phones use the voice VLAN and tag the traffic that comes
onto the voice VLAN. But with Lync - that traffic is just traveling with all the other data traffic. What's the best
way to tag that traffic as real time EF as near the source as possible?
I want remote authentication for all Cisco systems using a Cisco ACS as the the TACACS+ authenticator. These devices include Call Manager and Unity systems. In the event the ACS in not available, I want to be able to login locally.
Hi ee
please could you share some experience with production of pair of TFTP servers and pair of MOH servers in CUCM cluster , are there any special considerations about that type of service deployment, and instructions how to configure it.
Nice regards
Hello All
I am in new in asterisk, I want to call user 'X' and then i connect X to Caller 'Y' using dial command
 Now i want to receive input from both of them

Thanks in advance
Hey Experts,

I have a FusionPBX Server Installed and everything is working fine at the moment except for the video calling, I've set the global codec to allow it but still nothing, has anyone been able to get this going?
I have just started experiencing this strange issue with my shoreTel 12.1 Server.
some of the Users Access Licensing are changing randomly from WorkGroup to personal everyday. there is no log shows what happened or no one physically changed it. it started about a month ago.

any help will be highly appreciated.
I am currently pulling monthly CDR records out of our Cisco Call Manager. However, to get any information out of those logs, we have an individual that spends hours to get some reports and metrics. Does anyone know of a good tool that we can get for free or maybe purchase, that would take the .txt CDR file and convert it into a report.
We have a 3rd Party TAPI Server, running the NEC 3rd party tapi driver, on Windows server 2012r2

There is an NEC phone system, and a bespoke CRM software package involved.

Client PC's are registered with the third party tapi server and are running Windows 7 Pro

Client PC's should recieve a client information popup from TAPI in their bespoke crm software package, when they answer a phone call.

This works, but 90% there are very long delays before the popup is received.

Does anybody have an opinion on this please?
We have this toll free line that is masked into 5 different lines for our call center. The center has 5 agents that use x-lite. We have set the queue (hunting ) for each agent 680* code as directed on d Yealink configuration, however,  the calls don't hunting from desk to desk.
Hi all

We are using our own FreepBx hosted platform out of our datacenter.
I have been used to AASTRA phones and decided to try a new Polycom VVX 410.

The Web interface does not seem to offer the control Aastra does.

I cannot figure out how to setup SOFTKEYS like Transfer etc for the life of me.
In the web config it indicates you have to enable EFK to do anything with soft keys
I thought maybe this was done via SSH to the config file but I don't believe that is the case either?

Also for my BLFs.    The manual indicates I should have ICONS beside with GREEN RED or YELLOW to indicate status
These do not appear either?

Looking for input with anyone who has successes or failures in providing a hosted Cisco UC solution. What were pain points? What is the high-level diagram/design?

My high-level, current environment is as follows: 50+ sites, mostly smaller sites with less than 50 users however there are a few with 600, 400, 300 and 250, 250, 200 and 200). China, Southeast Asia, Europe, US, Mexico, Canada so far, though growth is always occurring.

About half the sites have MPLS right now, with the smaller offices mostly with a quilted solutions of varied ISP's and Voice services.

Again, I know that there are several details that are required such as mpls bandwidth, however I am looking for an overview and understanding of what your solution is, why you chose it over hosted solutions (cm clusters and srst, etc), and ball park pricing..just gathering some information and want to know more about what others are doing...

Thanks in advance.

I have client who wants to disable call history on specific IP Phone.
I tried the command "exclude call-history" but still shows the call history.

We use call manger express
I have recently setup a sip trunk with net2phone at home in Australia. Extensions are setup from elastics. For some reason I keep having to dial an international prefix even when i call local numbers in Melbourne. I am in Melbourne. For example if i call a melbourne number i still need to dial 00613 8878xxxx. Any ideas ? Has it got something to do with the fact that net2phone is an international sip provider ?

My company has 17 branches, a HQ, and a data center at a colocation.  Our UCCX and Call Manager are located at our data center.  We have a PRI located at each location.  The main number for each branch is translated to a designated trigger on the UCCX on our voice gateway.  When our branches lose data connectivity back to the Call Manager and UCCX, SRST does not function properly.  I know that the phones go into fallback mode and outbound calls can be made, but incoming calls get a fast busy.  I believe there is a problem with the configurations for SRST on the gateway.

Question: Is there a way for the gateway's voice translation to change to an internal extension located at the branch rather than to the UCCX trigger if data connectivity is lost at the branch office?
Good evening, how i can block transfer call for outside of company, the allow for inside only. For more information, we have two ISP, where one is a normal ISP and other is for SIP Trunk, now our plan is to block all transfer call for outside of company, and permit to transfer call only for inside (LAN) of company.

In future, we want to create a rule that permits a list of numbers to transfer to outside of company and deny the rest. Please, help me to solve this problem because we are receiving a big count to pay to ISPs and people (our BOSS) doesnt understand what real happend, then use to complain everiday.
I've installed an HP 2530 48 port switch, and I'm having problems getting Cisco 8851 phones with a key management side car / add on.  The KEM won't power up on the phones.  On the rare occasion, I got one phone to power up the KEM but I haven't been able to duplicate the process.  If I were to restart that phone then I'm not sure if the KEM would start or not start.  I cannot tell if it's a config issue on the switch or something with the phone config.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to the phone config.

With the default switch configuration, the phones startup and indicate that the accessory (the KEM) cannot be started. When I look at the phone log, I find a line item indicating that a request for power is made but it is denied.  This is with the POE+ option TLV enabled.

If I turn off POE+ and just use LLDP-MED, the accessory still doesn't power up but there is no message about the accessory not being started.  When I look at the phone log, I find a line item about a timeout occuring when the request for additional power is made.

I've uploaded the results of "show tech all" for the switch.

I don't manage the phones.  I'm trying to get the HP switch in place to avoid having my client purchase the Cisco switches the phone vendor wants to install.  There's almost a 3x price difference !!!

Thanks for your help.

IP Telephony

IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol's packet-switched connections to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information that have traditionally been carried over the dedicated circuit-switched connections of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Using the Internet, calls travel as packets of data on shared lines, avoiding the tolls of the PSTN. The challenge in IP telephony is to deliver the voice, fax, or video packets in a dependable flow to the user.

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