iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.

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Activision locked my iPad mini
Angular Fundamentals
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Angular Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Angular 2, a JavaScript framework for developing dynamic single page applications.

What are some other iPhone X apps like Peel that will allow me to change channels on DirectTV systems without having to have the remote control for a RC73 or RC66 DirectTV system?
Currently in my home, due to a thick concrete wall, the corner when my bed
& reading desk is located can't reach the broadband Wifi even if I connect
a Vonets VAR11N repeater below to the Telco's Wifi router:

I then used a USB Wifi dongle plus a 6m USB extender cable to connect to
my laptop with dongle bypassing the thick concrete wall (with direct line-of
-sight to the router) & could now consistently get the Wifi signal:

However, for my iPad & my Android phone (which sometimes I read on the
bed), is there something equivalent to the Netgear dongle that I could use
with a USB extender cable?  Ideally one solution for both iPad & Android
instead having to buy separate solutions.

I ever seen a metal sticker which claims that once pasted onto the phone
will enhance the range of mobile phones' but lost that article : does this
work & can share an eBay/Amazon link to purchase?
Lately, when I have been taking pictures with my iPhone X some of the pictures have been captured as movie files (.MOV) instead of just regular pictures (.JPG files).

How can I change this so that when I use the camera app on my iPhone it will only capture picture and won't capture movie files?
There's a miscomm between the merchant who sent me an iPad
model Md513ll/A but I was expecting an iPad Mini 4:

I'm considering keeping it but will need to clarify the specs:

a) is Md513ll/A's front & back cameras resolution 1.2Mpixel & 8Mpixel
    or what is its pixels?

b) is Md513ll/A still being sold by Apple?

c) does Md513ll/A support latest IOS (as of Aug 2018) ?

d) is Md513ll/A  running 64bit or 32bit processor?

e) is the screen of Md513ll/A  a retina ?
Unable to edit sharepoint documents on iPad -

I need to be able to access sharepoint documents from an ipad. The iPad can connect to our internal sharepoint server and can open up the sharepoint pages in the browser. The issue is that when you click/tap on the document you wish to edit it will open in the browser but you cannot edit it.
It will give you the error below: (received this in both safari and chrome)

"To open this workbook, your computer must have a version of Microsoft Excel installed and your web browser must support opening files directly from excel in the browser"

 the only workaround I have found is:

1. copy the URL to of the SharePoint site you want to be able open documents from
2. open the office application you want to be able to open SharePoint documents from e.g. excel , word
3. tap on 'Add a place' paste in the URL and then when prompted enter in your credentials

this is a very convoluted way of accessing and editing sharepoint documents so I need to know if there is a simpler way.

ipad model - MNV62B/A
version of OS : 11.4.1
i am having trouble moving files from the ipad to my pc

Will the above adapters enable me to read PDF & watch mp4 video
files (saved in microSD card) on my iPad Mini?

I suppose I'll need an Adobe Acrobat reader software only or pls
advise if there's any other softwares needed
Mirror Apple TV on iPad Pro to view MLB-TV

MLB-TV with iPad Pro (iOS 11.4.1) consistently loses WiFi connection with LAN (44.7 mbs / possible 50) iPad rebooting necessary.

Is it possible to mirror Apple TV (MLB-TV OK here) with iPad Pro/Control Panel to view MLB-TV on iPad? Other folks will be watching TV on cable or Netflix/Amazon Prime. This is the reverse of screen mirroring (see Control Panel) as in viewing iDevice on Apple TV.

If so, are there special settings etc.?
I'm choosing between a used iPad Mini 3 vs Mini 4:

The difference in price between both from a refurbished dealer is US$20
(for 16GB, both with Wifi : guess they don't have cellular built in).

Is it worth the US$20 to go for Mini 4?  I heard Mini 4 can go for a later
versions of IOS (security patches & bugs), is this crucial?
Microsoft Azure 2017
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Microsoft Azure 2017

Azure has a changed a lot since it was originally introduce by adding new services and features. Do you know everything you need to about Azure? This course will teach you about the Azure App Service, monitoring and application insights, DevOps, and Team Services.

I have a calendar notification on my iPad which I cannot clear. The notification is an event invitation that I canceled and when I click Delete event nothing happens. I have tried reentering the event and canceling it again and this doesn't remove the notification. The calendar is synced with my MS Exchange Outlook calendar.
I'm trying to set up a gmail account on my iPad.  I was advised to set this up using Exchange and I've done so.  However Exchange will not accept my gmail account password.  I have tried entering it both at the prompt and also going back into the account settings but still it is not accepted.  What am I doing wrong?
Client's iPhone 8 was lost Friday night.  Soon after it was lost they got their iPad and put the iPhone in Lost Mode.  A few hours later, they found the iPhone.  It suffered major damage to the screen.  The screen is black and doesn't appear to be responsive to touch.  It was still online when Lost Mode was disabled on the iPad later that night.  Client upgraded their storage space from 50gbs iCloud (photos hadn't been backed up since June 4th, 2018 because there was no more iCloud storage space) to 200gb iCloud in the hopes that the phone would somehow connect to wifi and the photos would upload to the cloud.

Two days later the iPhone was connected to the client's macbook.  The device was recognized, but iTunes couldn't do anything else because it was still in lost mode.  I went on the iPad and tried to disable lost mode, but the program acted like it never put it in lost mode.  The iPhone was shown as offline now in Find My iPhone app.

I tried iMyFone software to see if I could recover the photos.  It won't get passed the step asking to trust the computer because the screen is unresponsive and the client's thumb on the home button isn't doing anything either.  iMyFone won't work.

The iPhone still makes noises when its connected to a computer and the home button still buzzes when pressed.  It appears to have battery life just fine.  I've tried restarting and hard reset, but doesn't appear nothing happens.

We are trying to recover the photos on the device.  Is …

I have a iPad Pro 12.5 inch and want to connect our organisation  0365 mail account.
Not sure what is the best way of connecting the iPad with 0365.

Will it be better to set up through iPad -Settings-accounts-add Account-Exchange


Download Outlook app from AppStore and install and setup 0365
on my Android phone that has microSD card, I could copy PDF/Word
files into the SD card & read on the phone while travelling ie without
Internet/Cellular mobile data.

How can I do the same on my iPad mini (which does not have 4G/
Mobile Data) while I'm travelling (during long train journeys).
Anyway, I can save the PDF files locally in the iPad?

I could access my gmail while at home but is there any way to save
the PDF attachments while opening the gmail to save the PDF locally?

Don't want to buy an adapter if possible.
I have a NETGEAR router with 2,4 GHZ and  5GHZ :on my HP pc (win10) I am not able to see the SSDI (the 5GHZ) On the others computer , IPAD , IPHONe, it is visible but not on that HP pc. It is the 5GHZ that I am not able to see. I can see the 2,4 GHZ, on the others computer I can see both??
Any suggestion?
I would like to make or record a screen capture presentation on a MacBook Pro and also be able to draw freely with a pencil.  What kind of setup would you recommend?  Is it a good idea or possible to use screen sharing with an iPad and an Apple pencil?  What software/hardware would I need?    What else can I do to accomplish this?
Adding new devices to mobile device management (MDM) systems is never as easy as the advertising claims. After adding 130+ iPads to an enterprise system, I have at least gotten it down to a manageable number of steps producing a reliable result. It can be done, but it is neither simple or easy.
Are there currently any Bluetooth or other keyboards available that allow typing directly onto an iPhone X?

I have a user who often has to type detailed emails or texts into his iPhone and is interested in purchasing a keyboard that will allow him to do this especially since the voice transcription service isn't entirely accurate.
Learn SQL Server Core 2016
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Learn SQL Server Core 2016

This course will introduce you to SQL Server Core 2016, as well as teach you about SSMS, data tools, installation, server configuration, using Management Studio, and writing and executing queries.

How can I share a DVD on a Mac with a iPad Air?
SADD: Scalable Anonymous Disposable Desktops or simply put SADD.IO, is a free web-based product that allows users to anonymously control self-disposing, Tor routed desktops through their web browser.

Users do not have to enter any personal information about themselves to use this service. Nor do users have to download any external programs. SADD.IO is accessible from your phone, laptop, iPad, you name it.
       How does it work?
When a user navigates to the SADD.IO website and clicks the “Try for Free” or “Use Premium” button, a Virtual Machine (VM) or desktop is generated and routed through Tor. The user is then able to control this desktop as if it were their own computer. At the end of the user session the Virtual Machine is forensically destroyed.
I am Canadian based and have a bunch of email subscribers using a specific domain name (bissegger.ca, my family name).

For these users, email has to work. Hosting is secondary. When email is not working appropriately, I get the call. I'm tired of getting the call, I need a solution...

My main base of subscribers are only using iPad email. This ticket is to find an email provider that can use my domain name (so we don't have to change everyone's email address), that works well with iPad email, blocks most of SPAM - but if possible can host a .NET website.

1. I started out with DiscountASP.net - good .NET services but email settings had to be changed a bunch of times because the ISP would block the email ports, and I had users using several ISPs. Email issues came up a lot, and users received a ton of SPAM.

2. I moved to Namespro.ca, thinking that if I moved upstream to a DNS provider that things would get better - but they got worse. It never worked well with iPad default mail client, and had to install Outlook for iPad, retrain users etc... But was good at blocking SPAM.

The latest issue is that webmail works well (ie: no problem with Namespro), but email is being sent (with no error messages) but not being received by recipients. This means that there is something wrong with iPad or the iPad Outlook client. On all the users at the same time - obviously an iPad or Outlook update....

I am tired of this all, and would love any advice to know if there is a site…
I have an Excel spreadsheet created on my MacBook Pro. The problem exists when attempting to work on the sheet on my iPad. The file is stored in Dropbox and when I click on the file in Dropbox it opens in Preview. However, when I attempt to open the sheet on the iPad in Excel I get the following message on the top of the spreadsheet "Can't upload - We can't merge your changes with those made by someone else. " The file shows 2 of the 5 months of data. Both the MacBook Pro and iPad are up to date.
We a colleague who is a consultant that does a lot of interviews and later present his analysis and recommendations; but he uses actual physical notepads and pen then enters all in his computer.   We told him to used an iPad mini or android tablet but is not moved to purchase one because says too slow (he had one of the first iPads).   That said, what tablet similar to size of iPad mini that can be fast or maybe can be used doña consultante who writes a lot (he also takes pictures of infrastructure and does diagram then later merge them to the final document).

Any consultant out there that give some advice.
iPad mini (Not sure what version) with new Canon MF236n printer on network.  Canon Buisness print was installed and test print jobs were done successfully.  The printer is brand new, installed yesterday.  Today the client called and said AirPrint results in NO PRINTERS FOUND.  He has attempted several times, and standing near the wireless router even.  I have used the older MF216n with apple devices for years without issue.  In fact this job, I replaced a power failure MF216n device.  What steps should I recommend to end user for troubleshooting?  The printer is working perfectly from all Windows devices (including wireless).


iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.