iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.

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Hello I have a project I am working on. I am seeking to understand all possible setups for a project before I make a suggestion. Please keep in mind simplicity and convenience is important.  I am not sure if a Customer Solution is right or using Out of Box Solutions as part of a larger system is right. I really appreciate your help. Thank you in Advance.

Project is for a Regional Provider of LuxuriousSpa Treatments Users involved in the process include the Therapists, the TheSpa Provider and it's Locations, and the Clients.

Current Problems/Proposed Solutions:

-Paper Applications, and Processes by Paper used for Provider and Client Applications. Additionally, enabling customers to fill out an electronic paper intake form in lieu of Paper via Ipad.
-Would like to manage the entire work process from the initial point of contact through to service rendered. (Below is a summary).
-Enable Reception to book with an digital booking system and keep track of customer profiles
-Enable multiple locations to access purchase history and Identify and verify the details of each purchase. Locations need a booking management system to schedule & book appointments, manage customers profiles, as well as manage therapist profiles.

- Website Feature offering Gift Certificates & Packages that may be Pre-Purchased with no limits AS WELL AS Gifted. Gifted means: Allow to gift by email, name, phone # greater than 1 gift certificate or package.
-Merge all existing purchase data…
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Ipad Air 2 - Jailbreak - Is ther an easy way to "Jailbreak" an iPad 2 Air? I keep running into the same problem when I attempt to Jailbreak my iPad Air 2:

1. Requires sign up for software or games as a trial and still nothing happens when I install Jailbreak (software does not work)
2. Asks for donation and still nothing happens when I install Jailbreak  (software does not work)
iPad Air 2 - My iPad Air 2 is running ios 11.3.1. I want to use a mouse with it. How can i do this?
I am trying to put several iPad 3 into kiosk mode.   I am using KIOSK Lite for the app program and it is working great to limit me to the one website I want it to work on- it is a loyalty sign up page.  The issues I have run into are guided access times out or disables upon power drain.  The single app mode is not an option since we do not have any MAC computers.   Is there another way to set up the iPad as a kiosk?  It is locked down to the counter and runs with a power cord always plugged in so it can, and should, stay on 24/7 to this one page.
Greetings wise wizard of EE:

I'm helping a friend who runs a window-washing business completely on his iPad... he owns an iPhone, but no computer. He uses the Apple calendar on his iPad, and it is incredibly important to him. He would like to backup his calendar, but didn't know how. I assured him if he was using an iCloud calendar, it would be backed up on the iCloud servers and would be visible on icloud.com. I confirmed that he was signed into an iCloud account on his iPad, and that iCloud "calendar" was turned on. I then checked his default calendar under Settings, and it was set to his iCloud e-mail address... for privacy's sake, let's call it johndoe@gmail.com.

When I opened his Calendar app on his iPad, and tapped "calendars" at the bottom of the app, it showed that several calendars were available. There were FOUR calendars under iCloud: "Home", "Work" and TWO johndoe@gmail.com calendars (one colored red, the other blue). I'm not sure (and neither is my friend), how there were TWO johndoe@gmail.com calendars under the iCloud heading, but I assume these were custom calendars of some type, that he may have created by mistake. Here is where it gets really weird; I logged into icloud.com on my PC, using his johndoe@gmail.com as the user ID, with the correct password, but NEITHER of the johndoe@gmail.com calendars were visible on the icloud.com calendar.... just the Apple default Home and Work calendars.

I then set the "Work" calendar under iCloud as the default…
i have some pdf files, that i want to put on my iPad - but it lets me only put them in the pictures folder
what is the best way to do this? can i make a separate pdf folder ?
Looking to enable remote users with iPads to be able to access the network remotely so they can use Bluebeam ipad app to markup documents.  One option for Bluebeam is to sync with WebDAV.  I am looking for a solution to implement WebDAV but maintain security so the data is not directly exposed to the public internet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hello Experts,

I am looking if there any way to install Oracle VirtualBox on Ipad Air2 ?

My boss send me a CSV file with all the contacts of our clients. I have send them quotations to them for their projects. I am using iPad for my works and not able to save the contacts from that .csv file. Can anyone help how to open csv file contacts in iPad? Urgent solution needed.
Hi, I am a member of a website that has a number of AVI videos. I only use IPad Pro and do not own a pc/laptop.

I do not have access to ITunes. Is there a way I can watch these AVI movies directly from the website on my Ipad. I tried using VLC and input the http address but it does not seem to work.

Appreciate any assistance.
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Would anyone happen to know and have the instructions to set up the following.

We have meeting iPads that are used twice in a month for meetings. The users involved in these meetings also have access to a gmail account that is set up on each IPad to access documentation distributed to them. These email account need to be cleared on a 24 hour basis, so 24 hours after the meeting all content from gmail will be deleted (hopefully not manually, 56 of them).

The fact that the IPads are used twice a month does not warrant the license on our office365 tenant, so we created gmail accounts for them.

Now that the scenario is set, my question is, is there a way to create a trigger that will automatically delete ALL email from the Gmail account at a set time? If not, are there any alternative free email accounts that will allow me to do this?

Many Thanks in Advance

iPad will not restore. It did have the latest iOS on and ive got the latest iTunes. I don't care about any backup, just to get the iOS on it.

iPad just hangs on Apple or spinning wheel. I've put it in DFU mode and plugged into iTunes, it detects the iPad but after 'Preparing iPad for restore' and a few minutes of 'Restoring iPad' it gives error 9 or sometimes error 14.

any ideas what I can do?
Hotmail email accounts.

We have ipads that have an associated hotmail account, these are used for meetings and meeting info is sent directly to the associated iPad email account.

What I want is some information where I can set up a rule to completely clean the inbox and delete all email from it on a 24 hour basis. Is this possible? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Dear experts,

Can someone please suggest a few touchscreen/pad electronic pens which are compatible for both Windows  and Apple ipad pro.

I bought a HP X 360 convertible 14-ba075TX.

Just to let you know, I can shop in India, Singapore, US (order of preference)..

Thank you
Hi, My Ipad app was developed using IOS and for database webservice was used,  It was developed 5 years before, Now few methods used in this are obsolete, because I got few warnings, However it was built sucessfully and I was able to create ipa file and I uploaded that ipa file on https://www.diawi.com/ and i was able to download and install
on IPad and its opening application but database is not working, I checked webservice individually and its function were working fine. But I am not sure why it's not working with Ipad app, Please help to figure out problem and from where I can take help.
We are using the script below to redirect users who have Safari. Which our software does not support.
The script works perfectly on Mac OS computers and PC, but it redirects everyone when using ipad or iphone regardless to the fact they are using Firefox or Chrome.
How can we fix it so that it does not redirect on ipad/iphone unless they are using Safari?

function getBrowserName() {
    var name = "Unknown";
        name = "MSIE";
    else if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox")!=-1){
        name = "Firefox";
    else if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera")!=-1){
        name = "Opera";
    else if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Chrome") != -1){
        name = "Chrome";
    else if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Safari")!=-1){
        window.location.href = "notsupported.html"
    return name;   

if( getBrowserName() == "Safari" ){
    window.location.href = "notsupported.html";

Open in new window

When I try to delete .MOV files from my iPhone X (running iOS v 11.2 (15C114) while this iPhone is connected to my Windows 10 computer using the USB cable I get a message that says "[Filename.MOV could not be deleted. You do not have permission to delete this item" (see the screenshot).

What process can I use to delete all of the .MOV files? Can this be done through iTunes?

I currently have 99 of these files and need to delete all of them.

Error-Message-While-Deleting .MOV files from iPhone X
In our iPhone and iPad we use ‘MyScript Stylus’ (see pix below); its an apps that you can write and will convert to text (like keying in via keyboard).

Is there apps similar for Windows OS?

Please advice
I need to buy a tablet with bluetooth in order to use software for my new Roland RP102 digital piano. The software is called Piano Partner 2. They recommend an iPad, but that is way too expensive for me.

The software installed on my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, but the screen is small for the app. What android tablet would the experts recommend that is up-to-date tech speaking, but has bluetooth and whatever else is essential that I am unaware of?

I am so dumb when it comes to this, but I just spent a grand on the piano and don't want to spend much more on a tablet.

Thanks in advance.
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hi folks

my only iPad 2 worked very well on iOS 6.1.3 (10B329) as i mainly used it for PDF reading, music listening and YouTube playing, until a few days ago. now YouTube no longer works once it was fully terminated and started again, it just shows a simple message in the middle of screen: Update required. Quit or Update. no option works for me, Quit doesn't make sense, while Update just downloads the same version again. again,e it is on iOS 6.1.3.

however, i notice a few interesting facts.

1. if the app is deleted and reinstalled again, it can work with full functions as long as i don't terminate the app. i have to always keep the app in memory, because once quited and it will no longer work agin.

2. once the app has been in the "disabled" status while only showing the "update required" message, it can play a video if its link is clicked from web browser. but the screen is dimmed with the above message shown in the middle of screen. there is no control  to the video this way, it just plays the video from the beginning to the end. that's it.

initially i thought it was a certificate issue, as i guessed the old iOS no longer recognised the new certificates deployed to the YouTube servers. but this is not the case, i have manually installed GeoTrust root certificate and Google Internet Authority G2 certificate for all Google domains. it didn't help at all.

any thoughts please? how can i make the old YouTube app work again on my iPad 2 running iOS 6.1.3?…

We have some iPads which belongs to the organisation and these iPad are used by dedicated staff and registered to our organisation account.
One of the staff would like to install app and I am not sure if the app is free app or paid app.

I was told that when trying to install the app it was asking the password of the mail account registered (I have the password)

Now if the staff install a paid app using her card and when she leaves the organisation, will this app will be tied with the registered organisation account?
Will she not be able to retrieve the same app to install to on another iPad if she wishes?

Please suggest and any help will be much appreciated.
Is there a way of using an iPhone X GPS map to mark a location I have parked and will be returning to later?

I visit a lot of cities and places I have never been to before where I park quite I ways from the places I visit and will later need to return to when I'm done to get my car.

How can this be done?
Sometimes when I'm using my iPad, one of my apps will start acting weird or it just stops working. After reading articles and finding solutions on my own, I decided to share solutions I have found helpful.
Is there a way to lock down ipads & android devices, where users are only limited to specific apps or settings?
There is a POS software I am just becoming familiar with called NCR Silver. that works with iPad & Android devices & apparently employees have figured out that if you're late, you can change the time on the device & then punch in & apparently NCR has no fix for this, or so I am told.
I want to run a GUI-less windows executable (actually wrapped inside a windows service) on an iPad and/or on an Android tablet.  is it possible?


iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.