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iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.


I have a new iPad and i would like to install the best transcription software we can find on the market. I found and heard that Dragon Professional Transcriptions Software is one of the best.

i tried to google and find the number of the Nuance technical support to ask them if where i can find the app to install in my ipad but not luck, no phone number. can someone find a number for the nuance technical support please ?

if a phone doesn't exist, can someone send me a screen shot of the app i should download to have this software on my ipad.

Of do you recommend an equal good product that i can install  in my pad please.

I would like to dictate an email or a word document and have the software typing for me.

thank you all for your suggestions and help,
Can I check each Apple ID on an apple logon page and by a process of elimination determine which two are NOT AppleIds ?
IPad (3) IOS 13.3.1

My Word Documents downloaded to my IPad from  OneDrive app are protected and cannot be edited. A message tells me they are of an older Word format which needs to be upgraded and there is an upgrade button which I press. A new version of the file appears but it too is protected. I thought of uninstalling and reinstalling Word but am afraid I will be asked for money. Is there any way around this
How to use a mouse or trackpad on iPad Pro with iPadOS

I have 2 TrackPads, both work with my Mac - OS Mojave 10.14.6.

I have been unsuccessful pairing them with iPad Pro - iPad OS 13.3.1

All is wireless here.

I have read conflicting accounts about this pairing - some Yes, some No

Has anyone accomplished this - if so, How?
I have downloaded Apple User Guide for iPad Pro. How do I download & activate iBooks reader from App Store.

My attempts have been unsuccessful - perhaps I do not understand the process.

What want to do is read (at full screen by page) on my iPad Pro the Apple User Guide I downloaded from Apple.

So far, I have unable to accomplish this task, Help!!
AUKEY Model CB-C-71 does not transfer data to iPad 11" (2018) OS 13.3.1

AUKEY Model CB-C-71 does not transfer data from AUKEY Model CB-C-71 SD Card slot to iPad Pro.
AUKEY activity light is green and unit is warm to touch.

Using Mac Mini late 2018 & inland SD Card Reader, photos read/display OK.

I am new to Office 365, I set up a one month trial of E3 and connected my private domain to it. Mailflow is fine on my two Windows 10 PCs and Samsung Galaxy 9 and iphone (v13.3.1).

However I cannot get email to work on my ipads, they immediately get quarantined. If I use EAC to select my mailbox and then view my mobile devices I see the ipads in quarantined state. If I select them and choose allow, they go briefly into a pending state and then go back to quarantine.

The ipads are quite old, being v2 and v3 and have been reset to factory defaults and updated to 9.3.5 which is the latest available for these devices. I tried to download Outlook for IOS but I get an error stating it is not available for this ipad.

Are these devices just too old to connect to Exchange? When I set up the built-in mail client I get all the checkboxes ticked.

Thanks in advance.

Alasdair Barclay
I use Windows for my computers, but have both an iPhone and iPad connected to my Yahoo email account.  All of a sudden (as of four days ago) my email stopped coming into my iPhone and iPad.  Everything else seems to be working.  At the bottom of the screen it gives me the following message:  "Updated Saturday.  Account Error:  Yahoo!  Details" ... but when I click on "Details" nothing happens.  They are connected to our WiFi network.  What could have caused this, and how do I fix it?


OneNote file changes lost after email migration?

Short story:
> Client was acquired by a larger company and they did an email migration (our tenant to their on prem Exchange, then back to tenant after we released it and they acquired it).
> All went well
> One User used OneNote a lot on her iPad and it was syncing fine with the Office365 cloud account before migration
> Post migration cutover OneNote stopped syncing on her iPad
> She continued to use Onenote on iPad (making changes on the iPad that were not synced to Cloud - but I assume HAD to be stored on the iPad SOMEWHERE)
> Found a Microsoft technet post that suggested you delete the iPad Oneote credentials and then start Onenote and sign back in - triggering a sync
> Did that
> Now all the Notebooks are blank? Non-existent? Trying to open some of them in Office365 gives you a '404 File Not Found' message?

Bottom line:
> Her Windows PC has all Onenote files as of the Migraton date (about December 2019).
> Her iPad must have been storing the changes it made post migration (since it could not sync) SOMEWHERE on her iPad

> Where are the Onenote files stored on the iPad?
> How do we get them to sync to OneDrive?

Hope I've explained this clearly :^)
I have a service client moving to cloud based dispatch.
What would you recommend for field techs - Chromebook, iPad, or WIndows tablet.
What service(s) to connect?  LTE for coverage or Wireless with access point?

My iPhone just recently go hit by a spam or virus, don't know which.  But started noticing the message "iphone virus protection expired" in my calendar and no way of deleting the event.  Eventually I did get to delete it.  And that's where my great experts come in.  In early morning I did noticed that my iPhone calendar popped up a "suscribe" message and I clicked it assuming it was part of the work I was doing, but now I know it wasn't.  Just some time back I I start seeing in my calendar "iphone virus protection expired" with no hope of deleting.

I googled the problem and found that by deleting the created account in "Password & Accounts", that would resolved (and it seem it did, no more event).  Prior deleting the account I noticed a long line starting with arisinglytos.pro then a long random numbers etc.

So a couple questions:
  • How is it that just by clicking on Subscribe, the the "virus or spam" had access to my Password & Accounts in iPhone 11 ios13.3?
  • By deleting the account, am I done? Is it solved? Anything else to do?
  • What is arisinglytos.pro?
Probably an obvious question, but considering the differences between phones and tablets for javascript games..

... Is the proper way to do browser + device games' object locations in fractions of device height and width? And size game objects as ratios also? What must I do concerning strategies for phone/tablet+browser? AND device rotation accommodations?
How does Javascript detect phone / tablet/ browser?

I don't have a tablet. Which is the best to get for game dev? many ... iPad, Surface . . . not necessary, any?
Let's consider a word game like Wordscapes. The main interface is the circular  object to select letters for a word-answer. Is that just 1/4 of width distance from border and x% width for the circle diameter?
How different is it, really, on phone/tablet? What is the proper solution for all this?

I have been looking for a apps that will allow me to use my old iPad mini 2.  Is there a free apps that I can do this?
I have two iPad devices that are running the IOS 12.X code and the users forgot the password for these two devices. I would like to reset these devices to factory defaults in order to get these two devices working again.

I tried to use Itunes to do a factory reset but the device fields are disabled.
We are seeing a periodic problem with some iPad users. When they are on a slow link, some of the email has the message " Message downloaded as plain text. Click here to download full message". I have been asked to look into a way to force the entire message the the device. I have searched KB's and looked into a number of post about it, but I cannot find a specific setting. The Exchange server is 2016 on premise. Is anyone aware of a way to configure the ActiveSync policy to force a download of the entire email, even over a slow link? There have been a few things I have read that said the device may control this feature to save bandwidth or data. If so, is anyone away of a setting that can be changed on the iPad\iPhone for force it to download the entire email?
Hi Experts,

I have write the mobile  screen size app and pushed to sharepoint main page. Then i have write another  app (Ipad sized) . so one app to another app passed data fine.
my issue is  when  calling from mobile  screen size to Ipad size App it will opening inter explore or chrome another  tab. so what i need to do is when open the Ipad size APP i need to open like pop up or middle of screen. so when user check the data  and closed it without going back to another screen.

Background of the APP :
This is App i developed and add to the sharepoint home page.App is for News feed. But user want to see more details they need to click the link it will open big size of screen(which is open different tab).

Any idea much appreciated.
Hi Experts,

I have write the mobile power app using Sharepoint power app.
But i need is in the screen it will come only one size. it's possible to 1st screen to be mobile phone size and next screen should be iPAD size?
I have a Lexmark e460dn laser printer on my home network plugged into a network switch, which is plugged into my wireless router. It is visible wirelessly to my MacBook Air 11" over the wifi part of the network (the MacBook has no Ethernet connection) and I can print to it without problems. However, I want to be able to print to it from my other Apple mobile devices (iPads & iPhones of various ages and various iOS versions). How would I go about adding it to them?
Hi we are using Microsoft Intune to act as our MDM for our iPads and when a newly imaged iPad gets its configuration I've noticed that the Sign in to your iPad is all grayed out and we are unable to login with an Apple ID.

Do you know what setting this is to enable it or disable it? Thanks in advance!

We have a customer who has a one drive account within their office 365 portal.
The user would like to share files with an external party on a regular basis.

Is it possible for the external user to use the One drive app on her Ipad (as she has no computer) or does she have to use the web version to access the files?

Hello, I have an Ipad Air that will not do anything I have left it on the charger for a day, also I tried to do a hard reset holding the home and on/off button with no luck. Is there any way I can get the data off the drive my customer really needs some pics and data off the system?
I need to do some research, so can someone point into a direction; my quandary is ... is it possible to code an MSAccess VBA front end to use an MSSQL Server 2017 Express back-end, which runs on a Win10 box (64 bit) and use an iPad to run the Access front-end?
Old iPad running ios 10.  Where/how do i find Youtube file i downloaded?

I have Windows 10 and iPhone & iPad all with same iCloud apple account.  All sync apps works fine across the devices except my Google Chrome.  I have latest iCloud apps installed. latest Chrome installed and the icloud extension installed and enable.  However, my chrome and devices safari is not syncing.  When checking my computer iCloud settings I notice that Chrome is unchecked.  When checking it gives me this message:

How can I get my Chrome and apple mobile safari syncing?
My Google Chrome history is not syncing across all devices, i.e. from my iPad to my PC desktop. I used to be able to view iPad Chrome history on my PC, but it is not there.

I checked my settings on both devices, and still, the iPad history is not there. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.