iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.

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Synch files from a Windows 10 folder to a iPAD when away from the office
I looked at Microsoft One Drive but it wants to synch all files

I'd like to only synch one folder, maybe a cloud solution that will synch the data to my iPAD

any suggestions?
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Someone has been attaching accounts to mine and they are all in my name, A couple weeks ago my iPad started acting kind of weird, then I noticed some of my settings were changed, then I happened to go to  my Gmail I had an a notification saying that my phone number was removed from Facebook because it was belonging to somebody else so I got on safari and that same day of Facebook have been made with my name my password and I’m able to get on everything however the Facebook is different it won’t show me the email I can’t access any of the settings or even delete the account because there’s a special password on it .  So last night I was posting a picture to Facebook from Instagram and my Instagram is no longer attached to my Facebook it’s attached to the other one I removed it but it still won’t take mine goes back to that one I’ve been getting some weird emails, so I started to look around and there’s also  email accounts with my name birthdate and phone number I’ve changed all of my passwords I’ve reported I’ve done everything I don’t know what’s going on, like this site I have a profile and I never made one I’m finding more and more of these if I am able to get into these I’m sure they’re able to get into  it doesn’t matter how many times I change my password something else always pops up ....  what is it and what can I do ?
We configure and prepaire IPads with apple configurator 2.5 on a mac.
With this program we change the background, hide some apps, etc.

Now a user wants to change their screen-lock settings, but this setting is locked (greyed out).
I have searched the policies regarding screen-lock but failed to find anythng related to that..

Do you have any suggestions?

thanks in advance!
I would need some advises about the following situation:

At my job an external vendor has developed a web application and every thing is going well, but now the end user is asking to be able to access this same application but with an iPad or and iPhone, but when we try to access it via these devices, but the problem is that when we try to access via the Safari app,  I get the message that the Safari couldn't "reach" the server, Although the iPhone is connected to the local network. So I wonder if you can help me by telling what do I need to have or check for being able to see this application with Safari App.


1. The Web application works perfect in the Laptops.
2. The web application is developed in IIS and also uses SQL Database. This application and DB reside on a local server inside the network
3. I tested the connectivity between the device and the server and I can ping that server.

So what else do I need to check in ortder to verify if tthe application can be accessed through the iPhone/iPad?
I am trying to put several iPad 3 into kiosk mode.   I am using KIOSK Lite for the app program and it is working great to limit me to the one website I want it to work on- it is a loyalty sign up page.  The issues I have run into are guided access times out or disables upon power drain.  The single app mode is not an option since we do not have any MAC computers.   Is there another way to set up the iPad as a kiosk?  It is locked down to the counter and runs with a power cord always plugged in so it can, and should, stay on 24/7 to this one page.
Looking to enable remote users with iPads to be able to access the network remotely so they can use Bluebeam ipad app to markup documents.  One option for Bluebeam is to sync with WebDAV.  I am looking for a solution to implement WebDAV but maintain security so the data is not directly exposed to the public internet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
My boss send me a CSV file with all the contacts of our clients. I have send them quotations to them for their projects. I am using iPad for my works and not able to save the contacts from that .csv file. Can anyone help how to open csv file contacts in iPad? Urgent solution needed.
Hi, I am a member of a website that has a number of AVI videos. I only use IPad Pro and do not own a pc/laptop.

I do not have access to ITunes. Is there a way I can watch these AVI movies directly from the website on my Ipad. I tried using VLC and input the http address but it does not seem to work.

Appreciate any assistance.
Hi, My Ipad app was developed using IOS and for database webservice was used,  It was developed 5 years before, Now few methods used in this are obsolete, because I got few warnings, However it was built sucessfully and I was able to create ipa file and I uploaded that ipa file on https://www.diawi.com/ and i was able to download and install
on IPad and its opening application but database is not working, I checked webservice individually and its function were working fine. But I am not sure why it's not working with Ipad app, Please help to figure out problem and from where I can take help.
I'm running a Groupwise 6.5.7 email system on Novell Netware 6.5 Support Pack Revision 08
I suspect corruption of the eDir caused by an Ipad running GW Mail app.
Everyone can work fine, login to Webmail, connect mobile devices via POP3 or IMAP access except for one user.

This user can login fine using the Windows Groupwise 6.5.7 client.
When I try and login to Webmail using the same username and password as for the Groupwise client it fails with "Please login again. You may have typed your name or password incorrectly. Remember that passwords are case sensitive." and the Webmail monitor displays Login failed: jdupl
If I input the incorrect password on purpose I get the same failure in the browser window but the Webmail monitor now displays "Login failed: User jdupl supplied invalid password. Login rejected: Password is incorrect.  Login failed: jdupl". So the Webmail does detect when the password is valid or not but it will not allow this
user to login.
When I login with my user peterw it successful, as it is for the other 200 users in the post offices.

03-11-18 14:49:26 ...DO1.APBCOP1.peterw  Login                                    
03-11-18 14:49:26 ...DO1.APBCOP1.peterw  List folders                            
03-11-18 14:49:28 ...DO1.APBCOP1.peterw  Display In Box                          
03-11-18 14:49:38 ...DO1.APBCOP1.peterw  Read a message by ID                    
03-11-18 14:49:39 ...DO1.APBCOP1.peterw  Read attachment                     …
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Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Exchange Server

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How do I inspect on safari with my iOS iPad without using a Mac.
I work in a hospital. We use the Stratus iPad app for interpretation.  We have a guest internet circuit that these iPads are on.  The circuit was recently upgraded from 35 Mbps to 100 Mbps. No other changes that i know of. Around that time the Stratus app stopped connecting. There is an asa 5505 on this circuit, but only default config is enabled.

 I took the ipad home and the app worked fine on my home wifi.  I ahve contacted the vendor and our ISP. Both claim it must be a firewall issue, but nothing has changed.  Any ideas?
Hi all,
I have a scenario where I need to be able to generate a .PDF notice from a native iOS application when the iPad is in the flight mode i.e. zero connectivity (offline mode)
The client will be printing this .PDF notice via a mobile printer and serving it to the client immediately.
This .PDF notice will be uploaded later when the iPad comes online.

Please provide me the best possible solution with example code snippets.
I am accessing pc via Teamviewer on iPadpro. Since upgrade of Teamviewer 12 to 13 on iPad  I have lost 4cm lower part of screen . ?solution
On my iPad, I asked for the IOS11 update. Its has been 2 days now and I still get the Install button grayed because "You can install this update when your iPad is finished restoring from the iCloud backup".
I don't need my iPad to be restored and 2 days is much too long anyway. So I conclude it will never end.
What can I do to finally install the update?
Need to access an application on a company Windows Server from outside using an iPad, Server has a private Static IP (10.x.x.x). The office router has Public Static IP interface. How can I access the server from outside on an iPad? Can I access the server using a public IP is this situation? Please advise.
My #1 rss app was discontinued. I have my copy still active on my iPad. If I break my Ipad, it is over for me. Is there any way I can preserve the install somehow that could be ported to a new iPad?
Have an domain with a fileserver.
External users working on iPads need access, to upload pictures and edit excel docs.
Thouhgt of using DattoDrive (like dropbox), to seet up sync. works great on pc's and android phones, for booth needs.

But on iPads, they can upload pictures, but when opening excel docs, it only previews, and don't open in excel.

Tried using Onedrive for Business, which works for doc's but no upload of pictures..

It needs to be simple, take pic and click upload, choose forlder - save.
Open excel doc, edit and click save.

Any suggestion?


iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.