iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.

Is there a way to export data from the NOTES and REMINDERS in Icloud so that they can be imported into Outlook on a Windows Machine? Data input from iPad and iPhone.
I'm looking for a developer partner to help with a custom API integration.

We are looking to implement a new iPad - Point of Sale platform.  https://revelsystems.com/  

I have also looked at the Square POS (which for various reasons will not work for our business) however the Square Payments gateway is really interesting, in particular the fact that it can create "Instant Profiles".  The ability to track customer spending by recognising their card at the POS would be extremely powerful.  Square seems to be first mover in this space.

Revel has out of the box integration with Tyro Payments https://www.tyro.com/ and it appears Square provides quite a sophisticated API.

The challenge .. build a custom integration between Revel and the Square Payments gateway - including capturing cumulative customer spend by leveraging Squares "Instant Profiles" capabilities.

Appears doable but I need the help of an experienced developer to pull it off.  Are you up to the challenge?  Could be fun.
OneNote file changes lost after email migration?

Short story:
> Client was acquired by a larger company and they did an email migration (our tenant to their on prem Exchange, then back to tenant after we released it and they acquired it).
> All went well
> One User used OneNote a lot on her iPad and it was syncing fine with the Office365 cloud account before migration
> Post migration cutover OneNote stopped syncing on her iPad
> She continued to use Onenote on iPad (making changes on the iPad that were not synced to Cloud - but I assume HAD to be stored on the iPad SOMEWHERE)
> Found a Microsoft technet post that suggested you delete the iPad Oneote credentials and then start Onenote and sign back in - triggering a sync
> Did that
> Now all the Notebooks are blank? Non-existent? Trying to open some of them in Office365 gives you a '404 File Not Found' message?

Bottom line:
> Her Windows PC has all Onenote files as of the Migraton date (about December 2019).
> Her iPad must have been storing the changes it made post migration (since it could not sync) SOMEWHERE on her iPad

> Where are the Onenote files stored on the iPad?
> How do we get them to sync to OneDrive?

Hope I've explained this clearly :^)
Does any one know or has anyone done the analysis work to determine the detailed microphone specifications for the Apple iPad Pro 11 inch?  The iPad Pro 11 inch has a total of 5 mics.  All 5 mics are not used simultaneously but rather each mic is specific to a particular app or feature of the 11 inch iPad Pro (each mic is mapped to a specific application).  I need to know what mic(s) are tied (mapped) to each microphone dependent app/feature of the i Pad.  As a bonus, it would be good to know the sensitivity of each mic (in decibels) and if there is a way to reconfigure the microphone usage per app/feature.

Thank you!
Hello - we have a retired CEO who insists on using an IPAD Pro (2018) for accessing company email and we're at a loss when it doesn't work right or has glitches.  His current issue is when he uses Outlook for Ipad to open up a Word attachment, and then he wants to print it, he does not see a print option - just a "Done" on the left, and a Share icon on the right.  so when he clicks the share icon, it closes the app and takes him to his Home screen.  This seems like a glitch to me.  I checked his IOS level and he is on 13.1.3 I believe, which I think is up to date.  Anyone know what is going on?  

How can I map an Apple Ipad to a Windows DFS Share?
ipad is adding all photos i take with my phone to my ipad. how can i 1) stop that or 2) just filter the library on my ipad for photos taken from that ipad
hi guys am looking for an app that is able to download any video on YouTube on my iPhone.

please can someone suggest any apps I don’t mind paying for the app if there is a better one than a paid one?
We are not an iPad organisation and I have brought and iPad for the staff and this iPad belongs to the organisation.
I have created the apple ID for this staff with her official email address.

The staff may install her own paid apps on the iPad and if she installs the paid apps on the iPad using her card and when she leaves the organisation , I am wondering how she will be able to take the apps along with her.

I have created a iCloud account with her official email address and  when i set up the this new iPad .

Do i need to ask the staff to create her personal iCloud account and use this apple ID to purchase her paid apps?

Please suggest and the way is of setting up this iPad

Thanks and any help much appreciated.

We have subscribed for 0365 and I have a new iPad and would like to install 0365.
Word, PPT, Outlook, excel, onedrive…
Please let me know if can download the 0365  and install on the iPad .

Please let me know how to go with this.

Hi everyone,

I have a section of bootstrap code that I would like to appear differently on an iPad pro in portrait mode. The code can be seen here:


In desktop view, the image is placed in a column on the left, while the text is on the right. On an iPad Pro in portrait view, I'd like the image to appear above the text on the left and take up 12 columns on the bootstrap grid, while the text section would appear beneath the image.

Is it possible to do this with bootstrap or would I have to write a media query?

Would really appreciate any assistance.
I have various apps which allow me to remotely disable or unlock my 7 year old daughter's ipad from my iphone.  Is there a way I can msg her on the ipad?

I dont want to use iMessage as I have disabled it on the ipad due to the fact that my apple id is associated with all my devices so dont want my msgs appearing on there.  Is there another way?
We are not a iPad organisation .I have brought an iPad pro for one of our staff and the iPad belongs to the organization.
When the staff leaves the organization, the iPad will be returned to the organization.
While setting up the iPad, can i register the iPad with the staff official email address?
What is the best way of setting the iPad?

Any help much appreciated.

I have a client with:

iPad Model MLMV2CL/A
Software Version 12.4.1
App - InsightNotes

InsightNotes is an encrypted note taking app. InsightNotes as a company no longer exists.

The client is in the medical profession and needs to backup the notes. This was available when the company was running but now is not.

We are unable to see the notes outside of the app to extract to another app for easy backup/recovery.

Is there a way to image a whole iPad? My aim would be to have the image and should the iPad break, recover the image to a new hardware (or refurbished) to continue to access the InsightNotes.

If you have any other ideas I am more than willing to listen.

Why is it not possible to access “lists” in gmail on an iPad.

Very annoying.
I have owned an iPad for many years, I think the one I am writing on now was purchased in 2015.

I have become VERY annoyed by it for a number of reasons, the following list are the worst:

(1) there is no ability to cut or copy and paste. So, for example, if I want to email a link to someone else, I have to write down on paper the link, as all know now, often very long, then type it in. That is an INCREDIBLE deficency.

(2) When I am composing an email, if I put the iPad on my lap, the iPad pops up cancel or undo. Neither is correct, why do they do this? It just now it did it again.

A lot of others I can’t think of off hand. Of course there are a LOT of nice features.

The biggest problem is, I am a web developer, I cannot edit HTML, ftp to / from the web server ( something like FileZilla), I might be able to download Chrome & use Chrome debugger, but overall it sucks,

Good for email, web surfing. There might be or might not be a graphics editing program without spending megabucks on photoshop

So I am considering a Samsung tablet.

The question is, can it overcome these flaws?

Thank you.
I dont know if there is any easy way to do this, but I am looking to add a couple of free ios apps to iphones before we deploy them to users.  Namely, the Outlook app and the Microsoft authenticator app.  

I would like to deploy out phones to new staff with these apps already loaded.  Outlook would be preconfigured with their company mail, etc.

At first glance I dont see how to do this without an Apple ID but was wondering if this can somehow be done with iTunes?

I do not want to obtain any software to do it...hoping there is a way that I am just not seeing.

Same would be true for iPads.

We are trying to implement a Multi User iPad Environment (currently on iOS 12.1.1). We are using Mobile Iron and have spend a lot of time getting it working.

The only issue is Safari, when we switch between users it keeps the browsing history and tabs open from the previous user. This is a massive issue.

We have to keep Safari enabled to make the multi user switching work.

We can't rely on users to close the browser properly and clear history.

A session timeout isn't sufficient.

Does anyone have any idea's?
I cannot access my ’labels’ in Gmail from my iPad.

Is their an iPad based app for vendors, staff, etc for physical access to items or locations within an organization?  Does that system keep proactive reminders along with some sort sign off system that a recurring punch list items have been accomplished (training, rotating backups, etc)  or do I need to cobble this together through a series of existing technologies?  Basically, there's a lot of NIST based mandates.  The physical access controls except for patient intake (for a medical practice) is pretty rudimentary but I like to take physical and administrative components of security for compliance to another level without having to reinvent the wheel.  The only thing I can think is key fob that can apply to some of these items but that has it limitations especially when lobby don't have doors to the employee working environments.  Surveillance cameras come to mind as I reading this but that does not grab names of vendors along with other recurring activities that must be done in order to maintain compliance.   I found the keyword phrase "visitor management system" and iLobby came up on Google but I wouldn't mind a more holistic solution.  Anyway, thoughts?
Hi, I have been using Mac Mail on my Macbook for a number of years now and I also use Gmail in my browser for one email account too (that I only need to check once a week).

I have also been using a mixture of Mail iOS and the Gmail app on my iPad.

I find Mac Mail quite clunky. Can anyone recommend any other email client that works well on Desktop (Macbook) and iPad. Please note i am not interested in using Gmail in my browser for all of my accounts, thanks.

I would also like to know why you chose your email client over other. Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi all,

Conference calls are made on a monthly bases at our university.  We are now relying on Zoom to conduct the communication.  Sometimes we are facing the sound issue on the laptops used for the calls.  ether remote participants cannot hear us properly or sound from the laptop is not loud enough.  If we use a speaker echo may cause the issue to the sound quality.  This became a constant issue whatever we tried to resolve this problem.  

It just crossed my mind to use the latest iPad for a conference call.  My question is, do you have experience using iPad for conference calls? how do you compare iPad and laptops considering, Sounds quality and echo factor? Do you recommend it?
Dear expert,

I have an email based on Hotmail company.

I always access it through the web browsers with no issue. Today, I have bought an iPad and iPhone and tried to configure them on both devices.
I went to the mail section and added them successfully but only one email had downloaded. I logged into the mail section again and change the download option to no limit but the rest of emails are not downloading yet.
What's good office application for ipad, for editing microsoft word, excel

need to make my fortiWifi-80CM to be wireless client to connect to my ipad personal Hotspot so that my internal network able to connect to internet.

can't settle wireless client screenshot




iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.