iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.

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I want to run a GUI-less windows executable (actually wrapped inside a windows service) on an iPad and/or on an Android tablet.  is it possible?
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We have going to host a meeting and will have 50 guest coming to  our company with their own device such as ipad, Windows Laptops , tablets, Microsoft surface laptop. Iam going to generate 50 wifi passwords for all these devises.
We have a EPSON EB-2245U projector in this conference room and each of the user may want their device to connect to the projector.

We have a good wifi connectivity in the conference room which is on a seperate wifi subnet.

The users will be required to connect their devices to projector  and I am looking for better way to connect the devices when asked for.Please let me know if there is best way of seeting uo this.

Thanks and any help will be great.
Cannot play certain music on iPad.   "Item not available"   This item cannot be played.
User has iPhone, iPad and Dell Windows 10 with Outlook 2016.
The three devices are not synchronizing deleted emails properly.
They have Comcast email which shows IMAP setup on all three devices.

If they delete from iPad, message is removed from Outlook but not iPhone
If they delete from iPhone, message is removed from Outlook but not iPad
If they delete from Outlook, message is not removed from either iPhone or iPad

What should I check?   Thanks.
My iPad mini is slow opening apps and it’s getting frustrating.  When purchased it wasn’t slow rather it was fast.  This iPad mini i think is the second model that came out, its model ME276E/A.  When I googled it it says it’s an iPad min 2 series.

How can I make this device return to be fast?  (Note, from 16gb capacity, it has 3gb available, it’s version IOS 11.2.5, 16 apps, 90 songs, 1 photo)
I am looking for a WordPress plugin for forms that will allow the user to:

1. Fill in miscellaneous fields that I put on the form.
2. Sign the form using his iPad.
3. Attach photos that he takes from his iPad.
4. Submit the form with the image of his signature and his photos attached to an email.


would allow WordPress admin users to download all data from the form in a certain date range into a CSV file (including the attachments).

It looks like Gravity Forms might be able to do that, but I am unsure if I would get the images with the CSV download.

Helping a friend that has mobility problems.

They have an HP OfficeJet 3830 (relatively new All in one printer).  They want to scan 8 1/2 x 11 pages and have them accessible on their ipad for viewing. I am most familiar with Dropbox.

A couple ways I came up with, but not the best - the first because of limited mobility problems, the 2nd because there's several steps and more likely something stops working?

1) the dropbox app on ipad lets you take pictures / scans of papers and makes PDFs.  But again, with the mobility issues, this would be too much for them.

2) set up a computer with the HP software and dropbox running on it.  They scan from the printer, it goes to the laptop. The folder that the scans go to would also be the dropbox folder, the files go up to the cloud, then back down to the ipad.  They do have a 'spare' laptop, but that would have to stay on all the time / on the LAN with the printer.  Doable, but a nuisance to have a PC dedicated just for this and inevitably, witih patches, reboots, etc.  something in the process will break at some point... am I jaded or a realist <g>?

Are there other ideas?  Looking for simple (in process and for mobility issues) and relatively low cost.

Are there other printers or even this one with scan to cloud capabilities?  IS there a way to scan from HP all in one to an ipad directly?

Please provide me with a list of the best free iPhone X flashlight utilities that will emit a solid stream of light without the light starting to flash or blink.
How can I fast forward within MP3 files on an iPhone X?

I listen to MP3 files that are around an hour long and sometimes want to rewind or fast forward several seconds or several minutes within the MP3 files while listening to these files using the iPhone music app.

How can this be done?
How do I sync playlists across PC, iPad and iPhone?
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I have a user who has Comcast phone service with a land line number.  Someone sent a text message to that land line number and the text message appeared on his daughters iMessages on her iPad.  Not sure how this could happen.  Can an Apple ID setup or Comcast setup somehow be configured to route message from a landline to iMessage?

My iPhone doesn’t sync with cloud (see pix below) yet my PC and iPad syncs with no problem.

No sync
How can we fix this?
I have an ipad 4 (so it is old) and I have forgotten my 4 digit pin. I have not been on it in 3 + years.
I know the password to my itunes account but cannot remember my id.
Is there anything that I can do?

I do not have the original PC that this was setup with so I am at a loss.
I would be fine to reset it to factory defaults, but cannot see anyway how to do that.

The worst part is I think I know the 4 digits that are used but cannot remember what order they are in and it just keeps adding timeout amounts.
All of a sudden, no sound from youtube on iPad.

How do I get it back?

Google searches produce garbage, no real info.

Hi all,

We utilize Exchange 2013 and are trying to setup an iPad as a replacement for a laptop in the field. However, the one hurdle we are facing is how the user can reset their password when it expires through an iPad. We do not want them locked out when they are on the road and only have the iPad.

Using Outlook 2013 with Office365. Large groups of email are missing. In the inbox sorted by date descending there a re big gaps of mail missing. Last month had quite a bit missing, more missing from the month before, then large gaps of many months with no email at all, then some from a year ago, then some from a couple years ago. Did the restore deleted items from the inbox and that restored a lot (mostly recent from the last couple of months)

Also receive this same O365 account to an Iphone and an Ipad.

I suspect it might be IOS device since I had a similar problem a while ago but in that case you could watch the email go away.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
What apps or methods will allow me to project what is playing on my iPhone X onto my iPad?
I accessed iFixit website, formymobile.co.uk, repairuniverse.com, and techrepublic.com and can't find any complete guide.  My objective is to replace the charging port in an A1822 iPad.  I have the part, but no guide.   Thanks.
I am having trouble printing Outlook emails on a regular iPad. I have 2 iPads (regular - one is version 11.2.1, the other is 11.1.2) and they both have the same problem. I also have an iPad mini version 9.3.5 which does not experience this problem.

When printing any email from Outlook, from either iPad, there is only 2 lines of jibberish which is printed. It even is apparent in the Print Preview (see attached screenshot) that for any email, it will only print 2 lines.

Seems like a bug, or maybe it's a setting issue ? It's a big problem when nothing can be printed from email.

In case it's helpful, I am trying to print using AirPrint to an Epson Workforce 845. All apps though print fine.

Thanks, PeterPrint View screenshot
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My sister-in-law got a new iPad for Christmas. She went to register her existing email address with apple for this device, but got the message, "this email address is taken". Well, yes it is; by her! How do we get past this message and tell Apple to use this address? Note that I was not involved in her initially trying to register, so I don't know what else transpire to get her to this point.
I wanted to learn creating app on iOS and need get a Mac computer.  I don't have any experience with iOS development yet, though being a well experienced programmer. With a budget of $600 or less, I need suggestions on what's a good computer/platform to buy (including used ones), so I can have a smooth start and quick success in get a sample working  app onto, say, an iPad, while features and speed of the machine are not yet my main concern.


We have a middle school student that printed some porn on a network printer from an iPad. Is there a way to identify the iPad or user that sent the print job? I have print job logging turned on, on the Windows 2008 server, but the iPad jobs are going through Airplay or Airprint, whatever it is called and not showing up in the Windows logs.
I have a MacBook with OS X 10.7.5
I'm trying to download Apple Configurator and it says I need at least 10.12.5.

I tried running software update on the MacBook and it says it has the latest version OS... so I'm assuming that 10.7.5 is the latest the hardware will support.

Does anyone know of somewhere to download an older version of Apple Configurator that will run on my OS.
My ultimate goal is to configure an IPAD in a very specific way... which is supposedly (as per those on EE) done with Apple Configurator.
Just to clarify.... this is my first Mac computer.   So please be gentle.  :o)
Thanks in advance.
I recently found a bunch of my cds of music I've gathered over a couple decades.  I have imported them all into my Macbook's iTunes.  I looked for a short time to see if iTunes can do what I want, but it seems like the files have to be physically on the devices to do this.  Or I have to turn on Home Sharing.  Meh.  Not really a solution I'm looking for.  I didn't see an option to put them in the cloud and then stream to my devices?  Did I miss that?

Ideally, I would like to put the files in the cloud and then access those songs from my devices.  Essentially, I'm asking for a way to stream my music, right?  I'm new to Plex and imagine that can do what I want it to if I install the Plex client on all my devices and buy Plex Pass, but wanted to know if there is another option I should look into?  
What have you used and recommend?

(If you've experience with Plex Pass please share your experience!)

I have a Macbook, iPhone, Apple TV, Roku and iPad.

Thank you for looking.
How do I Connect iPad Pro (iOS 11.2.1) to Apple TV - or maybe just TV.

Quite by accident I somehow connected my iPad Pro to Apple TV (?) which turned on and duplicated video on iPad. I was viewing a YouTube video and pressed something (?) which started the TV display. All this is wireless.

Not sure if I was connected to Apple TV, as indicator led was not on.

I only use Apple TV for MLB Games, and don’t understand how this connection was made. HDMI cables used for Apple TV connections. I did notice a new TV menu item, while video running, but failed to copy name.


iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPad includes built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity on select models. An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Other functions – games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.