The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.

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I have the situation in the question title.

I have been told I have too many apps running. I was told I should close apps.

Of course, I have no idea how to do that.

Can someone advise, is it that or something else?

Free Tool: Path Explorer
Free Tool: Path Explorer

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Our Lync 2013 Server hosts to sip domains.  a.com and b.com

I have an employee who can log in to b.com fine on his computer but not on his mobile device.
Users in both a.com and b.com can log in on both computers and mobile devices, myself included.
I attempted to log in as the problem user on my iPhone and was unable.  

The troublesome user account's sip domain is username@b.com.  
Not sure what is going on.  I tried removing then adding the AD account from the Lync solution via the control panel.
I've compared AD and Lync 2013 account information with a b.com user that CAN log in on a mobile device and they are configured the same way.  

I'm at a loss.
I need to import the following fields from my .csv file into my iPhone 6s contacts:
First Name, Last Name, Company, Notes, Email, cell phone, phone, city, province (state)

I've googled this and it seems possible using the following steps:
.csv --> Google Contacts --> vcard --> iphone   or
.csv --> Outlook --> iTunes --> iphone

In either case, I'd love a detailed procedure.

Anybody who's actually done this before?

Have an issue where some recipients, and they're recipients at like @sbcglobal.net or @aol.com, cannot receive calendar invites from senders of our Exchange 2010 server.
We have played with all the HTML format e-mail settings and still the same results.
Other recipients on the invitation will receive it just fine, although they are on different e-mail systems respectively.
Is this really likely an Exchange issue, or something on sbcgloval or AOL's end?
The recipients in question too appear to just be using their phone for e-mail, so I'm wondering if it's converting the attachments upon receipt.
I've even created Att.net and sent an invite to myself and it came through as an ics in the webmail, but I was able to open it, so I'm not able to re-create it.
For AOL test account, I don't even see an invite or winmail.dat come through for that matter.
Recently we have done windows patching in our exchange servers. Post patching for one user mails in iphone getting downloaded from scratch instead of syncing.

Two users are same server. But for one user mails are working fine but for another user the mails in iphone 7 is getting downloaded again completely.

Any help/quick response will be highly appreciated.
any tips field forms :-)

First field must have selectable value (like options) but still needs to be open for new entries (values).
then if one of the selectable value is selected field b must automatically set.

example:  Field 1 named  Device:
                                              selectable 2 options: Iphone, andriod  or new value

Field 2 named OS: When Iphone is selected the next field needs to display IOS (OS)
or when a new value is added then the next field needs to be open for new entry
With AS3 I combined geolocation and accelerometer to direct the iphone, with its back towards a star at the sky. Accelerometer works fine for tilt 0-90 degrees ( directed towards horizon, phone vertical - towards zenith, phone horizontal with screen downwards) but geolocation heading of course flips around 45 degrees tilt and begins to show star direction + 180 degrees. Around 45 degrees tilt geolocation heading becomes very random and I would be very grateful for a suggested algorithm to eliminate the randomness of this phase shift.
Specifically my problem is:

head = event.heading;
head2 = event.heading -180;
 if(head2<0){head2 +=360;}

 if(angleSky>45) {head3 = head2;} else {head3 = head} // angle obtained by accelerometer

Ideally above angleSky 45 the code should choose head3=head2 and that should then be a continuation of the heading below 45. But this is not the case. Sometimes the geolocation heading switches at 43 or 44. Thus what I have tried but not succeeded is to store head  at 42 or 43 and then compare head3 with that. If head3 then is more than 100 degrees difference I tried to use the heading at 42-43. But I have not succeeded. Can it be that the aquisition rate, 50 mS is too fast? Or is this attempt to solve the problem not the optimal model?
Having an issue with Outlook on IOS devices (iMac, iPhone and iPad) prompting for passwords.  Latest OS and Outlook updates installed.  Appriver hosted exchange account.

When accessing the account on one device it logs the others out.  If the person is in Outlook on their iMac then goes to their iPhone the iPhone asks for a password and after putting it in it will work.  But upon going back to the iMac it will ask for a password.  It does this across all three devices.

It seems to have started doing this after a password change.  We have deleted all keychain references, removed the account and recreated it and of course rebooted everything.  We even tried changing the password back to the original to see if it made a difference and it didn't.

Thanks for your assistance.
I know nothing about Apples.

I have a guy that is taking pictures in NYC with his IPhone.  He downloads it to this lap top.  He can't find the actually image files to download with FTP.  

It appears to me that Apple is saving the same file with 2 file names.  One is "IMG_1233.JPG" and the second is a title such as "385 Madison"

Either way, he has no idea where the actually image is.

Any ideas?
hi i want to take a remote access of iphone of my client to configure something on his iphone how should i do that ?
please advice
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why every time i try to download something from the app store it say this apple id has not yet been used in the itunes store
Hi, we have 2 Exchange servers - Exchange 2007 holding CAS and Mailbox roles and an Exchange 2013 server holding CAS roles. We had mailbox stores fail yesterday but they have been brought online and accessible now via OWA and Outlook Anywhere. We are using the Exchange 2013 server to migrate mailboxes to Office 365 and it is a Hybrid server.

After the failure yesterday iPhones are unable to connect to mailboxes on Exchange 2007 server. We get  "Connection to the server failed". On the 2007 Exchange server we are getting the following errors: "Exchange ActiveSync has encountered repeated failures when it tries to access data on Mailbox server [Exchange2007server.local]. Exchange ActiveSync will temporarily stop making Exchange ActiveSync requests to the Mailbox server. The process will be postponed for [60] seconds. This may be caused if the Mailbox server is overloaded. If this event is frequently logged, review the Application log for other events that could indicate the root cause of performance problems on the Mailbox server specified in the event description."

Also I am seeing the following in the log: "Exchange ActiveSync is ending its back-off from Exchange Mailbox server [SSP-VA-HVMEX1.chsi-usa.local]. Exchange ActiveSync will retry Exchange ActiveSync requests to the Exchange Mailbox server."

I have removed profile from iPhone, rebooted and tried adding back multiple times. Also MsExchangeSync pool in Exchange 2007 was also restarted

I'm trying out a few different UK network sim cards.  For EE under the Enable 4G setting it offers, OFF, Voice & Data and Data only.

What has voice got to do with 4G because the other network sims dont mention Voice and data only data.
I'm trying to reduce the amount of space consumed by iPhone Mail.  I once remembered there was a setting to limit the amount of emailed download from the server either in terms of number of emails or overall total size of mailbox (I'm. It referring to individual mail).  

I cannot seem to find those settings anymore.

I have installed Exchange 2013 by valid certificate, all ready it work fine (send and receive internal and external email work fine).
my clients need to connect to email by iPhone and Android device.
but not working working. when I will try Add account or a try active sync I set email, pass, server name and... but not connecting.
after showing security warning about certificate gives this error at end "server error occurred"
I have web based application written in aspx and c# web form style. and want to convert to iPhone, ant. app.
the website is mobile friendly with bootstrap. Do you know any out of box solution can handle it?

My OS is win 10 pro 64 bit and I have iTunes installed, the latest version.  When I connect my LG Phone to my pc while it shows on windows explorer but I am unable to load the iPhone onto the menu of iTunes.  Please let me know what I am doing wrong and how to fix this. thank u
I am able to configure email client on iPhone 6s without any error but I do not see any emails in the inbox. Also, I could not find device on user mailbox.
Exchange activesync is enabled on users mailbox. Any help appreciated.
I am having problems accessing my photos on my laptop. Usually when I connect my phone to my laptop a little window pops up on my phone asking me whether or not I trust the pc I'm on, however, it has suddenly stopped doing that, and consequently I am not able to view my photos on my laptop, except for Icloud.
Does anyone have a solution to this?

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Announcing the Most Valuable Experts of 2016

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iphone 4s activaction lock unlock this phone
I was texting some personal slightly inappropriate stuff with someone using WhatsApp.  Realized I was making a risky/bad rendezvous and I closed the account - not worth the risk. Etc. a couple of days later I received some pictures I had sent on WhatsApp and a text I had sent to that person on my iPhone 6 regular messages that comes w iPhone. The especially weird startling thing was that it appeared that the sender was one of my unused or seldom used email accounts. Maybe gmail. I deleted very quickly bc I was around family -- I wish I had further investigated before deleting , but I was startled/ a little panicky. The message was not the exact text I had sent just parts of it. It was not dangerous or threatening. I am just worried who saw it. Who sent it, and why it was coming from my own gmail account through my iPhone text messages.
I have iphone 6 plus.  I'd
Like to email  an item from my iBooks, but the only option there is print.  How do i resolve this?  Thanks
how can I run iphone apps using a windows 10 laptop
I also want to spoof my gps
I want to eraser or remove the blackout text to read the text original but i can't found the way to recover the text under the blackout ..i paint with color on the text photo and saved so i want to back to original photo ..plz help me if we have an application or any trick to remove it
Hi Guys

I have a outlook 2016 and I have a user that ramdonly get email that she can not read on outlook.  All the text or contend is clear out.   The odd thing is I am able to read it on webmail and on iphone.  not sure how to make the content viewable.  one last bit of information, this email was send from japan.  the computer is on windows7 professional and office 2016.  other users are able to read the problem email.  

Thank you!

best regards



The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.