The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.

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Hi, my personal assistant is on a Mac and she use some integrated Mac OS snipping tool and pastes the pics into her email for illustrating whatever problem.  The problem is no one sees her illustations.  On my iphone it simply says "image", on my PC it shows the error message below; and all outside clients say the same thing.  We can't view her snips.  What is she doing wrong?

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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

            My fiancee wishes to back up her pictures stored on an iPhone 5s to a new Alcatel idealEXTRA Android Version 8.1.0 which brings me to this upcoming question of interest.  Is it possible to hook up a small USB storage device about the size of a flash drive to the iPhone 5s, back up the pictures to it, disconnect it, plug it into the Alcatel idealEXTRA and transfer or copy the pics to it?  If there is such an external storage device for backing up and transferring pictures between phones, could someone provide an online purchase link?

             Thank you

iOS 12.1.2. This AM when I attempted to attach a YouTube link to a message via the iMessage app--nothing happened. That is, YouTube wouldn't load in messages, though I can open it via the "basic" screen icon, and download links from vids I open there into messages.

Yes, I closed and reopend the Messages app. Yes, I rebooted the phone. Yes, all other message apps work.


We have an in-house messaging app we developed for our customers.  We are not app experts but have found we need to license audio files to be able to offer custom alert notification for our clients.  Does anyone know where we can license audio alert notification for Apple IOS?
Hello everyone. This is my first post, so I will do my best.

Our organization has around 14k Verizon iPhones of various models and IOS versions connected to Exchange 2010 SP3 via MobileIron. The issue is we have intermittent problems with email syncing with all of the phones. When opening the native Apple mail client, the iPhone tries to sync and sits there for several minutes before giving the error "cannot connect to the server for <mail account name>. Mail can try to repair these settings. Cancel. Repair." Clicking repair attempts to sync again and fails.

Putting phone in airplane mode and back seems to always fix the issue temporarily. The issues occurs on wireless or LTE. Using the MS Outlook client works perfectly and does not experience this issue. Unfortunately, we cannot move to the Outlook client because it is not free for enterprise use unless you are on o365.

Summary of Facts:
  • Issue has been occurring for months now, but seems to be getting worse or just more people are complaining. It's hard to tell when it first started.
  • When looking at the CAS logs for a user when the issue is actually occurring, there are no entries that I see for that user
  • When doing a fiddler capture of the iPhone traffic when the issue is happening does not seem to give any good clues
  • Capturing logs with configurator 2 when issue is occurring does give some possible clues, but maybe this is where some of you could help (
  • logs attached with and without issue, same Iphone)
I have a weird question. We recently moved from In House exchange over to office 365 and since the move we have had some users (not all) complain about contacts messing up. We will have users that have a contact with a phone number in it and all of a sudden the phone number will no longer show under the contact. I have made sure all the contact is wrong in OWA as well when the issue is reported to me. This is happening to users on both iPhones and Android, and the contacts that are missing the info are also on multiple device types, it's not just iPhone or Android. I have run the reports in Office 365 and don't see any unusual activity but it is becoming a widespread problem. Any Ideas?
We recently restored a backup exchange database from 1 week prior due to an exchange corruption (Exch 2010)

Following this the majority of users that have their inbox's on their phone have not been able to connect to Exchange anymore.

I am getting the event 1008 in the Application logs, for "an outdated or corrupted Exchange ActiveSync device partnership"

For most users deleting the phones from OWA and re-adding the account fixed the issue.

But here are two users that I cannot get working no matter what. Have tried deleting the phones from OWA and Exchange MC multiple times, rebooting, disabling activesync/enabling

The users are both iPhone users and the errors they are gettings is "The connection to the server failed" within the inbox, but the weirdest part is that the sent items folder downloads all mail and works fine, can even send emails. Just the inbox gets that error.

Any ideas?
I wish to use the Google Authenticator app. I have it installed on my iPhone, but also want to add it on my iPad. Can I do this?
With help from Zakaria Acharki and leakim971, I have added touch events to my drawing routine at: www.barnwellmd.com/PainDiagram/Testdrawing.html (modified so it doesn't send data to me).

However, sometimes when drawing on a touch screen, the line drawn is not under the finger. For example:drawing problem image.
I have tested the routine on a: Pixel Phone, Iphone, Samsung tablet, Microsoft Surface Book. The routine always draws at the wrong place using the Pixel Phone. The others frequently (not always) draws at the wrong place when zoomed in to and scrolled down on the page. Zooming and scrolling is disabled on the image itself but you can zoom and scroll off the image.

I believe this is the code causing the problem:
if( ev.targetTouches ) {
    var rect = ev.target.getBoundingClientRect();

    ev._x = ev.targetTouches[0].pageX - rect.left;
    ev._y = ev.targetTouches[0].pageY - rect.top;

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I tried changing:
var rect = ev.target.getBoundingClientRect();

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var rect = canvas.getBoundingClientRect();

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where canvas is defined as:
canvas = document.getElementById('imageView');

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But that did not work.

I will appreciate and try any suggestion even if your not sure if it will work.


Here is all the JavaScript code for the routine:
var imageData, context, pixels;

function clearCanvas()
	context.putImageData(imageData, 0, 0);

function checkFields()
	var themessage = "Please complete the following 

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I dont know if there is any easy way to do this, but I am looking to add a couple of free ios apps to iphones before we deploy them to users.  Namely, the Outlook app and the Microsoft authenticator app.  

I would like to deploy out phones to new staff with these apps already loaded.  Outlook would be preconfigured with their company mail, etc.

At first glance I dont see how to do this without an Apple ID but was wondering if this can somehow be done with iTunes?

I do not want to obtain any software to do it...hoping there is a way that I am just not seeing.

Same would be true for iPads.

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iOS Outlook App - calendar notifications aren't displayed.

My client is using an iPhone X with iOS 12 and they are using the current version of the Outlook app.  Calendar notifications are turned on, in the app; and in the iOS notifications settings/control panel, settings are 'Allow Notifications'; Alerts are 'Lock Screen' and 'Banners', and Show Previews are 'When Unlocked'.

However, when a meeting's alert time comes around there are no alerts shown on the phone. Alerts for new messages are shown as expected.
Dear experts,

I wanted to create ringtones for bells in Sanatana Dharma temples.
I found only one in itunes.

I have a few themes which have the required sounds.

Now, can anyone please guide me:
1. How to create ringtones
2. How to upload the ringtone into my iphone

I have Wondeshare software on my windows 10 laptop.

Kindly guide me.
Customer was told this and I think it’s not true

Genuine iPhone cables may last longer but spurious ones don’t damage the iPhone

What say you ?

automate app install using intune and play store / app store
i need to have apps pushed automatically to the device
i tested deploying apps to android device via intune but it only prompts the user to install it
i want it to be 0 touch were the user just has the app on the homescreen
In a network , I have laptop and iPhone, both are trying to connect to the same network , iPhone successful get an IP and internet , laptop doesn't. (connected to AP but doesn't get an IP )

If I move with the laptop closer to a different AP it works. this network has issues with access to the network.  

I'm trying to find the root issue. is there a way that I can see to which access point the laptop in connected to and to which is the iPhone?
iphone does not let me text or use siri to dictate or find contacts in email.  When I turn on my phone and click on messages and then try to type in a name, it freezes.  Same thing happens when I try to compose and email.  I click on a few letters for the email address and it freezes.  voice dictation does not work either.  Now, this all goes away after the phone has been ON for about 45 minutes.  Then all is well.  Any ideas?
Hi Experts

we have on premise Skype for business 2015 and everything work well

but today some users they have Iphones they made update to the latest mobil client and they are not able to login anymore

from IOS the latest version with the latest version of skype for business client

i have iphone with IOS version 11.2.5    and skype cleint version   and everything working with me

so the problem located on the client version

do i have to change something on front end server or what i have to do to figure out this issue

kindly advice
Windows 10 Laptop, Lenovo Thinkpad having internet / network connection issues on a regular basis, also can't seem to sync photos from an iPhone 7 into Windows 10. I have found that there is some sort of networking issues on this laptop. Anywhere from 5 minutes into using the computer up to 2 hours after its rebooted the laptop will just stop communicating on the network/ internet.   The yellow icon comes up on the computer wireless adapter. Then sometimes 5-10 minutes later, the icon goes away and the computer starts to operating just fine again.     I started two pings, one to and one to Both ran for about 1.25 hours  and while I had some timeouts, I didn't lose connectivity at all.    I left, then the client called me back and said the machine isn't working again.    She had connected her iPhone 7 to the computer to transfer photos and the machine errors out in Windows Photos app saying it can't find the phone. What I wonder is if the iphone tethered to the computer caused it to try to use it as a source for internet.   I remotely connected to the system from home, I see the issues happening when the iPhone is plugged in to the laptop. I can't transfer photos using the Photos app.
But then I see that iTunes is accessing the phone, perhaps that is why.

So I closed the iTunes, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I can see the iPhone from my computer.
I can go into the DKIM folder, I see items in there, but I can't copy them and past them to…
I’m not sure if it is working as intented or not.
So, doing crosfortest move, mailbox becomes linked to user in user forest. Outlook redirects fine to new exchange but iphone doesnt, if i manually change server name under account it works as expected so the question is , should iphone automaticlly autodiscover new server in already existing exchabge account ? Autodiscover also works fine if i recreate account...
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My client's Iphone won't sync to Outlook whenever I add a contact to the IPhone.  It does sync when I add a contact to Outlook.  It also syncs whenever I edit a contact on the IPhone or in Outlook.  So, the only problem we're having is when we add a contact to the IPhone, it won't sync to Outlook.  We're using Outlook 2016 with Exchange 2010.  

It used to work, but now doesn't.  The only change he has made is he updated the iOS to 12.1.  Please let me know if you have any ideas on this.  I've researched this thoroughly, but can't find any solutions.  Thanks, Barbara
Is there a known issue with adding a photo to a contact in Office 365 from the iPhone?  If I do it from Outlook, it works fine and sync's to the phone.  If I do it in the reverse and open the contact on my iPhone and add a photo/picture for that contact, it will not sync back to the mailbox (Outlook doesn't show it).  My guess is it has something to do with photo size but just wondered if this was a known issue and if anyone else was experiencing this issue too...
I have a UIPageViewController which I am using for onboarding/walthrough screens but at the moment they only work with swipes. I added a button but I can't actually connect it and create an IBAction. I was able to programatically create a button that could print to console but I don't know how to get it to move the screens like swiping does.

class PageViewController: UIPageViewController, UIPageViewControllerDelegate, UIPageViewControllerDataSource {
    var pageControl = UIPageControl()
    // MARK: UIPageViewControllerDataSource
    lazy var orderedViewControllers: [UIViewController] = {
        return [self.newVc(viewController: "sbBlue"),
                self.newVc(viewController: "sbRed")]
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        self.dataSource = self
        self.delegate = self
        // This sets up the first view that will show up on our page control
        if let firstViewController = orderedViewControllers.first {
                               direction: .forward,
                               animated: true,
                               completion: nil)
        // Do any additional setup after loading the view.
    func configurePageControl() {
        // The total number of pages that are available is based on how many 

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I am working on an iOS application (in nativescript) that needs to get and post some data to an API in the background each 5 minutes. Now it seems that iOS is closing my application so I took a look at the long running tasks section of https://docs.nativescript.org/core-concepts/ios-runtime/how-to/BackgroundExecution but I fail to see how I should configure an interval now.

Also while it works correctly on the simulator (not thinking about the interval) with the debug fetch command, I can't get it to work correctly on a real device.
Dear expert,

I have an email based on Hotmail company.

I always access it through the web browsers with no issue. Today, I have bought an iPad and iPhone and tried to configure them on both devices.
I went to the mail section and added them successfully but only one email had downloaded. I logged into the mail section again and change the download option to no limit but the rest of emails are not downloading yet.
iPhone 6s Plus screen and audio not working.  My wifes phone started displaying test patterns, then the display went dead.  For a period of time we could call it and hear it vibrate but no ring even though it was not on mute.

It also seemed to receive texts as they would be marked as Delivered.  I am contemplating replacing the screen, but since there is also an issue with the audio I am concerned that the problem may be elsewhere like the motherboard.

Is there common circuitry shared by both video and audio which would cause the screen and sound to go dead and if so is that replaceable?


The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.