The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.

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I dont have MAC machine currently but the requirement is to test the cordova app using windows + iPhone. How can I do the testing of cordova ios app using windows and iPhone?
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ebay lists iphone8 64g for verizon $516-$700

verizon wireless united states store sells for $900 (total after hidden fees/taxes)

Yes it is better to pay monthly for 2 years.

Only other benefit is 1 year warranty. If something happens to phone from verizon store; it gets replaced


Could I buy ebay phone and buy a warranty for cheaper than $386
Hi,  I use 1Password from Agilekeychain.  On My IOS 11 devices and on my Sierra 10.12.6 1Password was configured to use Dropbox as a sync destination.   iOS 11 upgrade changed that to iCloud.  How do I change it back so my syncs will work between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone and iPad.

My calendar disappeared on my iphone (6), I mean the appts I have & other things.

Is there a way to get them back?

Blackberry to iPhone data transfer.   I need to transfer Pictures, Text messages ( that go back to 2013) and anything else saved on a Blackberry to a iPhone 5S.  The blackberry is running OS 10.  Is there a software that can help do this?  I dont mind paying a small fee.
my friend has an iphone 6 that when you power it on, it simply reads 'iphone is disabled' - connect to itunes'. I have plugged it into a windows machine and it loads the 'internal storage' of the device (quoting approx 1GB of 60GB free), yet when I click the 'internal storage' drive, nothing loads up. They are not overly fussed about getting the device to work just to salvage any photos files from storage. I am guessing the fact that windows can recognise the device and list the internal storage is a good sign from a hardware fault perspective, but I cannot see any files when I click internal storage. What can be done to view and copy off the contents of internal storage in this situation? I dont have the machine they may or may not of used to sync with itunes, although I could install itunes a fresh on my own windows machine and go from there... all I really need to do is copy the files from internal storage through whatever means.
I recently upgraded a user's iPhone from the 6 to the 8 and he pointed out that while all the main stuff transferred over fine, the autocomplete/recent history for e-mail addresses didn't but was something he used frequently. (I transferred via itunes backup.) I can't find much on this online to see if it's possible to bring this over. He doesn't even have iCloud set up, which is what I saw mentioned a few times. Any thoughts?
Which is the best software for unlocking my iPhone?
It’s a 7s and a fair bit of storage left
All tabs are closed on safari and chrome

Can i clear Cache maybe ?

Any other ideas ?

I’m in a city area and a good phone network

I have created a slide out shopping cart using woocommerce and attempted to fix the add to cart and view cart buttons to the bottom of the container, however it seems to work but not on iphone.

URL is www.ingeniousgifts.co.uk
password is: ingeniousgifts

Hope someone can help.
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I am considering using the "auto delete old conversations" option on my iphone to clear up some space, but would like to have a backup of them before I delete them.  Is there a way to export or archive imessages so that in the unlikely scenario that I need to refer back to them in the future I can?
so user added 50 contacts on his iphone he added manually for a few weeks.  

Weeks later when I was adding exchange I was asked what to do with existing 50 contacts?
I choose "keep on phone" and he CAN see them

Where are these 50 contacts? Id like to copy them to his 300 and make it 350 in exchange

I had to do this quickly and leave and wont be back for a few weeks.

If he looses that iphone I want to ensure I have the 350 in exchange.  

How to do this or check 50 were added to exchange on that day?

* I dont want to use iphone back up (as he is using an old hotmail for itunes email ID ID he doesnt have the password for - another nightmare question Ive asked on another question ) and want to set up his new iphone in the future from scratch as a new iphone so backing up iphone is NOT the answer to my situation.  

user got new iphone

user got a person I havnt met to perhaps import a back up of the iphone OR they put in a hotmail account they know longer have access or know password to

when i try to log out (even though he isnt logged in!) it wont let me

option to create new account ...

I use his existing gmail account and it says ...  account already in use ...

His old iphone is dead

is my  only option to create a new gmail account and start him off from scratch with a new itunes account? Dont want to do that .
What to do ?
The procedure below does not support renaming photo albums transferred with AnyTrans and OSX 10.13.4 ---> iOS 11.4

Renaming Photo Albums on iPhone & iPod touch
      •      Open Photos and stay in the primary screen with all photo albums listed, then tap “Edit” in the upper right corner
      •      Tap directly on the name of the album you want to rename to summon the keyboard
      •      Enter the new album name then tap “Done” to complete the change

How can I rename Photo Album?
When sending a photo from an iPhone, the message is received in Outlook 2016 inline, and not as an attachment.
I would like to see this received as an attachment.
Is this possible?
Dear All

             Iphone 8 plus with IOS 11.4 after connect usb cable to window 10 computer, click the iphone icon in my computer, it show empty, i have tried to connect with 2 other iphones, and it could show the photos in the iphone device, any idea why the iphone 8 plus show empty ?


I have a user that for some reason, he keeps getting old reoccurring meeting invites showing up on his iPhone calendar. These meetings have either long since been canceled, deleted or declined. If he tries declining the series, He gets an error "Calendar Invitation - your response to the invitation cannot be sent".he has also tried deleting the account off the phone, restarting the phone and adding the account back, but it does not solve the problem.

Desktop Outlook, outlook 2016 does not have this issue.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance!


Figured it out. Thank you all!

I`m using a windows 10 pro computer with an internal vpn IPSEC/L2TP connection. When I try connecting to my iphone through shared internet, the VPN will not connect.My iphone X has the latest ios 11.4.

If I use my home network the VPN connection has no problem to connect.

I know that the pptp service has been closed down on iphone, but thought that L2TP would work.

Anyone have a workaround ?
My boss is in Vegas and he is using his iphone as a wifi hotspot.  Today he called me and said he got the message there is an ip conflict with another computer.  How can this be if he is the only 1 who is connected to the hotspot?  I can see this happening in our LAN at the office but why is it happenening using a wifi hotspot?
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Got an issue with IBM Verse and native iPhone client as issue with foreign characters issues went sent to internet.  The same email sent to Notes user internally is OK.

Strange issue we've had with some Kanji characters going missing in emails.  Have been through just about every setting I can think of and content of the emails themselves to try and track down common factor thinking it was encoding issue, UTF-8, ISO 2202, Shift-Jis etc. But... finally come to the fact nothing to do with specific characters but seems to be every so MANY characters so for instance the examples below, first original set of characters sent from IBM verse on iPhone or iPhone client appears with certain characters missing.  

The same message text sent from my own IBM verse (on Android) through my Traveler server is fine.
The same message cc'd to internal Notes user is fine.
The same message text sent from Notes client is fine.

So only an issue from mobile device.

Possible things involved

iPhone --> IBM traveler 9.0.1 FP... --> Crossware signatures appended on Domino 8.5.3 mail server --> IBM Domino 8.5.3 outgoing SMTP server --> Symantec messagelabs outgoing

I have disabled Crossware signature for that user without any difference.

From my own system  (OK)

Android --> IBM Traveler 9.0.1 --> Symantec Messagelabs outgoing

I am going to try my own spare Android device against the company server to rule out some other issues.

Any ideas?!


Original message
Look for outsource call center that they will have to use my five9 subscription to do in and out bounds calls.

Do u know any places that can provide those services?
What does this exception mean? How do I solve this?

INNEREXCEPTION MESSAGE: Invalid viewstate. Client IP: Port: 56646 Referer: https://secure.mdg.com/Search.aspx?search=Ac&PID=mdgusahomepage Path: /Search.aspx User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_3_2 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/603.1.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) CriOS/66.0.3359.122 Mobile/14F89 Safari/602.1 ViewState: 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...
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EXCEPTION GETTYPE: System.Web.HttpException
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I would need some advises about the following situation:

At my job an external vendor has developed a web application and every thing is going well, but now the end user is asking to be able to access this same application but with an iPad or and iPhone, but when we try to access it via these devices, but the problem is that when we try to access via the Safari app,  I get the message that the Safari couldn't "reach" the server, Although the iPhone is connected to the local network. So I wonder if you can help me by telling what do I need to have or check for being able to see this application with Safari App.


1. The Web application works perfect in the Laptops.
2. The web application is developed in IIS and also uses SQL Database. This application and DB reside on a local server inside the network
3. I tested the connectivity between the device and the server and I can ping that server.

So what else do I need to check in ortder to verify if tthe application can be accessed through the iPhone/iPad?
Outlook Calendar items not appearing in OWA but are on Outlook Client and iPhone

This is happening to all users

As per my screenshot (attached), one of my Gmail accounts keeps show as 4 unread messages for about 5 seconds, and then it changes back to 0... or if I actually have 2 unread messages, it will show as 6, etc... then back to the 2 (the real unread number).

- it doesn't happen any of my other Gmail accounts
- it only happens on my iPhone and not on Mac Mail or Gmail in web view
- i've deleted the Mail account and re-added it... but the problem still persists
- i went into the account on my iPhone and selected all emails... marked them all as unread... then selected all again and marked them as read... but the problem still persists

Any help at all would be much appreciated.



The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.