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The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.

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There's a box on the screen of my phone that says photo stream Photos for the icloud account cannot be accessed.  Review your account information in settings. One box says ignore, one box says settings.  No matter what I do, I cannot get the box to go away.  All I want to do is get into my phone.
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A user with a Sprint PCS iPhone X running ios version 11.1.1 (15B150) that has Google voice installed on it only slightly vibrates during incoming calls to either its phone number or to the google Voice number.

I have checked the obvious settings and everything seems to be set correctly.

The Do Not Disturb feature is turned off.

What needs to be done to change this so that the iPhone X will ring during incoming calls.
Dear experts,
I have an apple iphone and I forgot its password. I do not think I will be able to recollect it.

What are my choices to get it to factory settings?
As a clarification, this is an iphone purchased in the US and it has been given to my grandmother who lives in India.
Kindly advice.
What are some iPhone apps that can be installed on a (non jailbroken) iPhone X with iOS 11.1.1 to prevent iOS upgrades?
I have been using Whatsapp installed in Samsung android phone and I want to transfer the chat history to a new iphone. Kindly advise me how to transfer.

We have a user who syncs their contacts from Outlook 2016 to their iPhone.

Outlook is pulling all users contact information from Active Directory to populate Outlook contacts.

When someone or work calls this person the caller ID on the iPhone say it could be "work or 5 others"

Does anyone know of a fix for this to where it shows only the number of the actual person calling?
What iPhone X iOS versions can currently be jail broken?
Hello Team,

Need to know, if this is normal behaviour in Office365 or is there any setting

issue is : abc is the person who having Calendar delegation on his boss calendar, everything is fine with outlook as he able to see the calendar of his boss

But same thing is happening in Iphone, he able to see his calendar enteries and his boss also, We need to to restrict his boss calendar entries on his iphone, we want he able to see his calendar enteries only

Please suggest if there is any way on iphone setting or anything on O365 ?

I bought new iPhone 8.  It's  super cool phone. but it's not connecting to my wifi. I m using Belkin Wireless Router. what should i do ..
We currently run Exchange 2010 SP3 On-Premise and from some reason all of a sudden new users cannot get email on their IPhone's using ActiveSync. Existing users work fine.

When i look at the Event Logs it shows

Warning: MSExchangeActiveSync
Event ID: 1008
An exception occurred and was handled by Exchange ActiveSync. This may have been caused by an outdated or corrupted Exchange ActiveSync device partnership. This can occur if a user tries to modify the same item from multiple computers. If this is the case, Exchange ActiveSync will re-create the partnership with the device. Items will be updated at the next synchronization.

--- Exception start ---
Exception type: Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.AirSyncPermanentException
Exception message: A null value was received for the NTSD security descriptor of container CN=ExchangeActiveSyncDevices,CN=Peter Nadori,OU=Users,OU=FuelQuip National,DC=eclfuelquip,DC=com,DC=au.
Exception level: 0
HttpStatusCode: 500
AirSyncStatusCode: 110
This request does not contain a WBXML response.
Exception stack trace:    at Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.ADDeviceManager.SetActiveSyncDeviceContainerPermissions(ActiveSyncDevices container)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.ADDeviceManager.CreateActiveSyncDeviceContainer(Boolean retryIfFailed)
   at …
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I accidentally restored my iPhone to an old back up on iTunes.  I wasn't sure really what I was doing and went along with it, I was trying to get an old app back.  When it was done, I did get the app back but then I realized all my recent photos were gone except for the ones that were from the old backup.  However my new apps still came through and about 10 pictures from before.  But I know all those pictures were backed up because when I would randomly check it would say the current back up on my iPhone in icloud.  But now I cannot find them and I don't understand why they would be gone if they had been backed up on my phone.  Any ideas???
Thank you!
 I have a iPhone that fails to sync contacts from exchange 2010 mailbox account.
 It shows all the emails and calendar items. But when I go to CONTACT icon on the phone, it fails to show none of 127 contact items in Outlook although It show a bunch of email addresses with associated names which appears to be some kind of email "autocomplete" list.
For testing, I added a new person in iPhone Contact, but it fails to show up in user's Outlook.
If there were syncing correctly, the new name added on the iPhone would have shown up in Outlook almost instantly.

For another testing, I added this person's exchange account on my iPad and Contacts show all 127 names from Outlook Contact. When I added a new name in Outlook, it shows up in iPad almost immediately. When I add a new name in iPad, it shows up on Outlook Contact.

So there is something about this iPhone.

Can you help?
I got my wife's old iPhone 6 when she upgraded. it worked perfectly. After I put my data on it, then upgraded the firmware, now my touch is not responsive, but only when it is in portrait mode, and only is about half of the apps (mostly native apps)

When I try to install profiles for my data and xfinity wifi, I cannot click install or back. Facebook won't let me post status updates, and  to be completely honest, it's driving me crazy. I've wiped it a few times, and I can't get past the initial setup if I try to set up the phone as a new one. Any suggestions?
We have iPhone 7 plus and use a lot of the apps Voice Memos.  We have noticed that when listening to our recordings, if we open another apps it closes.  We were wondering if there is a way to have the Voice Memo running (listening to the memos) in the background and not be closed when going to another apps (similar like Music apps) - or if if there an apps similar to Music that stays in the background playing and can be used to listen to voice memos.

I have a extra gmail mail/calendar setup on my iPhone.

When somebody send me a calendar event invitation, I don't receive the notification within the calendar app inbox but the invitation sent to my google mailbox as a attachement, I have to  accept or decline from there.

I like to have the notification sent to my calendar app and I also need to receive a reminder pops up on the screen whenever a new invitation come in, I tested with a hotmail account which worked perfectly.

Not sure if I need to change some settings within google calendar.

I have also updated IOS to the latest 11.1.2

Thank you for the help
Since Dolphin browser does not has the bookmarks export feature anymore, does anyone here knows to export them using another application or back them up to the computer?
I have not yet found a way and it's frustrating. I used to love Dolphin, but they changed it and I want to get rid of it, but do not want to lose my bookmarks.
Does anyone knows a browser that works well with iPhone 5?
I've just upgraded my iMac 27" to High Sierra and since the upgrade I can no longer send iMessages to iPhone users.  I get the "Not Delivered" red exclamation mark almost instantaneously.  The odd thing is, I've been able to send messages to several none-iphone users - these go through fine.

I've already tried the often suggested logging in to the iCloud online control panel and deleting all my devices then re-adding them, this made no difference whatsoever.

I am also an iPhone 6+ user.
i am not able to debug my xamarin.ios project using iphone simulator on mac using Visual Studio Community for MAC
i am sure i was able to debug  perfectly without any issues.
but now i am getting below error:
"cannot execute ".../myproj/bin/iphonesimulator/debug/myapp.exe"

i am able to run app on iphonesimulator without any issues
( run -->start without debugging).

But i need to debug my app ( run--> start debugging) to debug my code.
i am using :
Apple Developer Tools
Xcode 8.3.3 (12175.1)
Build 8E3004b

Version: (Visual Studio Community)
Hash: 1b460cb9
Branch: d15-5
Build date: 2017-10-13 18:49:56-0400

Version: (Visual Studio Community)

Not Installed

Xamarin Inspector
Version: 1.3.2
Hash: 461f09a
Branch: 1.3-release
Build date: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 18:26:57 GMT
Client compatibility: 1

Operating System
Mac OS X 10.12.6
I have a client using Outlook 2010, connected to a Zimbra server and configured to download e-mail using POP. In addition they check their e-mail using an iPhone (IOS 11) which uses IMAP.

He's recently noticed that (apparently) random e-mails opened on his phone are not seen in his Outlook Inbox. On investigation, I've found the missing e-mails in his Outlook Trash box.

- The Outlook POP has been configured to "leave a copy" for 99 days.
- There are no filters configured on the Outlook account.
- No messages have been flagged "Ignore" in Outlook and he was unaware of this feature.
- The message headers indicate that Spam Assassin does not flag the messages as spam on the server side.
- The messages remain in the Zimbra Inbox and are available on the iPhone.

Apart from mail-filters and the Ignore setting, is there anything else that could trigger a message to be moved to Trash without user intervention?
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My mom is recently blind and currently SIRI can only open a few many apps but once those apps are open, you need to be visually capable to navigate them.  

Ex:  You could ask SIRI to open Safari and do a search but then it only lists the search on the screen.  The touch/tap capability doesn't work after doing a voice search. And well touch/tap is very cumbersome in general -- even for me and I can see.    

Ex. 2: My mom likes Pandora and SIRI will open Pandora, but again once in, it will not close the app by voice nor will it allow you to change stations or do a search.

SO... my question is...  is there an app -- possibly similar to VYSOR for Android -- that will allow an Iphone to be remote controlled completely by a PC.  My aim is to connect my mom's Iphone to a PC and not only mirror the screen (she cannot send screenshots anyway -- you have to be able to see to do that), not only open Apples basic features (like mail, photos, calendar) but where you can also fully open and navigate ALL apps like Pandora, BARD Audiobooks, Youtube or Netflix (she may not be able to see shows but she listens to them) from a PC.

If there's anything currently available or new applications in the works, please let me know.  

Otherwise... we may have to bite the bullet and move to Android since it's phone and apps seem to be more ADA (american disabilities act) compliant.
Hello , does anyone knwo how to transfer iPhone contacts and messages to Android phone without any loss ? i've tried many ways to transfer them , but always fail ,and i don't how to connect the differen operation phones ,
guys - my iPhone notes all of a sudden keeps shortening at times, this has never happened before, we have Office 365 outlook and my iPhone has the latest IOS - please help
I use Outlook and Icloud just to sync my calanders and contacts to my IPhone 7 and Ipad. For some reason a while ago I realized that the sync was only working one way from Outlook to the 2 IOS devices but not coming back. Everything from Outlook gets to Icloud.com and then to my phone and iPad, however when I enter something into the phone/iPad it gets to outlook.com but never back into outlook. I'v installed and reinstalled icloud several imes as we as turned of the icloud settings several times and nothing work.

I have 3500 + pics/vids on iPhone 6
After almost a week of going through the backup torture that many others have described. (Saying 1 item left, then 3000 left...)
Well yesterday I finally got the "backup comple" cloud with check mark. So I went to free up storage, and only 125 of the 3000+ say they were backed up, obviously clearing no space.

The phone only has 59mb free storage left. I have no access to iCloud (long long story), so I am afraid if I go the uninstall/reinstall route that there may not be enough space for google photos to reinstall.

Any thoughts, suggestions, answers?

I have the following:
Windows 7 PC running iCloud
Windows 8 laptop running iCloud
Apple iPad
Apple iPhone

When I create an event in the calendar on the PC it synchronises with the other devices but when I create an event in the calendar on any of the devices apart from the PC it synchronises with all except the PC. It appears that the PC can send events to iCloud but cannot receive them.


The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.