The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.

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I am trying videos files that I took with my iphone to the PC and I got the error below:
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Lots of times when I use the oven in my kitchen to cook it sets off the smoke alarm in a nearby hallway.

I would like to purchase a smoke alarm that has a remote way of turning it on and off (with either a remote control or an app installed on my iPhone X) or a hanging on/off switch (that will hang down from the ceiling and allow me to turn the alarm off whenever I am cooking and then turn it back on afterwards).

What type of smoke alarms have these capabilities and where can I buy such smoke alarms from?
I am trying to add a user profile on a iPhone 6 through Mobile Iron and keep getting this message during the install.  "Profile Installation Failed, The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection."  I have tried this on the users old iPhone 6 a new iPhone 8, on wifi, using just cell service and get same message no matter what I do.
me.com email account in Outlook.

After getting a new iPhone and changing the password of the Apple ID the icloud sync in Outlook not longer works and when it prompts for the password,
 imap.email.me.com or smtp the new password does not work. No setting in outlook changed in that time period. 993 and 587 and etc are all the same. It's a bit like a cert or other verification is needed.

PS: I've read most of the post on EE so far and found nothing that helps to date.
I would like an app for iPhone, which will allow the download  of PDF files to the iPhone.
There is study material on a specific website, where otherwise in Windows, the PDF study material is downloadable, however on iPhone, it opens the PDF file but within a window, and it does not allow for the download.
Any suggestions?   Safari and Chrome do not seem to work.  And when trying Safari and using the export option to iBooks, it basically sends a screenshot of both pages but not the full PDF document which might be about 60 pages.
Hey guys,
I am wondering if anyone out there knows of a way to change which account a contact is syncing with on Iphone?  The situation that I am in now is that I have a user who is a delegate to the CEO of this company.  She has both her email as well as his email added to her phone. She put a personal contact in and it synced to the CEO's phone.  She also expressed a concern about losing her contacts upon leaving the company after her email is removed.  She also does not want to turn off the contacts for either Office 365 account as she wants to be able to look up contacts for the CEO as well as for herself.  Basically we want to be able to do have these people create their own personal contacts that do no sync with Exchange accounts, while still being able to download the contacts from Exchange and work with them, which I don't think would be unreasonable, but I cannot seem to make that happen on Iphone.  

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I have one user with an odd issue.

When he sends an email with an attached photo from his iPhone to his company exchange email account it appears as embedded NOT attached.

This ONLY happens from his iPhone.

Other people can send attached pics from iPhones to his email and they arrive still as attachments.

What could be causing this???

we have configured a new Server 2016 DC and and new Exchange 2016 sever (on separate hardware).

We are not able to get our iPhone's to setup an Exchange account. The account on the phone will all 'green tick' but when trying to collect email is comes up 'account error' - 'unable to connect'.

This is a summary of what DOES work.
DC is working fine
Exchange is working fine
We have configured various DNS settings on our DC to reflect out external URL, Autodiscover, OWA and remote - they point to Exchange
We have a WIldcard SSL that gives us a secure SSL connection from outside our organisation to the DC's RWW and Exchange OWA
Internally Outlook clients can connect fine
Externally - NON DOMAIN joined PC's can configure a Exchange account and CAN send and receive email.
We have configured AUTODISCOVERY (URL 'A' and 'Cname' records) - and according to Microsoft's Remote Connectivity Analyser all tests pass - EXCEPT IMAP and POP which is due to the Wildcard SSL NOT being bound to those two protocols (but shouldn't be an issue- i don't think)

I have tried setting up the Exchange account on iPhone 6, 7, X iPad 2 and iPad Pro - none work and all show the same connectivity issue with Exchange.

We seem to have setup everything correctly - but clearly there is something missing.

Can anyone offer any support please
Thank you
Can’t understand this

I use exchange

Any ideas what this could be ?
Lately, when I have been taking pictures with my iPhone X some of the pictures have been captured as movie files (.MOV) instead of just regular pictures (.JPG files).

How can I change this so that when I use the camera app on my iPhone it will only capture picture and won't capture movie files?
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Dear expert,

I have installed TeamViewer on my iPhone and my laptop. It is very annoying to and very limited control on IOS.

I tried Chrome remote desktop application but it is only give one way access from iPhone to PC not vice versa.

Please help me to find a free remote access application to manage and control the phone from my PC.

Thank you in advance.

We have mobile application, which is developed using  ionic one, CoffeeScript and angular one. When we build the application for the android and web, all images are showing correctly. But we build same application for IOS it not showing the images. Image path is correct and images is available inside of application bundle folder.

Also this application use cordova plugin file for the file management. All the images are getting from IOS application bundle.

When we build for IOS there is no errors or warnings.
How to unlock camera iPhone for synchronization
Published iOS app about 18 months ago using Xamarin Studio.  Now that its Visual Studio 2017, need to recreate Apple certificates and profiles and then use fastlane to install them on my Mac.  App builds fine and it runs on an iPhone attached to my Mac.  Looking for a consultant who can help me with this process.
We are having an issue when a meeting request gets sent to people at work, when they open the meeting request attachment on their iPhones using the general mail app, they get the following error "Cannot download attachment"
I have a NETGEAR router with 2,4 GHZ and  5GHZ :on my HP pc (win10) I am not able to see the SSDI (the 5GHZ) On the others computer , IPAD , IPHONe, it is visible but not on that HP pc. It is the 5GHZ that I am not able to see. I can see the 2,4 GHZ, on the others computer I can see both??
Any suggestion?
Is the Instagram iOS app on my iPhone using an HTTPS SSL to encrypt all session activity from being viewed by my ISP? How do you know? Is there any evidence which proves all app activity on Instagram is encrypted or not encrypted?
Mailbox on office 365.
on the desktop it's working fine.
on the phone if I go into calendar I can see the events but it doesn't remind me or pop up when I set it to .

I took anther iPhone and checked all the settings , it's exactly the same.
I turned off the calendar and turned it back on.

and still doesn't remind me .

if it matters (office 365 on godaddy)
I dont have MAC machine currently but the requirement is to test the cordova app using windows + iPhone. How can I do the testing of cordova ios app using windows and iPhone?
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I recently upgraded a user's iPhone from the 6 to the 8 and he pointed out that while all the main stuff transferred over fine, the autocomplete/recent history for e-mail addresses didn't but was something he used frequently. (I transferred via itunes backup.) I can't find much on this online to see if it's possible to bring this over. He doesn't even have iCloud set up, which is what I saw mentioned a few times. Any thoughts?
Which is the best software for unlocking my iPhone?
It’s a 7s and a fair bit of storage left
All tabs are closed on safari and chrome

Can i clear Cache maybe ?

Any other ideas ?

I’m in a city area and a good phone network

I have created a slide out shopping cart using woocommerce and attempted to fix the add to cart and view cart buttons to the bottom of the container, however it seems to work but not on iphone.

URL is www.ingeniousgifts.co.uk
password is: ingeniousgifts

Hope someone can help.
so user added 50 contacts on his iphone he added manually for a few weeks.  

Weeks later when I was adding exchange I was asked what to do with existing 50 contacts?
I choose "keep on phone" and he CAN see them

Where are these 50 contacts? Id like to copy them to his 300 and make it 350 in exchange

I had to do this quickly and leave and wont be back for a few weeks.

If he looses that iphone I want to ensure I have the 350 in exchange.  

How to do this or check 50 were added to exchange on that day?

* I dont want to use iphone back up (as he is using an old hotmail for itunes email ID ID he doesnt have the password for - another nightmare question Ive asked on another question ) and want to set up his new iphone in the future from scratch as a new iphone so backing up iphone is NOT the answer to my situation.  

user got new iphone

user got a person I havnt met to perhaps import a back up of the iphone OR they put in a hotmail account they know longer have access or know password to

when i try to log out (even though he isnt logged in!) it wont let me

option to create new account ...

I use his existing gmail account and it says ...  account already in use ...

His old iphone is dead

is my  only option to create a new gmail account and start him off from scratch with a new itunes account? Dont want to do that .
What to do ?


The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.