The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.

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Is it possible to have two MDM providers coexist in Office 365 for email?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

I cannot see anything at the iphone screen, Apple has declared the phone officially dead and we have a new one.  The phone was slammed with a trunk lid, in case that makes a difference.

Ultimately I want to get all the data off of the phone, i.e. pictures.  We thought it was backing up to icloud but apparently not because the pictures are not there.

The phone still comes on because when I connect it to a computer it comes up with Trust this device.  Problem is I cannot enter anything on the phone to trust the computer and I have no visibility to the phone.  

Is there anyway past the "Trust this Device"
Can anyone explain to me how I set up a shared calendar on office365 that we can all see and edit on our individual iphones?
I have a user who's e-mails are disappearing when he tries to open them from his iPhone and they can not be seen on his phone or his computer.  The client uses Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010,  Has anyone seen this and have solutions?
Today's appointments were missing from my iphone calendar. I disabled calendar from the iphone, ALL appointments were removed. I re-initiated the calendar, but now i am missing ALL appoitments.

Yesterday we completed my migration to outlook 365.

Any ideas? I have tried
- resetting networks
- re-installing the email exchange account
- toggeling sync of the calendar

Any advice would be appreciated.
I have an user with iPhone 6 and 7 plus. her device is making lot of foldersync request. is it normal for device making so many foldersync call throughout the day ?

issue I'm having is, when device keep making Folder Hierarchy sync request, sometime the device go through full sync and reload entire mailbox.

I turned on the debug log for the device, I see <SyncKey>0 </SyncKey>, zero mean device is requesting full foldersync and sometime it leads "Invalid synchronization key or synchronization state corrupted on server" with status code 3.
The device is constantly doing full device sync almost in every couple days.

my question is, why the iphone device is making so many foldersync request ? is this coming from device issue or is on Exchange server itself ?

the user do have lot of folders over 3500 folders but she isn't creating new folders everyday. but her device still making lot of folderSync and then device did a full sync.

RequestBody :
<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""utf-8"" ?>
<FolderSync xmlns=""FolderHierarchy:"">
Office 365 setup. Default iPhone mail/calendar apps. Settings are correct on the app.

The user is experiencing random/intermittent sync problems. For instance, a meeting will be updated in Outlook, but the change doesn't sync. Certain mails don't arrive in inbox. Move that mail into a different folder and it appears. I've double checked all the settings and they appear fine. I deleted the calendar data, added again and the change in meeting synced no problem. It keeps happening though. Can anyone suggest something that I can do to prevent this?
When searching calendar events on an iPhone, previous events do not appear in the search from earlier months and years.  How do I view these without manually clicking on each day?

I have a user with iPhone 5E and iOS version 10.2.1.

I am trying to add an email (Exchange 2007) to her iphone but it keeps showing certificate not trusted. I have tested the same email account on another iphone with same iOS version but different model and it works okay. I have deleted the account and re-added it but no success.

When adding an account on her phone, it says "cannot verify server identity" but error is caused by the certificate not trusted error.

Please see the attached. There isn't even a menu Trust at the top.
My company is currently using the standard Mail app that comes with the iPhone but now have the need for a more advacnced app with additional features. Since our  Office is more Mobile  we need quicker ways to do the same thing on the iphone
Items needed:
Quickly move mail from inbox  to sub folders without scrolling down through all other folders.
So if I want to move an e-mail from my inbox to a subfolder that starts with a Z I need to manually scroll up til I get to the Z's.
Is there a way to just type Z and all the z folders show up and then choose it.

Need to be able to view, Search and save files in Exchange Archive Mailbox
Appreciate your Help.
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Is there a tracking app so another user can tell location of IPhone?
than i connect to ddns they say falid to find router
My wife and I both use an iphone and gmail.  
What is the best way for me to share important dates like our child's school timetable for the year, if I enter this directly into my iphone calendar rather than into my gmail calendar?  In the iphone calendar there is no share option even though I have access to her email inbox on her phone.  Does this all have to be driven by Google calender?

Also is there no way to categorise a calendar event on the iphone?
I have the situation where my 3 Mac computer all sync text shortcuts perfectly. My iPhone can receives text replacements made on my Macs, but if I create one on my iPhone, the other devices don't get it.  It's like the other devices have a 2-way street between them, but my iPhone has a one way ( incoming ) street only.
I've purchased several albums via iTunes. However, when I upgraded my iPhone one of the albums is not fully available. Nothing appears when I tap on "Show Complete Album" -- only one song. Please advise.
I just finally got a iPhone 7 but it got deactivated before I could send my pictures to someone from my old Samsung flip phone. Can I somehow get them back. Everyone keeps saying no. Someone suggested buying a pay as you go plan and reactivating the phone. Will this even work?
Good afternoon; have noticed something that's affecting multiple iPhones in our organization. As noted we're a Exchange 365 shop and are using iOS devices with the latest OS; our clients all use the Mail app for their company Exchange mail.

The issue is this: sometimes when a user types in a name of a company employee, and that employee is not in their contacts, or in their 'recent addresses' cache, the iPhone will locate and display the entry from the global address list in a few moments. Other times, with other names, it never returns a hit from the global address list. So some names work, some don't.

To make it more confusing, if you type in a name it doesn't return a hit on, and after a moment, hit the backspace key twice (to shorten the last name) it then instantly finds the entry in the GAL.

My suspicion is that shorter names are found very quickly and partial last names also return hits faster than a full name; I noticed that if the full last name is short, it also seems to return an answer faster.

Curious to hear if others experience this and if it's consistent for you, and also for any insight.
Is there a way to capture a web page on an iOS device  so that any links on the webpage remain live.

What I’m doing right now is hitting the share button, selecting print,  selecting the printer,  and then reverse pinching, then hitting the share button again and saying open in PDFpen Pro which then stores it in iCloud. I WOULD REALLY LOVE A WAY TO AUTOMATE THAT PROCESS.

 I am able to get the webpage but the links are no longer live.  The files get stored in iCloud and then on a weekly basis I drag-and-drop them to be ORCd and filed.

Do you know of an app that will capture the page as a PDF that will keep the Links live.

I am looking at DevonThink to go but it seems overly complicated and difficult to search. Not sure where it stores the database but it does allow you to save as a WebArchive
File storage in the cloud for Mac, PC, iPhone

I want the cloud storage location to act as a network file share, not a  file distribution center where copies everything to every device you have.  With the small size of SSD drives that is proven to be impractical.

How do you store items in the cloud and not have them synchronize everywhere.

I am testing out Cloud Mounter and Commander 1 Pro on the MAC

Modern healthcare requires a modern cloud. View this brief video to understand how the Concerto Cloud for Healthcare can help your organization.

I have 1000s

But when hooked up to pc there are 160 customer says...

How to access the rest that may be thumb nails ?

So she seems to have thumbnails and the rest in the sky somewhere .... is Icloud the likely place ?

I bought a phone online I did the imei check n the check came back clean! But the phone is locked to sprint carrier locked! It's an iPhone n it let me sign into my I cloud n what not but when I called sprint to see if they'd unlock it thy said it was reported lost or stolen but the phones not blacklisted an I screwed did I just waste 700 on a phone I can't use?!
I need a iphone backup app (Windows PC or iPhone) that will backup EVERYTHING (texts, phone call history, contacts, photos, etc.) and allow you to restore to a different or same iphone assigned to a DEP/MDM account.  I'm moving my companies iphones to a DEP/MDM solution and having a difficult time finding 1 app that backs up existing info on an iphone and getting that info back on the phone once it's configured on the DEP/MDM system. iTunes backup will not work because it requires an apple account to restore.

Anyone with any help in this particular situation would be greatly appreciated.
Our Lync 2013 Server hosts to sip domains.  a.com and b.com

I have an employee who can log in to b.com fine on his computer but not on his mobile device.
Users in both a.com and b.com can log in on both computers and mobile devices, myself included.
I attempted to log in as the problem user on my iPhone and was unable.  

The troublesome user account's sip domain is username@b.com.  
Not sure what is going on.  I tried removing then adding the AD account from the Lync solution via the control panel.
I've compared AD and Lync 2013 account information with a b.com user that CAN log in on a mobile device and they are configured the same way.  

I'm at a loss.
Recently we have done windows patching in our exchange servers. Post patching for one user mails in iphone getting downloaded from scratch instead of syncing.

Two users are same server. But for one user mails are working fine but for another user the mails in iphone 7 is getting downloaded again completely.

Any help/quick response will be highly appreciated.
any tips field forms :-)

First field must have selectable value (like options) but still needs to be open for new entries (values).
then if one of the selectable value is selected field b must automatically set.

example:  Field 1 named  Device:
                                              selectable 2 options: Iphone, andriod  or new value

Field 2 named OS: When Iphone is selected the next field needs to display IOS (OS)
or when a new value is added then the next field needs to be open for new entry


The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.