The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.

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I have an iPhone with Outlook app that wont sync all the folders within an Office365 account to the device.  I have checked the sync settings and they are all supposed to sync 1 month of mail (all folders have recent mail in them), but only some folders actually sync.  I have already reinstalled the Outlook App and reset the account, but it still inst pulling down the folders.

Background.  The device was working perfectly with all folders synced properly until the end user opened an excel file that "crashed the phone".  He ended up uninstalling the Outlook app to fix it.  Now that it is set back up (reinstalled a couple times) he cannot see his other folders that were there before.

iPhone7 with iOS 12.2

Any ideas what to try next?
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We installed an New Exchange Server 2016 CU12 in and AD Environment and the previous email was GoDaddy Workspace IMAP Email.
We have Large Sub-Folder user that we imported all her IMAP PST in to Exchange and all her Sub-Folders are showing up in Outlook and OWA,
The User added their account to their iPhone and the folders showed up at first and now they have all went away, the sub-folders still show
current on Outlook and OWA.
Is anyone familiar with how to resolve the Sub-folders syncing and showing back up on the iPhone.
They are using the Microsoft Outlook for IOS APP.
We recently moved our Exchange 2013 Server to a new location with faster connectivity.  Since the move iPhone users who up until this point have had no issues connecting their email just get the message "Exchange Error username cannot get mail the connection to the server failed"

This seems random and affects two out of 10 users so far, the rest are all syncing fine.

If I reboot the server, mailflow comes back for a random period of time.  The users can then sync again until one by one they start to give the error again.

Ive run the latest CU and tried every fix I can find but no joy.

I should add all users can sync their phone when in the office with no issues, its only when away from the office that the email fails.

Ive also just been told if the affected users reboot the iPhones that also causes a resync but the emails then drop off again randomly and dont come back.
Hello - I am having trouble syncing my Mac photo albums with my iPhone 8. It was syncing a few weeks ago, but now appears to have stopped syncing updates to my photo albums and photo library from Mac to iPhone. The calendar still syncs, but photos do not. I have no idea why this could be. I have everything turned on (i.e. Photo Stream and iCloud Photos) on both my Mac and iPhone. Both area also completely up to date. The Mac just suddenly stopped syncing my photo album updates with my iPhone. Do you have ANY idea whatsoever why this might be? Help!
I am helping a handicapped person get a phone. They need something to be voice operated for calling and the problem I have with iPhone is that Siri won't let you do some things with the phone locked.  So, I have been looking at using the Alexa App on an Android phone, as I have heard Alexa on an Android is somewhat better at voice commands to place a call and then hang up the call.  One problem with Siri as an example is if you call someone and the call goes to voicemail, Siri will not hang up the phone.  You either have to wait til the voicemail ends, or you have to ask another human to come hang up the phone for you.  

Also, I don't want to leave the phone unlocked. The handicap person is in a nursing home and I don't want other folks having access to the phone and data and what not.

So, is Alexa App on an Android a good option for commanding phone calls without having to unlock and/or touch operate the phone?  

Also, how old of an Android can be used with the Alexa App?  Chances of the phone getting dropped and beat up or broken are high, so I'd rather get a used phone.

we use Office365 Echange on our iPhones, Windows PCs and Apple Computers.
When adding a appointment on the iPhone, the Entry on the Apple Devices using Outlook 2019, come with a Timezoneinfo like we whould be in different Timezones!
Adding a appointment into the same calender on a Applle Computer or WIndows PC ist correct, without such a Timezone nonsense!
Calendarentry with Timezonewarning, even when we're all in the same Timezone!Like in this Picture, the appointment was set for 15:00
I've checked every Setting on the iPhone, the PCs (Applw & WIndows) and Office365, we have all the Same Timezone settings Europe/Vienna.
Any Idea, why the Calendar entries from out iphone are messed up?
I have an IPhone 6 with Sprint as the carrier, and unlimited data.
My boss has an IPhone 8 with Verizon as the carrier, and unlimited data.

Using the native mail app on both IPhones, I added an email account (Exchange), so that we can receive our office email.

On my IPhone6, I can send/receive email without the wireless setting "enabled".  I can also send/receive email with the wireless setting "disabled".

On the IPhone8, my boss was concerned about not receiving regular email updates.  He CAN send/receive email when wireless is "enabled" and receives updates frequently.   He CANNOT send/receive email when wireless is "disabled".  There is a little cirlce that keeps turning round and round next to the words LTE.

What could be the problem with the IPhone8?

Thanks for your help!
Best audio format to use for RingTones ?

I found some information online about what file types can be used as ringtones and the info is kinda all over the place.
Some say that WAV files can be used as ringtones, some say they have to be converted, some state that file types must be converted to M4R.

Anyone know the real story ?  Is there not one foolproof format that I can convert the audio files to and work on Android and IPhone ?

Thank you,  Any help is appreciated.

my iPhone is running very low with just 400 MB disk space left according to the Windows Explorer.

I'm running Windows 10 with iPhone XS max latest iOS 12.2, I cannot copy or cut (move) files from the Windows Explorer even though I can browse and select them, only few can be copied, but not all of the files I selected can be copied successfully.

I have about 33 GB files that I need to migrate from the device, but I can't even by selecting date by date.

See the below error:
Windows Explorer issue
How can I move those files to free up some disk space in my iPhone easily?

Thank you in advance.
so here is an odd situation today, we use O365 and ceo got 2 emails but the subject line somehow swapped but the email content remains the same

as an example

Email 1 > msn news > Subject is > latest news headline

Email 2 > cnn news > subject is > electrical insight

but Email 2 has Latest news headline and Email 1 has electrical insight, he is asking for an explanation and this one puzzles me

any ideas?
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Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

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We have an iPhone users whose calendar meetings automatically change to Cupertino time. We have verified that the phone does not adjust for time zones, verified iCloud is in the right time zone. We thought it was something with his apple id so he created a new apple ID and we got him a new iPhone and he is still having the issue. I don't think it has to do with our Exchange server since no other users have this issue. The user took his phone to the Apple Store and they verified all the settings and said they have no idea why it is doing it.
anyone else have issues with meeting created on iphone outlook app does not sync to show on Computer outlook app??
active sync is working properly and active sync devices are all synced creating the meeting on computer outlook sync just fine with IOS outlook app but if created in IOS outlook app it does not show in outlook
How do you create a link on a website which opens a mobile app ?
Several clients have expressed an interest in getting a blocking service to prevent junk phone calls from being received on their land lines.

Is there a filtering service that can work with VOIP provided by  Xfinity, FIOS, Optimum Online, and other providers?
Is there one for those using copper wiring?

I have been using RoboKiller on my iPhone, and I've been happy with that service.
Something like that for land lines would be great.

How do I activate the feature on my iphone for my wife to see where I am on her google maps and vice versa?
I have a user on Exchange 2013 who is supposed to receive an autogenerated email  from an external sender. She can see the banner appear at the top of the phone, but the message never appears in her inbox, either in Outlook, OWA or on the iPhone. We have a Barracuda Message Archiver, and the message will appear there. I have ruled out our spam filter as the cause because if messages were blocked before hitting Exchange, then they would not trigger the phone banner notification. I Have been through the user's Outlook several times, but there are no rules even set in Outlook, no one on the junk senders list, and the messages are not showing in ANY of the folders. I have taken a sample message and walked it painstakingly through all of our 42 transport rules, but no dice.I am still working on message auditing- I had set it up, but it didn't show anything... then I saw the auditOwner was empty so I have turned it on... Any other ideas where to look? It's just really odd that it shows in the banner but onot in the mailbox. I have tried moving her to a different database, but the issue followed, which should rule out mailbox corruption. Any ideas?
When clicking on a date or time in email on an iphone, it offers you the ability to create an event in the calendar and pre-populates all the various fields nicely.  Is there a way to force the event creation in my Google calendar rather than the ioS one?
How do you get Exchange users to show up in contacts on iPhone without having to go to groups and selecting Exchange Global Address List.
When connection my iPhone 7 plus to a windows 10 computer I do not see the DCIM folder or the phone at all
I trust the computer input the code..
Yet I do not see the phone..
I don't even see portable devices listed

I need to import all videos and pictures to my computer

Any suggestions?
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Python 3 Fundamentals

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I am trying to add 2 factor authentication on a linux host. It is sending a radius request to
a MS radius server which is somehow connected to MS authenticator app which I have
on my iPhone. I have it working to where if I ssh to the linux host with my AD UID and PW
a message goes to my Authenticator app on the I phone which I confirm. And then I'm in.

BUT - some of my colleagues have Authenticator setup so that they get a PIN rather than
just a confirmation number. Is there a way for SSH to work with this variant of 2factor
authentication with MS Authenticator app?
I am new to Exchange 2013 administration and I am trying to resolve a problem with mobile devices of new users not able to connect to the Exchange server, even though current users are able to login and access their emails via Android and iPhone devices. I checked the affected user accounts and the "Mobile Device Details" has the "Default" mobile device mailbox policy enabled and that is the only policy, so that should work for everyone. Also, the "Mobile Devices" section shows the button to add and modify devices as disabled or greyed for me even though I have admin privileges to make changes on the server. I am not sure how I am supposed to enable the user accounts to add their mobile device to allow the connections. Please help!
Dear experts,

When I connect my iphone 7+ to my Windows laptop, I can see the folders in my iphone.

I have attached a screen shot of the same.

Can i understand why so many folders are created? how these are created? What do these contain?

What will be the simplest form of folder creation possible?

Thank you
We have an in-house messaging app we developed for our customers.  We are not app experts but have found we need to license audio files to be able to offer custom alert notification for our clients.  Does anyone know where we can license audio alert notification for Apple IOS?
Hello everyone. This is my first post, so I will do my best.

Our organization has around 14k Verizon iPhones of various models and IOS versions connected to Exchange 2010 SP3 via MobileIron. The issue is we have intermittent problems with email syncing with all of the phones. When opening the native Apple mail client, the iPhone tries to sync and sits there for several minutes before giving the error "cannot connect to the server for <mail account name>. Mail can try to repair these settings. Cancel. Repair." Clicking repair attempts to sync again and fails.

Putting phone in airplane mode and back seems to always fix the issue temporarily. The issues occurs on wireless or LTE. Using the MS Outlook client works perfectly and does not experience this issue. Unfortunately, we cannot move to the Outlook client because it is not free for enterprise use unless you are on o365.

Summary of Facts:
  • Issue has been occurring for months now, but seems to be getting worse or just more people are complaining. It's hard to tell when it first started.
  • When looking at the CAS logs for a user when the issue is actually occurring, there are no entries that I see for that user
  • When doing a fiddler capture of the iPhone traffic when the issue is happening does not seem to give any good clues
  • Capturing logs with configurator 2 when issue is occurring does give some possible clues, but maybe this is where some of you could help (
  • logs attached with and without issue, same Iphone)
We recently restored a backup exchange database from 1 week prior due to an exchange corruption (Exch 2010)

Following this the majority of users that have their inbox's on their phone have not been able to connect to Exchange anymore.

I am getting the event 1008 in the Application logs, for "an outdated or corrupted Exchange ActiveSync device partnership"

For most users deleting the phones from OWA and re-adding the account fixed the issue.

But here are two users that I cannot get working no matter what. Have tried deleting the phones from OWA and Exchange MC multiple times, rebooting, disabling activesync/enabling

The users are both iPhone users and the errors they are gettings is "The connection to the server failed" within the inbox, but the weirdest part is that the sent items folder downloads all mail and works fine, can even send emails. Just the inbox gets that error.

Any ideas?


The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple Inc. It and the iPad, along with several other mobile devices from Apple, run on the iOS operating system, which has its own topic, as does the iPad for device-specific questions. Native iOS applications are written in Objective-C or in Swift using the Cocoa Touch frameworks or HTML5 compiled with the help of a package manager such as Adobe PhoneGap; a common IDE is Xcode.