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Aligning Business and IT Strategy: How Fadi Sodah is Leading His Business Into The Future

Fadi Sodah AKA "madunix" is an IT veteran with over twenty-six years of experience. He is a 2019 MVE and an IT Director in the Amman Stock Exchange. He has years of experience aligning IT Strategy with overall business strategy, two things which he says aren't distinguishable anymore.

How to Navigate IT Education and Your Career

As technology is a constantly growing, evolving platform, there is an emphasis to stay tuned in to technological changes and the latest research. When you implement this into your weekly education, it will allow more opportunities to become available to you.

How to Stay Relevant in the Technology Field

As an IT professional, you may already appreciate the difficulty of staying relevant in an ever-changing sector. New technologies and advanced ways of doing things are trends that will not slow down in the future — in fact, they may speed up.

Top Skills Every IT Professional Should Have

When employers are recruiting, they’ll be looking for applicants who are strong in two specific skill sets. While hard skills are highly desirable, you will also need to show you have the soft skills that make you a valuable team player.

Leveraging & Understanding IT Security

Taking steps to protect your company’s data, hardware, and IT investment is a key part of your duty as an IT professional. When it comes to security, it’s critical to think of the potential to shape your organization through opportunities rather than see security measures as hurdles to productivity.

Common Problems IT Professionals Face

IT professionals are facing a new era of challenges. As the digital transformation continues to take shape, these problems will evolve with the IT industry for the foreseeable future. The following article looks at some of the most common problems facing the IT sector today.

Using RDP shadowing for convenient user support and remote control

This is meant for people who look for a method to support end-users in a windows network using remote control software. Why this article might be relevant: my method is rather unique. No costs involved, secure, easy to set up, no need for internet access
One I created

Windows Server Backup - Notifier Script

One of the issues with Windows Server Backup is that, unless a user logs onto the server and checks physically, there is no way for them to know if the native backup utility is working or not. This script takes care of that.

How to empower restricted users to execute defined administrative tasks

In this article, I will present a simple way to empower restricted users to do defined administrative tasks on demand. It works on all versions (Windows Vista and higher).

Building a Robust Security Awareness Program

Awareness Program – Establishes a common understanding – Everyone plays a role!
NTFS File Permissions

NTFS. Allow create, edit, and delete files but not create folders

An article explaining how to give user/group ability to create, edit, rename & delete files, but not create folders.

The value of in-house training

Besides the obvious of value of keeping staff up to date and happy, the added value is one that is not as obvious.

Exchange Server injected with ransomware? What to do now?

This is a very interesting topic. Ransomware has been around for a while but has increased drastically over the last year or so.

Exchange 2013 Database Dismounted: How to Mount

Are you working to mount the dismounted Exchange 2013 database? Then the best course of action is to analyze the causes of Database issue, their probable solutions and decide for the appropriate course of action.

5 Must Haves for IT Teams

OnPage has always empowered IT teams but also amplify alerting capabilities. In the following slides you will see 5 features of OnPage that act as important tools for any IT team to resolve incidents faster
BMC Track-It!

Software Review: Track-It! from BMC - IT Help Desk Work Order Management and More

BMC's Track-It! provides a plethora of tools to help keep your IT Help Desk running smoothly, including a work order system, inventory management, report generation, and much more.

Deal with Exchange Server Failure: Stellar Exchange Toolkit

There’s hardly a doubt that Business Communication is indispensable for both enterprises and small businesses, and if there is an email system outage owing to Exchange server failure, it definitely results in loss of productivity.

Top 10 Ways to Secure Your File Servers

I’m willing to make a bet that your organization stores sensitive data in your Windows File Servers; files and folders that you really don’t want making it into the wrong hands.

8 Steps to Secure Remote Workers

With more and more companies allowing their employees to work remotely, it begs the question: What are some of the security risks involved with remote employees and what actions should we take to secure them?

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