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IT Administration

IT Administration is the processes and best practices for programming and development, and incorporates methodologies for managing activities and projects. Common methodologies include waterfall, prototyping, iterative and incremental development, spiral development, rapid application development, extreme programming and various types of agile methodology. The life-cycle "model" is a more general term for a category of methodologies, and a software development "process" a more specific term to refer to a specific process chosen by a specific organization.

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Anyone has a project plan handy for building a Telco room for a small office.  Up to 50 users.
Just making sure not missing anything.
Stuff like electrical, cabling, A/C, racks, UPS, network gear, etc, etc.  Or point me to the good reference links if you have any.  
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I need to change all the users' logon name domain name
so instead of change to
In user's properties Account tab.

How can it be done please?
I need to create a script to spin up an Domain Controller (RODC and Writable) from the script in the event of the emergency.  In case the DC  tanks Admins should be able easily spin up a replacement using a script.  This would eliminate a human errors and increase a recovery speed.
Can someone point me to the right direction, how its being done and experiences.
Thanks in advance!
A red light has appeared on our UPS.

One of my colleagues said he also heard an alarm.

It probably needs a batter replacement, it has been running for donkeys years.

Its an APC SU2200 I NET UPS.

1. Anyone know definitively what the light  means.
2. If it is a battery, where can I source same in the UK or Ireland?
3. IS there more than one battery in it?
4. If there is more than one battery, how will I know which one to replace?
5. It is currently supporting our office file server, I don't want to shut it down and restart it to see if the light will at least temporarily go away, in case it doesn't come back up. However, as it make take over a week to get a replacement, it would probably be astute to power it down at the end of each business day until a battery comes in, any thoughts?

Thank you for you help
Company is on BIND DNS.  I setup a new AD with new Zone for that AD.  
In Windows DNS have BIND Forwarders IPs with Unable to resolve in Server FQDN.  
Do I need to enable BIND Secondaries?  

What else I need to enable on BIND and Windows DNS to have users connected to successfully resolve new AD?
I know this is a security risk, but I am wondering if there is any free web page system that I can install that automatically lists all services and applications installed on the system that it runs on? This is for my private network, because I often forget what I install on my servers and I don't want to spend time keeping track of everything in a database or excel file. Would be nice to just open a web page hosted on the server and see a auto generated list. I use mostly Debian.
HI.  I own an IT service company and I have many charges that hit a credit card.  As you know credit card description lines give you very little on what it is, except for the name of the company.    I am looking for something that I can manage this resell stuff easier (and not use a spreadsheet).  For example I am a carbonite reseller.   I get charges on the credit card.  If I go into the portal for carbonite, all my accounts are listed there but carbonite does not show the charges with the accounts, but on a different area.  If you look at that area, it gives you the charges that hit the credit card, but does not refer to the same name where the accounts live.  Quite frustrating.  Just looking for something more efficient!
Hi All,
I have a setup for deploying Images via WDS and it is working well - However - I need to have a separate task that images new Laptops but does NOT join the domain. I have done the task but cannot get it to not join the domain - please can you advise.
Many Thanks
We want to implement Risk Management System on my office IT Environment .
Are there any baseline, scoring or framework to predict our maturity level ?

URL, books or discussion kindly accepted


Romi Nur Ismanto

I am new to XenServer, coming from VM ESXi, which I presently will say prefer.

New env looks to have either the free or essentials version, but I not sure.  I see two XenServers with Pools under them in the XenServerCenter, but only one of the two(bottom) allows access to alerts where you can set alerts, which I believe indicates it's licensed!?

Pool1 w/two host - XServer 6.1 Build 59235p DBV:2010.0521
Pool2 w/Two host - Xserver 7.2 Build 2017-05-11 DBV: 2017.0517

The first of the two(top) shows it's pool and hosts listed on top, does not allow setting alerts and says licensing upgrade required.   So, I am assuming this setup, being managed through the single Xcenter console, is not licensed?  

Either way, under the aforementioned pool and hosts there is a vmhost that tends to be high in CPU when you check the top tier Xenserver/Pool performance tab where I see 21 CPU # listed.  I have to go to each vmhost and it's performance tab to find the specific vmhost with the corresponding high CPU usage.  Is  there any free ty in apps or scripting options that could ty things together and definitively tell you which Host is reflecting high resource use, cpu  in particular in this instance but memory, too, etc...?

Thank you.
NFR key for Veeam Agent for Linux
NFR key for Veeam Agent for Linux

Veeam is happy to provide a free NFR license for one year.  It allows for the non‑production use and valid for five workstations and two servers. Veeam Agent for Linux is a simple backup tool for your Linux installations, both on‑premises and in the public cloud.

We are a growing small business with no formal IT department.  

As admin of the company, I need a way to remote into any of our machines (when turned on) at any given time (ideally discreetly), as well as be able to log into existing user accounts (without prior knowledge of password) and perform Administrator-level tasks.

Most of our machines are Windows 10 Home, and that is serving the purpose of our company.

We currently subscribe to LogMeIn Central (or whatever they're calling it now) and it's a) expensive and b) easily disabled by the end user.  This is not so much a trust/concern issue with staff as it is about being able to get into the machine at ANY time as needed, if for some reason needed in an emergency.

Appreciate any insight. Thanks!
I am using Spiceworks for my helpdesk.  I would like to customize ticket notifications after I close a ticket.  I can't find the steps to do that.

I am running Spiceworks locally.

Thank you.
Vlans Created on Cisco Sg300 Switch not working

I have created Multiple vlans on a Cisco SG 300 switch and wanted to terminate it on olt Interfaces

my topology is - Main Mikrotik Router --> Cisco Switch --> GEPON OLT Syrotech

1) main router Mikrotik... Eth-5(router) connected to Gi-1 (switch)

2) on switch i have created 8 vlans - which are 21 to 28

3) the switch port connected to router i have made it a Trunk  

4) Switch Port is connected to OLT's Uplink port and on both ports are trunk and Tagged with 21 to 28 vlans.

5) OLT's 8 fiber ports are access ports and a single Vlan is untagged on them.

OLT port 1 - Acess port vlan 21
OLT port 2 - Acess port vlan 22
OLT port 3 - Acess port vlan 23
OLT port 4 - Acess port vlan 24
OLT port 5 - Acess port vlan 25
OLT port 6 - Acess port vlan 26
OLT port 7 - Acess port vlan 27
OLT port 8 - Acess port vlan 28    

but i cannot acsess or ping my router from olt access ports.
am i doing anything wrong ??

I have one main Google calendar, however I work with a few different companies, and have a company email address and calendar for each of them too.

It's impossible to try and keep up to date with all 4 calendars:

Calendar 01 - my main calendar, inc. personal items
Calendar 02 - Company A
Calendar 03 - Company B
Calendar 04 - Company C

01 - I would just like to use Calendar 01 however I don't want to give my personal email address to the other 3 companies
02 - I need the other 3 companies to be able to see my main Calendar 01

Is it possible to link all 4 google calendars up, given that they are all on 4 different email addresses and that I don't want to use my personal email address for the 3 companies?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Dear experts,

I'm working in supporting role. My company need a system, prefer web-base, where user can make their requests in form base. Those requests will be checked by some function leader and later on if the checker confirm it is ok to proceed, manager will approve the request.
I prefer a system which can manually create multiple kinds of form, role defined and AD-sync
I attached my company current system to get general ideas, but it wan't very goof and has so many bug

Thank you.
Hi ,

I want to create an administrator account for our helpdesk technican lets say for expamle (helpdesk admin)

this user account should be able to pass the authtntication security wizard (which asks for administrator password for computers joined to the domain) when installing new software or application .. in additon to this to be able join users to domian ...

but this accoutn should not be able to log to the servers or have any other privileges

Please advise Step-by-Step
ADFS portal was working without any problems ,and today suddenly didn´t answer when i try to ping or connect externally.Internal works if i ping the adfs.domain. DNS external setting is correct.  .If i use internally i can log.If i change with ip doesn´t work! .all ports are ok configured,firewall ok configured,no proxy.Please help !
Hi ...

 I have a Windows 10 (x64) reference computer and trying to create a master image for deployment. After sysprepping, the scripts are in the section:<SynchronousCommand> <FirstLogonCommands> of the unattend.xml file supposed to run after logon but before the user sees the desktop.
But that is not the case. While the scripts are running, desktop loads also...
What would cause  the desktop to load before scripts are completed, is there another way to run the scripts before desktop loads.
Your insight would be greatly appreciated!
how can I write a perfect code to create a intelligence system in Nureal programming
Survive A High-Traffic Event with Percona
Survive A High-Traffic Event with Percona

Your application or website rely on your database to deliver information about products and services to your customers. You can’t afford to have your database lose performance, lose availability or become unresponsive – even for just a few minutes.

Hello All,

I usually ask questions for technical help, but this time it's for something else less technical.

I have an extremely small center, about 4 - 8 people that receive calls throughout the day. I am looking for some software where I can either track the incoming number and bring up a customer record from our OMS Software (back end MS SQL) OR have a CSR type in the number to their account and it queries the database (MS SQL) for a record. For the phone system, I have (on premise) Digium Switchvox server which has an API to it so I "think" we can extract caller-id info from if the software supports it on a per-user bases in order to know who's phone is ringing, etc.

Please note, nothing needs to be written back to the DB. It's just used for read-only access to pull data out to show a list of order, dollar amount, shipping address, billing etc.

This software, I would prefer to run in house but can be cloud based if needed. The ultimate goal is strictly to "log" interactions with the customers and build a history. Currently we don't have any. So a customer could potentially call and say "Jon told me I could get 15% off my next order" and we would believe it - obviously, because there is no notes for that customer that would show that he spoke with this customer or not.

Anyways, I am looking for something that I can do all of this. I do not think Salesforce is the right call and I've checked out ZenDesk and non which I think would be a good fit w/o …
we are in the process of standardizing  the company IT device policy and  need some help from the HR and IT personal on the sample policy and the business process . our current practice is HOD and CIO will decides on the device requirements . for an example desktop vs laptop decision taken by the department head and the CIO . sometime we have to come a cross issues due to the   laptop mobility issues .

I hope these policies has to implement from the HR ? or IT department ?  please share some sample policies for me to have look in advance my meeting with HR
Dear Experts,

Could you please suggest what are Emerging Technologies especially related to IT Networks.
check the user is authenticate or nor by using NIS server....
I'm setting up a fault tolerant radius solution should our ISP link go down to other sites. Here's my senerio.

Site1: I have parentdomain.local domain, with a NPS radius server a member of. There is no parentdomain.local DC onsite. That radius server does authentication for childdomain.local domain, which does have a domain controller onsite.

If I lose my ISP link, and the ability for radius to talk to a parentdomain.local DC over the link, can it still authenticate against the childdomain.local for any users in that domain for radius?

Site2: Has a parentdomain.local DC that Site1 can talk to, as that domain is barely used over the wire.

Dear experts,

We're a MSP and going to implement CMDB in "micro SMB" customers. The term "micro SMB" means 5 to 50 active users per customer and we manage about 50 these customers. We don't use any commercial ServiceDesk software, but we developed our own. We really did...

Our ServiceDesk is simplified to support basic ITIL processes, such as:
- service requests
- incidents
- problems
- changes

Now, we're going to extend CMDB, so it will add next simplified processes to it:
- Service asset and configuration management
- Availability management

Our typical customer has single location, up to 3 servers, basic services (internet, email, shared folders), few printers, APs, arc. They also has some Applications and use some cloud services.

Our CMDB design consists of object types: server, router, NAS, application, cloud service, printer, network component, user, computer

What We shouldn't forget about when implementing CMDB? Don't forget that we will use it only for micro SMB customers - that's our business.


IT Administration

IT Administration is the processes and best practices for programming and development, and incorporates methodologies for managing activities and projects. Common methodologies include waterfall, prototyping, iterative and incremental development, spiral development, rapid application development, extreme programming and various types of agile methodology. The life-cycle "model" is a more general term for a category of methodologies, and a software development "process" a more specific term to refer to a specific process chosen by a specific organization.