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IT Administration is the processes and best practices for programming and development, and incorporates methodologies for managing activities and projects. Common methodologies include waterfall, prototyping, iterative and incremental development, spiral development, rapid application development, extreme programming and various types of agile methodology. The life-cycle "model" is a more general term for a category of methodologies, and a software development "process" a more specific term to refer to a specific process chosen by a specific organization.

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Hello everyone,
I have a strange problem.  I have configured a group policy to enable folder redirection.  The user account is in the appropriate OU and I did not change any permissions on the delegation tab.  I am able to ping the DC and ping the server that it is redirecting to by host name.  This has been tested on two different computers and it is still not working. Any ideas?
Free Tool: Path Explorer
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Free Tool: Path Explorer

An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

One of the Experts here on EE suggested GFI Languard.  So, we bought it and have  had it running for a few months.  As I get further into it and want to take advantage of its capabilities, I naturally have questions.

Being a "good customer" I figured to start on the community forum.  But I can't log in and I can't set up a new account.  I have LOTS of email addresses available and can set up new ones.  Yet, no matter which one I enter for a new Registration, it says "already used".  Can't be true of course.

Telephone customer support takes one to a menu that has nothing to do with customer support and, if you politely wait after not responding, it says "Goodbye".

I may be in the market for 3rd party Q&A at least.  Or, what might you suggest?
How & where do i find a good cofounder? How to understand them and what legalities should be signed/?
As a technician in some cases I need to access a hard drive externally, so I am looking for a USB Hard Drive Docking Station. there is lot of them on the market but looking for one that has the best capabilities of reading (even troubled hard drives to the best possible), also Dual-Bay with Offline Clone [reliable]. and if available (not sure if there is) from a larger size drive to a smaller size [as long the date is less than the target drive].

Any recommendations from experience?
I have Windows Server 2012 and I've been planing to install DHCP server in Windows since I have DNS and Domain in that server, but my networks utilizes switch's DHCP and I am wondering what is the best practices to manage DHCP is it to use core switch's DHCP or Windows Server DHCP?

After reading through McNkife's article I have some questions on how it relates to YubiKey.

I'm using Windows 10 Pro in a workgroup setting where I have only two accounts in Windows: a user account and an admin account (the default administrator account renamed per Microsoft recommended Best Practices). The user account has YubiKey assigned to it and I was about to do so for the admin account but I'm not sure about a couple of items I have included below:
  • Can the YubiKey work in a no password scenario?
  • If I assign the YubiKey to the admin account will that require the YubiKey for every elevation prompt?
  • Is having the YubiKey assigned to the admin account even bettering my security if I apply the article above to my machine - Are there any viable benefits?
  • If the settings annotated in the article above go wrong (get corrupted) is there a potential to be locked out of the admin account forever - what are the downsides (if any) to this idea expressed in the article
We currently have MaaS360 and want to come away from that due to the limited functionality and lack of helpful features. We would require something that provides more control over the device. So that we can allow and restrict apps as necessary.

EDIT: We also push 3 apps currently and would require that feature as well. Something does a fairly good job at auditing the devices within the company.
In an office I maintain, we have about 10 PC's running Windows 10. After a windows update, the clients are unable to resolve external host names. It appears this issue arose after the Fall Creators Update.

-The workstations are able to ping an external IP but they cannot ping an external host name (, even when configured statically to use google DNS.

-Windows seems to leave with with no option to roll back the creators update.

-The warehouse PC is not on the domain, and has no issues even with all of the latest updates.

-After a reboot, the user's can browse the internet and outlook will connect to exchange for about 3 minutes before they go back to having the same issue

On the Client PC I've tried:

Malware scans and Windows Defenders Scans: They show my computer is not infected.
Completing remaining updates > no change
Flushing DNS > no change
IP Release/Renew and netsh int ip reset > no change
Noticed IPv6 was enabled, tried disabling it > no change
Changing to Google's public DNS  > no change
Reinstalling NIC driver > no change

I'm not really sure if this is an issue with the MS update on each machine or something on the domain that is not meshing. I was relieved that I still had the failure with the PC using google for DNS thinking my server is not at fault, however it bugs me that the non domain PC has no issues.

Where can I troubleshoot next?
Dear Experts, please advise this case! My current job is System Admin, working with Servers, Network devices, Vmware but the salary is quite low. Should I change to NOC engineer? (with higher salary)?

Is it a interesting job and what is its career path after working for few years?

Many thanks!
Hello everybody,

I have joined with Exchange Server team but I do not know what periodically backend tasks are. I can some tasks like create a new user email account, reset the password and update the user profile. I have read intensively about exchange architecture and terms. Now, what should I do to get started with new exchange server backend team and what are the tasks should be assigned to me?

Free Tool: ZipGrep
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Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.

Right now, we use asset management for tracking of client assets like you normally would- When it was purchased, lease, buy, basic information in our CRM, due to replace, etc.  While that has been working for us fine, the problem is some of our larger clients are wanting some help in the IT asset check out/in process for THEIR employees.  I can't give access to our existing system because they would be able to see other client information.  (I can lock it down so they don't have actual access, but it still exposes our client list).  

What I want is something that I can manage the assets for clients, give their HR department an account so they can do their own check in/out of phones, laptops, whatever, and cloud/internet based.   Anyone know of anything like that?  It woudl be nice to stay as part of CRM/ticketing, but not critical if separate.
I have been tasked to give a proposal for the subject matter.

Essentially, it is a project to set policy and procedure to document any change to IT infrastructure managed and to align business processes and objectives with changes for IT infrastructure.

Thanks for your help in advance.
we want to implement electronic signatures for documents that our sales team sends out.  I have research DocuSign developer website briefly and found some rest APIs and SDKs that seem like they would accomplish our goals.

I wanted to see if any of you experts out there have been through a similar situation and if so what worked for you.  I really would like to find the best fit for our needs.  Thanks!
Hi all,

We're wanting to build a comprehensive inventory and software catalogue.

We currently use Snipe-It to log purchases and check out software to assets, but we want to start recording free software and a bit more detail with it. So a version history, support expiry date, details of the license. The aim is to be able to help us better manage our software in terms of making sure it is kept up to date and patched across our entire network. It would be good if we can search for a PC and see all the software on it, or search a software name and see all the machines it's on.

Basically it's more than an Excel job. So does anyone have any experience with inventory software or database applications that might be suitable for this? We're looking at methods for auditing as well so welcome any suggestions!


Hi techs,
I cant find anything online re: what happens when you right click on start > choose shutdown in server 2012.
Do you get the box that forces you to choose a reason?
Does the server just shutdown?
Hi experts

i have been asked to provide a few examples of case use diagrams or statements for a number of IT support scenarios including;

Internal IT Services Delivered
Incidents and Change
Platforms managed

im pretty new to this type of thing and have very little ITIL experience.

Are there any examples of the above i could use as a template or an online generation program to help with this?


Hi all,

I am looking into alternatives to LogMeIn central. This looks like a great package however the cost per endpoint makes it quite restrictive when trying to stay competitive.
The LogMeIn central package offers the pro active approach of patching servers and endpoints from the central interface ie we can see all of the endpoints and what updates are needed to be installed then schedule these updates for installation.
it also provides the ability to see which user a pc is on within an organisation. ideal for supporting hot desk users & the ability to monitor event logs and provide us with alerts should any services stop.

We have looked into Bomgar, Teamviewer, splashtop. Most of these offer the remote access functionality and some look to offer better remote reactive support inc mobile devices which would be great however it is the patching and monitoring service I also require.

any experience or recommendations?

Thanks in advance
dear sir,

i am working as IT manager in one manufacturing company and management told me that please create score card of your whole yearly activities.
so i would like to request for team what type of activities can add to our score card which is very helpful to improve our IT function.
Hi All,
I have a setup for deploying Images via WDS and it is working well - However - I need to have a separate task that images new Laptops but does NOT join the domain. I have done the task but cannot get it to not join the domain - please can you advise.
Many Thanks
Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs
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Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs

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Can anyone help me in step by step documents for creation of SFB 2015 DR setup. I have to FE Server in Production & 2 Edge Server in Production. I need to create a DR setup for the entire infrastructure.


I am using Spiceworks for my helpdesk.  I would like to customize ticket notifications after I close a ticket.  I can't find the steps to do that.

I am running Spiceworks locally.

Thank you.
Vlans Created on Cisco Sg300 Switch not working

I have created Multiple vlans on a Cisco SG 300 switch and wanted to terminate it on olt Interfaces

my topology is - Main Mikrotik Router --> Cisco Switch --> GEPON OLT Syrotech

1) main router Mikrotik... Eth-5(router) connected to Gi-1 (switch)

2) on switch i have created 8 vlans - which are 21 to 28

3) the switch port connected to router i have made it a Trunk  

4) Switch Port is connected to OLT's Uplink port and on both ports are trunk and Tagged with 21 to 28 vlans.

5) OLT's 8 fiber ports are access ports and a single Vlan is untagged on them.

OLT port 1 - Acess port vlan 21
OLT port 2 - Acess port vlan 22
OLT port 3 - Acess port vlan 23
OLT port 4 - Acess port vlan 24
OLT port 5 - Acess port vlan 25
OLT port 6 - Acess port vlan 26
OLT port 7 - Acess port vlan 27
OLT port 8 - Acess port vlan 28    

but i cannot acsess or ping my router from olt access ports.
am i doing anything wrong ??
ADFS portal was working without any problems ,and today suddenly didn´t answer when i try to ping or connect externally.Internal works if i ping the adfs.domain. DNS external setting is correct.  .If i use internally i can log.If i change with ip doesn´t work! .all ports are ok configured,firewall ok configured,no proxy.Please help !
We have some subscriptions given to customers (e.g  Certificates, Email hosting, O365, AMCs)
What is the software used to manage these with email integration?  To notify the sales about the upcoming expiry and the customer.
After several months of not using two of my WUS servers. Now when I open them I get Error: Connection Error

This is the error:

The WSUS administration console was unable to connect to the WSUS Server via the remote API.

Verify that the Update Services service, IIS and SQL are running on the server. If the problem persists, try restarting IIS, SQL, and the Update Services Service.

The WSUS administration console has encountered an unexpected error. This may be a transient error; try restarting the administration console. If this error persists,

Try removing the persisted preferences for the console by deleting the wsus file under %appdata%\Microsoft\MMC\.

System.IO.IOException -- The handshake failed due to an unexpected packet format.


Stack Trace:
   at System.Net.Security.SslState.StartReadFrame(Byte[] buffer, Int32 readBytes, AsyncProtocolRequest asyncRequest)
   at System.Net.Security.SslState.StartReceiveBlob(Byte[] buffer, AsyncProtocolRequest asyncRequest)
   at System.Net.Security.SslState.StartSendBlob(Byte[] incoming, Int32 count, AsyncProtocolRequest asyncRequest)
   at System.Net.Security.SslState.ForceAuthentication(Boolean receiveFirst, Byte[] buffer, AsyncProtocolRequest asyncRequest)
   at System.Net.Security.SslState.ProcessAuthentication(LazyAsyncResult lazyResult)
   at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean …

IT Administration





IT Administration is the processes and best practices for programming and development, and incorporates methodologies for managing activities and projects. Common methodologies include waterfall, prototyping, iterative and incremental development, spiral development, rapid application development, extreme programming and various types of agile methodology. The life-cycle "model" is a more general term for a category of methodologies, and a software development "process" a more specific term to refer to a specific process chosen by a specific organization.