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Jamf Pro is a comprehensive enterprise management software developed for the Apple platform in order to simplify IT management for Mac, iPad, iPhon...

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Troubleshooting Solution

PowerShell:  Move from using arrays/looping into objects/pipelining

I am working with JAMF - the Apple IT management application.  I am connecting to the Classic API …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to migrate local mac user home folder to AD

Looking to transition all of our local mac users over to use their newly created AD accounts.  I was…
Troubleshooting Solution

Documentation/videos for using & supporting JAMF

byIT Guy
I'm looking for documentation and videos for using & supporting JAMF to manage and support Macs.
Troubleshooting Solution

Create installer PKG using pkgbuild

Hello, I'm working on deploying applications using policy in JAMF v.9.97, I have downloaded Java and…

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