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Developed by Atlassian, Inc., JIRA is a software tool for issue tracking and project management.

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Senior .NET/Azure Developer/Analyst Consultant

Senior technical systems architect/ analyst and developer/mentor with over 30 years’ experience (20+ years in Canada)

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Does Jira software have a calendar view?


Hello all of my fellow Jira using friends. Does Jira software for project management have a calendar


Here’s What a Real DevOps Toolchain Looks Like

Learn how ViaSat reduced average response times for IT incidents from 10 minutes to 30 seconds.

JIRA: Removing old sprints from migrated ticket to resolve a…

JIRA: Removing old sprints from migrated ticket to resolve a velocity chart issue
Ran into …
Troubleshooting Solution

Strange SQL Query Issue

I am querying my company's Atlassian JIRA tracking system and reporting on trouble tickets by status…
Advice Solution

How have you used KPIs on your agile projects


Hi experts,

I'm curious how the agile teams you have been apart of implemented and used KPIs (Key

Troubleshooting Solution

Dealing with several Jira tickets at one shot


I have a large number of Jira tickets in "Open" status. I would like to watch them (by clicking on

Troubleshooting Solution

How can I allow a public audience to view and comment on items in the backlog?


This screencast gives a verbal and visual overview of where we are stuck in our process of putting


Development and QA teams coordination

Today we will look at a very common issue that most teams face during the development and testing cycle. We will look at this issue with the Agile development model in practice and then look at certain steps that can be taken to avoid this issue. This issue is the proper coordination between teams
Troubleshooting Solution

How can I see completed items from my Jira backlog?


How can I see Issues that have been marked as "done" from my backlog?

This screencast further

Advice Solution

Recommendation for a Requirements Management tool?


Hi Experts,

Looking for some recommendations on a good tool to manage business and functional

Advice Solution

Tracking an issue using JIRA


What's the process for status change in Jira. I see that there are three statuses:

1. Todo

2. In


Arghh!! I really hate it when I write up a bug ticket in …


Arghh!! I really hate it when I write up a bug ticket in JIRA capture and then when I go to submit…

What are your best practices for using JIRA?  …

What are your best practices for using JIRA?

Troubleshooting Solution

Any affordable online solution to keep tracking for audits purpose?

We would like to keep tracking of many things, to produce reports based on date interval, etc.  Kind…
Troubleshooting Solution

DNS Quaestion

I have a server in my internal network that hosts Jira, which is from:  …
Troubleshooting Solution

*** Best Way to Set Up VisualSVN  ***

I have a very big production server in a VM with lots of web pages and SQL database code.

I want …
Advice Solution

Low Cost Alternative to Bitbucket, Fisheye/Crucible, JIRA - internal network

We develop Matlab code and need a configuration manager in the lab that has no internet access.

Troubleshooting Solution

Installing JIRA on the server using sub domain instead of port numbers

I have installed JIRA, FISHEYE and CONFLUENCE on my fedora box for testing. my setup is like …
Research Solution

What is the process of migrating from Azure DevOps to Jira/GitHub?


Hello! My team is planning on migrating both (1) work items (features, product backlog items, tasks)

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