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A laptop or notebook is a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, there is often no longer any difference. Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia. A laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, speakers, a keyboard, and pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad) into a single unit. The device can be powered either from a rechargeable battery or by mains electricity from an AC adapter.

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What is the best port replicator to purchase so that I can connect my Lenovo T450 laptop to two monitors with Display port inputs?
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Email inquiry ...

It could be win 7/8 or 10 I have to ask ...

Im thinking probably a SW problem

Anyone any ideas?

I really need a help and guidance on how to go about setting up a wifi hotspot at our Cafe. We have regular customers which comes every morning to have cup of coffee and little snack. Normally, customers comes while they have their coffee for about 10 to 20 minutes and then go.

I would like to offer a Free Wifi to all my customers who comes to my cafe for coffee for 10 or 20 minutes.

I should be able to print out a wifi voucher which they can use to access the internet on their mobile phones or laptop. But usually it'll be just a mobile phone. The internet will be stricted ONLY to checking emails online and or Facebook - nothing else. It should not allow them to download softwares, torrents, since we dont have unlimited data to our ISP.

Remember, that after 20 minutes, the voucher should die out. And it can only works to one mobile phone.

Anyway's that is the plan and i hope i can get answers on how to proceed and going forward.

Thank you and i look forward to comments.

hi, i wanted to connect two vmware workstation environment for my vmware NSX lab practice. here each laptop is 16 GB ram. that's why need to connect both laptops. I made 4 subnets from vmware workstation using vmnet1=, vmnet2=, vmnet3=, vmnet4= and wanted to pass it to both laptops and communicate with each VMs. For this what need to do?

Milton sarkar
Have a new Dell laptop with Win10. Edge was working normally until I joined our domain, now it opens for a few seconds to a blank page then shuts down. This seems to be a common problem but none of the fixes I have found via Google have helped. And ideas? I've already installed Chrome and Firefox but we will be deploying more of these laptops in the near future and some users will insist on using Edge.

What's the minimum laptop CPU so that I can play 4K UHD movies in high resolution?
Does using, for example, Cyberlink PowerDVD software can help or do I need to use K-Lite codec pack?

We have a GPO set on our Default Domain so that the users get proxy settings. But we need to add laptop users or set them so they don't get the proxy settings when they take their laptops home but when they come back into the office, we need the proxy GPO to get applied once again.
How can I set this up?
After yesterday's debacle with the Windows Creator 10 update causing me all sorts of grief, I was wondering if there's a "one stop shop" or software program that can dependably keep all of my drivers updated?  I thought Windows did that automatically, but apparently not.  I am running a Lenovo T440s laptop.


Hello, I recently purchased a used Sony VAIO VPCSE1CGX laptop to replace my old one, which the motherboard recently fried in due to an unfortunate run in with a water bottle. However, this used one I purchased was physically in better shape than mine, and so I just transferred my hard drive, backed up my data, and did a clean install using the Sony recovery software off a USB flash drive, completely erasing all data on the current drive and restoring it. When I restored, I noticed the sound did not function thru internal speakers, the headphone jack, nor did it function even when using an HDMI cable to a known good TV and using a known good cable. I then attempted to reinstall a clean blank copy of Win 7 without the recovery stuff, just in case the model was slightly different on this one. However, even after painstakingly updating everything, no such luck. The audio drivers appear to update successfully and there are no hardware issues reported. When I do sound tests, the windows Mixer shows level being sent to the audio channels but nothing is heard. i physically took the computer apart to look for loose or missing cables and ribbons, but everything is there and seated well. I'm stumped. Usually if there is some sort of sound card physical issues on the built in board, I thought the HDMI would at least work. Am I wrong here? Thanks!
I use Audacity and have been recording my audio at 44.1 kHz. As far as bit depth, I have no idea, but have used the defaults.

I need to find the ideal for the best quality sound on my videos and podcasts, and find if my gear is up to it.

I have a MacBook:
2.4 GHz Intel Core 7
8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024 MB

And my microphone is:
Blue Yeti
Ultimate USB

purchased a few years ago.

Can you tell me the best sampling rates, bit depth, etc. for my recordings and also the maximum values my current gear can support?

Is this microphone sub-standard to give a professional sound?

Suggestions on improvements?

Get real performance insights from real users
Get real performance insights from real users

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What Dell Inspiron Laptops have the M.2 sata interface and will boot off of an NVME drive?
Weird thing.  Every time I undock the laptop and dock back my screens switching from 1 to 2 and 2 to 1.  
Two screens connected with docking station with mini-display to displayports.   So every time it happens I just swapping monitors in display settings and problem fixed.

At least one other user has reported the same annoying issue.   Also Lenovo laptop and similar docking station.

Anyone had that or any ideas?  Thanks.
I am reimaging some Dell Latitude 3350 laptops with the reimage/boot device given to me by my predecessor.  It works fine until I try to boot it up.  Then I get the infamous blue screen with a message indicating that this file is missing: \WIndows\system32\winload.efi

ANy thoughts?
A customer brought in an HP Laptop. The issue as described by the customer: The laptop randomly shut down one day, when she turned it on said that the OS was missing files required to boot. The customer proceeded to do a recovery. When the recovery was finished the computer turned on and had an error related to heat/ CPU fan (I saw this error when I first turned it on at my shop). The laptop would continue to not load into windows.

My process:
I first opened up the computer and cleaned all of the dust and hair compact that was in and around the fan and heat sink prohibiting the computer from properly cooling (there was a significant amount it). I removed the heat sink itself, cleaned both it and the processor, re-applied fresh heat sink paste, re-assembled the computer. I did a fresh installation of Windows 10 - installation completed successfully, booted into Windows as would be expected. Proceed to do windows updates, laptop randomly restarted and proceed to continue looping through the automatic repair. The issue seems a lot like hard drive failure to me so I removed the hard drive and tested it - it tested good. However, I was still suspicious and thought maybe hard drive so I installed a test hard drive, re-installed windows 10 - as before, the installation completed successfully. However, almost immediately got stuck in the loop again.

I am not getting any error messages. I am not sure if there could be some sort of intermittent power failure on the board - or…
What technology do you think is a fad that won’t last?
I like Apple products but Airpods and the touch bar on their latest MacBook are those fads that won't last.

Author Comment

by:Katrina Donegan
I'm totally speaking hypocritically because I like my Apple machines. I understand their need to stay relevant but I have a feeling it will catch up to them if they don't come out with something revolutionary.

Expert Comment

by:Brian Matis
Yeah, I hear you on that! For such a long time they were the underdog and that helped them be really scrappy and daring. But now that they're such a powerhouse, there's a lot of fear that they could become like the Microsoft of old...
My school has a great IT, so they were able to block our games on our school laptops, I have tried everything to make this go away, so I can play my games. Please help me!
I would like to have a laptop that can run two external 4k monitors at 3840x2160 resolution.
How do I replace the laptop HD in a Asus TP500L laptop?

I want to keep all apps and data and just go to a larger size.

1. What hard drive?
2. What methodology to replace?
Hi all,

I've tried posting this in a HP forum but they didn't get back to me after their first reply.

This was what I asked:

Recently, I've gotten 2 laptops for my company, a windows 7 and a windows 10 OS. I tried linking and installing the printer driver(hp color laserjet 5550) from the CD provided into the windows 7 laptop and it works perfectly fine. However, when i tried plugging in the printer into the windows 10 laptop, it doesn't detect it.

Steps i took to troubleshoot:

1. I tried going into devices and printer and it was detected but labelled as unspecififed.

2. I thought that it was a driver issue and went online and downloaded all the avaliabe windows 10 drivers and tried installing it but it's still detected as unspecified.

3. I noticed that the connection port which the windows 7 OS laptop automatically connected to is DOT4 and not the usual usb0001. My windows 10 OS machine have the same as the behavior as the windows 7.

 What HP reply:


I did post many, many and many times about this and I am facing a similar problem right now but not that bad,  I only remember to reboot printer once a week because other machines, tablets, smartphones have no problem but Windows 10 computers.

Please try to reinstall software and drivers on your Windows 10 computer(s) and

           (a) ONLY plug the USB cable when the process asking for.

           (b) Also please try to avoid USB 3.0 ports.

What I asked again:

Hi HP,…
Introducing Priority Question
Introducing Priority Question

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Very odd situation.  At one site I have all clients unable to download PDFs.

- PDFs begin downloading, then stop about 1/2 way
- Occasionally switching to Https will allow the PDF to load in-browser, but cannot download
- IE, Chrome and FF all impacted
- Just PDFs as near as I can see.  Other links and files seem to work fine.
- All systems at site, when laptops leave the site downloads work without issue.
- Antivirus disabled or enabled : No impact
- No web filtration (can't rule out ISP, but no evidence for it)
- Uninstalled Reader - file doesn't download (and obviously can no longer open)
- Ensured no file association to PDFs : No Change
- Malware and virus scans come back clear
- Windows 7 pro, patches up to date

It's such a specific problem that I can't find any other hints of where to take this, but it can't be unique.  Has anyone encountered/Solved this previously?
Images and fonts distorted but OK in other browsers (IE).  
Chrome Version 60.0.3112.78 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Displays and adapters drivers are up to date.  Local laptop monitor shows OK.  Only happens with external displays.  Connected via dispaysPorts.

Anyone seen this before with Chrome?
Dear Sir,
I am facing a typical problem.

1. My Access application is running properly in all network PC/ Laptops. (Normal Screen Shot attached)
2. In one Laptop, bought recently screen gets distorted. (Screen shot attached)
3. Tried all fermentation but nothing working.
4. Tried Anchoring / Spacing all, but nothing is working.

Kindly help.
I had this question after viewing SonicWALL Net Extender stops being able to establish VPN connections.
I've seen an issue similar but more specifically with laptops where users were closing their laptops without first exiting the NetExtender connection. In these scenarios, Tunnel All mode was implemented so once the laptop lid was opened again the connection would not be able to route regardless of the status of the NetExtender (running, exited). A reboot was needed in order for the connection to connect once again let alone for the NetExtender to function properly. Since then we have instructed our end-users to disconnect their connection before closing their laptop lids.

I  had never seen any issues with NetExtender until Windows 10.

I'd completely uninstall the NetExtender including the profile/settings reboot then download the latest version, which is 8.0.241 and try again. Before you reinstall NetExtender disable all antivirus/malware software.

I'd also enable Packet Capturing on the NetExtender too and start a capture on the next established session.
Any disruption in the connection can close the tunnel even if persistence (Settings > Automatically reconnect when computer resumes or when the connection is terminated) is enabled, because it depends on the SSL-VPN settings on the Network Security or SRA appliance,
So I had to install a fresh brand new empty hard drive on my laptop.  It does not recognize anything, so I'm trying to install some drivers.  Specifically the WiFi driver so that I can run an HP utility that should update all drivers.  I've also tried to download some USB drivers, because none of the USB ports are working.

I tried to install the drivers from the HP website and nothing is still working.  It looks like other non-HP websites are selling drivers for my laptop, but it doesn't seem like I'd need to pay for these and I'm also concerned about viruses from these non-HP companies.

Can you point me in the right direction?
I bought this one about a year ago, opened it uf a fews days ago, and learned it had a hardware failure...

I need something like it, from a different manufacturer, that connects through USB or BT.

I need it to have at least:

1) a laser pointer
2) Up / Down arrows

And it must function well on a Mac.



Laptops Notebooks





A laptop or notebook is a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, there is often no longer any difference. Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia. A laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, speakers, a keyboard, and pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad) into a single unit. The device can be powered either from a rechargeable battery or by mains electricity from an AC adapter.