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A laptop or notebook is a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, there is often no longer any difference. Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia. A laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, speakers, a keyboard, and pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad) into a single unit. The device can be powered either from a rechargeable battery or by mains electricity from an AC adapter.

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I am a hard core PC guy - tried Apple products, and (aside from my iPhone) they just don't do it for me.  My computer is a frequently upgraded Lenovo laptop (currently the P71), which I used as a desktop and infrequent business travel.  But we're planning on travelling more, and the heavyweight P71 is really too large and heavy to travel with comfortably (especially since I need to carry an external hard drive and other accessories).  Can you recommend a PC-based, lightweight laptop or pad computer that will still give me the functionality of a real computer?


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Windows 10 ver 1903 windows get stuck on the welcome screen after upgrade to 1903.
1- problem happens every time a new user logs in.
2- problem happens with local admin as well.

Updates were release to domain workstations and laptops via wsus.  
Several calls today. User types password and the welcome screen spins for ever.

Any recommendations would be great

We have received a HP laptop that does not turn on properly.

It seems to be a Windows 10 laptop.

I have tested this laptop and what happens is that the laptop powers up fine, goes to login screen fine but after logging in there is only a black screen displayed on laptop screen.

Every 10/ 20 seconds, the login screen loads back and when you click anything on keyboard, the black screen displays again.

Here are some things I found:

- The mouse pointer can be seen over black screen.
- Pressing "Windows key" and "P" brings up Project menu with four options which can be navigated through but not picked
- Ctrl+Alt+Delete does not do anything
- Ctrl+Shift+Esc does not do anything
- After black screen displayed for a few seconds, pressing a key makes the black screen slightly brighter

What should we do to fix this issue?

My fiancée's mother exchanged her laptop for a pawn loan 3 months ago and she bought it back today. The laptop had no password on it. Just turn on the power and your in. Now she is staying with us for a bit and wants our WiFi password so she can connect to the internet with it.

The problem is I am very worried about her laptop compromising the security/safety of my family and their devices. (I.e., In 10 seconds couldn't the pawn owner turn it on and install spyware that could spread to everyone's devices connected too it?!)

I Just wanted to get some feedback from professionals out there on what you would do in my scenario, what are some worst case scenarios and how likely are they too occur? Would you let her login too your WIFI? (Part of me wants to just burn it and buy her a new one)
When imaging WIN 10 devices I'd like to add the printers.  We know what printers need to be added as we pull the device from production, and I'd like to try to use the Print Management Export feature to export from one device and move it to the new device.

Are there any downsides to using this method?  The devices we're pulling are WIN 7 and there is a print server in our environment.

The devices are laptops or workstations, no servers.

Lenovo T430s. I've noticed it is rather warm under the top left of the computer. Even though I am using it in front of a fan. It's cooled down some as the fan blows. Actually it is the top left side more than the bottom and also the top left rear. What parts are inside the top left of the laptop? Thanks

Strange thing today.  My computer monitor messed up and just replaced it with a temp monitor.  All works fine but Netflix won't.  It gives error:

Error code: U7361-1255-C00D7159

Open in new window

When searching the error, I have:

Netflix Error H7361-1255-C00D7159
If you experience the error code H7361-1255-C00D7159 on your computer, it's typically caused by using an unsupported video output method, such as a Wireless Display Adapter. Netflix is only compatible with video output methods that support content protection (DRM). To immediately stream on your computer, follow the troubleshooting steps below. To successfully watch Netflix through a video output method, contact your device manufacturer to learn which devices support DRM protection.

The strange thing is that I only change the monitor.  If I move the Netflix apps to the notebook (my computer is a notebook with an external monitor connected), it works, so it seems it's the monitor.

The setup is:
- the notebook has an USB connector
- in that connector is a Insignia USB to Hdmi and an USB cable connected to the monitor.  I had this same setup with my old monitor.

Please let me know whats going on or is it a configuration.
I'm trying to run the firmware update on a Microsoft Surface Dock. the Surface is running Windows 10 and is up to date.

I installed Surface_Dock_FwUpdate_1.42.139_Win10_17134_19.084.31680_0.msi on the Surface Book, no issues with install, rebooted, but I cannot find the dock updater listed under programs.  I can't find it anywhere.  Does anyone know where the .exe is for this program?


We have a Dell Latitude E5430 laptop with Windows 10 installed on it.

Someone's child was using the laptop and now the laptop seems like it is forever in Airplane Mode.

When clicking on "Wi-Fi", it turns to ON for 2 seconds then turns off as Airplane Mode is on.

Airplane Mode is set to "ON" and the option for clicking on "Airplane Mode" is greyed out and can't be clicked on.

We would like to try and fix the WiFi as it worked before this.

I have done the following to try and fix this issue:

1. Connected with Ethernet cable to internet (Internet works fine this way but shows Airplane Mode still on)
2. Updated laptop with most recent Windows 10 updates
3. Updated driver for "Airplane Mode Switch Collection"
4. Updated driver for  WiFi network adapter we use
5. In "Device Manager", disabled then re-enabled "Airplane Mode Switch Collection"
6. In "Device Manager", checked off option for WiFi network adapter we use; "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
7. Uninstalled "Airplane Mode Switch Collection" then restarted laptop to reinstall this software
8. Uninstalled WiFi network adapter we use then restarted laptop to reinstall this software
9. Tried using Network troubleshooter but no solution

Any ideas on what could be done to fix this WiFi issue?

We use HDD duplicators here at our school. Over the years, we've duped both standard HDD and SSD drives.

This year, our laptops came with 256ssd drives from SUNEAST

These drives take 4-5 TIMES as long to duplicate....even using the setting that only copies the content, not a full sector by sector copy

Yesterday, it took 3.5 hours to duplicate 98GB of data to one of these drives.

Any ideas about why this is happening?  I have 3 different duplicators and it's the same slow speed on each.

Within the laptop, windows 10 runs just fine...8GB RAM Dell Latitude E5440

But duplicating is like molasses.

Starting with Angular 5
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Starting with Angular 5

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Need to know the type of SSD and the method for upgrading the SSD of a notebook.

The spec of the notebook is in the link below.

I need to know the difference in the compatibility of m.2 SATA vs m.2 NVMe. Are they the same or different?
In GAFE how do I add our domain to the login page so that when a student logs in they don't need to add every single time? Instead it's already auto populated and they can just type in their username?

Thanks in advance!
We have many HP 840 G3 EliteBook laptops that are failing SCCM with a red screen. These have been reimaged several times each and still fail.
Our sccm guys say to reimage it and it should work. 4 times? Maybe someone can advise as to what log files I should be looking at.

I am not the sccm admin but we do have access to most of the logs. Thanks in advance.
We will be implementing a GPO that will require USB drives to be encrypted before they can be written to.  I have this GPO working, but I also need to exclude this policy from applying to certain users (Domain Admins, Desktop Support, etc.).  So far any attempts at this piece have been unsuccessful.  We are using BitLocker for the encryption.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish this?
I'm looking for a Asus ZenBook which is comparable with Lenovo X1 Carbon. Any recommendation.

Windows 10 on a new notebook - I have two partitions:  C: is my Operating System, and D: is my data.

I wanted to get into Safe mode in Windows 10 using MSCONFIG, but it said that my drive was encrypted using Bitlocker.  (I don't remember doing that, but anyway ...)  So I tried to decrypt my C: drive using a procedure I found at: 

In the process of decrypting my C: drive, I think I must have removed a key that it contained for my D: drive.  Or I did something that resulted in my D: drive being inaccessible.  When I click on D: in File Explorer, it asks me for the 48-digit recovery key.

Help!  What are my options to get all my data back?  Thanks
I have to install a new SSD drive with a new Win10 OS on 12 laptops.  Is there a way to create a bootable USB drive that has the Win10 with all the software preloaded on the initial install such as Office software, Adobe, etc...

Is there a free way to setup this USB the way I want it so that I can just install the "image" as I put them together?
Hello all,
I have a Lenovo Yoga 260 that is Windows 10 Pro.  I have turned off ALL settings that I can find to have it go into sleep mode or hibernation.  I have it so that it you close the lid nothing happens.  I have sat there for 30 minutes and when you open the lid everything was fine.
Now when it sits overnight it turns itself off.  When I turn it back on the wireless will not turn on.
I have no idea why this is happening.
Could anyone please help guide me to how to fix this.
I will not be able to work on this until Saturday.
Thank you in advance,

I have a problem with several users HP EliteBook laptops wifi.

Download speeds really low (like 1mbps) and decent upload speed or vice versa.
I have updated the drivers in HP support assistant and it helped for a day and then reverted back to terrible download/upload speeds.

Users also see Microsoft Outlook "updating folders" status all the time, and a lot of emails arriving in on their phone but on the laptops.

Got an even newer wifi driver for the wireless card from Intel website and again it seemed to work for a little while but then reverted back to rubbish speeds.

Can anyone please help, is this likely to be a hardware or a software issue.

It is happening on several HP Elitebooks, but even on one user that has a Realtek wifi card, not an intel one, but exactly the same issue.

Advice much appreciated, users sick of this problem when working at home etc!
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I have 2 PCs that are both connected to the same WiFi network.  Both PCs are on the same work network, both have the same workgroup name and I have toggled network sharing off and on - on both of the devices.

Neither can ping the other.  However, where it gets strange here... If I run simultaneous cmd pings of each other, #1 PC starts successfully pinging the other, but stops if I stop the ping attempts from the other PC to it.  #2 PC pings never resolve.

Both devices are Dell Optiplex 3030AIO and on Windows 7 Pro, Service Pack 1
Power 'and' display.

I thought that I would be able to use a micro-usb to usb-c cable to pair this Magedok T1116D 1080P FHD Capacitive Touch Portable Monitor shown here with this Microsoft Surface Go device

While the monitor does come on when it is plugged in using only the micro-usb to usb-c cable, it says "no signal" very briefly, and goes to black.

Is there any way to pair the devices so that the second screen will function?
Hello Experts,

I am setting up new laptops in my organization with Windows 10 Pro (version 1809). I have encountered an issue after copying over Roaming Profiles (.v6), the user's Taskbar is not usable. Most of the 'custom' icons in the systray do not work. The user cannot right click most of these icons and get a context menu (however a few work, such as the battery icon, Bluetooth, etc, most of the 'System' icons do work). Mainly any 'custom' icons (such as Symantec, Adobe, etc) do not work.
Also, any program shortcuts in the bottom left corner (such as Mail, Explorer, etc) behave 'oddly'. If the user clicks the Mail icon to launch it, it launches, but then immediately closes.
Seems like some sort of registry corruption, but I cannot narrow it down.
I have observed that I can log in with my own profile and copy over my Roaming Profile and this issue does not repro. I have full functionality of the Taskbar and systray icons as expected.
I might also add that the user accounts affected are not Administrator accounts, they are Standard users.
One last detail - this is an upgrade, not a clean install of Windows 10. We are upgrading from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.

Has anyone encountered any issues like this with Roaming Profiles? Any help is much appreciated!
Hello, this is my first time working with one of these stream laptops but I am trying to reload the OS on it due to it will not boot up, gets a blue screen with inaccessible boot device, then it will go to preparing automatic repair and stay there. I have run the extended diagnostic tools for all hardware and the hard drive past the test, so I am trying now just to do a system recovery. If I try to rest the PC with Keep my file or remove everything or startup repair, it prompts me to enter the user name password which I don't have. Also if I do a reset and choose to remove everything I get additional free space is needed on the drive where windows is installed, free up some space and try again error. Any suggestions?
Small AD domain

2 DC's both 2019

Laptops are Windows 10

I setup a COMPUTER OU/GPP to update a file within C:\Windows

Placed the updated file into a networkshare accessible to everyone

Set the GPP to "UPDATE"

The local file is not being updated

Ran gpresult on the client and it shows the GPO under Applied Group Policy Objects

But local file not changed.

The useraccount is a student on logged into the laptop

I have a notebook that I would like to install Linux on. The system does not have a TPM chip. So I am wondering are the any options for an encrypted file system. So if I loose it people cant get to the disk and read my information or use recovery tools etc.

My guess is I am out of luck - but thought I should ask anyway - just in case.



Laptops Notebooks





A laptop or notebook is a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, there is often no longer any difference. Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia. A laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, speakers, a keyboard, and pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad) into a single unit. The device can be powered either from a rechargeable battery or by mains electricity from an AC adapter.