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A laptop or notebook is a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, there is often no longer any difference. Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia. A laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, speakers, a keyboard, and pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad) into a single unit. The device can be powered either from a rechargeable battery or by mains electricity from an AC adapter.

I have a Dell Precision M6800 workstation Laptop.  It is older, but still an excellent functional laptop for use in our organization.  What I would like to do is upgrade the older Intel Centrino N-6300 wireless card it has.  I normally don't have trouble but this time I am having difficulty finding what wireless AC card is compatible.  I saw the AC-7260 but I was wondering if there was a better card?  Also the current card has 3 antenna cables connected to it but all these cards I look at have 2.  Which 2 cables would I use?  There are black, light gray and dark gray.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I really appreciate it.

I am having trouble with webcam on Lenovo T580.
The camera starts for a second, then freezes.

1)What is the name of the webcam? (I go to Device Manager>Cameras >Integrated Camera (I can not see the name of it; it is just "integrated camera")
2) How to get the driver of this Camera? (I believe by installing the driver would solve the problem)


Error message on Toshiba laptop:
The Boot Configuration Data For Your PC Is Missing and there is no recovery disk. I don't have the laptop in hand for model number. The error may be common regardless of brand.
Running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on an HP Envy 17-K250CA Notebook.  Upon restarting, today, the display is not working (image attached).  Restarting did not help.  Please advise.

I have laptop and Two monitors.  I see full display on laptop and one of the monitors but my primary monitor or desktop monitor does display entire image?   Please see attached.

Full image was displayed on laptop and Two monitors but when I brought them home from my office, the primary monitor isn't displaying full image?
what’s a good size monitor to work on attached to a laptop ?

27 seems over the top and 21 too small

I preferred the older square shaped screen

the letterbox ones seems pointless to have a wider viewing area ...
Hi Experts,

I just cloned the 256 GB SSD on my Microsoft Surface Pro to a new Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 also with 256 GB SSD, using Casper.

The problem I now have is that the alphanumeric keys on the Surface Laptop are inactive.
(I do know that the Power and F4 keys on the keyboard are working prior to bootup.)

I am getting by with an external keyboard.

I have looked at Device Manager.
I have updated drivers for all "Other Devices".
Under Keyboards there are 4 items, all are "HID Keyboard Device".
I have clicked "Update driver" for all 4 items, but no changes.


I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on configuring remote desktop. We're thinking about how to help people work from home and possibly remoting into their Windows machines. We do this for some persistent users who have work laptops and we're comfortable letting them connect from machines that have been secured to the best of our abilities. These are non-admin accounts on laptops that run nothing other than RDP and antivirus software.

My question is is it possible or practical to allow any machine to connect to a work desktop on our LAN? Should we allow users to use their own personal computers which could be loaded with viruses or any other unknown software to connect through RDP to our work machines?

What is the best/fastest way to implement this.

The machines that do have RDP already setup are hitting non-typical ports on the firewall which are forwarded to internal machines. I know the risk of this and check the firewall logs daily to make sure that only our approved IP addresses are connecting this way.
Hi all,
Is it possible to disable file tranfer in Screen Sharing using Screen Sharing application on MacOS ? The bottom line that  I don't want remote user to be able to copy/send file between each computers?  We are using MacOS 10.14.x
Any assistance is appreciated.
I have to show my page fit to screen.  It looks good on some resolution.  All controls are on same screen we don't have to use scroll bars.  But on some laptops or on other resolutions I need to use scroll bars.  Can we use vertical screen always fit to screen on any resolutions?
I've configured WSUS to install the feature updates to upgrade our Win10 Pro laptops to v1909. The upgrade schedule works like a champ if a user is signed out, however i need it to install while the user is logged on - just not reboot automatically.  Unfortunately, the installs are NOT occurring without user intervention/clicking Install Now button. This is confusing as it's set to Auto Download and schedule the install, not schedule install only if noone is logged on - that's for reboots, not installs. And we're a large company, we cannot depend on all users to go to Windows Updates to click Install is not an option.

I've attached my GPO settings. Please advise on how i can configure the behavior to install automatically while users are logged in - without requiring the user to go to Windows Updates and hit the Install Now button.  They'll need to do the reboot - of course - but this should still install on the scheduled time.

* My company is exclusively laptops, so installing during the evenings is not an option.
Would like to clarify:

a) is X395's on AMD/Celeron chip or Intel chip?  Seems to be quite warm
    relative to the X270 & X240 that I've used

b) it does not have a detachable battery: or I just have to use screwdriver
    to open something & I can easily replace the battery or this is something
    that requires a technician like Macbook Pro?

c) in terms of CPU performance, is X395's CPU faster than X270?  in the
    Task Manager, saw that X395 has GPU processor (but don't recall X270
    has it).  So with this GPU, it makes the X395 fasters in what sense?

d) I got a feeling that my brand new X395's battery lasts shorter than my
     previous X270 (which was a used set): am I mistaken or the specs did
     say X270 has longer battery runtime?  I'm using both for the same
     purpose: reading Outlook emails, editing Word/Excel & browsing the
Hi Experts!

Does anyone know of a tool or script that can scan the domain and list the hardware connected and users logged on to it?
We have an inventory sheet with a list of users and hardware assigned that we need to keep updated, but typically what happens users leave the company and do not return their laptops (usually kept in their drawer or given to a colleague or handed to the group admin who the reissues to a new starter) I've just started there, so just need to keep track of who's got what :)

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

Cheers M.
I wondered if any experts might have a recommendation for high CPU caused by Trend Micro Office Scan scheduled scans. CPU can get to 80 90 100% which translates into poor performance for certain apps for users. It also causes poor test results when they end up going to network speed tests to try and diagnose the problem on their own. This is running on laptops which generally go lids down at night. Windows 10. HP laptop.

What are some approaches people have taken to minimize the impact on their laptop users? Thanks.
Hi USB Experts,

I'd like to know how to work out whether a device will work with a USB OTG cable, or a standard USB cable, or either.

a) To access a USB flash drive from my Samsung J7 (2016) cell phone, I use a USB OTG cable.  It has USB micro at the phone end, and USB-A female at the flash drive end.
b) On the other hand, to access a USB flash drive from my laptop or desktop PC, I use a non-OTG USB cable.  It has USB-A male at the PC end, and USB-A female at the flash drive end.

Now I have a Microsoft Surface Go, which runs Windows 10, and I think is a cross between a laptop and a tablet.  If you remove the keyboard it's more like a tablet.  It has a USB-C connector.

Q1. Can I access USB devices like flash drives from the Surface Go via a OTG cable, non-OTG cable, or either?
Q2. How do you know?
Q3. What's the principle which allows us to decide?
Q4. Would the answers be the same for USB hubs?

Please answer Q1 - Q4 separately for clarity.  I don't just want an answer to Q1.

I've had a quick look at this Wikipedia page about USB On-The-Go, but I haven't yet found anything that answers my question.  I understand that a USB OTG cable turns a device like a phone or tablet into a host, but I don't see how that's answering my question for the Surface Go, for example.  Is it already a host?  How can I know?

I've seen some USB cables and hubs …
I have Dell Latitude 5590 laptop.  It is Windows 10   64-bit.

I don't see docking station connector on the laptop.  Does it have docking station connector?  
There is a philips screw in bottom center of laptop.  Would opening this screw provide me access to the docking station connector?
Key Symbol with Yellow Triangle in Task-Bar.

I have found out today that on my notebook the wifi connection is not working.
I am using an EAP-Auth with NPS on Windows Server 2016.
Sometimes it happens because of using other wifi areas that I have to reset the network and re-intialize winsock int ip.

None of all worked today, I recognized a new icon in task bar, attached you have a pic of it.
No toolbar is shown.
The only article I found pointed into outdated credentials.
So I changed my passwords, exit and re-entered the domain, right now I am working with a local admin account inside a workgroup.
The icon is still there.

I have not found any process or something strange on the system.
Windows license is digitally equipped.
Bitlocker is up and running.

Do you know this icon? Do you know that it means?
Hope you can help, I am getting a little paranoid and running malware scans...

Thanks in advance.

Last week, my laptop suddenly powered off & could not be powered on
anymore: the IT guys replace battery, use different adapter but can't
power it on & the 500GB SSD that comes with the X270 can't be
read as well when they mounted it to a reader: this reader is plugged
into another PC's USB.

I suspect it could be due to me using 3rd party battery at that time tt
caused a surge/overcurrent that failed both the laptop & the SSD.

Ontrack is charging $3500 for recovery so I'm looking for tools that
I can DIY to do the recovery: anyone can recommend any tools (if
there's any specifically for SSD): those with free 'trial' can be
considered;  wanted a best chance of recovering data from the SSD.
I might need assistance here with using the recommended tools
I just got an X395 but I have some old X270 & X61 power adapters
at home.

As the X395 power adapter is very bulky, wud like to get some sort
of adapter that could adap from the X270 to the "C" type adapter
so that when I brg the X395 home, don't need to bring the bulky/
heavy adapter home as well

Can point me to any links in Amazon & eBay?

1 more question: those USB to C-type cables (for charging phones)
can't be used to charge X395 laptops from powerbanks, right?

Last minute findings:



I've some past adapters (from X61 to X240/270) that could result in extremely slow charging.
Between the 2 above, which is a faster/better adapter that gives faster charging?

Found something much cheaper as well & I have a universal charger
that could be used with adapter below (but this universal charger with
an x230 & Yoga adapter resulted in super-slow charging of my
X230 & X270 respectively):
I need a freeware (will be better if it's portable as I may not
have admin rights to install) that will simulate laptop/PC
activity so that Win10 doesn't go into sleep/hibernate.

Currently under Power Options, can't disable this 'Sleep'
mode (which PC goes to sleep after 1 hour).

Auditors need to remote access this PC to view
artefacts 24x7 for next 1 month
I have an X270 & an X240  thinkpads.

Where are their microphone jacks?

There's an earphone jack & I usually use
earphones that come with a mic (tiny hole):
can I speak thru this tiny mic on earphone?

Btw, I don't  know how to use Bluetooth
& my company's laptops disabled Blutooth
I think: guess Bluetooth headphone would
have covered both the mic+earphone
We have a Lenovo X270 that is excessively heating up and often times the fan kicks in even when it's not at peak usage.
I want to put a docking station on this ...

Can I do it?

Machine in P71

Where can I find an updated Nvidia graphics driver for an HP Elitebook 8540P?  We recently upgraded from Win7Pro to Win10Pro and the laptop keeps having issues with the multiple monitor set up.  We use a "Plugable" brand USB adapter for one external monitor and the VGA port for another external monitor.  Two of the screens will randomly go black. If we restart the laptop, it works fine...for a while.

I did go to Plugable's site and downloaded their updated driver. I went to HP to see if there are newer drivers, but their site said there are no newer drivers.

Also happening with this laptop, the VPN connection keeps disconnecting. Will do it like 10 times a day. We are using the built in VPN connection. No other computers in this office are doing that, only the laptop and only since we upgraded to Win10Pro.
So I'm at this new gig any they have a 1Gbps Internet feed. If I plug in a work built laptop (HP Win 10) I am seeing like 12Mbps down and 20Mbps. But if I get a fresh laptop that has not been built out I am seeing about 100Mbps down and as much as 400, even 600Mbps up. This is on the very same 1Gbps network port on a Cisco enterprise switch the WS-4510R-E. No errors seen at those ports. They run Trend Micro on their standard issue. Could that slow down speed tests that much? I'm testing against AT&T speed test but have tried a bunch of others and they all tell essentially the same story. There's also VMWare Horizon drivers on there and some other. Any thoughts on how to track down what's the party pooper for the network speeds?

Laptops Notebooks





A laptop or notebook is a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, there is often no longer any difference. Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia. A laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, speakers, a keyboard, and pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad) into a single unit. The device can be powered either from a rechargeable battery or by mains electricity from an AC adapter.