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A laptop or notebook is a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, there is often no longer any difference. Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia. A laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, speakers, a keyboard, and pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad) into a single unit. The device can be powered either from a rechargeable battery or by mains electricity from an AC adapter.

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I now have the Crucial DDR3 , 1600MHz , Non-ECC , CL11 , X8 , 1.35V , Unbuffered , SODIMM , 204-pin, memory for this unit and am now in need a good quality inexpensive SSD drive

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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I just bought an Acer netbook/tablet, and it is a dandy computer.

HOWEVER, whenever I turn it on, up pops an "End of Service" Notification, informing me that Acer Portal Services will be discontinued on 2018/09/30. I am writing this on 2018/10/11.

I click on the link on the Acer service page " For more information, please check our FAQ" and it takes me to a mostly blank page except for the short column in Japanese. Or Chinese. Or Whatever.

The online support seems to be filled with stuff dating as far back as 2002 and nothing seems applicable to this situation.

Customer service by phone didn't work because the service agent's accent made her words pretty much incomprehensible (and I have a degree in speech, which usually comes in very handy in situations like this; not so here!) After waiting an excessively long time to be transferred to another agent, I gave up and hung up.

I'm not a super-tech guy, so I'm hesitant about going into directories and deleting files that give the impression they MIGHT be related.

SO, experts,,,,,anybody know how to remove this already expired worthless notice?
Hello Community Members

I am looking for a software that can record My time doing a job BUT can time in parts so MAYBE 30 minutes here and 45 minutes there and so on...

The website is BidVine for "Logo Design" that am doing for business's and companies

Got Windows 10 Home Edition Lenovo Computer

All help VALUED and APPRECIATED with your time and advice with My current enquiry

Best Always Paul M
I am looking for a tablet/laptop that employee can use when they are on the go.

I will have an access program running on it [the database is on the company server].

Need to connect to their office computers in a domain environment via a VPN connection.

Light work [no robust system]

Work on Verizon network.

Purpose of porches giving the employees access to their computer on the go and using the access program.

Any recommendation, please.
Hi, I recently took over a network with Mac laptops running Mac OS Yosemite, the laptops were part of a Windows Domain had have some administrative lock down settings. We were provided admin privileges so we removed them from the Domain, although we are the computer admins many settings in system preferences are locked out. It seems to me the previous tech support company used some type of lock down policy to prevent even local administrators to make any changes.  Unfortunately  the previous company won't cooperate passing down info other than providing the admin password.

Does anyone know of a way to "unlock" the settings in system preferences?
Windows 8.1
ASUS T100 Notebook (10 inch screen)

The problem I am trying to solve is difficult to search for on Google.

Problem (1): (SOLVED)
I need a magnifying glass app to enlarge the font on my small screen.
> > > > The native app that comes with Windows 8 is adequate for this issue.

Problem (2): When I read a paragraph that is enlarged, the text overflows out of the magnified reading area. This can be text in a PDF reader, text in a Word document, or text in the browser. (These may not be only text but text plus images, usually.)
Can you help me find a tool or utility or application (.exe) that runs on the Windows Desktop that will re-flow the paragraphs of a page so the text does not overflow the viewing area (allows it to wrap, perhaps) when either using the zoom feature (such as two finger gesture) or a magnifier?
My gaming laptop, an Asus G551JM is having some weird boot issues.

It used to have a hybrid drive, and after the drive broke I bought a new Kingston UV500 960GB SSD for it.
After installing Windows 10 on it I quickly noticed that the boot times were... odd.

Sometimes a boot lasts 2 minutes, sometimes around 40 seconds.
I ran a boot cycle test with Windows Performance Recorder.
The pre-session init phase seems to take around 30 seconds, the rest very little.
It just feels like something is stalling... and once it times out the computer then boots really fast.


I'm new to the program, so I admittedly don't really understand them well.
Perhaps some of you are familiar with them?

This is my personal computer, so I feel it's fine for me to share the log files:

I've also ran a few disk check programs and all of them have reported that the disk is in excellent condition.
It moves files fast and seems to work great in actual use.

Also, oddly, the computer would restart whenever it was trying to recover from sleep mode... but I kind of fixed it.
I read that some Asus laptops with sleep mode issues start working if you re-flash them with the same BIOS it already has, using WinFlash.
I gave it a shot! ...and now instead of rebooting from sleep mode, it actually recovers. ...very slowly (1 min 30 sec or so)
(Re-flashed from the already newest version... I have NO idea why that changed anything!)

I've …
Windows laptop versus MacBook?

I am a Mac user and love certain features of the Mac. But I also love the incredibly low prices of a Windows Acer laptop.

There is one KEY FEATURE of the Mac that would make the high cost worth me staying on the Mac platform. Key Word Search!

When I try to search on Windows, you better hurry up and wait. When I use Finder, I nearly instantly get a list of files with the search word found in the filename or inside the file (GREP).

I consider this a life-saving feature that lets me find long-lost files, often when I have no idea (or interest in knowing) the physical location of the file.

Can Windows match this awesome power the Mac OS gives me to peruse my files?

Need help with drive recovery if possible.  Laptop flew from 2nd story.  Looks like it affected HDD also.  But just want to be sure before I toss it.
Important tax data in there and no backups:)
Drive is 500GB WD SATA 6.0 Gbps, 7200 rpm.  Windows OS.  WD5999LPLX
When plugging into Windows via the USP->SATA connector the drive is spinning and comes up.  But not accessible.  >>The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error.>>
Anything else I can do or.. kiss it good bye?

A coworker recently obtained a new docking station for her laptop and complained that her external monitor seemed "fuzzier" than it was.  Originally, we had her laptop connected via HDMI.  However, our IT support company connected the docking station with a VGA cable.

I theorized that the switch from HDMI to VGA was probably the cause of the video degradation.

When switching between the VGA of her docking station and "hardwiring" an HDMI directly from her laptop, she felt that the display did look better.  The difference seems barely perceptible, but I can imagine that staring at the screen for hours on end would make a difference.

When I looked at her new docking station, I noticed that there is no "HDMI out" port.  Rather there is a VGA, two DVI, and two DisplayPort (DP) out ports.  Her current monitor is only capable of connecting via VGA or HDMI cables.

Given this configuration, would you agree that connecting a DP-HDMI adapter to the docking station, and then an HDMI cable from adapter to the monitor is the BEST solution in this case?  Other than purchasing a different docking station of course.

It looks like I can purchase a DP-HDMI adapter for about $25.  So that's the way I'm leaning unless any of you experts believe there is a better solution.
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I have a CPU intensive job (cracking a password protected zipfile) but it
only run on one of the four processors of my x230 (& x270) :
how can I make this "Free Zip Password Recovery" run on all the

From Task Manager, total CPU utilized is constantly at 25-26% only
so would like to be able to distribute the load.  Certainly buying a
Paid professional cracking tool (which has this feature) will help
but not looking into this currently.

the x230 is on Win 7 Profsnl & the x270 is on Win 10 Profsnl
We have approx. 150 laptops with a mix of MS office versions.  With a move to remote desktop we want to remove office, is there a way to silently remove office?

I have tried with wmic but doesn't work.

All help gratefully received.
I needed a laptop to run resource and graphics intensive software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, as well as connect to a Huion Cintiq alternative.

I purchased the following refurbished Lenovo on Amazon, as it has 16G Ram, SSD, i7 processor. I didn't open the box yet, but I'm wondering if  I should have just purchase a brand new one with similar specs. I can buy a 3 year warranty for around $150 in addition to the $840 I paid for the refurbished laptop.

Link to description of computer I purchased:   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CX7Y1ZW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Should I just return it and purchase new? If so, which one would you recommend? Or should I just buy the 3 year warranty? Thanks in advance.
How is the licensing cost charged for deploying MS Always-On VPN
and MS Direct Access?

Need to present a budget for it for the 250+ laptops (about half on
Win10+8 and the other half on Win 7).

We have Win 2012 R2 servers & our AD is running one.
This may sound a bit crazy, but is there a way to share another notebook display? (like when one uses his notebook with an external monitor)
For the first time we got a message about 1+ causes of effects on battery life. Windows 8 Lenovo laptop.
Where do we go from here:
I think my motherboard failed. It just shut off and then it smelled bad as melted plastics. I thought is from the power supply connector, the yellow female jack in the back of the laptop, so I took it apart, dissembling totally, piece by piece.
I cleaned up everything, especially the fan full of dust, using air pressure jets and also dedicated spray for electronic components, PCB.
The components on the motherboard are covered with a black sheet of plastic/vinyl-like.
After cleaning I spotted 2 capacitors carbonized – most probably the cause of the smell and failure.
They are SMD ceramic capacitors, seem size 1206, most probably MLCC.
I have the tools to remove and replace them, but I do not know their value.
Can someone help with the values of these capacitors?
I have in mind persons that either had similar experience and repaired motherboards before, maybe particular for Lenovo T410s – by chance, or if you can find somewhere the PCB sketch with the bill of materials and or/schematic.
What cause that failure? Is it the only one?
I do not know, but I would like to try to replaces those 2 capacitors. On opposite side of the PCB everything is clean, the components are untouched by the temperature.
I presume the failure comes from the small WiFi board inserted in the nearby connector. Maybe has to be replaced with another one. What I remember is that I let for few days the laptop set with power on, even when the lid was closed, and was not always on the table, but also …
Hello Community Members...

When I "put on" My Notebook (Lenovo IdeaPad 330s 14IKB Model 81F4)

Looked at Task Manager and the RAM said at IDLE with NO programmes opened WAS AT 50% USE !

SURELY this is not right and some application(s) MUST BE? Using that resource

All help VALUED and advice and opinion Appreciated with this current enquiry

Best Ever

Paul M
Looking in to a gaming laptop for someone & was curious about something.
A lot of them seem to have 2 HDs, a small SSD for OS, etc & then an additional 1TB drive for data. I'd always assumed you'd want game-related files, etc., on fast drive? Not being as concerned with price, wouldn't a 1 TB SSD be better than a 128 GB SSD plus an additional 1 TB drive? Plus, doesn't 2 HDs usually cause the need for a smaller battery?
Any advice appreciated!
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Noticed that power banks that could charge laptops cost a lot more
than power banks that have USB output ports only though they
are of the same mAH capacity.

Eg: it's common to get 30000mAH powerbanks for USB devices at USD35 or less:

but those that could charge laptops are usually above USD60 (can go up to USD300
even for Hyperjuice for Macbook Pro of 8000 mAH only).

Even if they are from the same brand of same capacity, eg: Vinsic, the price difference
is stark,  eg Vinsic Warrior 30000mAH for laptop is USD60-90 but Vinsic 30000mAH
powerbanks for USB devices is about half the price.

What's the reason?  Isn't same mAH means the chemicals used to store the
electricity of about the same?

I'm asking this because if it's feasible to make laptop powerbanks cheaper
commercially, I plan to market it locally.
This relatively new computer is an HP Pavilion x360 4GB of DDR3L SDRAM (1 DIMM).
Complete Specs:  https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04202035
According to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bvIsI4QGEQ, it will accept 16 GB of RAM.
It apparently only has 4GB according to system properties and is running very slow under a Windows 10 64bit OS.
By the looks of the video, we may want to to have a shop put in the memory, but would like to come prepared with memory in hand.
We would like to buy two 8GB chips to give us the entire 16GB that it will take.
Suggestions for good pricing on memory for this particular unit and all the important specifications that are relevant to this unit are greatly appreciated.
Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, running 64 bit Win 7 Pro, and there were no recent hardware or software changes.
When starting up, I'm getting the message 'Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. Yada, yada, yada...', then gives the option to start normally (which will bring me right back here), or Launch Startup Repair.
Launching startup repair just takes me to a black screen, like the one I’ve currently been staring  at for about an hour. Now when I say black screen, it's not black like its off, it’s lit, just never gets to any progress bar, etc.
I tried booting from a Win 7 DVD, which will give me the ‘windows is loading files…’ screen, then go to the ‘Starting Windows’ screen, then it will go to a blank (black) screen, with an oversized cursor (arrow) that will move with the trackpad or a mouse.
I have stared at that screen for close to an hour, as well.
I have also run the diagnostics & everything checks out fine.
What’s my next best move?
Hello Community MEMBERS…

Want to "SIGN - INTO" My Computer and B4 this happens to get a CODE/EMAIL/TEXT message to have to INPUT into My Mobile Phone (OR COMPUTER) and THEN to access the Notebook

Is there a (reasonable priced) Programmer Software Developer who could do this (is it possible lol) ???

Could He/She do it for "FREE" and B4 one gets access YOU see a 5 sec add OR could say for a weekly subscription to PaY x amount of £ for the Service

All help is SO MUCH VALUED and appreciated with your advice and opinion with My current enquiry

Best Always

Paul M
Hello Community Members

I have just joined today and VERY PLEASED I found your website/services

Here is a couple of questions I got to ask (for now anyway lol)

      1) My notebook is a Lenovo 330s 14LKB (x64Bit) with Windows 10 Home Edition

I want to add ALL (The 16 or so software tools) of Windows Administrative Tools to My desktop OR a folder somewhere

Done something and got Windows Defender and Event Viewer on the desktop as a shortcut somehow ???

      2) Would like (a lot) some Boolean (think) keywords so when surfing the net is more precise for example "Blue Shoes" ENCLOSED with double quotation marks should get me those results alone no !

How say would do Blue Shoes size 9 lol

3) An outside note is ALL courses FREE do we Pay for the TEST's ?

All help VALUED and so much APPRECIATED with my enquiry and I Thank ALL in advance for your time and advice

Best Always

Paul M
I have a Lenovo x230 laptop that I've been using for years. In the past week or so it has slowed down to an amount that is challenging my patience, no matter what the function from booting to browsing.  It seems to have to do with a recent update to windows, but I can't tell.  Task manager doesn't show excessive CPU use. I have kept up with all the Lenovo system updates and system is current.
Windows 10 pro build 17134, 64 bit
System Model 23252 VU
Core I7-3520M
16 Gig Ram
Samsung SSD 500 gb

What should I be looking for?

Laptops Notebooks





A laptop or notebook is a portable personal computer with a clamshell form factor, suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, there is often no longer any difference. Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia. A laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, speakers, a keyboard, and pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad) into a single unit. The device can be powered either from a rechargeable battery or by mains electricity from an AC adapter.