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Law is the system of rules and regulations established for a community, group, or country by a recognized legislative entity. The law is enforceable with penalties. Individuals who study law search for meanings and values within the legislation, must familiarize themselves with the practices of law, and fully understand institutions who deal with the law.

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I'd like to do a vid of some of my expectations for the Last Jedi Star Wars episode 8, and why it was a cluster-dunk and what I would have done.
I will do it in Anime, no pics of Daisy, Adam or John, just Hand Drawn Anime similarity. Macromedia Flash

Will Ryan Johnson and his Disney legal hydralisks track me down and redecorate my house with my intestines?
They sued a day care for having postings that looked similar to Tigger and Eyore for $1000,000 (Mike Meyers, Dr. Evil, ahem)
If I change Luke Skywalker to Matthew Herbertson and Ben Kenobi to Bill Genobili?
I read that a cartoon character can be copyrighted, and I'm certain that Disney has copyrighted a 25 year old girl wearing tattered cloth rags, with 3 hair circles on the back of her head - Rey.
Is there any way to do my own version of the story without being murdered, legally? I read that you can not copyright a story.

Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.


My latest blog is finished.
It is a musicians' upload blog, with a general theme/topic for discussion, and quarterly contests for a user-made topical video for five or some thousand dollars.

Is this a potential hornet's nest? lots of legal risk ? What are the hornets?

I am trying to duplicate a flyer without changing anything, but one of them, has no copy write statements on the inside page having all the credits.  Can this be replicated and distributed for FREE?

Another pamphlet has a copywrite statement, again can this be reproduced without any changes and distributed for free?

Another example has a copywrite statement like a period 2005=-2011.  Does this mean it can now be copied and distributed without changing anything, and distributed for free.  

Perhaps if the Experts know of a blog or Forum where this copy write is discussed I could surf it myself.  Thank u.
I have a service I'm developing where I'd like to implement a feature where users can notify others of events/etc via email.  Basically - the feature would be something along the lines of "paste your list of email recipients here" - and the service would generate a bulk-send to those specified addresses.

I'm a little wary of including such a feature though, because there's the potential for abuse with it.  In a sense, it would turn my service into a bulk-mail sender...which could carry some issues along with it I'd imagine (from a legal standpoint).

Do you think my caution with such a feature is justified - and if you've ever developed such a feature - how did you address those types of issues?

A company is doing legitimate security testing in Germany, which requires the use of 'hacking tools' (eg. Kali Linux, metasploit etc.) to conduct this work.

A quick online search suggests there are strict laws around the use of such tools (for any purpose) in Germany.

Does anyone know where one could find more details (or get approval) for the legitimate use of such tools in this country, to deliver information security engagements?
I guess this has to do with Hippa (or however you spell it)
I have a client that has several law firms residing in the same building. Currently they have their own internet connections/providers.
They'd like to consolidate to sharing a single ISP.
my question is, legally, in Texas, do I need to have them on separate subnets?
I'm thinking multiple static IP's on a Comcast gateway and routers installed for each firm (there are 4)
I also need to keep it simple since I'm not a Cisco certified engineer, or anything close to it. Usually I use business class netgear routers.

we have a helpdesk business in US.
our contractors uses makeup time to adjust their time.
some contractors come late without notice and work late and request make up time.
do we have a right to reject to do it?
is there a government law in usa which suggests only so many days of validity for signed letters? (for official application purposes)
I'm trying to get myself familiar with HIPAA laws as it applies to IT side of the organization. I'm going via multiple websites or use some tools that refer to some pieces of legal code such as 45 CFR 164.308 (A)1(i) or 164.312. (e) (1) and extra with explanations on what Government wants. Where do I find a full list of what is required for HIPAA with actual legal words that explain what they want. Reason that I would like to do that is because many websites or tools reference to some random portions of the code and I would like to go through the code myself and make sure I understand and I'm not missing anything that others left out. I spent hours over HHS.gov but can't find some simple list to work with.

Thank you
This is a legal question.  DLP solutions will collect data such as state, HIPAA, PCI, Bank routing numbers, etc.  I was told that one is REQUIRED to have the compliance model of anything you collect.  This seems wrong.  There is storage of data.  There is transmit of data within the DLP system, but it seems like just to monitor for possible data means you are bound by it - that it is better to put your head in the sand and not know about it.  It seems wrong to me to take this approach, but I have little legal background to argue this.  The amount of data (hopefully) would be very low.  Such instances are not used in transactions (hopefully).  It just sits in the DLP system.  Thoughts are appreciated.
Learn Ruby Fundamentals
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Learn Ruby Fundamentals

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Hello Experts,

this may be a dumb question; but...
How do developers initialize a cookie session and comply with EU cookie law at the same time?

if cookie declined, I am not sure how to manage sessions (via URL not an option, too insecure).

Thanks for your help...
Dear EE;

     In the S.F. Bay Area our principle transit system is the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit).

     I have discovered that the system has no lawful basis for imposing fares or for citing for fare evasion. In other words people can ride free.
     To teach the facts I have distributed to parked commuter’s cars business cards inviting people to contact me by email. When they do respond I email send them attached documents such as the one attached here.

     I am getting less than 1% response to my cards and no one to date has stood up to the BART. I worry that people fear I may be distributing maleware. Would a Facebook or Twitter presence mitigate such fears?

      Rather than direct prospects to contact me at my home email I would direct them to Facebook or Twitter.

      My next question would be a request to be walked through the procedures for setting up with Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you,
Julian Swig
We manage IT for several local businesses and are looking for industry specific security compliance regulations for both medical and Law organizations.  HIPAA provides some basic regulations in regards to IT, but we are interested in more specific regulations on the IT side of things that will help secure the network and possibly provide additional opportunities for the organization because they are complaint with the  "X" standard.   Can someone point me in the right direction?
I wanted to know what the California state law states as far as working any overtime?  Lastly, If given the option to take either 1 1/2 times my normal hourly pay or taking the time off, what would be the pros/cons to either situation?

I welcome your thoughts on the subject.

After three plus years online and spending a lot of money to buy our domain name, design and development we are facing pressure from the Canadian government to make drastic changes to our website which will enevitable completely devalue our company and likely force us to close.

For reference please visit this cached link of our website. Even this cached copy contains aspects we were asked to change!

We have already made substantial changes as per their request and our business is already suffering because of this. It also seems like the pressure is not stopping and they are purposefully trying to put us out of business.

Do we have any means to defend ourselves? I mean we have been online for over three years now and have not heard a word from the government until now.

Approximately 1.5 years ago the government launched a website which we believe is the primary reason we are receiving pressure now. Yet we have been online for at least three years.

Our terms have always stated we are not associated with the government. We provide professional immigration services, and a lot more to make sure we identify ourselves properly.

We are not cybersquatting we have built up our own professional immigration business.

List of Changes
Here's a situation:


Father is 65 with advanced Cerebral Palsy, seizure disorder, high blood pressure and prostate cancer.


Father has significant wealth: $575,000 home in Canada, $700,000 in gold kept in the US and $1.3 million in .stocks


Father's mother and brother live in California and are completely volatile towards any of Father's immediate family. Father's Brother is a doctor and is therefore highly respected in the community. Everybody believes everything Brother says. Mother is 85 yrs old and in better health now than she was at the age of 20. She has an undiagnosed mental illness and is a major source of the volatility. She sues everybody for any reason - including her daughter. Brother follows and does whatever Mother thinks, says and feels.

Mother and Brother are multi-millionaires.

Father's immediate family is made up of 3 daughters, all in their 30's. These girls are riddled with critical illnesses.

The Will:

Home to go in equal shares to 3 daughters.

The remainder of wealth is to go to Mother and Brother in equal shares.


Father goes to California to see Mother and Brother at Mother's request and by Mother's money. Mother and Brother convince Father that he should sell his home in Canada and put it up for sale for him. It is sold for $399,000  ($176,000 below assessed value). There is suddenly *nothing* available in the Will for the immediate family and the money from the …






Law is the system of rules and regulations established for a community, group, or country by a recognized legislative entity. The law is enforceable with penalties. Individuals who study law search for meanings and values within the legislation, must familiarize themselves with the practices of law, and fully understand institutions who deal with the law.

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