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Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a Microsoft .NET Framework component that adds native data querying capabilities to .NET languages, although po...

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Troubleshooting Solution

How to type cast in MVC 4?

This is the case I'm facing:

I do have 3 controllers as following: a) MetricController b) …
Troubleshooting Solution

I need to use TWO parameters in this LINQ query. How?


This works, but I need a second parameter:

ssql.GetSynergyTable().AsEnumerable().Select(p =>

Troubleshooting Solution

Use Linq based on a list


I have a linq clause like this

How would I get it working if I have a list of ShopCodes rather than …
Troubleshooting Solution

C# Linq to Get XML

If I have the below XML.  I want to do 2 things.

First get everything between <key></key> so I …
Troubleshooting Solution

Convert SQL with Joins, GroupBy and counts to Linq


I’m trying to write a Linq statement starting off with SQL with which I’m more familiar.  I’ve

Research Solution

I need to sum each Int in a list, using LINQ


I need to sum each Int in a list, using LINQ

The Row has 4-columns, the last of which is called

Troubleshooting Solution

I am having trouble with this simple LINQ query


I add a column to the table, set the column inside the function CullLotsForProduct(), and see the

Troubleshooting Solution

LINQ used for Searching database records.  - please help with join and refactoring for performance


Please assist with refactoring this LINQ method along with adding a join to it.

This method allow

Advice Solution

DataTable: I need a LINQ statement which returns as many rows as needed


I have a DataTable with an integer field, NUM_BOTTLES. I need to use Select(), or related call,

Troubleshooting Solution

I need to add OrderBy()


DataRow[] productRows = replenishmentReport.Select($@"WCODE='{wCode}'");

I know I can turn this into

Troubleshooting Solution

Help with modifying LINQ query

I need to filter this from the given table as its returning too many rows.   THis linq query is …
Troubleshooting Solution

LINQ - .net core 5.0 - Adding join and refactoring for complexity and performance


Please help to add a join to this LINQ statement along with any refactoring that would be writing

Troubleshooting Solution

I need LINQ to Sum a column


I have a failing line here, but I left it so you can understand what I am trying to do.


Troubleshooting Solution

C# Delete values from LIst<string> verifying against Enum

I am writing an app that will get a list of directories and files.  I am populating a List<string> …
Troubleshooting Solution

Linq Data Range


I need your help please!!!

 I want to say if the user enter in GroupTxt a range from 10 …
Troubleshooting Solution

SqlFunctions.DateAdd("yyyy", u.JoinedYear - 1900, 0)

Hi Experts!

Have this sql that tells me the years the user being a member:
Troubleshooting Solution

LINQ Query returning a null value for a System.Decimal type.

Because there is no data available to sum, this code is producing a null value and throwing an …
Troubleshooting Solution

Getting multiple columns using LINQ


I added a new employee to SQL table.
Add(3, "Issy", "Holm");
And I added this to the List.…
Advice Solution

I need to extract formatted data from List&lt;string&gt;()


I need to extract formatted data from List<string>()

I only need it to look like the following:

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I use a column from a SQL table as an identifier in a LINQ Query?

I have a SQL table with columns that contain either "Required" or "Not Required."  I want to build a…

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