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Linux Distributions

A Linux distribution is an operating system made as a software collection based on the Linux kernel and, often, on a package management system and ...

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Troubleshooting Solution

How do I connect my Linux Desktop to my Linux server

I want to map a drive from the server to the desktop.   How do I connect the two together?

How to try out Linux

1. Introduction
As many people are interested in Linux but not as many are …

A good watch if interested in examining Malware and Virus …

A good watch if interested in examining Malware and Virus Samples

If like me, you enjoy …

Analyse disk usage in any Gnome environment

Users are often faced with high disk consumption without really knowing where the largest amount of …

Build a Samba Server with Ubuntu

Creating a Samba server for a small office.

Ubuntu Linux and Samba can breathe new life into a …
Troubleshooting Solution

Create a multi-boot USB drive


I need to create bootable media that allows for me to select which ISO to boot from?

Advice Solution

How to get rid of Snap in Ubuntu?


Being new to Ubuntu (my version is 20.04), I got a couple of software programs installed using the

Troubleshooting Solution

insert comment in vi


How to comment (#) line  for multipal lines in vi

f.x from comment line 10 to 35 

Troubleshooting Solution

Ansible to install graylog


i try to install graylog via ansible. all part (install mogodb elastic... )is ok, but getting


Troubleshooting Solution

Limitation to SSH


The relevant Ubuntu 20.04 server is fine with running GUI interface.

When I use SSH to get into

Troubleshooting Solution

Issue of IP address



I do not know why Ubuntu server is not getting IPV4 address well. Using the same cable, one other

Advice Solution

How to upgrade/speed up MySQL on EC2 Server


We have a website running on AWS EC2 Ubuntu server m5.4xlarge. We have a mysql DB with some large

Troubleshooting Solution

certificate expired on linux server.


I have some debian server out of update (very old)

How to check expiration of server certificate?


Advice Solution

Advice on new file server


We are looking to replace an ancient and failing file server.  It is running Ubuntu Linux, and that

Troubleshooting Solution

Restoring an image to a new HD

I've got a customer who's getting a message telling me either hard drive has crashed or somehow …
Troubleshooting Solution

graylog and windows


I have graylog 4.X on ubuntu 20. 

I don't have problem to read any ubuntu, debian server log on

Troubleshooting Solution

logservers servers


hello xperts,

I have 700 Linux (ubunt/debian/fedora) servers

I have a log server for all 700 (all

Advice Solution

How to use free space on Ubuntu after removing an LV?


I installed Ubuntu and messed up partitioning, ending up with one of the LVs taking half of my

Troubleshooting Solution

debsecan using


is any experts working with debsecan on ubuntu or debian.

How to search on high security package.

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