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A Linux distribution is an operating system made as a software collection based on the Linux kernel and, often, on a package management system and ...

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Troubleshooting Solution

IP address cannot be changed


Hello, Below is ubuntu based eve-ng. We can see output of command ifconfig. On the interface pnet0,


How to try out Linux

1. Introduction
As many people are interested in Linux but not as many are …

A good watch if interested in examining Malware and Virus …

A good watch if interested in examining Malware and Virus Samples

If like me, you enjoy …
Troubleshooting Solution

Zimbra certbot LetsEncrypt - key verification failed, cannot deploy new SSL key

byAdam D

Zimbra Certbot LetsEncrypt

I have installed a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate on a separate server for a

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I connect my Linux Desktop to my Linux server

I want to map a drive from the server to the desktop.   How do I connect the two together?
Troubleshooting Solution

looking for dhcpd.conf sample file

byHabi Z

Hi experts, 

I am looking for a sample file for dhcpd.conf  from ubuntu server that is running as a

Troubleshooting Solution

disable apache default


Hej Expert,

I have a apache2 on ubuntu 20.04.

And install pgadmin4 on it (pgadmin install and create

Troubleshooting Solution

Trouble with Ubuntu VM in Azure after restore


Having issue trying to connect to access Ubuntu VM after restored from back up I see these errors


Analyse disk usage in any Gnome environment

Users are often faced with high disk consumption without really knowing where the largest amount of …
Troubleshooting Solution

gitlab yaml split stages


hi expert,
in gitlab i try to run som build stages, such as this build should running in all env.

Research Solution

Recommendation - Automated Linux Ubuntu Desktop Deployment Tool

A recommendation for an automated deployment tool, either commercial or open source (recent


Build a Samba Server with Ubuntu

Creating a Samba server for a small office.

Ubuntu Linux and Samba can breathe new life into a …
Troubleshooting Solution

Ubuntu using Squid as proxy - basic SSL traffic failing - Proxy tunneling failed

byAdam D

New Ubuntu box, install Squid, setup whitelist, test with:


> export

Troubleshooting Solution

Apache2 Adding virtual hosts not working


I have created a project in /var/www  called sayers.com

This is the path of sayers index.html:

In the

Troubleshooting Solution

How to make Tomcat9 run under user other than 'tomcat'?


I have Tomcat 9 installed on Ubuntu 20.4. It runs under the user "tomcat".  I want to run it under a

Troubleshooting Solution

MYSQL Database Import Operation Hangs or Freezes


I am trying to import a sql database to a new server, but whenever I attempt any import process, it

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I reactivate a wireless connection that I already had working on Ubuntu 12.04

I have been able to use ndiswrapper to activate a wireless connection.  I had it working.  When I …
Troubleshooting Solution

Dual boot windows 2000 Linux Redhat 8

After a week of searching and experimenting I'm not making this any better and I need some …
Troubleshooting Solution

no linux distribution works for my old pc

I've tried to install debian lenny,kubuntu 8,suse 10 giving to the kernel some special …

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