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Linux Networking

The variety of Linux distributions creates myriad issues relating to configuration and operations when computers are networked, not the least of wh...

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Linux Networking
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configure a firewall /dhcp server on debian linux


i just need some type of steps on how to setup my dhcp first to give an ip to my wireless …

How to add NTFS volume with NTFS-3G and use it for VSFTPD anonymous upload

I have seen several blogs and forum entries elsewhere state that because NTFS volumes do not support…
Troubleshooting Solution

How do I connect my Linux Desktop to my Linux server

I want to map a drive from the server to the desktop.   How do I connect the two together?
Troubleshooting Solution

apache not starting


Dear Experts:

hosted web applications on godaddy hosting where we used to manage all services through

Troubleshooting Solution

Microsoft exchange server VS Zimbra email and design


Dear Experts:

At present we have on-premise Microsoft exchange server 2016 with 800 email accounts,

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I reactivate a wireless connection that I already had working on Ubuntu 12.04

I have been able to use ndiswrapper to activate a wireless connection.  I had it working.  When I …
Troubleshooting Solution

Connecting VPN (Openvpn) Channel Between 2 Ubuntu Machines Using

Dear Experts:
I have (2) Ubuntu Machines connected to the internet with one (NW) card (eth1) , I …
Advice Solution

updates and patch management for linux systems


Dear Experts:

In the LAN network where windows and linux systems are behind the firewall and for

Troubleshooting Solution

linux  webserver stops working after Nydus Installed


Dear Experts:

We have hosted applications running on lamp stack on godaddy VPS , all of a sudden

Troubleshooting Solution

LAN setup -destination host unreachable

Try to connect two machines via ethernet
for file transfer purpose.
'Ifconfig' shows eth0 to be …
Troubleshooting Solution

how to take mysql backup on linux system for multiple databases


Dear Experts:

Have hosted around 25 applications on lamp stack on same server, each application is

Troubleshooting Solution

centos linux


I want ot learn and practive Linux commands on my windows 10 laptop. how to instal and set up…
Troubleshooting Solution

Why I can not outlook to connect to postfix mail server now?(Reject the tcp connection on port25) How to figure out the problem?

Hi, Experts,
Now I can not connect to my postfix mail server on port 25 now.
I catch the packet …
Troubleshooting Solution

Identify Linux loader

I have a special Linux HDD used in a satellite receiver with hard disk recording feature Panasonic …
Advice Solution

high cpu utilization linux server


Dear Experts:

We have hosted web application of LAMP stack  on linux server with 16GB Ram and 4 Cores

Advice Solution

apache server not able to start


Dear Experts

We have hosted web on godaddy VPS  on AlmaLinux release 8.8 (Sapphire Caracal) .

Troubleshooting Solution

CentOS issue opening port 8080

Can someone please help me understand why I am unable to get to port 8080 with my CentOS 6/ …
Troubleshooting Solution

Apache question

If i want to add a directory to my httpd directory containing index.html which would be restricted …
Troubleshooting Solution

Is it possible to set up a Test Linux server at home

I have a job interview next week that prefers some Linux experience.   Is it possible to set up a …

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