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Lotus Software produced the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program, and later developed Lotus Notes, a groupware and email system. Following its acquisiti...

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Groupware Consultant

HCL/IBM/Lotus Notes, Domino and XPages application developer and development consultant.

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Click this to win !

Hi Guys!

As usual, this is celebration time.  The 200th commenting person will get an "A" grade !…

How to make the Lotus Notes 8.x Standard client run faster.

For users on the Lotus Notes 8 Standard client, this article provides information on checking the …

Do you dabble in Lotus Notes?  Check out this new article by…

Do you dabble in Lotus Notes?  Check out this new article by one of our newest members.  Don't
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Lotusscript agent not running correctly after Windows Server upgrade.


I'm having a strange issue with a Lotusscript agent post Windows upgrade.  I upgraded a production

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HCL Domino Server Service won't start


Yesterday my Domino Server suddenly stopped and nothing I've been able to do will restart it.  When

Michelle Phillips

Lotus Notes error: "The Remote Server is not a valid TCP/IP Host"

Sometimes clients can lose connectivity with the Lotus Notes Domino Server, but there's not always an obvious answer as to why it happens. Read this article to follow one of the first experiences I had with Lotus Notes on a client's machine, my now good bipolar friendly software.
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Yet another Jackpot . . . . .

Hi Guys!

Register yourself by hitting the "Submit" button so that you dont miss when the actual …

Multiple Ways to Learn How To Archive Lotus Notes Mails

Lack of Storage capacity is a common problem that exists in every field of life. Here we are taking the case of Lotus Notes Emails, as we all know that we are totally depend on e-communication i.e. Emails. This article is fully dedicated to resolving the problem of shortage of storage space.
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@Replace / @ReplaceSubstring

Hi Experts !

This is what I need.  And I need this using @Functions as this goes in a view column…
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"Ideas" converted to Tips & Tricks.....

Hey guys!

I want to make my 100k reach a big one.  Any ideas on how I could do it ?

I need …

Notes 8.x Archiving

Notes 8.5 Archiving Steps and Tips
This article covers setting up a Notes archive, and helps understand some of the menu choices making setting up and maintaining a Notes archive file easier.
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You know why . . .

Hi All,

150th Comment receives 150*4

You know the reason....

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Refresing a field

i wanted to refresh the value of a field whenever some execution is done. but whenever it is …
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Paging Agent Mulder

Hello special agent Mulder, can you hear me?  Where have you been?

Simple Approach to Encrypt Lotus Notes Email

IBM Notes offer Encryption feature using which the user can secure its NSF emails or entire database easily. In this section we will discuss about the process to Encrypt Incoming and Outgoing Mails in depth.

How to Create Lotus Notes NDL File?

Notes Document Link used by IBM Notes is a link file which aids in the sharing of links to documents in email and webpages. The posts describe the importance and steps to create a Lotus Notes NDL file in brief.
Repairing IBM Notes

Repairing an IBM Notes 9x corrupted \Notes\Data folder

This article shows how to repair a Notes 9.x installation. If you just need to copy the Notes config from one computer to another, then just copy the Notes\Data folder over which usually works most of the time.
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100th Response - The easiest of all !!!!

Hi Friends,

Just now reached a landmark of answering 100 questions in Lotus notes topic area.  
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Points for BobbieO !!!

For the nice chatroom you have given us!

PS: This is a give and take deal with you buddy!  …
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For Arun, Lisa, Sno & I....

Ok guys, here is a new thread for u...Chat as u like...

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