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Lotus Software produced the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program, and later developed Lotus Notes, a groupware and email system. Following its acquisition by IBM, the Notes and Domino client/server collaborative platform were expanded to include functions such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contacts management, teamrooms, discussion forums, file sharing, microblogging, instant messaging, blogs, and user directories. IBM also release SmartSuite, a comprehensive office suite, and followed that with Symphony, unrelated to the Lotus suite of the same name.

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I am printing view using lotusScript and HTML on web, I have set 100% table width.

HTMLPrint= HTMLPrint+ ""+tableStarter+"" + "<TABLE BORDER=""0"" CELLSPACING=""0"" CELLPADDING=""0"" WIDTH=""100%"" >"
                  HTMLNewArticle =HTMLNewArticle +   "<TABLE class = ""blueTable"" BORDER=""0"">"
Now for one of the TD on web takes too much width even thought it is data field.

After this I have set <th widht =""10"">datereview</th>
and while printing data i set <td width=""10"">doc.datefield(0)</td>
but while previewing on web it takes too much width while other who suppose to get proper width are getting smaller and wrapping in another line.
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I'm new to IBM/Lotus Notes.  A user in our office recently reformatted her computer.  How can she recover her Notes account and login info on her computer?  I believe there was some file with a name like {username}.id on her old computer, which is now gone.  How can we re-generate that file from the Lotus Domino Administration client or the corresponding Exchange connector?

Also, we recently rolled over our existing Notes e-mail to Office 365.  Now, the user cannot see any old e-mail on the "{username.nsf" icon in the left column (accounts) of Outlook.  How do I recover this .nsf?  Will the user get back all of her old e-mail in Notes on her computer?

Thank you in advance for your comments.  We really need help.

I would like to to DO CRUD operation using Lotus Domino REST SERVICE ( Notes 9, not using xpages ), any body has idea on this ?


I would like to open a URL from lotusnotes client, the agent runs the report and saves in notes client. I want to open same document using LotusScript or may be using formula within Lotusscrpt, below is the document code.

If  NewReportDoc.Save(1,0) Then
            ' Here I am saving document of report and I want to open it for user on web.

  'do nothing.

end if

I am doing export to Richtext item report using lotusscript and I am getting below error message:

Error Illegal column width - check Left and Right margins has occurred in agent Agent) at line number 56

The cols = 12
Rows = 43 I don't know why this happens

Can anyone please help or is there any alternative to this ?

Hello I would like to import lotus notes categorized view to rich text field using lotus script, the view has below kind of structure

    --> jon 60%
   --> Maya 65
  ---> Deji
     --> Rynci 53%

Now I want using lotusscript I want to create a rich text report with richtexttable, please note that the categorized are unknow I want all categories to be exported, above is just an example.

The end report would be of category wise.

I would like to login user using facebook and google on lotus Domino web site, also this would store on google chrome for sometime.

Please assist.
Hello I am developing Lotus Domino web application.
Basically, this would be online purchase system, where in there would be left side menu and center menu and checkout box.

Now what I need is My Domino Agent would be bring the menu from view like Furniture, Marbles in json format.
I would like to parse this json using Jquery and need to display menu in left side navigator using HTML.

Can anyone please help me this? I am using Lotus Notes 9.0.1
Listed in "All Calendar Entries" under "Grouped Entries" event was created in 2011, recurring every second Monday ad infinitum. Once accepted, unable to delete!
First Error message, upon attempting to delete from Grouped Entries:  "You must select an instance document to perform these actions."
Upon opening event, "Repeating Entries" box pops up ("This document cannot be modified. It contains the original information for a repeating meeting from when the meeting was first created.  If you wish to apply changes, select a specific occurrence of the meeting.)
Clicking OK, then opening "Repeats" to "View Dates" reveals a list of dates which are not selectable from list (this event does not appear on any of them, I've looked up many), and
Attempting to delete from that opened view changes the view back to the "All Calendar Entries" list.

The person who created the entry stopped having the meeting several months after this went out, and later left the company...
Hello there,

I am looking for a solution to get a more useful overview of room bookings in Lotus Notes.

I think the Embedded Scheduler Control provides a good start, but what the out-of-the box solution is missing is information of the Person who reserved the booking and the title of the meeting.

Would appreciate any feedback on if / how this can be done.

I am looking for providing a concise overview of all meeting rooms + the info of who booked for what reason on per room level.

I attach a screenshot to somehow show what I am looking for.

Thanks a lot !
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Dear all,

Would appreciate some solutions. I have 2 issues:

We have a group email ID to send request for guest feedback. Email is sent to individual email one at a time. Not mass mailing. If a guest replies to the email, 5 people from management team will receive in their personal inbox to action the issue.

Question 1: Recently, some members of the groups did not receive the guest reply that was replied to the group in their personal inbox. Only when we open the group email, we are able to see the reply.

Question 2 : Previously, we did not receive Delivery Failure and Out-of-Office mails. Now we are. And we do not want to receive Delivery Failure and Out-of-Office mails in personal inbox. We only want this to reflect in the group email inbox.

Anyone can advise how to change the settings?

Thank you.

My view name  is  - "year 2011 documents"
 Field name  which contains attachment - "Swaf_attachments"

Please help me with a query so I can extract all the PDF into separate folder
Please help it's urgent I have tried with many code available on internet but no success.
Folders that have unread messages are put in bold and also show the number of unread messages.  Is there a way when a nested folder is collapsed that it shows the total combined number of unread messages in that folder any other nested sub-folder?
Hello Team,

I have a question and need help and guidance.

We have 100 Domino servers with most of the database and applications in each servers.
I would like to know what are the pre requisites and steps should be taken before the servers are retired and as a Domino admin what are the steps to be taken?
Just recently I tried to open Lotus Notes database "Central Asset Tracking Syst Library"  and got the following message:
"A replica of this database cannot be found on the specified server; please try a different server". This database has been located on the Server: D06DBL074/06/A/IBM, Filename: e_dir\e0024574.nsf. This database is fundamental for the Development and Support of the IBM application CATS (WW Central Asset Tracking System). Please, advise us is it possible to retrieve this database and/or give us the name of appropriate contact person who could help us to resolve this problem.
I have to write a code that integrates visual C# with an active lotus notes server and searches for attachments in the inbox given a specific string in the subject line, these attachments need to be stored in a specific server location.

I am new to C# hence would appreciate any help from anybody who has done something similar
I have a user who want to open his attachments fie  within Lotus Domino Webexplorer.
However he get's the following message.
Any idea?
Tks :)
We have a phone system that will email a .wav voicemail message to a client if they are not near their phone to pick it up.  However, some of our clients only receive the attachment thumbnail & name: (xxxx.wav) and not the actual .wav file.

When they click the attachment icon to 'Open' the file or save it, they get this error msg:  Invalid form ($Body is not rich text).

Our agency has over 100 IBM (Lotus) Notes users (Some vs. 8.5.2 & some 9.0.1 PF7) this happens to just a couple of these users, not all.

Get the same msg. when an administrator opens their mail file & attachment in 'Administrator'.  So somehow Notes is stripping the .wav file before it gets to the client mailbox.  I would attempt to attach the .wav file here but there is nothing there to attach, just the thumbnail place holder.

Tried completely uninstalling IBM Notes client (along with all local file folders etc.) and reinstalling with Vs. 9.0.1 FP7.  -- Same issue.

Can anyone help with a solution?
Hi all

I wonder if you all can help we have a user that has calendar entries disappearing from lotos notes indiscriminately I'm new to notes & the troubleshooting aspects of it.

Thank you all.
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I have a requirement where I need to search a particular email in lotus notes through .NET code. Post to this, I would be sending text message if in case search finds the email.
Currently I am working on the first part where I am facing problem to connect with lotus notes through .net code. I am using below code -

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;

public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Domino.NotesSession session = new Domino.NotesSession();
            Domino.NotesDatabase NotesDb = session.GetDatabase(session.ServerName, @"C:\notes\data\as_Sneha.nsf", false); //Open Notes Database
            //Domino.NotesView mailView = null;
           // mailView = NotesDb.GetView("($Inbox)");
            Domino.NotesDateTime _dateTime = session.CreateDateTime(DateTime.Now.ToString());

            // Domino.NotesDateTime _dateTime = session.CreateDateTime(String.Empty);
            Domino.NotesDocumentCollection collection = null;
            collection = NotesDb.Search("@Contains(Subject;'IBM')", _dateTime, 5000000);
           // collection.ReplaceItemValue("CALENDARDATETIME", _datetime.LSLocalTime); //maybe GetLSLocalTime...

            _lblNo.Text = "Total Number of Bounced Email(s)…
Dear all experts,

I need your advice in this case for Lotus Note Email Migration. In our company, we have many type of email address initial. I want to make the standardlize for whole company hence i need to change all the email address to match the standard. However i get the difficulities, each employee has only one employee number, 01 AD account, 01 Mailbox. If we want to change the email, we need to create one more employee number, it is very hard for HR to manage the employee number.

Hereby i would like to ask the possibility to add the mutiple email address for 01 account like primary and secondary? Or can we just rename email account?

Thanks and hope to receive your response soon.

1. Pass all the doc.UNID to java to convert all docs to PDF file
2. Then after converting it to a PDF File it will put all the pdf files into a zip file
3. Then it will give it to Notes
4. Notes need to decompress the file then save it to a folder programmatically
5. Print each file programmatically

How can I do 4 & 5? or at least no.5?
The drop down list does not function apart from the repeating panel option.

I am using lotus nots 8.5 and i want to assign a command key for my mail to be move to specific folder name DONE when i edited the subject line of mail and add **Done**

Is it possible, please help me

Lotus Notes Resources - When booking a repeat meeting for a room and users the Invitee Status says No Response for all the Invitees and the Room even though the room is free and the Invitees have responded, The only user that shows as Accepted is the person who created the meeting.

Any ideas on this please

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Lotus Software produced the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program, and later developed Lotus Notes, a groupware and email system. Following its acquisition by IBM, the Notes and Domino client/server collaborative platform were expanded to include functions such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contacts management, teamrooms, discussion forums, file sharing, microblogging, instant messaging, blogs, and user directories. IBM also release SmartSuite, a comprehensive office suite, and followed that with Symphony, unrelated to the Lotus suite of the same name.

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