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Lotus Software produced the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program, and later developed Lotus Notes, a groupware and email system. Following its acquisition by IBM, the Notes and Domino client/server collaborative platform were expanded to include functions such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contacts management, teamrooms, discussion forums, file sharing, microblogging, instant messaging, blogs, and user directories. IBM also release SmartSuite, a comprehensive office suite, and followed that with Symphony, unrelated to the Lotus suite of the same name.

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We have a problem with some users sending emails to an external email address and CC'ing an internal group (AddDev). The external user receives the email with the CC containing "AppDev"  I know an internet address will replace the "AppDev" if the group document contains an internet address (appdev@domain.com). In this case "AppDev" does not contain an internet address.

I know, if the user remembers, can click on "More - Expand Public Groups" will replace "AppDev" in the CC with the user names within that group.

Is there a way to eliminate the user having to click "More - Expand Public Groups" and have the server automatically do it if the is being externally sent?
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We are trying to create two generic ID files in Domino admin for registering person docs (Registering New users) and re-certify user certificates which are expired. Current issue is we when we create a new person document with ID file and grant access to Admin server and try creating a new lotus domino account, we are unable to view list of certifiers to select.

When we try to modify recovery authorities but it fails and does not resolve the current issue, When we try to Modify certifiers and try to remove administrators its giving an error  “Cannot locate user certificate. Make sure server contains your certificate for encryption”. I also tried copying the person document of that administrator back into their directory and followed the same steps which did not help me.

Can any one help me at the earliest as its very important to us?2019-03-28-09_35_36-2019-02-10-10_46.png
I am using IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP7 (Social Edition)

How can I search for all the mails in the inbox that have an attachment ?

  • Hide all emails without an attachment
  • Sort the inbox so the emails with attachments are all at the top (Ideally sorted by date)

I am not:
  • Looking for a specific filename for the attachment
  • Meaning to search for specific text within any attachments
  • Looking for a solution where I have to use the 'Notes Designer' to create custom functionality - just in-built functionality
IBM Domino Web Application: What is the best way to do a @DbLookup in a Domino Web App without refreshing the page?
in I Domino directory, I am able to add columns like internet address, mail filename, forwarding addresse etc..

now, I would like to add other 2 columns like mail file size and member of(that displays what are the groups a user is member of)

can some one suggestion on this PL..
Greetings EE'ers,

For anyone that has ever performed this migration:

1) How long does it take for about 75 users?

2) Are there any good tools or tutorials that could be used for this?

Hello Experts,
I would like to get help in my error message below while doing the New Copy option in our Lotus Notes 9.0.1Social Edition user laptop. I've already check the ACL and I have the correct access rights.

Thank you so much in advance!
can some one provide instructions on how to configure portmapping in partitioned server with single IP and single NIC
I tried to do it, but not sure of the reason, it fails.
for Example, I have 3 partitions

I installed DOMMAIL01 first and registered another 2 servers on it.
I wold like to have DOMMAIL02 as the port mapping server.
and DOMMAIL03 for other services in my apps and other services.

I followed the document, but can not get it working.

 can any one guide me on this.
Easiest way to use Outlook 2013 with Domino server.

I have two PCs, one Windows 7, one Windows 10, which have Office 2013 installed and need to use this mail client to connect to their mail files on the IBM Domino server. I've been attempting to use the Damo connector to no avail as on Windows 10 it throws an error claiming there is no mail client set as the default program, despite Outlook 2013 explicitly being set as the default mail client. On Windows 7 it's had half a dozen random catastrophic errors resulting in inability to read IBM ID files, profiles having blank information despite an initial successful login and other strange behavior resulting in failures.

Is there some better way to connect Outlook 2013 to their mail files on the domino server?
Hello All,

We are having issue while fetching values related to dropdown.
Example: We have first Country dropdown and based on that we need to fetch value for State dropdown. But State values are not getting fetched.

So we have code 'OnChange ' property of Country dropdown.

we have a java script mentioned on form where we are defining variable say
V3 = 'computedtext' here computed text holds lotus notes formula of 'dbcolumn' which fetches value of country
V4 = 'computed text' here computed text holds lotus notes formula of dbcolumn which fetches value of states

But while loading form in web browser.. it is throwing error V3 is not defined.. where as V3 is already defined on the form.

Please suggest
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Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals

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I have problem with SSL Certificate. I would like to have domain with https (https://mydomain.com), but I don't know how to do it. I bought and download SSL Certificate (SHA-2, CSR,CA) from my hosting that I took my domain. I used Server Certificate Admin (certsrv.nsf) and i get dialog box "The certificate has been merged into your key ring. You are now ready to enable SSL on server...". I go to server document Ports->Internet Ports change to enable "Accept SSL site Certificate", but no results. Maybe the problem is with path to keyfile (My path on server "D:/Domino/Data/keyfile.kyr").
Hi, i'm doing button with JS in Client Lotus Form that making some changes. After that, i want to refresh hide formulas to hide some fields, like  uidoc.refreshhideformulas in LotusScript. But i cannot find a method or function or something to do this job, any thoughts?
For example my code, it needs only onw string to be complete.

e = window.document.forms[0].elements
var  count = String(e.elements["countrow"].value)
for (j = 1, t=j+1 ; j < 49; j++,t++) {
e.elements[ "textlink"+j].value = e.elements[ "textlink"+t].value
e.elements[ "pwname"+j].value = e.elements[ "pwname"+t].value
e.elements[ "idn"+j].value = e.elements[ "idn"+t].value
e.elements[ "countrow"].value = count-1
It is possible to use modern outline with js or css in IBM Notes application? Or how can I use same outline as in mailbox?

I am working on Lotus Notes 9, I have few records in lotus notes database with attachment into documents.

Now I would like to move this document records to SQL server with all text and number fields and etc. I was wondering if somebody can help me on Attachments, How can I attach attachment to SQL server BLOB fields type.

I know using ODBC connection some stuff can be achieved but not sure how, if somebody has performed similar exercise, any help would be highly appreciated.

I have a rich text field which is having content like Images and sections and some other content like paragraphs which is being called to mail body to send mail when clicking on the button.

Is it possible to convert rich text body field to text field to call it email body field?

is there anyone can help me on this.

actually, we do have a third party tool which helps to convert emails from notes to outlook. when email body is having rich text content it will stop email in notes side and compose a new email in outlook and it sends to the user.

Could I use  Inotes 9.0 sametime integration without sametime proxy server !!
Hello All,

Could someone help me to create macros to send mail from Lotus Notes.

I do not have any specific code that I am using now. I had tried to use few templates from internet.

I am looking for attaching excel file that I am working with and also a range of data from the same file should be on the body of the mail.

Thank you
Lotus Notes Id Recertification

Hello In Lotus Notes 8.5.3 , I have one user whose id was expired, so I went to lotus notes admin client, people--> selected user and recertify it and recertified with CA process,  now my question is that do I need to send lotus notes id from server data folder to user so they can get new id and work on that ? ( In lotus notes server computer, data folder , I believe all notes id is stored there )

or is there any way wherein I can ask for user for their old notes id and can recertify it ?
How to stop website in domino?
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Announcing the Winners!

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It is possible to open vba from Lotus notes? For example I click buton on in notes and it will open vba with parametr (value from field). Then vba open SAP
IBM Notes/Lotus Notes. and automatic archiving. Whan automatic archiving is used, can you select to which archive it archives? Meaning my IBM notes archives now automatically to archive2017? I haven't even created that kind of archive myself and it is now year 2018.... So where this is defined?
i have found the following LotusScript Code wich exports LotusNotesView to .csv datasheet. The code works fine.

The problem is that when i start the Agent i need to be manualy on the folder that i want to export and it dosent work with the inbox.
How can i change the script that it export the folders that i need ? I need two of them: Inbox, and a Folder called "Workflow".

Sub Initialize
	Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
	Dim uiview As NotesUIView
	Dim view As NotesView
	' use the workspace to get the current view
	Set uiview = ws.CurrentView
	Set view = uiview.View     
	Dim filenames As Variant
	'Dim cn As Variant	
	' Get filename from user using the current ViewName as the default file name
	filenames = ws.SaveFileDialog( _
	False,"File name",, "c:\", uiview.ViewName & ".csv")
	If Not(IsEmpty(filenames)) Then
		Call ViewCSVPrint (view, filenames(0) )
	End If
End Sub

Sub  ViewCSVPrint (view As NotesView, FileName As String )
	Dim fileNum As Integer 
	Dim entry As NotesViewEntry	
	Dim vc As NotesViewEntryCollection
	Dim rowstring As String	
	Dim cns As String
	fileNum% = FreeFile()
	Open filename For Output As fileNum%
	' use the view column titles as the CSV headers
	ForAll c In view.Columns
		If cns = "" Then	
			cns = c.title
			cns = cns + +","  + c.title 		
		End If
	End ForAll		
	Print #fileNum%, cns
	' now get and print the values for each row and column
	Set vc = view.AllEntries
	Set entry = vc.GetFirstEntry()

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IBM Notes 9.0.1 (64-bit) on MAC OSX is Not Responsive After Installing Java 8 Update 152 or Later Versions
I have problem which is "solved" here:
but is any other option without instaling old Java (that solution is crazy)
User is unable to send report email from lotus notes application. We are sure that issue is with userid or with some setting with her id file. As for rest of the users are able to email the report from application.  Error specifically occurs at line "Call newdoc.send(False) " .  We have already checked following :
1- notes person document - email is correctly mentioned.
2- replication
3- server connection document.
Do you know any software that works similar to PYTHEAS mail gateway?

or can you suggest any thing that works similar to it?


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Lotus Software produced the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program, and later developed Lotus Notes, a groupware and email system. Following its acquisition by IBM, the Notes and Domino client/server collaborative platform were expanded to include functions such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contacts management, teamrooms, discussion forums, file sharing, microblogging, instant messaging, blogs, and user directories. IBM also release SmartSuite, a comprehensive office suite, and followed that with Symphony, unrelated to the Lotus suite of the same name.

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