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Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.

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I am using Quick Time player to Trim an audio but it doesnt show me timing info.
Previously it used to show it. How do i trim it using QuickTime. Is there any alternative software for the same.
I am using Mac High sierra.

If you see in the image above only the yellow bars are there but i want to trim it from time 1:08 to 1:15 which doesnt seem possible

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I have an Excel macro that uses ActiveX but it doesn't work on my Mac since ActiveX is not supported (get a 429 error). It does work on my PC but I've transitioned over to a MacBook Pro.

Can the following code be converted so that the Excel macro work on my Mac?

Sub GetEmailList()
Dim lr As Long
Dim x, y
Dim dict1 As Object, dict2 As Object
lr = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
x = Range("A2:A" & lr).Value
lr = Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Row
y = Range("B2:B" & lr).Value

Set dict1 = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
Set dict2 = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

lr = Cells(Rows.Count, 3).End(xlUp).Row
If lr > 1 Then Range("C2:C" & lr).Clear
With dict1
   For i = 1 To UBound(y, 1)
      .Item(y(i, 1)) = ""
   Next i
End With

With dict1
   For i = 1 To UBound(x, 1)
      If Not .exists(x(i, 1)) Then
         dict2.Item(x(i, 1)) = ""
      End If
   Next i
End With
Range("C2").Resize(dict2.Count).Value = Application.Transpose(dict2.keys)

End Sub

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Any ideas experts?
I am using Outlook on a Mac OSX and my email mailbox size has grown to 47GB.  I have increased my mailbox online to accommodate a mailbox larger than 50GB+, but I was curious if I was going to run into mailbox size restrictions in Outlook similar to a Windows machine.  If so, is there a way to increase this max mailbox size?

We have Outlook for Mac 16.23 with the latest update/patches on Mojave.

Is there any way to set by default (so the user does not have to take action on their own) a delivery and/or read receipt every time?
I have a MACBook Pro latest OS. I have been working making screenshots for a manual using Snagit. A screen capture tool. If I try to resize the image I am working with. The second I LEFT MOUSE CLICK on the RESIZE box and try to resize with the mouse. It switches screens to the Apple Desktop...? What is happening? I went to System Pref and searched Google. The search turned up this.

"How do I stop my Mac from switching screens?
Click Apple menu from top left of your screen > Select System Preferences > in Personal Tab select Expose & Spaces > Deselect the check box that says Enable Spaces."

Only one problem I see no "Personal Tab" or "Expose Spaces" anywhere in System Preferences?

Any thoughts. I am about to throw my laptop across the room.
How can I make folders stay at the top of the list when viewing a list of files in the Finder application on a Mac Book?
Two Questions here:

Since Google Drive will be discontinued starting tomorrow found here:

I have upgraded most of my clients to Drive Stream...

Q1)  Will I need to upgrade the App on Cell Phones and How??

Q2) I have a user with a Mac Version Yosemite  10.10.5 and the drive stream for mac will not install at all even when I go into security and allow it
       Picture of Error is attached.

Please Assist.

On a MAC - How to enable and disable screen sharing or remote management remotely from the command line.
What is the best way, to remotely access a MAC, from a Windows 10 operating system.
I am looking for a very low cost one time software, or freeware to do this.
In an internal Windows network setting.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
I have a Mac Book Pro and am creating shortcodes to open applications. I did one for Excel but I want a certain xls file to alway open when I use my shortcode to open Excel. Any ideas experts?
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What is the best email client for MAC - which can integrate with Microsoft Outlook Calendaring?
(Not looking for Outlook 2016 but an alternative)
User's USB external drive does not automatically mount when connected to a MacBook Pro
When I run Disk Utility, I am able to get the drive to mount after I run disk repair, and then automatically mount.
Disk Utility shows that the drive is in the unmounted state after being connected to the MacBook Pro

What could be preventing the mounting?
Is a Mac OS upgrade required?
Is the drive damaged?
Are the Mac's USB ports a problem?

User has a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.11.6
MacBook Pro Retina 2.2GHz Intel i7  - Mid 2014

Backup drive is Seagate Ultra Slim PL Media
1 TB, USB connection
Partition Map is Master Boot Record

Time Machine accepted this MBR drive as a backup drive
Would MBR partition keep the drive from being mounted?
Attempting to create iCloud account for Mac mini [Late 2012] upgraded from High Sierra. To Mojave, I am comfronted with the below message. I have no idea what password is required. I have only password associated with "(name)" - is there a work-around for this?  When/Where would I have created/used this password?

Enter the password you use to unlock “(name)” which is not the password for this Mac mini. --- ??

Enter the password you use to unlock the Mac mini “(name)”. Your password is encrypted and cannot be read by apple - worked OK

Probably a typèical newbie question but an admittedly short google search did not yield an obvious answer.

I just installed mySQL 8.0.15 server on my Mac (from 8.0.13) and clearly did not do it correctly as I have just the basic schema available but not the one I am working with...

In usr/local I see two folders:

mysql-8.0.13-macos10.14-x86_64 <- with a subfolder containing my schema
mysql-8.0.15-macos10.14-x86_64 <- only with basic internal schema

What's my best best to "reattach" the schema to my new 8.0.15 instance ?
I've got someone wanting to run Windows on their Mac, for running some Windows based software.
I do this, but went the Boot Camp route. I was kind of surprised that in an Apple store, they recommended Parallels to her.
Having no experience with Parallels, can anyone offer any pros or cons to either?

Does anyone have any idea what Node is? I keep getting this random pop up every now and again. Please see screenshot attached.

I have a user running Windows 10 and Office 365.  He has a habit of opening a Word document (or documents), leaving them open, locking his computer, and then going home to work remotely.  Once he is at home, he RDPs in from his MacBook to his work computer.  Once this connection is established, he attempts to open the Word documents but the font and formatting of the document is so distorted, that he cannot work on the document.  When he comes back in the next day, the font is still unusable.  I have told him to log off the computer and then log in from his MacBook and that seems to fix the problem but he seems to forget everytime.  Is there something I can do on his Work PC that will compensate for this?
On a MAC if you have an alias on the desktop which points to a local server,
when you double click on that alias you need to keep entering the credentials based on DOMAIN\user and password.
And even if you check the box to remember the password in the keychain, it keeps popping every time you reboot and try to access the folder on the local server.
How can I resolve this?
Thank you.
I need to join a MAC to local network, so that it can see the shares from the servers, which are also local.
Also, I need to see the content of the MAC's desktop from a regular Windows computer so that we can backup the data remotely.
What is the best way to do this?

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Serious macOS mojave login failure - cannot reset login password.

Recent installation of macOS mojave now returns password error  when using current login credentials.

Attempts to ‘Reset Password’ fail as entered ‘random’ characters not accepted by “If you forgot your…reset using Apple ID.

i.e. I cannot reset password since no password accepted to access …reset your account password…

mojave accepts my Apple ID login,  but cannot go further as no passwords accepted for Reset
I have an apple macbook that would not update, so we decided to wipe the drive and re-install.  However, when we attempted to do the restore we kept getting an error saying that "This item is not available at this time.  Try again later."  
After a couple of days of this, I ordered an installation flash drive and attempted to install from that. I sees the flash drive but when I click to install from that it comes up with a circle with a line through it .  We did get into the utility and formated a new ssd drive but still cannot get any where with the machine.  Any help would be appreciated
Serious iCloud login problem from macOS HighSierra to iCloud

Attempt to login to iCloud from macOS HighSierra [10.13.6] with newly created Mac Mini password results in login locked out after 3 attempts to enter newly created password. This password was newly created to satisfy password requirement for iCloud login and works for cold start login. There was no previous password.

How to I [re]create iCloud login?
Hi! We have an office with an on-premise Exchange 2016 server and users are on Outlook 2013. We have an issue where one person we send emails to externally is receiving our attachments as .dat files when we send them Office files (Word/Excel). I tried having them send the mails in plain text, but that didn't change anything. What they can do is reply back to emails they receive from this user with their attachments and they are fine. The outside user is on a webmail email interface with Verizon on a Mac computer (i.e. just using their web browser to manage email use, so no Outlook client). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we can try?
Hello Guys,

I need to build a simple ERP for my startup, which is about buying services.

Its input data will be taken from company's administration pages, i.e orders, customers, service etc.

So, 2 main issues:

a) How I can parse all those data from a protected (w/ password) page
b) Which drag n drop tool (like Filemaker) I should use, given I am not a professional programmer?

If this helps,  I am a Mac user.

Thank you

Hi Expert,

I would like to check if Mac mini 2018 is suitable for gaming? I already have a powerhouse windows desktop but I need another.

With the spec of the below

Mac mini 2018
3.2GHz 6‑core 8th‑generation Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz)
Intel UHD Graphics 630

Appreciate if any expert can advise me on.


Mac OS X





Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.