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Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.

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I recently replaced Mac mini late 2014 with Mac mini 2018. After some time on a learning curve, I started to import user data from 2014 to 2018 Using Migration Assistant. My goal was to import Apps/Data without duplicating Apps/Data on 2018.

Mac mini 2014 HD is 797.48 available of 1TB, Mac  -  mini 2018 HD is currently 2i3.01 GB available of 250.69 GB.

As I could eliminate some of the data & Apps before Migration (as most Apps are already on 2018 or apparently available at n/c with same Apple ID).

How do I work this job to realize minimum GB migration? Ie. import data only to apps?
Is drive encryption possible on a mac?  If so, what do I need to do to set it  up.  If its not available, do I need a third party software in order to accomplish it and do you have any recommendations?

We have an issue with one of our mac cylinder.  It is stuck at the  progress bar with the apple logo, it doesnt go further.  Have tried the following with no luck

1. going to safe mode
2. resetting the PRAM
3. reinstalling the operating system without formatting

Appreciate your advise
MacOS Disk Eject Hanging

I did not pull out my hard disk after an overnight backup with Time Machine. But this window popped up and shows the spinning wheel when I cursor over Cancel and Force Eject...

I tried relaunching Finder and can not Restart MacOS, since this hangs.

I hate doing a hard restart of my MacBook.

What are my options?

I have an old Mac running Quark version 6. The MAC is slowly heading to the grave yard. Some times you have to wait several days before you can boot to a desktop - YEP, it's failing. Unfortunately the company relies on Quark 6 to create business cover pages, and we don't have the original software.

So, I went to Quark and downloaded version QuarkXPress 2018 on a Windows Pro 7. Yep, I'm about to be hit with all types of compatibility, file format night mares. The first problem I got past related to version. I downloaded/executed QuarkXPress Document converter tool. I was successful in bringing old files up to date, yet I received the following error:

Please note that any web or interactive layouts will be removed during conversion!

These layout types are no longer supported in QuarkXPress 10 and later. “New C-4908_9X.qxp” uses fonts not installed in your system.

      Helvetica 95 Black
      Helvetica Extra Compressed
      Future Book
      B Eurostile Bold
      Futura Condensed

I  was able to open up the files from the MAC PC via Quark. Unfortunately, the format/font was not correct. I need to be able to recreate the same cover pages as I have done in the past. Is there anyway of recreating this environment?

I have done some research, It appears I'M not the only one trying to copy over MAC fonts to a Windows environment. I understand they are written in a different format (DFont). Has anybody had success with this?
MAMP Expires in one week?

I got a message that the full-working demo will expire...

What does that mean?

I really do not want to pay $69 for an installation I made as a simple test-bed for WordPress and PowerPress. I plan to host the podcast in a few weeks.

What will I not be able to do once this demo has expired?

Can I simply register?


I have a client who has a single iMac, he wishes to install a free email server on this device to run his email.

Do you know of any options?


I have a client who wishes to move from Mac to PC.

They have 1000s of Pages files, is there a tool to convert them all easily?

Let me present a scenario.

A small company has 6 mobile users that have 6 laptops spread across the country.  Two of the users use their personal laptops and the others have company issued.  There is no physical location for this company.  Some users have Windows and some have Macs.  They don't have a central server.  The 3rd party applications that they use for their data is Salesforce, dropbox and another one.   They constantly email each other with sensitive items in excel and also use slack to communicate.  The concern is data security and making sure there are no compromising behaviors with a need to utilize best practices.

What are some ideas to make sure data remains safe when emailing one another and sharing information?  Would it be a smart idea to utilize Office 365 in this scenario and keep all documents in One Drive or SharePoint?  Should I consider Enterprise Mobility + Security E3?     Or are there other methods to utilize security considering there are Macs in the picture?
I want to remove all data related to my user on Mac.
I donot have the admin privileges to remove the user though.
Is there any clean way to do it ?
There are logins in chrome. ssh password etc...
Things i may not know of...
How do i make it as if afresh.

I have a apple laptop running their MAC OS X 10.13.6. For some reason neither shift keys nor caps log is working. Everything else works fine, except that I can't get any form of capitalizing of letters. I'm about to say that I need to take it to an apple store. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steps I've taken thus far:
1. Rebooted
2. Powered off and left off with battery out for 30 sec.
3. Verified the "Speak selected text when key is pressed" was deselected
4. Verified "Enable Slow Keys" was off
5. Verified "Enable Mouse Keys" was off
6. Verified the correct US keyboard layout was selected
7. Deleted
How can I recover a forgotten  password on a Mac Mini?   I have forgotten the master password for the file vault.
Merge 2 old Mac Mini to Current 2018 model.

My plan is to upgrade 2 Mac Mini (Late 2012 & Late 2014) to a single Mac Mini (2018) to take advantage of SSD, More RAM and faster processor. I will then use 3 non 4K monitors (eg: DELL 1907FB)

Moving OSX Mojave Apps (+Data) from Mac #1 to Mac #2. Both are OSX 10.14.5

“Mac apps are great in the sense that they are mostly portable—all you need to migrate an app is drag it from one computer to the other” - Is this true?

[Mac minis are connected with Thunderbolt cable - but System Preferences/Network shows Thunderbolt Bridge not connected .]

I expect the resulting configuration to be considerably faster than current setup which is s-l-o-w, eg. Boot time for Late 2012 model to access Kiwi for Gmail is 4:18 minutes!

Does above plan seem doable?
I have an old Mac Desktop (Power Mac G5) that has a ton of (file name).olk14MsgSource files that a client wants to review.  

What is the best way to import and collect these into a PST file?  

Or make them searchable and reviewable?
Hi, I know Apple just removed PPTP from its options for remote work, question, is L2TP still available as a connection method?

Thanks all
Dear experts,
We are testing a MAC with OneDrive client installed locally (with production AD credentials sync'd/sso), it is asking to login to choose between "Personal" or "Work or School" and when we choose Personal, it works, and "Work or School" it does not work and and produces--> "your OneDrive has not been set up..for help, contact your IT department"

We tried:
Syncing the folders manually on the impacted mac (client -> preferences -> account tab -> sync your existing folder (did not work)
Resetting OneDrive app locally via app folders (did not work).

hi i am seeking help with connecting to ipsec vpn
my vpn was working until i upgraded my macbook to High Sierra 10.13.14
now when i try to VPN i get this error "An unexpected error occurred, Try reconnecting if the problem continues verify the setting and contact your administrator"
i checked the ppp.log and the last date was May 8th with an error IPSec connection failed <IKE Error 65535 ()xFFFF) Unknown error>

nothing really is showing up in system.log when i try to connect to vpn

i have other MacBooks in my environment and they can connect via VPN, i reset the PR RAM and tried testing in verbose mode but stll same result

any help would be great-fully appreciated
hi Excel folks

i am looking for the right way to tell Excel VBA a pathname and show the picture given by the pathname.

please see attached the Excel Macro file for the simple macro - click a button to show a picture.

i don't know why the picture cannot be shown though the correct pathname has been hard-coded in the macro. the same issue applies to both High Sierra and Mojave, though i did see the picture shown under Mojave for once. just once and couldn't be reproduced.

No picture shown in HS after pressing the button.
No picture shown after pressing the button on Mojave.
another issue is, for some reasons the Shapes.AddPicture method doesn't work and report runtime error "104" when LinkToFile parameter is False.when LinkToFile is True, there is no runtime error but also no picture.

can anyone light me up?

I have a 2012 MacBook Air that I tried to get boot camp going on an external hard drive.
It’s failed completely and have reset the external hard drive back to factory, but now my MacBook can’t get back to macOS, I’ve tried all the key combinations but it just doesn’t want to work and comes up with.... unable to start. Please try another bootable device and try again or similar..

Pls help
When I insert my Transcend 64GB thumb drive & Western Dig 4TB USB HDD to my teen kid's
Macbook Pro running OSX 10.11.6, both devices are auto-mounted as I can see from  Unix
command "df "

However, I can't copy files into the Western Digital USB HDD (it's partitioned into 2x 2TB)
though I could copy files into the thumb drive.  Both USB devices are formatted as NTFS.
Can't recall the error message that I got but I can test it out again in 3 hrs time.

What's the reason & how can I fix it such that I could copy to the WD HDD?

Basically I just issue the Unix "cp " or "mv " to copy files from the MAC to the /mount
names of the USB devices.
One of our users has a personal Macintosh computer that can't access any regular external Web sites when on our corporate network.

In Safari, she gets the message:

Access Denied.
Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

Other browsers produce a similar result.
Ping and DNS resolution work when the computer is connected to the corporate network.

The computer works can access Web sites normally when on a non-corporate network.

All other Macs on the network function corectly. We don't use a proxy server.

Panda antimalware turned off.

Any thoughts?

As a recently new macOS user, just started using the Calendar built into macOS Mojave (10.14.4) I am a bit annoyed by the rather small size of event windows.
I'd thus be happy for a way to increase the size thereof.
Unfortunately neither the built-in nor the online "Calendar User Guide" provides a solution, nor could I find one searching the Internet.
Changing screen resolution, switching to another Calendar application are not feasible options to me.

I normally use the following workaround
to  solve MS VSTO "certificate not trusted" issue when installing on a Windows Machine

I am now trying to use Crossover by code weavers which allows you to install Windpows Add-in on a Mac. How do I do
something similar on a Mac because it does not work in the same way in windows when you right
click on the setup.exe file

I am hoping that someone has done something similar
On a mac, I have a program that can send an email of some date. We are trying to use Thunderbird instead of macMail. I have the default email client set in Mail's preferences as Thunderbird but the program keeps grabbing the macMail client for sending this information. This is happening on all workstations (this is a dental practice management piece of software.) I checked with the software company and there are not settings within the program that control what program is used for email and is selected through the defaults. I have not been able to find anything on this via Google. Any help with this would be appreciated.

BTW: The OS is Sierra,10.12.6


Hi Experts;
I have a complex .xlsb file with many macros, pivot tables, VBA function, external sql connections, controls.
My managers would like this file to be runnable on a Mac.
I've searched EE and i-net. The conventional wisdom appears to be that Excel and macros can run on a Mac.
I had a friend test the file and invoke some of the macros on his Mac - he was able to open the file in Read Only, but invoking the macros gave him 'Security Warning - External Data Connections have been disabled'.

He does not have 'Developer' enabled on his Excel version, so that may account for some of the issues.

What I have been asked to do is find out what is needed to run this file on a Mac,
I have not been able to find definitive answers for:
1. What version/OS on the Mac is required. Is there a minimum version of Mac Excel version?
2. Would enabling Developer allow for the external data connections?
3. Would enabling Developer allow for the VBA macros?
4. Maybe there is an emulator I can try?
5. Running Windows in a VM or bootstrap partition is not an option for our customers.

I suspect we will need trial-and-error to ensure all pieces of this file run, but I am a tad handicapped as I don't have a Mac, and outside of begging my family and friends to compromise security on their apple devices (not going to do that), I don't have access to a Mac.

If helpful, an abbreviated version of the Excel file is attached. It has all the bells and whistles but the data is less…

Mac OS X





Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.