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Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.

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My client has a Macbook with an electrical problem. She has decided to replace the Macbook with a new W10 laptop which I have already set up
for her. My question is; how do move her pictures, documents and music from her (now external) old Macbook HDD to her new PC?
Also, where (in what folders) on the external Mac HDD would I find the pictures, documents and music?
how can mac book be missing usb.

what to use instead
[embed=doc 1408170]
I need to go through and select multiple pictures to delete at the same time.

I have already downloaded and saved all my pictures to my PC.

I am using Google Chrome on a Windows 10 PC and I have found that while I can select several pictures at the same time by holding down the CTRL key on my keyboard and clicking on the pictures I am unable to delete a range of pictures by clicking one picture and then holding down the SHIFT key while clicking on another picture (to select all pictures in the range).

I don't have access to a Mac computer to login to my iCloud account to do this.

Or is there a way of synchronizing the pictures in my iCloud account with my computer and then on my Windows 10 computer selecting which pictures I want to select and delete?

Or is there any way that I can simply delete all of the pictures in my iCloud account?
Happy Holidays Everyone,

can someone recommend  free program for Mac OS ( She is running Mojave) that resize a scanned document or picture please.

Thank you,
Hi guys

A lot of our Macs that connect to the server Windows 2012 which hosts their files, have issues from time to time. The problem mainly is the locking of files. So one person will go in there and try to save a file and they'll be told their file is locked when nobody is actually using it or doing anything. Windows PC's have this issue from time to time to, but Macs seem to be the biggest culprit.

Have any of you used products like Acronis Files Connect? Or does anybody have a solution? I would have said I'd build a Mac server but that's not possible either as that would mean a separate server for Macs and a separate one for Windows machines when they all need to collaborate.

Thanks for helping
How can I export apple MAIL inbox sub folders?  I want to be able to import this one sub folder into a new apple mail account.  I do not want to export the entire mailbox.
I have a client that would like to move her photos, docs, etc. from an old Macbook hard drive to a PC running W 10.
The Macbook is no longer functional so all I have is the Mac configured hard drive.
Is there a way to do this and if so can I get detailed instructions please?
How delete an app that is locked?

I no longer use CrashPlan, but can not delete it, since it's locked. (Mac)

CrashPlan Locked
I can not log in since the account is gone.

I do seem to be able to access CrashPlan Service Preferences, but doubt they would do anything since there is no connection to the host.

Using two microphones with Audacity (Mac High Sierra)

I have two microphones working as inputs with Audacity, via this box:

But, Audacity creates a single track with Left and Right sub-channels for a single channel, while I need each to have each microphone in its own channel.

Or, is there a way to convert a track with Left and Right to two distinct channels?

I have outlook outlook 2016 for mac installed on an iMAC that I purchased this summer.  I use office 365 in our environment.  Outlook crashes on this mac about 10 times a day for the past 3 weeks.  I have all the updates installed but it still is happeing.  Is there anything I can do to fix this, or is there an outlook for mac FREE software that will fix the outlook file?
How do I restore a Time Machine backup to a blank SSD?

I will get a new 1T SSD and will have a fresh backup to an external drive for my 500BG SSD.

How do I restore to the new drive? I use Mac High Sierra

Getting SSD specs from my MacBook (High Sierra)

I will replace the disk, get it wiped, then sell it on eBay. Before I do, I need to know the specs and the maker of the SSD.


old setup - got a mac with pop3 email account
new setup - got a mac with office365 email account
i am migrating a pop3 account to office365, i successfully moved all emails and contacts. i manually copied all items into office365

but how do i migrate pop3 calender to office365 calender ?
i exported from old pop3 account and imported into office365 email. it created "under my computer" and showing the exported calender . but how do i bring it into office365? so i can see it from web portal ??
hello everyone I have a user that's running Mac OS Mojave the user deleted a folder by accident and then empty the trash can. I am very familiar with NTFS and fat partitions running Drive recovery software to recover things that were deleted in the trash can but I've never had this issue with a Mac any suggestions? also, they were running iCloud backup but because they remove the folder and threw it away it removed it from the iCloud.

I am thinking of taking out the drive and connected it to another mac using my USB to serial cable but I do recall in the past that I used a thunderbolt to USB to connect a hard drive of a non-booting mac to another mac to access the drive, I am wondering would this work instead of removing the drive?
Hi guys,

I got a pop3 email in mac outlook. I want to transfer all emails to a office365 outlook profile in my Mac computer. I recently migrated from pop3 to office365. So doing this transfer to have my old emails in office365.

So in outlook, I got both profiles now. Old pop3 email and office365 Email. I can drag and drop each folder email. But there are many sub folders in inbox, which will
Be difficult to crate all folders in new office365 inbox and then doing drag and drop each folder.

Is there any other way to do it in a better way.
I have a mac book pro that since Thursday, all of a sudden, it disconnects from the LAN.  The wifi works fine.
I replaced the network cable and the 5 port switch that it was plugged into. I have also tried a different computer with the same cable, and
it didn't disconnect with a different computer.   Since a different computer works fine with the same network cable, I'm thinking there's an issue with the MAC.

I don't use MACs much, so suggestions I can try to isolate the issue?

I'm currently using DHCP with windows servers.  I have about another 9 or 10 MACs on the network, and no one else reported any issues just yet.

Thanks. D
Is there a way to setup a specific folder to backup to iCloud instead of the entire Desktop?

I have a bunch of files I want to place in a folder on my desktop, but I don't want it to backup to iCloud.  I have another folder that I like having the files backup to iCloud.  Can this be separated?
I have a group of four users experiencing the same problem.  They are all using Macs running High Sierra and Office 365.  Additionally, these macs are connected to a Windows 2012 R2 server for file sharing.  Although the problem happens periodically in other applications the primary issue is when they are using Excel.  

User can open an Excel file from the network share and work on it and save it unless the computer goes to sleep.  If, for whatever reason, the computer is idle with the file open and goes to sleep, the file becomes corrupt somehow and they cannot save it.  I've tried to save it back to the share and to other locations (i.e. desktop) but it does not work.  Basically the file will not save anywhere.  As long as it is open, they can continue to work in the excel document, they just can't save it.  They receive an error similar to the attached image.Excel Error
I'm learning Firebase Functions and have setup my Mac with the CLI. When I initialized Firebase I somehow ended up with the functions project in my home directory instead of where I wanted it usr/Documents/firecast.

I've tried logging out of FB and logging back in the correct directory and re running firebase init. Seems no matter what I do it reverts back to ~usr instead of usr/Documents/firecast.

Any ideas how I can fix this?
Two physical SSD drives and one Time Machine backup

I am about to upgrade my MacBook, which has a single 500 GB SSD, and I need more space ASAP. I bought that drive in 2013.

I would love to get a new, fast 1T SSD, but don't have the cash, and am considering using the CD drive on my MacBook for a second 500 GB SSD.

But how does this work with Time Machine?

I love to be able to plug in an external backup drive and know that when that external drive is unmounted, it contains all the latest files.

What about if I had two physical drives?

How does Time Machine solve this new wrinkle?
We have a very simple network (home router, few PCs and Mac, all running latest respective OSes) and for some reason when we share a Windows folder (for example C:\Network File Share) to the Macs we are able to see the folder inside of it (for example C:\Network File Share\Example) however we can not see the files in the folder.  We actually have to go in and share (example C:\Network File Share\Example) the folder to see the contents (files).  What are we doing wrong with file sharing to be able to see the folders but not the files?
I have WinZip Mac Optimizer on my MacBook Pro 2012 under Yosemite (10.10.5). I have been using the product for several years. Regrettably, for some unknown reason, I keep getting an error box "Backup removal unsuccessful - The selected redo point(s) could not be deleted. Please try again." Despite selecting the "OK" box, the error message keeps repeating every few seconds. I have no way of judging how effective this product is. However, I would be grateful for any suggested resolution to this vexing problem. BTW, I cannot upgrade to a more recent Mac OS because I use Boot Camp for my Windows 7 essential applications, which cannot be used in Windows more recent operating systems. Appreciatively, Arbyem
Mac Air

Originally, I have 2 connections to smb://server/folder1 and smb://server/folder2.
which would connect when I logon. The settings are in SYSTEM PREFERENCE > USERS AND GROUP > LOGIN ITEMS

Recently, I noticed that I have 2 of the sharing folder1 on. the desktop of MAC AIR after I updated to "MOJAVE"
I undo all my share folders setting but there is still one smb://server/folder1 is still there.

It is a map drive from no where!
What can I check to clean it up????
Hello, we have a mixed environment of windows and apple computers.  We have a windows file server that is running windows 7 SP1 with an IIS local website running.  Its an aspx page.

This works just fine on the windows computers.  I can access the http://websitename/ without a problem.

The problem is trying to pull up the site on any of the apple iMacs.  I can't get it to pull up.  

The iMac that I tested on was on OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5

In any browser (Chrome, Safari) I get an error 'ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED' or 'Safari Can't Find the Server'

They are using airport extreme and ethernet at the same time.  

So far the only thing I tried was changing the service order of the network to ethernet first.
Getting errors setting up SublimeText 3 user keymap for View-In-Browser plugin..

My View In Browser settings.sublime-settigs are:
	"posix": {
		"darwin": {
			"firefox": "open -a \"/Foreign Apps/Firefox/Firefox Developer\"",
			"safari": "open -a \"/Applications/\"",
			"chrome": "open -a \"/Foreign Apps/Google/Google\"",
			"opera": "open -a \"/Foreign Apps/Opera/\""

	"browser": "firefox"

Open in new window

My Default (OSX).sublime-keymap-User are:
 { "keys": [ "super+e" ], "command": "view-in-browser" },
 { "keys": [ "alt+1” ], “command”: “view_in_browser”, “args”: { “browser”: "firefox" } },
 { "keys": [ "alt+2" ], "command": "view-in-browser", "args": { "browser": "chrome" } },
 { "keys": [ "alt+3" ], "command": "view-in-browser', “args”: { “browser”: “safari” } },
 { "keys": [ "alt+4" ], "command": "view-in-browser", "args": { "browser": "opera" } }

Open in new window

python console shows: "Error trying to parse file: Unexpected character, expected a comma or closing bracket in Packages/User/Default (OSX).sublime-keymap:4:95"

Can somebody point out the error, because I just can't see it.

Mac OS X





Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.