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Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.

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Is there a way of forcing the time to be shown on the menu bar in full screen mode without having to move the cursor/mouse to the top of the screen or pressing any buttons or working in non full screen mode?
Mac OSX question

I have a large library of digital media. Most of it is kept "offline" but the library software I use (Plex) uses media files to build the library and so I need to use placeholder files.

Using 30 second "this file is archived" videos I can easily catalog offline movies in Plex. I "rsync" the directory structure without files and then "do cp" a placeholder into each movie directory and rename using the parent folder name.

For TV shows this isn't practical as there can be hundreds of episodes per show. I would like to know if there is a way to duplicate the folder/file structure of a tv show, with many episodes under a single folder, using the same placeholder file.

To reiterate, the ultimate goal is to take a placeholder file eg. "placeholder720p.mkv" and use this file to recreate the source directory with the same filenames. So in the end I will have a folder that looks identical to the source, but consists of this placeholder file duplicated over and over. Also, there are non-alphanumeric characters and spaces in the filenames to be duplicated.
Running exchange 2013 & having problems with a Mac client, running Outlook 2011.
I keep getting the message 'The folder cannot be synchronized with the server'. There is an option to empty the cache, but is that on the whole inbox or a folder inside it, as this user has a whole lot of them. There is a warning on the empty cache page, so I am wary to run that, fearing that it may delete emails, folders, etc.
Is there a way to see if it is a specific folder causing the problem?
Don't know if this is related, but the first folder in there has a ' at the start of the name, I'm assuming so it will be a the top of his list of folders.
Could that be part of the problem?
Trying to replicate issue on my mac & after a few attempts, I'll get the message 'Outlook must be closed because an error occurred', which he is not getting.
Mailbox is 7.1 GB, if that matters, either.
No matter how long I press the power button it won’t boot up. It just started this
Hello I have a Macintosh MacBook with latest Sierra OS and I configured the basic to acces it via VNC. It works, the problem is that the computer doesn’t look the screen when you are using VNC. How can be locked the screen while you are using via remote the Macintosh via VNC?
Hi Peers,

I need your advice and guidance.

I have an excel database called Master-Document that I need to import several hundred excel files in a folder into.

Unfortunately, this needs to be ran on a Mac and I am no expert on using Macs.

Example Import Files

    Row 5 to row 8 starting at Column E are column headers. (highlighted In RED on the example documents).
    [list=2][/list] Each time a document is imported into the master Document the above is added as a new column at the end of the last column.
    [list=3][/list] I then need to match the imported data row to the store row in the list.
    [list=4][/list] The solution that the exports come out of the store numbers column is stored as a text and not a number.

    Any help appreciated on this.
    For some odd reason, one of my Mac clients started having problems connecting to my 2016 remote desktop server. Getting a message that says;

    We couldn’t connect to the remote PC. This might be due to an expired password. If this keeps happening, contact you network administrator for assistance.
    Error code: 0x207

    Password had no reason to be expired, but I changed anyway & low & behold i worked.
    Now, same user is trying to get back in & getting the same message.
    Latest mac OSX, latest Microsoft RDP client. 2016 server.
    I recently downloaded the GRID 2 dmg file. GRID 2 is a game - GRID 2 Reloaded Edition.dmg
    Installed on my mac and followed the steps but getting error.
    Here are the steps -
    What could be the reason for this error.
    How do i fix it
    macbook reboots every time i connect my monitors

    i have the latest macbook, and the LG27 inch Mac Monitor with USB-C connectors that connects directly into the macbook, everytime i disconnect and reconnects the macbook restarts

    i got this from the logs
    Wed Jun 20 10:46:23 2018

    *** MCA Error Report ***
    CPU Machine Check Architecture Error Dump (CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7920HQ CPU @ 3.10GHz, CPUID: 0x906E9)
    CATERR detected! No MCA data found.
    Is any other solution to keep new Java version and have working IBM Notes? Any path or something?
    Can't upload pictures from macbook the library option is greyed out in chrome, but I can select everything else fine.
    Trying to find a cloud-based AD service that would be compatible with both Mac and Windows does anyone on here have any suggestions or experience?
    I have a bunch of Macs married to Active Directory. I want to change the default web browser from Safari to Chrome. The machines are running 10.13.5 . I want Chrome to be the default even when a new user logs in on a mobile account for the first time. Anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks!
    Hi there. On my WordPress site, we are using BeaverBuilder and we have a plugin called PowerPack Addon installed and are using the Modal Popup module. We also are using Foobox Pro installed. On this page the video modal popup automatically pops up and starts to play the video in Firefox on a PC. However, on a Mac the popup modal opens but the video hangs. Any ideas on how to get that to autoplay like it does on a PC? Also, I have ?rel=0&autoplay=1 at the end of the YouTube string.

    Any ideas experts?
    I'm experiencing issues when I attempt to set up an exchange email account on a Windows 10 computer and a MacBook. I was able to successfully set up the email account on an Iphone and an Ipad. Exchange is running on an SBS2011 server.  After running the Microsoft Connectivity test, I received the following result:

    The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer is attempting to build certificate chains for certificate
           A certificate chain couldn't be constructed for the certificate.
          Additional Details
    The certificate chain couldn't be built. You may be missing required intermediate certificates.
    Elapsed Time: 20 ms.

    How to I How do I build the certificate chain to include the required intermediate certificate?
    In my downloads, a question mark in a box is followed by hundreds of automatic two-byte downloads. I move them to trash and empty trash, but the question mark cannot be deleted. Yesterday it downloaded over three thousand times before I used Safari and noticed it. The Safari screen comes up with a larger-than-icon-size black and white Safari logo, which repeats across the page at a diagonal, and starts the downloading again. Can I uninstall Safari and reinstall a fresh copy somehow? I've run Malware Bytes and it says the system is clean. But it seems infected to me. Any suggestions? I use Firefox for work, and those are the only two browsers I have on my laptop.
    we are using Xcode 9 in MAC pc have a i5 with 4Gb ram,is the hardware suitable for Xcode,we have facing performance Issue any other solution
    Hi all, with the Mac File vault encrpytion - will this ask for a code on startup - kind of like bitlocker on windows?
    When a send a meeting request from my calendar on my Mac,  using an Exchange account, the meeting requests are not delivered
    Hi - I am trying to setup bootcamp for a client's mac and dual booting with Windows 10 . I have done this often enough without a glitch. This time i am getting the same error all the time during the partition stage , it just comes up with the attached error. I tried repairing the disk, upgraded it to High Sierra. Beyond that i am not sure what the next step is beyond reformating (which will be a pain). This mac currently has Parallels running on it, but i cant see why this should make a difference, thought i would mention anyway.
    Some tips would be most welcome.

    Has anyone encountered an issue with Outlook 2016 on a Mac running High Sierra, where certain email are not automatically downloading images? I've updated the IOS to High Sierra, attempted to update the Office product but no updates are available. I've already checked, Preferences -> Reading -> Security, and checked "in all messages" for automatic download pictures from the Internet, and some emails show images while others do not.
    I've not really asked Mac questions on EE, so here goes ...

    I've successfully set up stunnel for Windows and Linux clients. Now to set up for Mac. I've gone to the website and followed the instructions there which are:
    1. Press Command+Space and type Terminal and press enter/return key.
    2. Run in Terminal app:
        ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" < /dev/null 2> /dev/null
        and press enter/return key.
    3. Run:
        brew install stunnel

    Open in new window

    And then it says, "Done! You can now use stunnel."

    Well, not exactly. Where do I put my stunnel.conf and certificate.pem? How do I make stunnel run automatically at boot time?

    After going through the installation steps shown below, I have new files in /usr/local/etc/stunnel, including stunnel.pem, etc. I've copied my stunnel.conf and certificate files to this folder, but again, not sure how to get stunnel to start as a service at boot-time with MAC.

    The web instructions aren't very complete. Need additional assistance.
    How can I pull the short name of user 502 (on a Mac) in a script to set the computer name?  For example, one laptop has user 502 w/ short name of msmith, I need msmith to be used in the following where $502-short-name would be msmith.  I tried the id command, but it returns too much info.

    sudo scutil --set ComputerName-$502-short-name
    sudo scutil --set LocalHostName $502-short-name
    dscacheutil -flushcache

    i have a mac server.
    i have a group of users that are listed as share only.
    I can't change them to standard or admin.

    i need to change their status
    haproxy unable to bind to port specified in the haproxy.cfg

    the error is as below..

    WARNING] 121/142016 (21239) : config : log format ignored for proxy 'stats' since it has no log address.
    [WARNING] 121/142016 (21239) : config : log format ignored for proxy 'sensu' since it has no log address.
    [WARNING] 121/142016 (21239) : config : log format ignored for proxy 'kibana' since it has no log address.
    [ALERT] 121/142016 (21239) : Starting proxy sensu: cannot bind socket []
    [ALERT] 121/142016 (21239) : Starting proxy kibana: cannot bind socket []

    ➜  ~ cat /usr/local/etc/haproxy.cfg
        pidfile     /var/run/
        maxconn     50000
        spread-checks 4
        mode                    http
        maxconn                 500
        log                     global
        option                  httplog
        option                  redispatch
        retries                 2
        timeout queue           1m
        timeout connect         15s
        timeout client          1m
        timeout server          1m
        timeout check           10s
        timeout http-request    15s
        timeout http-keep-alive 301s # DEVOPS-258 Suggested Setting by Akamai
    listen stats
        bind :1936
        http-request del-header Proxy
        bind-process 1
        mode http
        stats enable
        stats hide-version
        stats realm Haproxy\ Statistics
        stats uri /
    listen sensu
        bind :81
        server sensu check
    listen kibana
        bind :84
        server kibana 

    Open in new window


    Mac OS X





    Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.