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Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.

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How can I copy photo's from Mac to an external drive and preserve the original date and time created.

I have tied copy and paste, export and drag and drop.

but none of these preserve the date and time when photo was taken.

Thanks Terry
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

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How do I make MacOS High Sierra System Preferences changes to 'Sound' permanent until changes made again.

I want to change Sound/Output from 'Internal Speakers' to an Apple HomePod named "Office"

I want this change to persist until I make another change to this option - no change on power down / power up or reboot.
I created an Automator workflow to change image filenames when uploading from iPhone to MacBook Air using AirDrop.  I want to stop this automation but cannot find the original workflow or how to disable the action.
How do I get the streaming URL from an online radio so I can play the stream in VLC player.

This is the radio source 

I have tried looking the source code and tried a software called url helping but no luck.

Any windows software or even Android software which can get me the streaming url that would be great. I even have a rooted android phone so if any app you think will get me the url then please share so I can try it.
Hi Experts,

I recently purchased a new MacBook Air for myself so my knowledge of how to configure things in it is pretty elementary, if non-existent.

Hours of scouring the web reading articles and watching YouTube help videos have enabled me to successfully connect my MacBook Air to the shared folders on my Windows 10 Pro machine,

My problem is that I can only access my MAC from the Window 10 machine by the MAC's IP address, which is assigned by DHCP so will eventually change. I don't want to make it a static IP unless there is absolutely no other way around it.

When I go to Networks on my Win 10 Pro machine, the MacBook Air does not appear as a computer to select. Nor does it's IP address. I need to manually access it by \\

I can ping the MAC's IP address, but not its machine name. I can see my own Windows 10 Pro machine appear in Network (File Explorer) though, just not the MAC. I can also access the shared folders on the MAC when I access it using the IP address.

Things tried to resolve so far:
  • Set the "Function Discovery Provider Host" Service to Automatic Start (Delayed) and made sure it is running
  • Set the "Function Discovery Resource Publication" Service to Automatic Start (Delayed) and made sure it is running
  • Temporarily Disabled Firewalls on both MAC and Windows computers - made no difference
  • Have done an "ipconfig /flushdns" on the Windows machine - made no difference
Hi Experts,

I just recently purchased a MacBook Air for myself to learn more about the operating system and how to use it, so my knowledge of how to configure things in it is pretty elementary, if non existant.

I have a problem I can't seem to find a suitable solution with google. On my install, I have 3 icons that appear as Question marks instead of their icons. Please see example image below.

Icons are a Question Mark
Can anyone explain how I can resolve this, so that the Grammarly, Firefox and Skype icons appear as they should?

Please note: Including any screenshots with your comments if possible (that you think may be helpful) would be a real bonus for me and much appreciated at this stage of my learning curve ;-)
Using ChromaCam (or other) on my Mac to replace a green screen with a static image?

I need to replace the green screen for live streaming with a Logitech C922 on a Macbook.

Does ChromaCam support this? I see other names, like Syphon, CamTwist, VirtualEyez, Veescope, Wirecast, MimoLive (formerly BoinxTV) or Visual Communicator. (ChromaCam is based on Personify, which I think is Windows only.)

I need to run this on my Mac, since Windows runs of parallels, and I see a huge time delay on the webcam that make it unacceptable.

Please let me know.

I would like to make or record a screen capture presentation on a MacBook Pro and also be able to draw freely with a pencil.  What kind of setup would you recommend?  Is it a good idea or possible to use screen sharing with an iPad and an Apple pencil?  What software/hardware would I need?    What else can I do to accomplish this?

I just started my 7 day Trial of Cloud Class and am looking for a course that I saw before Cloud Class was introduced.  It was about how to do things on a MAC that you can do on a Windows machine, but I can't seem to find it no matter how many search terms I've tried.

Can anyone point me to the video/course in question?
My wife has a new Mac with the latest operating system patches.

She is being targeted by the latest Snake malware, and a few other adware programs. Typically while using her Chrome browser.

She's pretty aware, so she never clicks on the links. But they appear 10 times a day.

I installed Avast and Malwarebytes to try and rid her machine of these issues, but neither found any malware. It seems that since she never clicks on anything, she does not have any viruses, adware or malware.

But she is constantly being targeted. Is there anything I can do to prevent the constant targeting ?

Thanks, Peter
Newly released Acronis True Image 2019
Newly released Acronis True Image 2019

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I am trying to run the following code in Excel 2016 for Mac on a MacBook.
As you can see there are missing References as shown in the image including "MISSING: Microsoft Active X Data Objects 6.1"
What do I need to reference here? Should I be using different VBA code?
I am trying to fetch data from an Azure SQL database


    'Declare variables'
        Set objMyConn = New ADODB.Connection
        Set objMyRecordset = New ADODB.Recordset
        Dim S As String

    'Open Connection'
        objMyConn.ConnectionString = "Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};,1433;Database=xxxx;Uid=xxxx;Pwd=xxxx;Encrypt=yes;TrustServerCertificate=no;Connection Timeout=30;"

    'Open Recordset'
        Set objMyRecordset.ActiveConnection = objMyConn
        objMyRecordset.Open strSQL

    'Copy Data to Excel'
        ActiveSheet.Range(oRangeStart).CopyFromRecordset (objMyRecordset)

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I have an early 2008 Mac Pro tower (upgraded Ram & Video) using El Capitain plus a Bootcamp 6.01 Win7 installation on a Separate internal HDD.

I want to install a new Win7 partition on my Mac OS HDD (250 GB of free space) while maintaining my existing Win7 installation on its separate drive.

Thus, I will end up with 2 BootCamp Win7 partitions, one new and the other old and worn out.

My purpose is to create a Fresh Win7 installation to which I will gradually copy and reinstall 10 years of Docs & Applications from my existing over-taxed Win7.

Where do I begin?  I assume I need to create a new Bootcamp partition on my Mac OS HDD, currently a single partition.

Just not sure of the best way to go about that without screwing up either my Mac OS or existing Win7 installation and data!


I want to buy or upgrade a 21.5" IMAC (2017) Hard Drive with Internal SSD hard drive.
My main question here is about "BLADE" vs "SATA" connection, but I am also confused!
Does anyone know of any issues or performance differences between these options:
Option #1 Buy Apple 2TB SSD, "BLADE" type of SSD
Options #2 Buy macsales_DOT_com's 2TB SSD "SATA" type of SSD
Option #3 Other options to end up with 2TB SSD Internal hard drive IMAC? I can only find this 1 macsales_DOT_com vendor that sells anything compatible. Strange. I would think that there are other options, even with Apple Proprietary hardware, if one vendor can do it.
Thanks in advance for any help!!
- B
I attempted to recover to different system from Apple Time Machine it eventually failed due to a untimely network error. Now I can not umount disk on the targeted machine. When I say I can not unmount it I mean I CAN NOT unmount it no matter what approach I use:
Disk utility -- no
Recover -- no
terminal -- no
force via terminal --no
set as a target disk -- no

terminal commands tried were unmout, unmountDisk, unmountVolume
when using recovery on target machine terminal returns the command "no such command"   (so terminal is currupt?)
I have tried all the logical options Google has presented me, I am hoping someone here has a different solution.
I cannot access BBC 5 Sports Extra for some programs which have broadcast restrictions. I accept that. However before I could access the channel and if the item was restricted I would be told that. Now when I try to contact BBC5 Sports Extra I get  the following:
'The sound of silence
We're trying to play this station, but we're having problems. Apologies.
The station's stream may be broken, or there may be a mis-match between this stream, and your device.
Please click here to retry'

 I have tried this on other computers and laptops, but with the same result. Can anyone explain?  I have no problem in getting BBC Radio Four and other BBC radio channels.
Client doesn't remember their password  for Mac mini (late 2012) so unable to Add helper to install High Sierra or add users for Windows shares.
OS X 10.8.5 (12F2560)

Need to share files with Window(SMB)
cannot open webpage SanMar

My guess is that the update would fix the website issue but can't get past the password. FileVault is not on. Their is no option to use Apple ID to reset password. No other admin accounts on the machine.
Is it possible to open a window on a MAC to full screen without making it go to the entire full screen like the green button does in the upper left corner?

I like seeing the top tab with the Apple, [open application], File, Edit, View, History, etc and the clock and date on the right.

I don't like having to pull the browser to the full length of the screen.
Hello Experts,
I have this mac that has become very slow in the last few weeks.
it probably has never been maintained in three years.

What is the steps for a good maintenance, please?
Any software you recommend?
The user does video editing with Adobe Premiere on an iMac with Thunderbolt.
They are looking for a well-priced 16TB RAID 5

Would the following configuration be good?
  • Drobo 5Dt: 5-Drive Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Array with mSATA SSD acceleration - USB 3 and Thunderbolt 2 ports (Empty) DRDR5A21-T  (3.5 stars on Amazon)
  • Seagate 4TB IronWolf NAS SATA 6Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Hard Drive (ST4000VN008)  (5 of these)

The cost looks to be about $1100.00

Is there another manufacturer that we should look at?
Any problems with Drobo?

Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals
LVL 12
Exploring SQL Server 2016: Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database management system that stores and retrieves data when requested by other software applications.

Dear Experts,

What is the best way to deployment network printers with presets to mac clients?
On Windows we use a print server with printing defaults and all clients connected through the print server gets those presets.

We need to get a similar experience to our Mac users.

The preset is pretty easy actually:  We are telling the printer to print the first page of every document from tray 2 and every following pages from tray 3 or 4.

I would like to deploy the printer via MDM. I think a script would be the best solution, but couldn't find the option to print the first page differently.

I know you can set this option through word settings, the problem here is, that I can't deploy this is a proper manner.

I was also thinking about an AppleScript in combination with Automator.  

Let me know what you think about my ideas.

Regards SGTA14
Text Edit…Open Recent  returns  only ‘Clear Menu”

Same for Pages, Preview etc.

Not so for other Mac (Both macOS 10.13.6) on same LAN

How to Fix?
Does anyone know what I need to change to get this VBA code to work in Excel for Mac? It works fine in Windows.

It is a show/hide toggle button for rows while the caption on the button changes as well. I used a form button (not ActiveX).

Sub HideDone()
Dim Shp As Shape
   Set Shp = ActiveSheet.Shapes(Application.Caller)
   If Shp.TextFrame.Characters.Text = "Hide Done" Then
      Shp.TextFrame.Characters.Text = "Show All"
      Range("A1").AutoFilter 10, "<>11. Published", xlAnd, "<>Cancelled"
      Shp.TextFrame.Characters.Text = "Hide Done"
   End If
End Sub

Open in new window

The message I get is
Run-time error 1004
Method 'TextFrame' of object 'Shape' failed

This code is highlighted in yellow
If Shp.TextFrame.Characters.Text = "Hide Done" Then
Hello Exchange experts,
Need your assistance on an issue. This is Exchange 2010, Outlook client is 2010

User's account is unable to connect to exchange server from any MAC for mail
User can access his email on any Windows machine
Verified other exchange account on the same Mac with this user logged in - worked
He hasn't changed his password recently.
We removed outlook profile and recreated - failed
Tested owa from his mac - worked
Tried the user test on a Mac that is freshly built - same issue.

Any ideas?
What percent of business PC's are Windows?

I am considering a quick launch of my new business app with a Windows version. I need speed to market, and will follow up with other platforms.

So, I need to know an estimate of the percentage of Windows PC's versus Mac versus other.

Any data on that?

Sales are nice, but that is part of the story. I am most interested in seeing the likelihood a typical business person could run my Windows program.

I want to move an existing Win7 Boot Camp system to new Mac computer.

I'm now using a 2008 Mac Pro Tower with El Capitan and moving it to a new Apple iMac with High Sierra and Fusion HDD.

My existing Mac and Win7 OS's are on separate internal drives. I have full backups of my Win7 system and a clone of the Win7 HDD (using Macrium).

What is the best method? I do not care about preserving any data on my current Mac OS. All my important data/apps are on Win7 HDD.

I would prefer to continue to use Boot Camp due to its much faster speed... but open to Parallels!


Mac OS X





Mac OS X is the desktop operating system from Apple Inc., found on Macintosh computers. OS X consists of a Mach/BSD-based kernel, operating system interfaces primarily based on FreeBSD and additional frameworks (written in C, C++ and Objective-C providing user interface and application-level services.