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Marketo makes marketing automation software for companies. Marketo products are provided on a subscription basis and include lead management, sales insight, revenue cycle analytics and social marketing.

I am creating a piece of javascript to show an opt-in field only if a specific country is chosen on a form AND the email address is not a public email address.  It checkes to see if the email @ is not a specific email extension and the country.

So if I choose The United Kingdom (which passes)  and fill in an email address of info@MYWEBSITE.com, the info@MYWEBSITE.com fails.  Below in the code it alerts "Stage Nine"  Which should indicate that my domain is not on the list (country_list).  

So somewhere between line 60 and line 75 it fails and/or I have something wrong in my code.  Any insight will be helpful. (optin function)

$(document).ready(function() {
    MktoForms2.whenRendered(function(mform) {
  var varIsDeclared = true; 

  if (domain_list.length == 1) {
    domain_list = "@gmail.com; @yahoo.com; @hotmail.com".split(";");
  if (country_list.length == 1) {
    country_list = "Austria;Italy;Belgium;Latvia;Bulgaria;Lithuania;Croatia;Luxembourg;Cyprus;Malta;Czechia;Netherlands;Denmark;Poland;Estonia;Portugal;Finland;Romania;France;Slovakia;Germany;Slovenia;Greece;Spain;Hungary;Sweden;Ireland;United Kingdom".split(";");

  try{ mktoPreFillFields; }
  catch(e) {
      if(e.name == "ReferenceError") {
          varIsDeclared = false;

    if ($('#Country').val() != 'United States') {
      if (varIsDeclared) {
        if (!$('#GDPR_Opt_In__c').is(':checked')) {

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I have a static list id in my database, and I am trying to use the rest api to query to get the name to be able to display.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  I see in their API documentation the ability to query a smart list, but I don't see anything about static lists.

Thanks in advance for the help.
I am using the rest api in marketo and trying to use the filter (http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/bulk-extract/bulk-lead-extract/#filters) for the staticListId.  I would like a user to be able to just plugin the list id however I am having trouble finding the id of the list in marketo.  I have found the name and a unique string, but this claims it should be an integer.  Anyone know where the actual id is?

We have a Marketo Landing Page that we wanted to put dynamic content on it.  We created a page on our main site that has the html we would like on all our Marketo Landing Pages, however if I try to do a jquery load() on that URL, I get a cross site scripting error.  Does anyone know if there is any way in Marketo to tell it that I would like to accept requests from that other secure domain?
I am looking to promote a service which seeks to assist job seekers.
Can I send a message as "my business" and not "as me" on Facebook?
Hi experts

we are planning to revamp our website presently it is word press cms , i would to get an experts suggestions on the following
1. we are also planning to integrate with payment gateway
2. we are in to real estate , apartments  selling hence good navigation and user experience which be easily added marketing components.
3. security features are important
4. to be integrated  with sugarcrm for webtolead
5. regular blog activity
6. to be integrated with marketing automation softwares like hubspot/marketo/act-on
7. website presently will be of 300 to 400 pages and will grow
8. mobile support
Please suggest the best CMS, we are happy to procure/subscribe also, platform environment preferably on linux OS.
also suggest us the best hosting server service providers we would like subscribe for dedicated linux server hence reputed and best service hosting service provider. we are located in india
Hi Experts

We are in real estate, selling apartments we are located in india and our projects are in pan india (across the 4 regions). We have the corporate website and all regions/locations projects are under one corporate website under the projects
we have  a separate marketing and sales team for each region of projects .and we are using sugarcrm,
Issue mentioned below
 with our past experience  digital marketing agency are not delivering their metrics ,. Hence we are evaluating few digital marketing agency but some how I feel it is better to subscribe for act-on marketing automation software/market/hubspot and by recruit/engage with new digital marketing agency and their scope of work to be to working using this tool act-on, this tool is integrated with sugarcrm, the objective is we will have 2 responsible persons from 2 different company
1) From act-on/hubspot/market  dedicated resource to guide us/digital agency resource whom we have engaged
2) Digital marketing agency of whom we have engaged to develop content and use the marketing automation software (act-on/hubspot/marketo)
We will be getting all the reports and analytics from marketing automation software not from digital marketing agency.
Consideration below
The reasons why we are thinking of marketing automation software and this integration with our SugarCRM is due to the experience form previous 04 digital agency every one came in and changed the website all projects this itself …
Does anyone know if there is a way to track unique emails throug marketo?  I know I can track open rates for leads, but what if I want emails that have very personalize recommendations to a user?  Is there a way to construct my own email outside of marketo and send it with my own email server, but then have the stats still be processed?  Thanks in advance
Dear Marketing Experts, I'm an independent software developer and I'm *nearly* completed a software project that I'll soon be launching from my website. I'm looking at one of these "all-in-one", "automated" marketing software platforms to help me with the PPC marketing and other modes of marketing... because as a one man operation, it's just too much work for me to try to wear all the hats... it would leave me no time for further software development. Anyway, googling around, there seems to be quite a few of them out there - SeoSamba, Marketing360, Marketo, Acquisio, etc. I had a good talk the other day with a rep from Marketing360 and checked out all their videos and literature on their site... the fellow sent me their Pricing Plans as well:


It actually looks almost *exactly* what I'm needing - essentially a "right-hand man" that will take care of all the advertising and marketing for my new software - PPC, Display Networks, creating and testing ad copy, optimizing ads, retargeting, etc. I'm no marketing expert by any means, but I know a bit and at least on the surface, am familiar with most of these things. As part of their base package, they even offer some services that I really wouldn't need  :

"Call Tracking"  (I won't be trying to acquire leads/sales over the phone)
"Local Listing Ads"
"Top Rated Local"
"Web Hosting"  (I have my own webhost)

As I plan to sell my software online internationally, I don't have any need for…
This is the URL of the site:

There is a button at the bottom for registration:

If you click on that, you will get a form. This is a marketo form. I have included the code for the marketo form.

However, there is no "Thank-you" page URL here. How do we track conversions on adwords and analytics.

<form class="lpeRegForm formNotEmpty" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" action="http://resources.freshdesk.com/index.php/leadCapture/save" id="mktForm_1084" name="mktForm_1084">
	<ul class='mktLblLeft'>
		<li class='mktField' ><label>Name:</label><span class='mktInput'><input class='mktFormText mktFormString' name="LastName" id="LastName" type='text' value="" maxlength='255' tabIndex='1' /><span class='mktFormMsg'></span></span></li>
		<li class='mktField' ><label>Email Address:</label><span class='mktInput'><input class='mktFormText mktFormEmail' name="Email" id="Email" type='text' value=""maxlength='255' tabIndex='2' /><span class='mktFormMsg'></span></span></li>
		<li class='mktField' ><label>Phone Number:</label><span class='mktInput'><input class='mktFormText mktFormPhone' name="Phone" id="Phone" type='text' value=""maxlength='255' tabIndex='3' /><span class='mktFormMsg'></span></span></li>
		<li class='mktField' ><label>Title:</label><span class='mktInput'><input class='mktFormText mktFormString' 

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i want ERP for my digital internet marketing Services.
please guide me which is best ,
i was Google it but i can't find proper thing.
When someone signs up to an account for our software, they have to fill out something like 4 fields which are passed into marketo and then into salesforce. How do we push that into Google analytics.
I want to implement marketing automation, I have IT company that already registered , Please advise me about your experience, good advices in this industry
I am working for sales application, my management asks to submit daily report ,
Please advise me how it will be, format , template...any idea will help
Thanks in advance
My app, EZ-IQ, was just presented on History Channel and Bio Channel with this 60 second piece.


Plans from NewsWatch:

There aren’t specific dates for the social media campaigns, but for the next two weeks we will promote and feature the video on the following channels:
YouTube, Vimeo, Video Bash, Top App Videos, Digg, Stupid Videos, Flickr, DailyMotion, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, NewsWatch Blog, NewsWatchtv.com, and a few others.
We will also release a national press release on EZ-IQ being featured on NewsWatch.  At the end of the process, 4-5 weeks from today, I’ll send you a report with links to our work and all the analytics we can give you.


I hope to find things I can do which will complement their efforts and not get in the way.

I am planning an emailing campaign. I will get aggressive about back-links to my site. SEO Optimization.

What ideas do you have that I can do to get my site and app more visibility?

I'm trying to setup DKIM and SPF for a vendor to be able to send email on behalf of one of our domains. We do use a 3rd party (Mcafee, formely mxlogic) to scann all our incoming and outgoing email. i do have a ticket in to them but im trying to understand the process a little better:

SPF lists authorized domains/IPs that can send emails on behalf of a domain
DKIM adds a signature key to each email that is verified by the receiving server

My questions are:
When i ask my DNS provider to add these and they are all setup, does my vendor need to send emails that are on our behalf through Mcafee or are they connecting to each receipts servers?

For DKIM how does the receipt server know to check for a signature key in the email?

I do have the DKIM key and value that our vendor gave me. I'm guessing I just add this to our DNS?

Creating an SPF record i am getting a little confused. i have been to several websites and im thinking it goes something like this:

v=spf1 mx ip4:[corpIP] include:firstdomain.com  include:seconddomain.com ~all

I'm confused on two things with SPF:

1. ip4:[corpip], im not sure if this is the sending Ip or something else. If its the sending IP and im using a 3rd party, they may have multiple IP's going out. if so im not sure how to add more ips.
2. for each domain i want to add to be able to send emails, am i just adding another include:thirddomain.com entry?
I was wondering if anyone has input on pardot vs marketo as a solution for marketing automation (or on other marketing automation solutions that may be worth consideration).

Our organization is looking for ways to manage segmented marketing campaigns to different user profiles based on their behavior and activity on our site. This solution would complement our Omniture metrics application.
We are running on an older version of Sitefinity (3.7sp4) which is an asp.net based CMS. It uses master pages with ascx controls.  I need to integrate a form from Marketo. It was given to me as an html page with a bunch of Javascript embedded that looks like
<form class="lpeRegForm formNotEmpty" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
    action="http://mymarketoprocessingpage.com/page.php/processingpage" id="form7" name="form7">

I figured out how to get everything in there except dealing with the form. I wrote an ascx control that fetches the staged page from the CMS and tries to change the form for posting but it is not working. I'm not sure if my code is wrong or my design :-)  Any ideas?

                IStagedPage stagedPage = pageFromDb.Staged;                

                // find the form control on the staged page
                ICmsWebControl myForm = null;
                foreach (ICmsWebControl pageControl in stagedPage.Controls)
                    if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(pageControl.Name)
                        && (pageControl.Name.ToLower().Contains("form")))
                        myForm = pageControl;

                if (myForm != null)
                    //found the form control, reference it as an HTML form so we can get
                    // to the fields we need
                    HtmlForm …


Marketo makes marketing automation software for companies. Marketo products are provided on a subscription basis and include lead management, sales insight, revenue cycle analytics and social marketing.

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