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Truly Random Numbers in VBA

Pseudo random numbers are right at hand in VBA. Obtaining truly random numbers, however, requires an external source. One is the Swiss Quantis QRNG Chip. The output from one of these has been made public by ETH Zürich, and here we present a complete solution for retrieval of random numbers in VBA.

The Best Part About Waking Up, Is Your Own Roasted Coffee In Your Cup.

Most of us live by Coffee. However, are you disguising the flavor of cheap store-bought grounds (or worse, k-cups) with chemical-induced creamers? There is a much better option, and it is easier than you think!
Signal integrity and power integrity relationships

The Link Between Signal Integrity and Power Integrity in Your PCB

In this article, I'll briefly discuss the link between signal integrity and power integrity in advanced PCBs. Simple design choices have a major impact on power integrity in a variety of systems.

PCB Design, Simulation, and Analysis: Which Tools to Use

Whether you are designing precision imaging systems, high frequency electronic system, or other high speed system, simulation tools are a critical for designing, analyzing, and validating the functionality of your circuits for use in your next PCB.

20 Varieties of Quartiles

There is no single "correct" calculation method for quartiles. Excel features two methods, some math and statistic packages offer some more, but here is presented no less than twenty methods for various purposes using VBA and Microsoft Access.
Data Science

How Is Data Science Transforming Web Development?

The article is about boosting of data science and its impact on web development nowadays.

Helpful Online Math Resources for All Ages

We can all agree that as we get older, intricate math equations slowly slip away and so it never hurts to go online for a little help. There are a few websites that offer free and comprehensive explanations that can be utilized by K-12, college students, teachers, and parents.

Girls Who Code: How One Teacher Makes a Difference With Early Exposure to Computer Science

Tucked around a curve of the Tennessee River there’s a private school that’s making waves in the local community to encourage young girls to code.

Convert and format imperial distance (feet and inches) with high precision

With the functions here, you can parse, convert, and format back and forth between feet and inches and fractions and decimal inches - for normal as well as extreme values and with extreme precision.

Round by the power of two

Usually, rounding is performed by some power of 10 - to thousands, hundreds, tens, or integer - or to one, two, or more decimals. But rounding can also be done to a power of two, say, 16 or 64, or 1/32 or 1/1024, even for extreme values.

Round elements of a sum to match a total

What to do if a split doesn't fit? Or a bunch of invoice lines must be rounded while the sum must match a total? It takes a little, but - when done - it is extremely easy to implement.
Computer Science

What Can You Do With a Degree in Computer Science?

There's never been a better time to become a computer scientist. Employment growth in the field is expected to reach 22% overall by 2020, and if you want to get in on the action, it’s a good idea to think about at least minoring in computer science and knowing how to code.

Exploring the Potential Application of Polymeric Aerogels for Use in Reducing the Acoustic Signature Created by an Airfoil

Aerodynamic noise is the cause of the majority of the noise produced by helicopters. The inordinate amount of noise helicopters produce is a major problem in the both a military and civilian setting. To remedy this problem the use of an aerogel coating over the airfoils of a helicopter was examined.

How Data Encryption Works

This article covers the basics of data encryption, what it is, how it works, and why it's important. If you've ever wondered what goes on when you "encrypt" data, you can look here to build a good foundation for your personal learning.

How Technology Solved a DNA Mystery

In this article, I’ll show how research, determination, and use of modern technology helped me solve a DNA mystery.

Why hard drives have less data than advertised

When we purchase storage, we typically are advertised storage of 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and so on. However, when you actually install it into your computer, your 500GB HDD will actually show up as 465GB. Why?
It has to do with the way people and computers use numbers and do math.

An Introduction to Tissue Engineering

This article provides a brief introduction to tissue engineering, the process by which organs can be grown artificially. It covers the problems with organ transplants, the tissue engineering process, and the current successes and problems of the technology.
Lithium Evaporation Pools, Attacama Desert, Chile. 2015

The Ubiquitous Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries area cornerstone of today's portable electronic devices, and even though they are relied upon heavily, their chemistry and origin are not of common knowledge. This article is about a device on which every smartphone, laptop, and tablet depends.

Travel to Mars

This is a research brief on the potential colonization of humans on Mars.

The cutting edge of mobile phones

We are taking giant steps in technological advances in the field of wireless telephony. At just 10 years since the advent of smartphones, it is crucial to examine the benefits and disadvantages that have been report to us.

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