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The Math / Science topic primarily includes discussions of mathematics, physics, statistics and economic analysis, but also biology, chemistry and ...

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Research Question

Algorithm C# to create all combination

Hi there
i need to simulate something like a betting platform, so i need to create a procedure to …
Troubleshooting Question

sending communication equipments to high altitudes

I am a young entrepreneur and would like to launch communication equipment (FSO) into low orbit …
Troubleshooting Question

Dampening formula for animated graph

Here's a fun little graph:

Troubleshooting Question

What is the difference between direct injection and other types of LCMS

Can any one help with LC/MS R packages?

The xcms R package for LCMS is very versitile.  It …
Troubleshooting Question

Finding the x-values for the steepest part of a curve

Can someone please explain to me what process to go through to find the steepest point on a curve, …
Troubleshooting Question

Need to calculate Shannon entropy

I calculate it using the formula but I'm not sure if its right

(a) The random variable X that…
Troubleshooting Question

How to write records from one SAS dataset to multiple ASCII files or SAS datasets?

Hi everyone,

in SAS I am trying to sort one SAS dataset by a certain variable (var1) and then …
Troubleshooting Question

Display the number of minutes in a coordinate system

I get the number of minutes from a database.
The number of minutes should be displayed as a…
Troubleshooting Question

Algorithm: Detect a collision

I have on my program several rectangles. The rectangles are moveable.  But Collisions should…
Troubleshooting Question

Game Theory and Graph theory for Financial engineering/quantitative finance

Dear experts,
I am preparing for Financial Engineering.
I recently came across one particular …
Troubleshooting Question

Find an algorithm to connect two rectangles

I'm trying to figure out an algorithm for the following problem:

- There should always be two …
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Online tools to understand Graduate mathematics topics

Dear Experts,
I am studying the following chapters in Mathematics for Financial Engineering.

I …
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How to's for Algebra and english composition

My 10-year old boy is driving me crazy and making me look bad.  I don't normally do pre-algebra and …
Troubleshooting Question

Complex number matrix

Hey Guys, I have a doubt in c++ I am trying to develop a complex number matrix (a+bi) which takes …
Troubleshooting Question

Easy Example of Stochastic HJB with Numerical results.

I want to get the relatively easy example problem of stochastic HJB for developing  numerical …
Troubleshooting Question

need to know information regarding t-tests

Using 0 as a baseline, I am looking to conduct a t-test. In fact, I want to perform a t-test on each…
Troubleshooting Question

polynomial equation

The Point is      x=0.6160      y=0.8308
Determine coefficients of the equation for a second order polynomial…
Troubleshooting Question

Magnetism paradox

I was thinking about magnetism and it seems that both immobile charges are affected.

We have a …
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Diode operation(3)

In forward bias mode there is an energy difference between electrons from n-type doping  and …

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