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Microsoft 365Microsoft 365

Office 365 is a group of software plus services subscriptions that provides productivity software and related services to its subscribers. Office 3...

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Troubleshooting Solution

Directory synchronization for Office 365

I am getting a warning that my Last Directory sync was 3 + days ago. I have attached the screen shot…

How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Office 2013

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is not included in Office 2013. This comes as a shock to users upgrading from earlier versions of Office, such as 2007 and 2010, where Picture Manager was included as a standard application. This article explains how to install it alongside Office 2013 — at no cost!

Hey EE members who work with Microsoft Exchange and 365! …

Hey EE members who work with Microsoft Exchange and 365! Drop us a comment below and …

Microsoft Expanding Availability of Azure OpenAI Services

Azure OpenAI service, a cloud-based service offered by Microsoft, has recently been made generally available to the public, providing developers with access to large advanced AI models.
Troubleshooting Solution

Powershell help for creating accounts

Hello Experts,
I need help with the below :

#Requires -Module ActiveDirectory # Utility …
Troubleshooting Solution

Output in PowerShell table does not line up correctly.


Hello everyone,

I am working on a PowerShell script to audit changes to mailbox permissions. Here is

Troubleshooting Solution

Outlook 2016 Keeps asking for a password.

byFred D

I have a client that is on a domain network like several others and for some unknown reason her

Troubleshooting Solution

Outlook rules and O365


We have a client that was victim of a man in the middle attack.  Another vendor told then that a

Troubleshooting Solution

How to open a PST file (which was kept in a flash drive) so the owner can see it in Windows 10/11, Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments.



This is a Windows 10/11, Microsoft 365 and hybrid environment.

A client has around 5 GB of PST

Troubleshooting Solution

Office 365 Email


I'm using the Outlook app on my Android 11 phone. I've added one Office 365 email account to the

Troubleshooting Solution

M365 mailbox full and archive issue


Hi Expert,

I have a user with E5 license on M365, with litigation hold and I did manually (Desktop

Troubleshooting Solution

hybird exchange and cloud sahred mailbox archiving issues


Dear Exchange online experts 


We have a hybrid exchange environment all mailboxes on exchange online

Advice Solution

VBA code or a solution to create rolling schedule


Dashboard Template.xlsx


I have created a dashboard template with an intension to use this


I recently passed my Microsoft 70-346 Exam.  As part of my …

I recently passed my Microsoft 70-346 Exam.  As part of my revision I used Flash Cards that I …
Troubleshooting Solution

Outlook Data File-Error Code-0x80040605


Hello EE,

Can someone help me with this error code that I keep on getting when I click on Account

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I Edit a PDF when I do not have an Adobe license?


How do I Edit a PDF when I do not have an Adobe license?

I may cancel Adobe due to high cost. But, if

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I filter out specific text in Excel with a Macro?


I am looking for an Macro to filter out all cells in column D that contains "Update 45". I do not


Microsoft is abandoning Remote Desktop Services  At least …

Microsoft is abandoning Remote Desktop Services

At least that's how I'm interpreting things as I …

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