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Microsoft Access is a rapid application development (RAD) relational database tool. Access can be used for both desktop and web-based applications, and uses VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) as its coding language.

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Hello, trying to mimic a strike through text for our retail price field with a line, however when there is no retail price or it is the same as our sale price, I need the line to disappear.  Have been all up and down and around with conditional formatting by setting the retail field to be ON TOP, transparent and then when there is no retail price or retail is same as sale price, condition background to be white so it will cover up the mimic'ed strike through line.  In the conditional setting... I also tell the text to be white and I see that it stays on top and does effect the line - but the background will not do this - even if I try different background colors.  Not sure what to do next... I've seen VB code conditionally make something visual or not, but I'm not versed in VB at all.  Any suggestions?  Thanks, Kevin
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Case: I have a CommandButton and an unbound ComboBox in a form (RowSourceType: list of values - populated from another form using VBA).

Goal: When a user clicks on the CommandButton, the selected item in the ComboBox to be deleted from this ComboBox.

Attempts: I used in the Click event of the CommandButton, the RemoveItem method of the ComboBox, which needs the index of the item-to-delete.
To get the index of the selected item, I tried to use the Selected property of the ComboBox, looping through all the ComboBox items, but the Selected property keeps returning 0 regrdless of the selection.

Can you please tell me how can I achieve this goal?
Hello there,
I have a question in regards to Access Database. At the moment I am working on a project where: the user interface is an excel spreadsheet and the back end is an Access database. I am using DAO objects etc. to query the database (SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE) and everything is working fine.
Now because the project I have been working on it is going to be used by multiple users the database is saved onto OneDrive and I have synced it to my desktop (all users will have to sync it). While I was testing the database I noticed that if more than one users using the excel file at the same time, when it comes the time to insert or update or delete something from the database, a copy of the database is being created with the same name plus the computer name in the name of the copied database. For example, "WPQTPBDB.accdb" is the name of the original database, if more than one user working on it at the same time a copy of the database with name "WPQTPBDB - computer name.accdb" is created. As a result I am ending up having multiple databases, one for each user.

Is there any solution to my problem, to allow users to be working on the original database without a copy to be created?

Thank you in advance.
Hi All

I need to get some reports out of my ms access CRM/Invoice table,
my trans table is in the form ACNO TRD_DATE TR_ID TR_VALUE TR_CAT

so data is A00034   24/11/2017   81779   £1005.79  SHOES
                  A00034   24/11/2017   81779   £120.34    SOCKS
                  A00044   25/12/2017   81900   £150.74    SHOES

I have a crosstab query selecting YTD totals by Category By Customer and a crosstab query selecting Last LYTD totals by category by customer
then a union query
select * from [qry_S_anal_ytd_crosstab]
UNION select * from [qry_S_anal_lytd_crosstab];

this gives me  ACNO      NAME                VALUE        SHOES       SOCKS
                         A00034    ASDA               £125,005    £95,000    £30,005
                         A00034    ASDA               £129,000    £100,000  £29,000
                         A00035    SAINSBURY    £10,000      £5,000       £5,000
                         A00036    OCADO           £25,000      £10,000     £15,000

First problem is that if a customer does not have any transactions either YTD or LYTD the report
does not show which value we are looking at either ytd or lytd
and secondly I now need to include a variance percentage between YTD and LYTD

I understand that probably I am going about this the wrong way but unfortunately my MS Access skills
are not up to this yet.

Many thanks in advance

I need to filter project records in Microsoft Access according to criteria determined by selections made on a form, using about 60 checkboxes as well as about 5 combo boxes and 5 text fields. I thought maybe Access's Filter-by-Forms would work, but it turns out I need to be able to handle much more complex filtering than that feature is capable of -- although I need it to work in a similar user-friendly manner. The criteria would be a mix of MUST MEET and INCLUDE IF PRESENT values. Note that this is for a customer with users that would be totally incapable of building queries or filters any other way.

An example would be to retrieve projects where ProjectManager was "Joe Expert" (combo box) and CompletionDate was "after 12/31/2016" (text box). Of those projects, I would only be interested in those where crafts included "Electrical" work (check box) or "Plumbing" work (check box) or with "Schools" as a vertical market (check box). So the first two would be MUST MEETs and the last three would be INCLUDE IF PRESENTs.

The approach I am considering would be to first allow the MUST MEETs to be designated by the user by having, for instance, their associated label's background color set to green by a double-click event. Any control without a green label would be an INCLUDE IF PRESENT. When the criteria were all selected on the form, the user would hit a button which would first (in VBA) loop through and examine all the form's controls and store references to the MUST MEETs in…
Good Afternoon,

I am working to create a simple database for a group of 6 users.  They are currently working from an Excel spreadsheet and updating results manually as they review records.  I am creating the database to get them away from the spreadsheet and into something much more stable.

The main table in my database has approximately 5035 records.  Each user will be assigned 200 records at a time to review.  I need a simple...and I do mean simple...way for the manager to assign groups of records from the main table to each analyst as needed.

I am not fluent in VBA and am currently using Access 2010.

Help is greatly appreciated!
I have a subform on a main form with a msgbox assigned to it.  The main form opens and if the subform has no infomation in it the msg should read 'there are no employees seperated for more than 37 weeks.  The problem is the msgbox opens before the form does.  I've tried the following and variations of the following.  Also, what event should I place this under.  I've tried onload on the form, on activate, and nothing seems to work.  I just want the form to open, display the info, then the msgox pops up.  

If Me.Form.RecordsetClone.RecordCount = 0 Then
MsgBox "There are no Employees to Update"

End If
DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.Name, acSaveNo
Hi all, I have recently bought space and started using SmarterASP for hosting my website.

Currently my Access DB is locking up and I am looking to move to MS SQL (as a recommendation from the host - SmarterASP)

Unfortunately I have no experience with MS SQL, migration of databases, or changing the code on the ASP pages to suit.

I have options of:
Restore Database
Attach MDF file to Database
Run .SQL File

I was wondering how to migrate all the info from the access DB to MS SQL through the SmarterASP site?

Cheers all in advance
Some brief background:
A customer of mine has a Server:  Microsoft 2008 R2.  A shared folder on this Server stores an Ms.Access database BACKEND.
About 10 Users on CLIENT computers use a User Interface (Front End) to access the data.


Suddenly, the BACKEND is crashing and has to be Compacted and Repaired, sometimes several times a day!

Any clue as to what is causing this?  Any ideas how to prevent it.  The server is protected using Malwarebytes.


I need Access to print 3 copies of a report when I click on a "Print" button that is positioned on a form.  How can I accomplish this?
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Hello - Is it possible, from a MS Word 2010+ docx, to link to a pdf file (IRS form 1099R, specifically), and position mail merge fields in the form boxes?

I have always done this from MS Access reports in the past, but now I need to do this from Word, so the user can mail merge a 1099R form with a cover letter.

They are not wild about the idea of printing the cover letter from Word, and then printing the 1099R from Access as a separate step.

Dear all,
I need to print, inside MS Access 2010 report, a pdf file.
I've tried to use the access object 'Unbound Object Frame', so I've put it in a report, I've set as embedded type and specified the PDF file path. The problems are: the report print out only using the dimension of 'Unbound Object Frame', so, if document has more than one page, only the first is printed; the resolution of the print is low.
Does anyone know if there is a control (not access object) that does this operation?
Many thanks and best regards
Giuseppe Siboni
I have code in a Microsoft Access database that allows users to open various files. I use this code to open the file:

Application.FollowHyperlink (strFileName)

Open in new window

It works fine for every file type they've used except for PDF's. When they attempt to open a PDF, we get a Windows dialog box:

At this, we have to click OK if we want to open the PDF.

As I mentioned, no other file type (that we've tested so far) gives any such warning - they all just open.

Is there a way to open PDF's without getting nagged every time? Is there a better command to be using than FollowHyperlink?

I have a form with two command buttons.  One creates a new record and the other one closes the form.  But if the user has changed data in an existing record that appears in the form I want the user to receive a warning that the change they made will be saved if they answer 'Yes' when either button is clicked.  If they answer 'No' then the change should not be made to the record.

And then the New Record button will go ahead and open the form for new data and NOT make the change.
If the Close Form button is clicked then the form will close and the change will not be made.

What would this If MsgBox code look like?
Hi Experts,

Can someone recommend a good software dealing with email to text functions.

should have

A- Carrier lookup.
B- Email/cell validation.
C- Mass text/email option.

Thanks in advance.
I can not solve this problem even with the windows registry
Any suggestions?

office 2016 64bits (access 2016 64 bits)
os win 10 64 bits

 FollowHyperling Warnig VBA Access 2016 64 bits
Hi, I want to create a aging query for my receivable accounts with the grouping of 1-30, 30-60, 60-90, 90-270 and 270 and onward.  The payments are installments, which range from 1st installment to 6th installments which are done on a monthly basis.  In the event the client do not make the first installment I  need it to show the amount of days that's the installments are outstanding for.   In addition, if the client makes a bull payment which cover all installment, the account should show current.
Hello, I am using a Cartesian (multiplying) query (previously recommended by an experts exchange genius (Gustav Brock)!!) to return an array of dates between a start and end date which works great up to 100 records. Any assistance in adjusting the query to return >100 records is greatly appreciated! Thank you-

    DateAdd("d",[Factor],[Start Date]) AS [First Date],
    [End Date]
    qdyFactor.Factor Between 0 And DateDiff("d",[Start Date],[End Date]);
MS Access 2013
Using VBA; Application.FollowHyperlink to open file from network share.  This all works, but there is an annoying warning box.

Some files can contain viruses or otherwise be harmful... blah blah blah   Would you like to open this file?
warning box
I have already tried setting:

Open in new window

and setting the privacy settings.
trust center privacy options
So far none of these have worked for me.   I've been googling for answers, but all similar (or for pre 2010 versions) and don't work for me (so far).

How can this warning be "switched off" ?

Thanks for your time and help,

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I want to store and read a small text file directly within a VBA module.

I could assign it as a variable, eg

strMyFile = "<b>The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog</b>"

but the file is multiple lines and ideally i'd like to be able to copy-paste any changes into the module without having to manage line breaks etc.

Is there any way to do this in VBA, eg a command to read the subsequent lines as text input until some stop command is reached?

I'd like to do this in order to create a one-off self contained module that i can drop into an MS Access db and not worry about dependencies.

When I start an MDB Access 2002 whilst holding down the shift key I get error "There was a problem while sending the command to the program"
I have a directory that has hundreds of individual databases that contain name and address information.  Can someone please recommend a way to be able to search thru the directory to find which databases a name and address may appear in?  I'm hoping it's possible, but my Google-fu is telling me it's not.

TIA for any help
Is there a way to code my pivot table to open with the max date of a field LOGINDT in MS Access?
I would like to use VBA to change the color theme of the Access application I have created. I actually use the database when I am at work, along with other employees within the company. I have code that switches between the live data and my development data. As part of that switch, I would like to change the color theme when I am in development mode so that I always know when I am using the development data and when am using live data. I have looked around on the online groups and don't find anything that lets me change the color theme and not just change the colors on a single form or report. If this is not doable, does anyone have another suggestion on how I can make it obvious when I am using the live data and when I am in development mode?
I have a field an MSAccess table where I need to strip off the literal part in the field.
The table is called User_Time and the field is called Stat_1.

This is what the data looks like:
5/17/2018 6:07 PM by Smith, Kyle

I need the data to look like:
5/17/2018 6:07 PM

Then I need to convert the new data to a date time field.

Is there any way that I can do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Microsoft Access





Microsoft Access is a rapid application development (RAD) relational database tool. Access can be used for both desktop and web-based applications, and uses VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) as its coding language.