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Microsoft Applications





Microsoft applications include a variety of software programs, including development and digital authoring programs (Expression and Media Center), educational programs, Internet software, including Essentials, Skype and the Live family, anti-virus, productivity applications and suites like Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint, video games and server applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Virtual Server.

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I noticed in Onenote there is always in a certain notebook a A new QUICK NOTE TAB gets created on it's own. I deleted it and then it regenerates itself back again . is there away to stop this from happening? Once again the odd thing it only occurs on one notebook.
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OWASP: Forgery and Phishing

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I have a user who ask how to modify the "FROM" email address in SharePoint Designer 2017. User is doing like a "Client feedback" from workflow... I'm not familiar with SharePoint Designer but I'm sure this is just a setting somewhere that we can change easily. Is someone can guide me?

For example, office 2013

I only know to snapshot the installation of software and copy files and folders out of snapshot, and export registry, what should be done next?

I have an SP column that is not behaving as expected.  It is part of a document library, but not in any content type.  I cannot edit it on the edit form (it doesn't show up).  I cannot delete it (would recreate it if I could).  It doesn't appear when I run a PowerShell script and hunt for it.

A couple of background details: I had hidden it in the list settings.  ShareGate update was done on the collection.  Now, I have this stubborn column.  The SC is SP2016.
Need a check on cells for empty/null cells  past a column header

vba excel 2010

I have this code trying to count my rows:  The data will either be in Column 1(a)   Or Column 2(b)
While Len(.Cells(lastRow, 1)) > 0 Or Len(.Cells(lastRow, 2)) > 0
                lastRow = lastRow + 1
The column Header are always in rows 3

Sometimes in Column1 the cells will be empty and i need to calculate the rows in Column2
Both Column cells will never be both filled in:

Will always look like this:
Column1            Column2
account              track       <----   row 3

Column1            Column2
account              track           <----   row 3

The code above seems ok(working), just wanting to make sure

I'm looking for a Windows Application to track my time.  I multi-task and I'll switch between tasks for clients constantly.  Sometimes, while I'm waiting for one task to complete I'll move on to another for a different client.  When I'm doing that, it's not fair to the client to bill them for the time working on other clients, so I try to track it... but sometimes it's difficult.

So, I'm looking for something akin to a chess timer/clock/stopwatch.  But instead of two timers (one for each player), it should be for at least 10 different things.  And when you click one, all others should stop.  Ideally, I'll be able to label them.  Example:

Example Timer App
The Yellow timers are all paused and the aqua green is active counting time.

Ideally, this would have an always on top setting and run on Windows so when I switch between tasks, it's a quick mouse click and then start working again.

Anyone use or know of such a program?  Actually trying to write one myself, but before I go too nuts, I thought I'd ask if anyone else uses/has/knows of one.

I have a named range in an excel workbook.

The following macro will copy the data in the named range and paste it into a new CSV file .

Sub DPD()
' DPD Macro

    Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
    Application.CutCopyMode = False
    ChDir "C:\DPD"
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:\DPD\Book3.csv", FileFormat:=xlCSV, _
End Sub

I need to change this Macro so that it only selects cells within the named range that have a value. Then paste those cells into the new CSV file.
Somehow a birthday reminder has been placed on my Outlook 2016 calendar.

I'm not sure how it got there. I didn't put it there.

When I try to delete it I get a message that says "You cannot make changes to contents of this read-only folder."

What can I do so that I can delete this calendar reminder?

Cant make changes to contents of read only folder
It was ugly with Skype. Still haven't figured how how to add (or invite) external contacts to chat in Teams
need a hand with an excel formula.
Here is very simplified view of my columns

Ord#	Line#	Backorder
100	1	0
100	2	1
100	3	0
100	4	1
101	1	0
102	1	1
103	1	0
103	2	1
104	1	0
104	2	0
105	1	1
105	2	0
105	3	1

Open in new window

the third column acts like a Boolean. 1= backorder, 0 = not backorder
My goal is to report, how many orders are affected by back orders?

in this example 3 orders contain backorders

How can I accomplish this total in Excel ?
Acronis True Image 2019 just released!
Acronis True Image 2019 just released!

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I have two columns of computer names - please see attached.  

I want to list computers which are in column 1 but not in column 2 and put the result in column 3

Please advise.  

I have several email accounts in my Outlook.  I have several calendars but they all go under my work email account.  How do I create an Outlook Calendar under another email account in outlook?

I have a problem with office professional plus 2016. They get the activation key with a MAK key and it works fine.

I've been installing them on many computers and my problem is on computers with windows 10 with a preinstalled office version.

First I have uninstalled it, using the tool of Microsoft since the uninstallation is not present in the add/remove software of the control panel.

Then after restarting the computer, I install it and if I look in "account", I see this

Then, the next day, I get this

and this

So I try to re-enter the key, but activation fails. If I uninstall everything, and re-install it, it works for one day and the the problem occurs again.

I've notice that the limitation date changes every day, and even though its says that most features will be disables, it stays fully functional.

Thank you for your help.
This on a Windows7 machine with Outlook 2013 32-bit installed.

The .MSG file opens up fine when double-clicked upon but we need to preview working when browsing folders with Windows Explorer.

I have seen several posts regarding 64-bit Outlook not supporting the preview pane,  but this is 32-bit. It should work.

Check the preview handlers in the Registry, and confirmed that Google Desktop is not installed (from other related posts).

Does anyone have other ideas?
SharePoint 2013 Workflow Process Task action always redirects to the Tasks List.  Who wants that and how can I choose an alternate URL?

I am about to deploy a Microsoft KMS server and I was wondering if it is best practice to have this on its own server or can it just run off any existing server in my environment ?

Hi all I been have and issue with MS Outlook 2010,  continually prompts for your password when you trying to archive emails
I am trying to convert height in inches to feet and inches to display on a SSRS 2012 report  like 5"8'  from 69.00 inches. I have the formula below that isn't showing up correctly the digits to the right of the decimal. For 69.00, it shows 5"0'.

HGT = concat(convert(int,min(HGTTO)/12),  '"', convert(int,min(HGTTO)/12) % 1,'''')

Hey all,

I have a client who has moved from their standard IMAP email hosting to G-Suite. I have configured google sync client and set up correctly and added a personal live.com email account to his account. He requested to have autocomplete moved across which was an easy fix but then found out a few days later live & google sync don't like working with each other, so I have had to remove his live account. This in turn removed the autocomplete settings also. I was thinking of creating a yahoo account or similar (but this was a joke of process) so I am left now without his autocomplete.

He really should have these as contacts (i know) but I would like to try and help him out. Any thoughts on 1) being able to migrate autocomplete contacts 2) saving his autocomplete contacts.

Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5
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Build an E-Commerce Site with Angular 5

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I was advised to use Cntrl + Shift + F9 to unhide a hidden tab (that is password protected) on an excel 2013 document.  That is not working - please advise if there is another way to unhide a tab. I do have the password.

I'm on Excel 2016:  I recall I ever see in older Excel there's a way to import
by "space separated" but I can't locate it currently.

Anyone can give me step by step instruction on how to do this?

I have a text file (output from  'net user /domain > file.txt') that has 3
columns of text, the 3 columns are separated by spaces

After that would like a macro that reads in the 3 column data that will
automatically move columns 2 & 3 to be under column 1 , resulting in
a single column of data & if saving can be automated, save as text

Please I need you help in the attached file  as you can see I have duplicate values in column E and sometimes I have to insert the word “ on hold point” in the column AC.

Example for that I need for Doc. Number P380-CC-A-14114:
A-      when I insert the word “ on hold point” in column AC all the relevant numbers in column “E”  highlighted ( font changed to Blue color).
B-      When I insert new row for example at end of the table with same document number , the font will change to Blue color since this document number has the word “ on hold point” in the column AC.
C-      when I removed the word  “ on hold point” from column AC then the font color will changed to normal “ black color”

the goal is to highlighted all document number mentioned in the column “E” as long as the word “ on hold point” exist in the column AC (wherever it is)
the original file contain large data base so maybe VBA code will be better.
please see the attached file for better clarifications

thanks in advance for your help
HI Guys

Hope you can help

Ive been trying to use SUMIF, SUM PRODUCT with FREQUENCY and MATCH to sum the quantities in stock locations but ignoring duplicate entries

I have column A and Column B - column A has the stock location which can be repeated several times with the unique stock quantity against the location in Column B

Ive tried creating a formula to sum the quantities in Column B but only for each unique location so for example, if in column A Stock Location PB12345 is repeated 6 times and has a quantiity of 500 - when the SUMIF runs through the the two columns, it only includes the sum of 500 from PB12345 once and not include the six times its repeated

Ive attached a sample file and the desired result in cell F1 - the formula im using shows how many times its repeated but not the sum ?

If you could help I would be very grateful

I installed Snip and Sketch from Microsoft Apps Store. Then I looked for it in the apps and it was not there. The store says it is owned and install button is greyed out. The recommended requirements are version 17636. Under system information, it says that I have version 17134. I did windows update to version 1803 yet it still shows that I have version 17134 and the snip and sketch app is nowhere to be found. Someone help me, please.


Hope someone can help me with this.

I have a Excel workbook containing two sheet.

On the Company sheet, I am capturing Company Name, Sector and Size. The company name of each company is unique.

On Page 1, using a drop down list, we need to be able to select the company name from the list, and enter some data underneath.

The issue I have is that I need some validation to prevent users from choosing  the same company name more than once from the list on that sheet.

Can someone please suggest a way of doing it, as I am stumped ?



Microsoft Applications





Microsoft applications include a variety of software programs, including development and digital authoring programs (Expression and Media Center), educational programs, Internet software, including Essentials, Skype and the Live family, anti-virus, productivity applications and suites like Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint, video games and server applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, IIS and Virtual Server.